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l^arbai-ti College Hifararu 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 


University of Minnesota 


By ClidLSses ^t\d 
AlpKaLbetically by Colleges 

1873 — 1900 


E. B. JOHNSON, Registrar. 

MAY S3 HH;i 



Title page, j 

Table of contents -----iii 

Regents, - -- -- . - v 

Altimni Obituary record, - - - - - - - - - Tii 

Special announcement, --------- -,;riii 

Treasurer's report, --------- ix 

Railroad rates, ----ix 

Commencement program, ------- x 

The Pillsbury statue, xi-xiii 
New notes for the year, - - - . . . xiii-xxxvi 

Alumni by classes, - - - - - - - - - 1-32 

Alumni — alphabetically by colleges ----- 33-122 

College of Science, Literature and the Arts, - - - 33-70 
College of Engineering and Mechanic Arts, - - - 71-75 

School of Mines, - 75-76 

College of Agriculture, - - 76 

College of Law, - . - . 77-101 

Department of Medicine, ------ 101-122 

Medicine and Surgery, - - 101-113 

Homeopathic Medicine and Surgerj', - - - 113-115 
Dentistry, 115-119 

Pharmacy, - - - 119-122 

The Minnesota Daily and Alumni Weekly - - - - 122 
The Gopher, ----------- 123 


The HON. JOHN S. PILLSBURY, Minneapolis, Regent for Life. 

CYRUS NORTHROP, LL. D., Minneapolis, - Ex-Officio. 
The President of the University. 

The HON. SAMUEL R. VAN SANT, Winona, - Ex-Officio. 
The Governor of the State. 

The HON. JOHN W. OLSON, Albert Lea, - - Ex-Officio. 
The State Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

The HON. ELMER E. ADAMS, P.. A., Fergus Falls, - 1902 

The HON. THOMAS WILSON, St. Pall, - - - 1903 

The HON. WILLIAM M. LIGGETT, Benson, - - 1903 

The HON. A. E. RICE, Willmab, . . . . 1903 

The HON. GREENLEAF CLARK, M. A., St. Pall, - 1904 

The HON. SAMUEL G. SMITH, Ph. D., LL. D., St. Paul, 1904 

The HON. STEPHEN MAIIONEY, B. A., Minneapolis, - 1907 

The HON. O. C. STRICKLER, M. D., New Ulm, - - 1907 

The HON. JAMES T. WYMAN, Minneapolis, - - 1907 


The HON. JOHN S. PILLSBURY, President. 

PRESIDENT CYRUS NORTHROP, Corresponding Secretary. 
STEPHEN MAHONEY, Recording Secretary. 


Alumni Record 



The following deaths have been reported since the last issue 
of the directory : 

Anderson, Samuel Gilmore, B. A., '81, Died October 7th, 1900. 
Beyer, Adam Carl, B. C. E. '96, Died January 17th, 1901. 
Chapm,an, Fanny Belle, B. L. '99. Died March 20th, 1900. 
Clinton, Agnes B., LL. B. '99, LL. M. '00, Died September 24th, 

Cotton, Henry, B. S. '90, M. D. "94, Died January 22hd, 1901. 
Dean, Sidney Walter, M. D. '00, Died January 7th, 1901. 
Donaldson, Susanne Thome, B. S. '97, M. L. '98, (Mrs. William 

Sloss), Died March 8th, 1901, 
Glenn, William, M. D. '93, Died February 26th, 1901. 
Hampton, Harry R., LL. B. '96, Died August 16th, 1899. 
Hendrickson, Eugene Alvin, B. S. '76, B. C. E. '76, Died April 

5th, 1901. 

Hong, Adolph, Phm. D. '99, Died January 28th, 1901. 
Kinney, Alyin Claud, B. L., Died August 22, jluOO. 

Koch, Joi.n Coenrad Theodore, M. D., '93, Died , 1898. 

Martin, Dayton D., LL. B. '93, Died January 27th, 1901. 
Miller, William Henry, LL. B. '00, Died July 24th, 1900. 

Ranson, George, M. D. '95, Died , 1899. 

Schaefer, Charles Melancthon, LL. B. '90, Died June 23d, 1900. 
Schroeder, John Pipin, LL. B. '98, Died January 31st, 1900. 
Smith, Jessie P,aine, B. L. '93, Died November 18th, 1899. 

Smith, William Sidney, M. D. '92, Died , 1901. 

Stocker, Harry Davis, LL. B. '90, Died November 13th, 1900. 
Tanner, Harry L., B. E. E. '95, Died December 4th, 1899. 
Thompson. William Gould, LL. B. '97, Died October 28th, 1898. 
Trussoll. Emma Frances, B. L. '83, Died April 12th, 1900. 


University of Minnesota 

t t- t SPECIAL. f t t 

tMeans that we have not been able to communicate with the 
person named, and that the address given is as given in the for- 
mer issue of the directory, or as it has been reported by others 

The greatest care has been exercised in getting out this direct- 
ory to malje it both accurate and complete — it doubtless contains 
errors and in many respects is incomplete. Will you not kindly aid 
in making the next issue more complete and correct by reporting 
at once— using the card in the front of this book — any corrections 
which you know ought to be made. 

If the alumni will take hold of this matter and send in cor- 
rections so as to make it worth while, a supplement to this direct- 
ory will be issued next fall, including such changes and correc- 
tions, and also names and addresses of the class of 1901. 

The class to graduate June 6th. will probably number about 
four hundred. 

iiie alumni are earnestly requested to send, to the, registrar 
of the University, notice of the death of any alumnus of the 
University of Minnesota. As far as possible the report should 
cover the following : Name, class, degree, date of birth, place of 
birth, date of death and place of death ; name of father, maiden 
name of mother, name of husband, or wife : and names of child- 
ren. Also a short statement of life work — including public offices 
held, with date of service ; literary productions ; important servi- 
ces in any other line of activity, or any other fact or event that 
should be noted in this connection. 

Do not hesitate to send in such information as you may have, 
because you cannot send in all the facts. If you cannot furnish 
all the items mentioned above, report all that you can, and if 
possible, refer to some one else who may be able to furnish more 

If the necessarv material can be brought together, an qbituary 
record, covering all of the graduates who have died, will be pub- 
lished some time during the coming year. 

Alumni Record 



At the annual meeting of the Alumni Association upon Wednes- 
day of Commencement week, the Treasurer will make a report in 
substance as follows : Early in September last the executive com- 
mittee of the association addressed a circular letter to all the 
alumni reo.iiesting the payment of fifty cents as annual dues for 
the University year 1900-1901. To facilitate the transmission of 
the money coin cards were also sent and to induce response from 
all the alumni the committee announced its determination to turn 
over to the Fellowship Association for the increase of its perma- 
nent fund one-half of the proceeds. The hope was expressed that 
at least one thousand responses would be received. A month later a 
second circular was sent to those who failed to respond to the 
first appeal. As the result of these efforts the treasurer has re- 
ceived the dues of 424 alumni, not as many as the committee had 
expected but sufficient in the opinion of the treasurer to warrant 
a repetition of the experiment next year. Alumni who have neg- 
lected the matter are again urged to send their payments before 
Commencement to the treasurer, Frank Maloy Anderson, Univer- 
sity of Minnesota. 


In reply to a request for special rates for Commencement, 
the Western Passenger Association called attention to the rates 
already provided for the meeting of physicitans to be held in the 
Twin Cities at the time of Commencement. These rates will be 
available to all who wish to attend the exercises of Commencement 

Rate. — One regular first class normal tariff (not temporarily 
reduced) fare plus $2.00 from points in Association territory, Col- 
orado, Wyoming and to St. Paul and return except where open 
rate of fare and one-third for the round trip makes less. 

Dates of Sale. — Tickets to be sold at all points from which 
the local one-way rate to St. Paul is more than $6.00 on May 27, 
28, 30, 31, June 2 and 3, and from points within that radius on 
Miay 27- June 4, Inclusive. 

Limit of Tickets. — Tickets to be good for return leaving St. 
Paul not earlier than May 29 nor later than June 15, except that 
by depositing tickets sold at points from which the local one way 
rate to St. Paul is more than $6.00 with Joint Agent not earlier 
than May 29 nor later th^an June 15 and upon payment of execu- 
tion fee of fifty cents at time of deposit, return limit may be ex- 
tended to leave St. Paul up to and including July 15, 1901. All 
tickets to be limited to continuous passage in each direction, going 
trip to commence date of sale and return trip date of execution. 
For further details, enquire at the local ticket office. 


University of Minnesota 


Sunday, June 2nd, 3 o'clock, p. ii. — Baccalaureate Service. The 
Armory. Address by the Reverend Leavitt H. Hallock, D. D., 
Pastor of Plymouth Church, Minneapolis. 

MoxDAY, June 3d, 2 o'clock p. ii. and 8 o'clock p. m. — The Class 
Play at the Lyceum Theater. Admission by ticket. 

TrESDAY, June 4th, 10 o'clock a. m. — Meeting of the Board of Reg- 
ents, in the office of the President of the University. 
8 O'clock p. M. — Senior Promenade. - The Armory. 
Admission by ticket. 

Wednesday, June 5th, 10 o'clock a. m. — Meeting of the Board of 
Regents in the office of the President of the University. 
3 O'clock p. M. — Meeting of the Alumni of all departments, in 
the Chapel. Library Building. 

8 O'clock p. M. — Sigma Xi Address by George E. Hale, Direc- 
tor of the Yerkes Observatory, University of Chicago. Sub- 
ject : "Stellar Evolution in the Light of Recent Research.*' 
Illustrated by Lantern Slides. 

Thui{Sday, June 6th, Commencement Day. 

9 :30 O'clock a. m. — The Regents, Faculty, Alumni and Stu- 
dents form for Procession in front of the Library Building. 

10 O'clock A. M. — Address and Graduating Exercises in the 
Armory. Address by 

Armory. Address by Andrew S. Drapei", LL. D., President of 
the University of Illinois. 
1 O'clock p. M. — Alumni Dinner in the Armory. 
Tickets .$1.00. 

Every Alumnus, as well as every citizen of Minnesota, and 
every friend of the T'niversity of Minnesota, is cordially invited to 
each and every exercise mentioned above, except the meetings of the 
Board of Regents. 

Alitmni Record 



(From the Minnesota Daily.) 

If tlie persons wlio have interested themselves in the erection 
of the John S. Pillsbury statue ever liad any misgivings as to the 
degree of appreciation which would reward their efforts, these 
must certainly have been dispelled when they looked about them 
and saw the great throng that gathered to witness the ceremonies 
incident to the unveiling, and heard the m,any words of commen- 
dation and felicitation that came from everybody's mouth and 

'i-e day was most typical of Minnesota — cool, still and bright. 
The crowd of students and citizens of Minneapolis that thronged 
the Library plaza and the campus about the pedestal, within hear- 
ing distance of the speakers, were in gala attire and enthusiastic 
and sympathetic to the sound of the orators' eloquent words. 

The speakers of the afternoon stood upon a temporary plat- 
form erected at the left of the statue. The platform was prettily 
draped with the University and National colors, and the effect was 
very pleasing. 

Among the prominent guests of the occasion, and seated on 
the platform were Gov. John Lind, ex-Senator Washburn, Mayor 
James Gray, Dr. W. W. Folwell, J. T., Dean W. S; Pattee. 
together with many other prominent and distinguished citizens of 
the state of Minnesota. 

The ceremonies of the afternoon onened with a musical selec- 
tion from the University Cadet Band, after which Hon. Fred B. 
Snyder, president of the Alumni Association, in a masterly ad- 
dress, presented the statue to the University. 

President Northrop accepted the statue on behalf of the TTni- 
versity of Minnesota in an address filled with the most heartfelt 
words. His testimonial to Gov. Pillsbury's worth was one of the 
grandest ever uttered, and few have ever heard the president's 
words come so eloquently as they did yesterday. Anyone hearing 
him could but feel that every word that the president uttered 
came from the very bottom of his heart. 

Senator C. K. Davis, the orator of the day, was next intro- 
duced and read from manuscript a most magnificent address. He 
spoke of the statues erected to men for years past, as everlasting 
memorials of the deeds of those men. Gov. Pillsbury was spoken 
of as a personal and affectionate friend, and a condensed state- 
ment of the governor's services to the state, and University es- 
pecially, followed. A noteworthy incident was the senator's ref- 
erence to Governor Ramsey, who was present on the platform. 
The senator portrayed, in a manner somewhat humorous to his 
hearers, the state of affairs at the University when Gov. Pillsbury 
first began his duties as regent. Hay was stored in one corner of 
the building, a turkey farm in another corner, and the floors 
-all splintered because of chopping wood on them. The famous 
salt springs were mentioned, and the governor's wisdom in choos- 
ing pine lands for the University grant was commended. His eu- 
logy of former President W. W. Folwell's efforts in building up the 
T'niversity in the early years was enthusiastically applauded by 
the speaker's auditors. The senator promised in the future to 
eulogize President Northrop's services in later years. 

The senator read from Gov. Pillsbury's message to the legis- 
lature in which he offered to build a Science Hall to be worth 
$150,000 more or less, an offer which was accepted and which is 
borne witness to by the magnificent structure known to-day as 
Pillsbury Hall. 

Taking up the governor's services as a legislator and governor, 
"he recalled the fact that when Gov. Pillsbury became governor 

University of Minnesota 

Alumni Record 


the state was a repudiating state ; ttiat through his efforts that 
stain was removed from the state's escutcheon and the financial 
affairs of the state put upon ,a sound basis. 

The senator's oration, closing with a Latin quotation, was 
most magnificent. 

The poem read by President Northrop, and written by Miss 
Myra Wiren, '00, was a most beautiful tribute to Gov Pillsbury. 

President Northrop, in his most happy way, called upon Gov. 
Pillsbury for a few words. The governor responded, after the ova- 
tion which was tendered his coming to the front of the platform, 
in a few simple, heartfelt words of gratitude and appreciation of 
the great honor paid him. The tears rolled from the governor's 
eyes and his voice broke as he thanked the Alumni for their re- 
membrance of him. 

The sculptor of the statue, Daniel C. French, of New York, 
was introduced to the spectators that they might look upon the 
man who had so faithfully produced the beloved governor's form. 

Upon calls from the crowd, Gov. Ramsey was inti'oduced and 
he bowed his thanks for the ovation tendered him, saying only a 
few words. Gov. Lind responded in the same manner. 

The exercises of the afternoon closed with music by the band. 
The event was certainly an auspicious one, not only in the history 
of the University, but of the State of Minnesota. 

The statue will be a great adornment to the campus. It was 
modeled by Mr. French, the great American sculptor, and the 
man who executed the eauestrian statue of George Washington 
presented to the municipality of Paris by the women of America, 
and unveiled on the last Fourth of July. The statue has cost about 
$15,000, is a little more than life size, and mounted on the gran- 
ite pedestal which is familiar to ali who are attending the Uni- 


The following items are, in the main, taken from the Minne- 
sota Daily : 

As a result of the state election of l,ast fall. Gov. Van Sant 
and Superintendent John W. Olson became members of the Board 
of Regents in the places of Gov. Lind and Superintendent John W. 

The terms of office of Regents Mahoney, Tullar and Owen hav- 
ing expired. Regent Mahoney was re-appointed and the Honorable 
James T. Wyman, of Minneapolis, and Dr.- O. C. Strickler, of New 
Ulm, were appointed in the places of Messrs. Owen and Tullar. 


The legislature of 1901 was liberal with the University, as 
will be shown by the following statement of appropriations : 

To be available for current vear — Deficiency in alteration of 
chemistry building, $8,000 ; artesian well, $3,000 ; .alteration and 
reconstruction of chemistry building, $8,600 ; barn, $1,000. To be 
available for year ending July 31, 1902 — Extraordin,ary repairs, 
$8,000 ; physics building, $50,000 ; library, $7,500 ; new boilers, 
$8,200 ; engineering and mechanical art building, $60,000 ; dental 
department, $2,250: additional, current expenses, $35,000. To be 
available year ending July 31, 1903 — Repairs, $8,000 ; library, 
$7,500 ; department of mines building, $47,500 ; ladditional current 
expenses, $35,000. 

Appropriations to the Department of Agriculture — Veterinary 
building, $25,000 ; dairy, $3,000 ; blacksmith shop, $3,000 ; depart- 
ment of meat curing, $7,500 ; swine, $3,000 : girls' building, $12,- 
000 ; agricultural chemistry, $25,000 ; Grand Rapids sub station, 


University of Minnesota 

$2,700 ; Crookston sub station, $11,500 ; agriculture in rural 
schools, $4,000 ; total, $96,700. 

The University received $188,550 for buildings and also $101,- 
000 for cui'rent expenses, of which three-tenths is to be available 
fox the agricultural department. 


As usual, the year has been ,an exceedinglj- busy one for the 
president. He has been called upon for innumerable addresses- 
and has responded to - a large number of the calls by complying 
with the requests. The address delivered this spring before the 
Baptist convention of Chicago has called forth a large amount 
of very favorable criticism on account of its healthful and hopeful 
vigorous melioristic tone. 

President Northrop was honored by President McKinley by 
being appointed chairman of the delegation representing the Unit- 
ed States at the Pan-American convention, to be held at the city 
of Mexico, in October. This honor he w,as obliged to decline a& 
he had already accepted an invitation to speak at the bi- centen- 
nial celebration of the founding of Yale, which occurs the same 

The president has accepted an invitation to deliver the Me- 
morial day address at the Exposition this year and he is also to 
deliver one of the principal addresses at the celebration of the 
fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the collge Young Men's 
Christian Association, to be held in Boston, June 11-16. 1901. 

The President has just returned from a meeting of the 
western university presidents, held at Champaign. 111. While away, 
he made an address before the Congregational association at 
Peoria. 111. 


Dr. Henry W. Brewster, principal of the school of agriculture^ 
who was obliged to resign in order to take a much needed rest, 
is succeeded by Frederick D. Tucker, M. A. 

Miss Alice Young, who resigned an instructorship in the ;ie- 
partment of English to accept the position of assistant professor 
of English and dean of women, in the University of Iowa, is suc- 
ceeded by Mrs. Frances B. I'otter. M. A. 

I'rofessor Hinton. who resigned from the department of mathe- 
matics to take a government position in Washington, is succeeded" 
by Dr. Geo. N. Bauer, ■94, and Dr. Gilbert A. Bliss. 

Miss Anna Butner has taken the place made vacant by the 
resignation of Miss Kiehle, of the department of physical, culture, 
and the Preece system has been superseded by the Sargant-Anderson 

Dr. Wm. A. Schaper. of Iowa, has been called to the position 
of instructor in political science. Professor Schaper won dis- 
tinction at a meeting of the American Historical Association held 
at Detroit, Mich., during the holidiays. by winning the $100 prize 
offered by that association for the best historical monograph. The 
professor's subject was. "Sectionalism and Representation in 
North Carolina,' 

Professor Klaeber has been elected state secretary of the 
American Dialect Society. 

By the death of Senator Cushman K. Davis, the law school 
has lost a member of its faculty, and the University a strong and 
well tried friend. 

Professor .Tewett, who has been traveling in Europe during 
the past year is to i-eturn to the TTniversity. Mr. Weyerhaeuser 
having provided for such a possibility by endowing a chair of 
Semitic Language and History. 

Alumni Record xy> 

Haydn S. Cole, lieutenant U. S. A., has been elected instruc- 
tor in military science. 

William R. Appleby lias been made dean of the school of 

Dr. John S. Carlson has been elected professor of Scandina- 

Benj. F. Groat was elected sassistant professor of mathematics 
in the school of mines. 

Frank R. McVey has been miade professor of private econom- 

Mrs. Virginia C. Meredith, of the school of agriculture, was 
made professor of home economics. 

Instructors Norman Wilde and Carl Schlenker were made as- 
sistant professors in the departments of philosophy and German, 

Dr. W. P. Dickinson, secretary of the college of dentistry, has 
been elected dean of the college. 

Dr. Thomas S. Roberts was elected professor of pediatrics iu 
the college of medicine and surgery, and Dr. J. T. Christison pro- 
fessor of clinical pediatrics. 

Dr. Alfred Owre was elected professor of metallurgy and clin- 
ical professor of operative dentistry. 

Dr. C. A. Erdmann has been elected professor of anatomy, in 
the department of medicine. 

Dr. S. M. White has been made assistant professor of Path- 
ology and Bacteriology. 

E. P. Harding, who has been studying in Germany, has re- 
ceived his Ph. D. and is back at the University, in the department 
of chemistry. 

Professor Downey has been given a leave of absence for the 
coming University year. He will spend the year in travel and 
study in Europe. 


By recent action of the Board of Regents, beginning with the 
year 1902 and thereafter, all persons completing the course of 
study prescribed will receive the degree of Bachelor of Arts. All 
other first degrees, in the college of science, literature and the 
arts, being abolished. 

The course of study proposed by the faculty, to harmonize 
with the change in degree, is now in the hands of the regents and 
will be acted upon at the next meeting of the boiard, in June 

In the College of S., L and A.. Engineering, and the School of 
Mines, the three-term system has been abolished and the semester 
system adopted in its stead. 

It is quite probable that the regents will, at their next meeting, 
approve the recommendation of the faculty, that the University 
year begin one week later in the fall and commencement week 
come one w^eek later in the spring. 


The following letter will explain the terms of th'^ generous 
gift of the Honorable J. B. Gilflllan — an ex-regent, and a true 
friend of the University : 

Minneapolis^ Feb. 8th^ 1901. 
To the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota — Gentle- 
men : 

Your favorable consideration of the proposition hereinafter 
set forth in detail is hereby solicited : 

Actuated by my own experience from e,arlv life, I have had 
in mind for sometime the establishing of a fund in trust, the in- 
come from which might be used in aid of such deserving youths 

xvi. University of Minnesota 

of our state as might be found struggling for an education be- 
yotid their own means of obtaining. As your board represents 
and is invested with the government of the chief educational in- 
stitution of the state, it has occurred to me that you might with 
propriety be made the repository of such ,a trust and the agency 
for the suitable execution thereof, and the bestowal of the benefits 
to accrue therefrom. In case ,an enlargement of your powers is 
found to be necessary or desirable, that can be accomplished by 
enactment of the legislature now in session. 

The fund proposed to be established will be for the present, 
the sum of fifty thousand dollars, to be conveyed to you by deed 
defining the purposes and conditions of the trust, the beneflci,aries 
thereof and the basis upon which the benefactions shall be be- 
stowed. The principal of such trust shall be designated "The Gil- 
fillan Trust," and shall remain inviolate and kept invested in the 
same manner and by the same persons, or oflBcers, as the perma- 
nent fund of the University, and so as to yield the best income 

The income of the said fund shall be subject to the use and 
disposal of the said Board of Regents for the educational purposes 
hereinbefore specified, either in the form of a gift or temporary 
loan as the said regents may deem best, the beneficiaries to be 
and to continue to be, within the following limitations, that is to 
say : 

First — They must be youths of the state of Minnesota, with- 
out regard to sex. 

Second — They must be and continue, of unblemished moral 
character, and of temperate and industrious habits. 

Third — they must be such as, by examination and trial, shall 
evince and maintain a taste, habit and aptitude for study. 

Fourth — The aid herein provided may be bestowed upon stu- 
dents in any of the departments of the State University, or in 
schools preparatory thereto. 

The foregoing provisions shall be strictly construed, and as 
to any student who shall fail to come, or shall cease to be, within 
the said conditions, as so construed, shall forfeit all claim to the 
benefits of such fund. 

It will be seen that the spirit of this benfaction is to aid 
and encourage such as are worthy, susceptible and willing to help 
themselves ; none other may share its benefits. 

Deeming this the best gift ih my power to the state in which 
my whole active life has been spent, and craving your early con- 
sideration and acceptance of the same. I remain. 

Sincerely yours, 


Mr. H. W. Wilson, proprietor of the ITniversity Book Store, 
has instituted a short story prize contest, by offering prizes ag- 
gregating $100, and divided into a first prize of $50, a second 
prize of $25, a third of $15 and a fourth of $10. 

The stories for which the prizes are offered shall be not more 
than 4,000 words in length, nor less than 1.000 words, subjects 
based on University life will be given a preference, and the first 
stories to be handed in will, everything else considered, be fa- 

The award will be made on Commencement Day at the same 
time that the other awards are made. 

It is not unlikely that this prize contest will be made a per- 
manent thing, the contest to be known as the H. W. Wilson Short 
Story Prize Contest. 

For the encouragement of studies in foundry practice, Mr. 
O. P. Briggs, president of the Twin City Iron Works, offers $75 
annually in two prizes which are to be accompanied by gold med- 

The competition is open to sophomores in the college of engi- 
neering, and the prize will be awarded for the best essav relative 
to the above subject. 

Alumni Record xvii. 

Mr. William H. Dunwoody, president of the St. Anthony and 
Dakota Elevator Co., has favored the University with a generous 
prize. He offers $100 to that student who shall earn the right to 
represent Minnesota in the Northern Oratorical League. As is 
already well known, this league is composed of the seven largest 
and best universities of the central states, viz. : Minnesota, Iowa, 
Wisconsin and Michigan State Universities, and Oberlin, Chicago 
and Northwestern. 

Mr. Frank O. Lowden, of Chicago, offers as prize to be com- 
peted for by the Northern Oratorical League, an endowment of 
|3,000, which will yield an annual income of about $175. A prize 
of $100 will be given to the winner of first place, $50 to the ora- 
tor who gets second place, and the remainder will be set aside 
each year for an interest fund to accumulate, and in time produce 
another endowment. 

Prof. Maria Sanford announces a gift of $100 from Gov. John 
'S. Pillsbury to be used for prizes in her department. Half of this 
sum was used this year for the Nebraska extemporary contest, and 
the other half for the debate between the two sections of the 
sophomore class. Gov. Pillsbury is the donor of the prizes to 
the winners of the annual oratorical contest known as the Pills- 
bury prizes and contest, and this is therefore his second prize of- 
fer. In making the gift the governor expressed himself as very 
much i)leased indeed with the enthusiasm and progress being 
shown in debating and oratorical work at the university, and said 
that he considered the recent Pillsbury oratorical contest the best 
he had yet heard. 

Mr. Frank H. Peavey, president of the Monarch Elevator 
Company, has added another to the long list of cash prizes offered 
at the University, by announcing that he would give a prize of $75 
to the members of the team winning the Freshman-Sophomore de- 
bate, and another prize of $25 to the student in the Freshman or 
Sophomore classes writing and delivering the best oration. Both 
prizes will be offered this year, but Mr. Peavey has not provided 
them beyond the present year, although it is hoped that the success 
of this year's contests will induce the donor to make them fixtures. 


March 1st, 1901, Andrew Franklin Hillyer, '82, issued a book 
entitled "A Social Study of the Negro of Washington, D. C." Mr. 
JHillyer, at la meeting of the National Negro Business League, held 
in Boston last fall, presented an address on the Negro and Busi- 
ness, which received many favorable comments from the eastern 

George G. Tunnell, '92. has recently issued a book, giving 
many interesting and valuable statistics concerning railroad trans- 
portation. A chapter is devoted to the transportation of mail mat- 
ter and he shows that the annual deficit of the postoffice department 
/is not due to the carrying of mail at too low a rate, but to the 
immense amount of mail carried free, under congressional franks. 

Dr. W. W. Folwell, of the University, has completed the draft 
of an elaborate report on the employment of prison labor, begun 
at the reauest of Gov. Lind. The conditions at Stillwater were 
such as to make .a change of plan inevitable there, and with this 
in view the governor appointed a commission last spring, consist- 
ing of Dr. Folwell and Senators Summerville and Baldwin to in- 
vestigate and make reports on the various methods of employing 
prison labor. Dr. Folwell's work is a full report of what the com- 
mission found out in its investigations. It was submitted to Gov. 
Lind and was by him transmitted to the legislature. 


Vnivcrsitij of Minnesota 

Dr. W. W. Folwell has recently been chosen by Governor Van 
Sant, to represent Minnesota at the national conference of cor- 
rections and charities which will meet in Washington, D. C, May 
0-15. Dr. Folwell is chairman of the committee on the legisla- 
tion concerning charities, and will speak at this conference on the 
subject, "The Special Field of National Legislation." 

Professor C. W. Benton, head of the French Department, ed- 
ited and published during the summer a small French text book, 
entitled "Easy French Plays," which is meeting with decided favor 
(from both critics and teachers alike. The little book contains 
three plays, with notes and vocabulary. 

Last summer W. F. Webster, of the class of '86, issued a 
text book upon "English Composition and Literature." This book 
has received &. most enthusiastic reception among school men and 
has been adopted as a text book by a large number of schools over 
the country. 

The Richards Publishing Company of this city has recently 
published a novel entitled "Inis De Vrieze." The author is Miss 
Myra Wiren, of the class of 1900, U. of M. 

Perhaps the most notable triumph lany University man has 
yet achieved is that of Professor John Zeleny, '92, assistant pro- 
fessor of Physics. The Royal Society of London has just pub- 
lished a pamphlet written by him, entitled, "The Velocity of the 
Jons Produced in Gases by Roentgen Rays." This is a very im- 
portant piece of work, as the publication by the Royal Society in- 
dicates, placing it in the records of the society being one of the 
highest honors that can be paid to a man's work. 

This is Prof. Zeleny's latest article on the subject, of which, 
by the way, he is one of the world's acknowledged authorities. 
The acceptance of this work by the Royal Society brings honor not 
only to Mr. Zeleny, but to the University, of which he is an alum- 
nus as well as professor. 

The University Book Store has published a little book written 
by two 'Varsity girls. Miss Inez Lord and Miss Eva Smith, both 
sophomores, which is sure to prove popular, and which is a ch^irm- 
ing manifestation of the renaissance in literary interest at the 
University. Entitled "Fables in Maroon and Gold." The Fables 
are sixteen in number, readable and pleasing. They teem with 
'Varsity slang and 'Varsity atmosphere — hence their name. 

The Royal Astronomical Society of London recently published 
a treatise by Professor F. H. Leavenworth, entitled, "Photographic 
■Measurements of the Ring Nebula in Lyra and of Neighboring 
Faint Stars." The measurements tabulated are from photographs 
taken with the ten and one-half inch refractor of the University 

Professor McVey has recently issued a new book, "The Gov- 
ernment of Minnesota ; its History and Administration," which 
has attracted very favorable criticism from many sources. The 
following from the February number of "Book Reviews" outlines 
the work : "It has been the purpose of the author to present in 
a small volume of 240 pages a harmonious picture of the history 
and government of the commonwealth of Minnesota. This has 
been done in ten chapters, as follows : Minnesota as a Territory ; 
Minnesota as a state ; Organization of the state ; the Central Gov- 
ernment ; I^ocal Government : Nominations and Elections : the Ad- 
ministration of Justice ; Revenue and Expenditures ; Education ; 
the Protection of the state. At the beginning of each chapter are 
general references to authorities, numerous foot-notes are found at 
the bottom of pages, while at Ine end of the book is an. appendix 
containing historical material for more extensive work than the 
text affords. These helps, together with the carefully prepared 
text, make the book an unusually well equipped one to meet the 
needs of teaching in civil government." 

Mr. Bernhard O. Leubner, instructor in the College of Pha.^"- 
macy, has during the year, written an article of about 50,000 

Alumni Record xix. 

words, on "The Chemistry of the United States rharmacopoeial 
Preparations." The article is being printed monthly in Merck's 
Report, the representative scientific journal on pharmacy, having 
headquarters in New York and Darmstadt, Germany. Also a 
somewhat shorter article, entitled "Pharmaceutical Mathematics," 
which is now in the hands of the publishers. 

Dr. Geo. N. Bauer, of the Department of Mathematics, has 
published "The Parallax of Cassiopeiae and the Position of Fif- 
ty-six Neighboring Stars." It is a pamphlet of 102 pages. The 
work is based upon twenty-eight photographic plates, taken by 
Rutherford, the pioneer in celestial photography. 

During the past year Dean Pattee has prepared and published 
a book upon the subject of Contracts, containing the notes and au- 
thorities which he has collected during the past twelve years. It 
is arranged with special reference to the student's necessities : 
First a citation of authorities to be studied ; second, provision 
for a carefully written analysis of these cases by the student ; 
and, third, notes, showing he application of the principles of law 
in detail with their limitations and modifications. He has pub- 
lished a similar work in "Equity," and as a similar edition in 
"Real Property and Personality" nearly ready for the printer. 
Mr. Paige has prepared a similar work in the subject of "Torts." 
Nearly one thousand volumes have been added to the Law i^ibrary 
during the past year, and it is expected that about ,as many more 
will be added in the year to come, placing the Law Library among 
the very most complete of those possessed by the various law 
schools in the country. 

Mr. Charles A. Willard, a member of the Faculty of Law since 
its inception and a diligent and v,alued instructor, has just been 
appointed to the chief justiceship of the supreme court in the 
Philippine Islands. 

Dr. Richerd Burton, Professor of English, published a 
biography of Whittier, in the Beacon Biography Series, in April, 
1901, and will bring out a new volume of his essays in the late 
autumn, — the book containing a dozen papers, most of which have 
appeared in the magazines and ai"e here collected for the first time. 

Frank Dewey Redfield, Law, '99, is the founder and editor of 
a monthly magazine. The Stub Pen, devoted to the interest of au- 
thors of the Northwest. The first number appeared March 1st, 

The doctoral thesis of Mr. Charles D. Abbetmeyer on "Moral 
Evil in Old English Literature" will be printed in the philological 
journal Anglia. 

During the past year Professor Samuel B. Green has pub- 
lished a third edition each of "Amateur Fruit Growing" and of 
"Vegetable Gardening," both of which are text books used in the 
School of Agriculture. He has now in preparation a revision of 
"Forestry in Minnesota," of which a new edition of 10,000 will 
be published sometime this season ; he has also in preparation, and 
ne,arly completed, a "Syllabus of Green House Laboratory Work 
for Students in Horticulture." 

Professor Harry Snyder has published one bulletin on "Stud- 
ies on Bread and Bread Making," issued by the United States De- 
partment of Agriculture. 

During the past year Professor Thomas Shaw has issued a book, 
"The Study of Breeds." 

Professor Downey's "Higher Algebra," which appeared The 
latter part of last July, has already reached the sixth edition. 
Part I., which includes the first fifteen chapters, is used in many 
of the high schools of the state, and will doubtless be introduced 
into the rest, as it leads directly to the work done in the Univer- 
sity. The author is now preparing a chapter on "Determinants," 
for which there is a demand in some quarters, to appear in the 
next edition of the complete book. 

XX. University of Minnesota 

The edition of Professor Downey's little work on "Differ- 
entiation and Integration" being exhausted, a new and some- 
what enlarged edition will be published for next year. 

Volume I. of Professor Gale's "Psychological Studies" was 
published during the summer. The studies, a volume of 175 
pages, are the result of original work, the largest part done by 
Mr. Gale himself, the remainder under his direction, in the Psy- 
chological laboratory. They form the largest single contribution 
yet made to experimental psychology. Contents : "Our Nervous 
System and Its Use" ; "On the Psychology of Advertising" ; "The 
Vocabularies of Two Children of One Family Two and a Half 
Years of Age," by M. C. and H. Gale : "Taste and Smell in Articles 
of Diet," by Roy W. Tallman, with postscript by H. Gale ; "A Case 
of Alleged Loss of Personal Identity ; Psychical Research in 
American Universities" ; "Catalog of Lantern Slides ; For Use in 
Lectures on the Nervous System," being 47 reproductions on 
schematic cuts and plates and 79 original micro-photographs. 

Also an article by Mr. Gale, entitled "A Typical Adolescent 
Religious Experience," appeared in the September number of the 
Journal of Adolescence. This is ,a frank and thoughtful analysis, 
in the light of modern scientific conclusions, of the writer's own 
long and thoroughly-tested religious experience. 

Professor Klaeber is engaged upon an edition of "The 
Beowulf," to form the first number of a new series of college edi- 
tions started by Heath & Co. 

O. W. Oestlund, M. A. instructor in entomology, has recently 
issued a laboratory guide for the use of the classes in entomology. 

Hubert C. Carel, B. S., assistant professor of medical chem- 
istry, has issued a syllabus upon inorganic chemistry, a book of 
about 175 pages. 

The University Book Store will issue during the coming sum- 
mer, for Professor Woodbridge, "Hobbes' Leviathan," including a 
part of the original text, and notes. 

Allyn & Bacon will publish during the coming summer, for Pro- 
fessor Willis M. West, an Ancient History, a text book for use in 
high schools. 


Among the departments of the Medical School which will al- 
ways be of interest to its Alumni, is that of Anatomy. 

With the advent of Professor G. A. Hendricks, in the fall of 
*89, a graded course was established, which has since been main- 
tained, and copied by nearly all other medical schools. Owing to 
Professor Hendricks' untiring labors and enthusiasism, coupled with 
his brilliancy as a teacher, the subject soon became one of the 
best taught, and deservedly popular with the student body and 
profession. The department has long since outgrown its old 
quarters in the Medical Hall, and is now housed in a laboratory 
building of its own. 

The laboratory, though modest in size, is without its kind In 
this country. It is a two-story and basement building. In the 
basement are the morgue, injecting room, a cold storage vault and 
a two-ton carbonic acid gas refrigerating machine. 

On the first floor is an amphitheater seating one hundred stu- 
dents, the offices of the professor and demonstrator, a laboratory 
for research work and the museum. The museum, though still In 
embryo, is rapidly growing, and at the present time has a splen- 
did collection of bones and skulls, normal and pathological ; a 
good collection of the comparative skeletons of the vertebrates, 
and has added to it the past year a complete set of Professor His's 
famous plaster models from frozen sections. The entire second 
floor is devoted to laboratories for practical work. 

This work is now conducted in a tho- oughly scientific manner, 
and when the students are at work nn > >nts a most interesting 
and inspiring sight. The laboratory is < v(>n all the year and of- 

Alumni Record xxi. 

fers to the graduate students opportunity to refresh their linowl- 
edge. The past year six graduate students availed themselves of 
■this opportunity. 

The corps of instructors now comprise a professor, demon- 
strator and prosector, which teaching force it is hoped will be 
soon increased. 

Extensive improvements have been made in the Mechanical 
Engineering Department, both in the lines of liaboratory work and 
shop practice. During the past year the Mechanical Laboratory 
has been increased by the addition of the space formerly occupied 
by the Pattern Shop and considerable new apparatus and machin- 
ery have been added. Prominent among these is a 25-H. P. Chan- 
dler & Taylor, high speed automatic engine with condenser, an 
8-H. P. White gasoline engine, and a small transverse hydraulic 
testing machine. In addition to these a new testing table has 
been erected and equipped for testing water meters. The air 
brake testing department is being fitted with additionol equipment. 

In the shops a new Whiting cupola, 27" inside diameter, has 
been erected, besides two very complete brass furnaces, designed 
and built by the students. A new planer will be added to tbe 
wood-working department during the summer. The shops next 
fall will be ready to accommodate about twice as many stu- 
dents as heretofore. Among the new machinery to be purchased 
Is a 30"xl0' lathe, a 36"x8' planer, a lG"xl2' lathe, a l,arge mill- 
ing machine and a Gisholt tool grinder, besides a good assortment 
of small tools. 

Electrical power is used for driving the machinery ; the 
group system has been selected as best adapted to the conditions, 
and a number of small motors placed in the several departments; 
220-volt, continuous curi-ent motors are employed in connection 
with a thi'ee-wire system which is also used in the circuit. 

An addition to the present shops will be built at once, to in- 
clude large drawing rooms, recitation rooms, reading room and 
offices, for the Mechanical Department. This addition will also 
contain up-to-date blue print facilities. 

The Department of Electrical Engineering reports that dur- 
ing the past year much attention has been given to an investiga- 
tion of various systems of train lighting, and papers before the 
Northwest Railway Club and before the St. Louis Railway Club 
have been well received and have been widely quoted. 

An automatic recording apparatus has been perfected for se- 
curing autographic records of rapid changes in current and volt- 
age ; with this apparatus, valuable records have been secured, 
showing the instantaneous values of the current, taken by electric 
elevators and similar apparatus. 

Original work now in progress includes an efficiency test of 
the electrical transmission between the main power house and the 
substation of the Minneapolis General Electric Company, tests of 
power used in the railway shops at Oelwin, Iowa, and in South 
'Minneapolis, and design of electric power plant for the latter, 
tests of efficiency and regulation of train electric lighting appa- 
ratus, tests of electric automobiles and tests of series incandes- 
cent street lighting systems. 

The appropriations of the late legislature will provide for the 
erection of an electrical laboratory and its equipment during the 

(From the Minnesota Daily.) 

In the senate, Allen J. Greer, '81, a prominent attorney from 
JLiake City, and one of the most influential members of the senate, 
a Republican in politics. 

Fred B. Snyder. '81, an attorney at law in this city, a senator 
from the district in which the University is located. He has 
served several terms with great credit to himself, and with gr-iat 


University of Minnesota 

benefit to the University. He has fought hard for appropriation 
bills and has come out victorious many a time when the battle 
seemed to be going against him. 

Ripley B. Brower, Law, '91, a well known attorney from St 
Cloud, representing one of the best districts in the state. 

P. Fitzpatrick and E. T. Young, both attended the University, 
t)ut neither graduated. They took work both in the Academic 
and Law Colleges, and are prominent members of the senate. 

In the house of representatives, there are six alumni, all 
graduates of the College of Law. Three of these are from lue 
city of Minneapolis. All have graduated during the nineties. 

Geo. W. Armstrong, "99, served in the Spanish-American War 
in the Thirteenth Minnesota Regiment. He has not forgotten bis 
comrades as is evidenced by the bill passed in their behalf, atten- 
tion to which was called in a recent issue of this paper. 

J. C. Sweet, '93, represents the district in which the Univer- 
sity is located. He is a prominent attorney in the city, and for 
some years has been a lecturer in the College of Law. 

C. L. Wallace, '97, has a lucrative law practice, and handles 
besides a large bond company's business. 

The other 'Varsity men outside of the city are : G. W. Har- 
den. '91. of Le Roy : J. R. Hickey. '94, Graceville : and J. A. Jack- 
son, *93. 

George C. Sikes is secretary of the Street Railway Commis- 
sion of Chicago : a place for which he is peculiarly well fitted and 
which he is filling in a way to bring honor to himself and his 
alma mater. 

"Joe" Blethen has written a number of delightful short stories 
for current periodicals. He says that there are more where thO'="e 
came from. 

Chester X. Gould is studying philology in Leipzig. He has 
been appointed Fellow in Germanics at Chicago University for the 
coming year. 

The following is taken from the Minnesota Daily of Januarv 
Slst : 

Two hundred prominent men of the state came together at 
the West Hotel Tuesday night to do honor to a man who, as con- 
sul general of the United States, has not only, in the last lour 
years, won glory for himself by his strict attention to his worK 
and by his rare diplomacy in matters of state, but who has made 
the country which he serves looked up to in China, and who has 
made the consulate service of the United States stand for far more 
than it did before John Goodnow, a University graduate of the 
class of '79. went to his post in Shanghai. There were present 
at the banquet given in his honor, the president of the University, 
a governor and an ex-governor of the state, a mayor and two ev- 
mayors of Minneapolis, the speaker of the state house of represen- 
tatives, and many other noted guests, while regrets were read 
from such men as Secretary of State John "tlay, Wu Ting Fang, 
Chinese minister at Washington, and A. A. Adee, assistant secre- 
tary of state. 

Among those responding to toasts were Mayor Ames, Governor 
Van Sant. A. H. Hall, Samuel Hill. Rev. J. S. Montgomery, Speaker 
Dowling. James Gray, besides the guest of honor and our ov n 
President Northrop. Judge Simpson was toastmaster and served 
very happily. 


Dramatization of the Odyssey. 

There was a large attendance to witness the dramatization of 
the Odyssey. Of course the play was different from the modern 
plays and so was probably different from what was expected by 
many of the audience, but the insight that it gave into Greek life 
and manners was both interesting and instructive. In general the 

Alumni Record 


parts were all well taken. The costumes were very attractive. 
Among the most interesting parts of the play were the ball play- 
ing by the girls and the gymnastic contests. 

The Greek department has won a great reputation for itself 
and has by this play unquestionably stimulated greater interest in 
Greek throughout the city at least. 

The play was under the direct supervision and direction of 
Mabel Hay Barrows, to whose able and untiring energies its suc- 
cess was largely due. 

This year, under the direction of C. A. Marshall for the Glee 
club, and Francis Robertson for the Mandolin club, a concert was 
given at the Lyceum Theater March 28th and a week's trip fol- 
lowed in the southern part of the state, including Mason City, 
Iowa. The boys had a special car for the trip and were enter- 
tained in homes in the places visited, besides being tendered sev- 
eral receptions. In most places there were good audiences, so that 
financially the organization was ahead when they reached home. 
The newspapers of the towns visited were loud in their praise of 
the work done by both clubs. 

The three plays which the University Dramatic Club have 
"been preparing so faithfully this year, were given Monday night, 
Feb. 11, at the Lyceum theater. The work of all the actors was 
commendable and showed careful preparation. 

The Club selected three one-act plays this year, which suited 
the taste of the audience far better than the plan of last year. 

"A Woman's Won't" was the first one on the program. The 
play itself was very simple, but the acting was clever, and as a' 
whole most commendable. 

"At the Barricade" came next on the program and showed 
the strongest acting of the evening. "A Flower of Yeddo" was 
the last play of the evening. All the members on the cast deserve 
equal and very high commendation for their work. The stage set- 
ting of this play was pretty and in keeping with its quiet and re- 
fined nature. 


The Woman's League is an organization composed of all wom- 
en of the T'niversity who desire to join, and of the wives of the 
members of the faculty. The four hundred and thirty girls who 
belong to the League are divided into twenty-four groups and to 
each of these groups belong one or two faculty women. The 
groups meet in the afternoon of the second Saturday of each 
month for purely social purposes, and occasionally all groups 
meet together for a general reception. The object of the League 
is to establish friendly and personal relations between the girls 
of the University and the women of the faculty. It is hoped that 
through the influence of the League, a Woman's Building may 
eventually be established as a home for the girls of the L^niversity. 


After a great deal of serious consideration, the committee of 
the faculty evolved an excellent plan for the development of true 
appreciation of music among the students which will no doubt 
raise the standard of music and educate the students to a better 
musical taste. The plan included a choral union which has been 
organized and has been at work during the latter part of the year. 

On Thursday or Friday of each week .a classical program 
is presented in which the best musical talent in the cities appears. 
The great composers and their works are taken up in chronological 
order from Bach to Mozart and Beethoven. The first two pro- 
grams were devoted to Bach, the first to his vocal productions, the 
second to his instrumental music. Other artists were studied later. 

For the coming year the department of psychology offers a spe- 
cial course in the psychology of music, as follows : 

xxiv. University of Minnesota 

Lectures with experimental demonstrations to analyze the total 
aesthetic effects of music into its elementary components of tone 
quality and quantity, rhythm, melody, harmony, contrast, with the 
biographical, historical and personal associations, and its connec- 
tions with poetry in songs and with the drama in opera. Based 
largely on original experimental material, together with such works 
as those of Helmholtz. Koenig, Stumpf, Riemann, Zahn, Lanier, 
Gurney, Oilman, Wallaschek and R. Wagner. 

Extra hours will be given as illustrations in different forms of 
piano compositions, chamber music, song cycles of Schubert, 
Schuman and Brahms : piano arrangements of Beethoven's Ninth 
Symphony, and at least of Parsifal from Wagner's music-dramas. 
Special lectures will be given preparatory to the best public concerts 
during the musical season. 

The system of physical culture which Miss Butner has intro- 
duced at the University this year, is different in many respects 
from that employed here before. It is more of a gymnasium course, 
the purpose is to develop first strength of muscle in the girls and 
afterwards take up the exercises that produce grace. 

All the apparatus needed has been provided for, and some 
work was done with the damb bells, Indian clubs and wands early 
in the year. Because of the lack of apparatus at the opening of 
the -^ear and the fact that the system is new here, real work did 
not begin until afcer the holidays. Much sesthetic work has been 
done, including the fancy steps, arm movements, and the like. 

Through the efforts of E. E. McDermott, assistant professor of 
rhetoric, a Minnesota High School Debating League is being or- 
ganized. The plan includes all accredited high schools in the 
state. For convenience the state is subdivided into districts co- 
incident with the congressional districts. A series of contests will 
be carried out in each district. Then the winners of each district 
will compete and finally the two schools standing without defeat 
will meet in Minneapolis for the championship and the possession 
of a $200 prize cup which has been offered by the Miyineapolis 
Journal. The organization will be completed and the resolution 
for next year's discussion will be submitted in May. 

Enthusiastic letters of commendation and support are coming 
in from superintendents and principals all over the state. 

Such a league will stimulate high school rhetorical work. But 
it will do more than this. Through friendly rivalry, better ac- 
quaintance and interchange of ideas, the best there is in any school 
will be carried to others, and thus raise the standard of all. 

Besides the handsome prize, mentioned above, theMitmeapolis 
Journal will give to each of the three debaters who win in final 
contest, a handsome gold badge and it will report all matters of in- 
terest when the series of contests is being carried out. 

In time this league will unquestionably bring results bene- 
ficial to the University. 

Through the efforts of the Rhetorical Department and the gen- 
erosity of friends of the University the number and value of prizes 
for which students in debate and oratory can compete has been 
greatly augmented in the last two years. Nearly $500 in cash and 
numerous prize cups and medals are awarded each year. Only 
three other universities in the United States now offer as tempt- 
ing prizes to ambitious students in forensics as does the Uni- 
versity of Minnesota. 

The whole system of debate and oratory has been reorganized 
in the last three years and placed on a firmer basis than ever be- 
fore. Seven strong literary societies are maintained and a debat- 
ing board, composed of four members of the faculty and three stu- 
dent members, now has control of all matters pertaining to con- 
tests in debate and oratory. The T'niversity now belongs to five 
inter-collegiate and inter-state leagues. 

Alumni Record xxv. 


Debate — Central League, Jan. 17, 1901 — Michigan v. Minneso- 
ta — Ann Arbor. 

Resolved, That it is unwise for the states to attempt to tax 
personal property. 

Affiemative — Minnesota : Negative — Michigan : 

James Mclntyre, Maxey, 
Olai A. Lende, Sonnenschein, 
Alex. Janes. Jacobs. 
Michigan won, 2-1. 

Debate — Iowa v. Minnesota, Iowa City, March 1, 1901. 
Resolved, That it is unwise for the states to attempt to tax 
personal property. 

Affiemative — Iowa : Negative — Minnesota : 

Noland. O. P. McElmeel, 

H. B. Gislason, 
P. J. Thompson. 

Iowa won, 2-1. 

Extemporaneous Oratorical Contest and Story Writing Contest 
— Nebraska-Minnesota : 
Oeatoey : 

Guy L. Caldwell. Minnesota, first. 

G. N. Graham. Nebraska, second. 
Stoey : 

Mr. Fairchild, Nebraska, first. 
Roy Allis, Minnesota, second. 

Pillsbury-Dunwoodv Oratorical Contest, 1st prize, $130 ; 2d 
prize. $25 ; third, $20. — March 23, 1901. 

T. D. Schall, first. 

Ray Dillman, second. 
. Olai A. Lende, third. 

Minnesota State Oratorical Contest, U, of M., Macalester, 
Carleton, Hamline. 

J. A. A. Burnquist. Carleton, first. 

Final Intersociety Debate, April 26, 1901, — Minerva v. Forums. 
Resolved, That railroad pooling should be legalized. 
Affiemative — Forum : Negative — Minerva. 

O. J. Henderson, Julia McDonough, 

S. DeW. Adams, Irene McKeehan, 

Bert Russell. Anna Purcell. 

Forum won, 2 to 1. 

Northern Oratorical League. Iowa City, May 3. 
T. D. Schall will represent Minnesota. 


Membership — Academic department, 162 ; Engineering depart- 
ment, 58 : Medical department, 73 ; Law department, 49 ; unclassed, 
18 ; Faculty, 25 ; total membership, 385. Paid membership fees, 200. 

Religious — Men's meetings held, 22 ; average attendance, 58 ; 
mid-week prayer meetings, 24 : average attendance, 19 ; morning 
prayer meetings at opening of year, 5 ; average attendance, 14 ; per- 
sonal workers' class, 20 ; average weekly attendance, 15 ; men in 
vacation bands, 10. 

Bible Study — Classes taking systematic work, 15 ; total number 
entering classes, 107 ; average weekly attendance, 60 ; estimated 
time per student in private study each week (min.), 45; two noi-- 
mal classes for teachers. 

Missions — A mission study class. 7 : missionary meetings, 6 ; 
average attendance (men and women) 69. A student volunteer 
band of three members. Pledge to foreign missions, $50. 

Social — Eight socials or receptions during the year. Opening 
reception at Armory, 950 ; four receptions to men, 280 ; two "post 

xxvi. University of Minnesota 

exam" .jubilees, 650 ; one medical reception. 100 ; total attend- 
ance, 1,980. 

Employment Bureau — No. of applications for work, 140 ; given 
permanent woi'k, 54 ; odd jobs distributed (over) 82 ; one student 
reports $21 made from these odd jobs. 

Students' Loan Fund — Money in the fund, $50 ; number of 
loans made since September, 76 ; total aggregate of loans, $497. 

Educational Department — Number of classes for making up 
entrance conditions, 9 ; number enrolled in classes, 78 ; number 
already passed examinations, 44. This department, indorsed by 
the faculty, and the teachers' records accepted in lieu of condi- 
tion examinations. 

Boarding Houses Bureau — All boarding houses personally in- 
spected and listed in the fall. Estimated number directed to same, 
600 ; number provided with room-mates, 30. 

Handbook — A 2,200 edition of "The Student's Hand-book" dis- 
tributed gratis to students in all departments. 

Medical Department — A reading room in the Medical building 
supplied with current literature : a weekly devotional meeting for 
medical students in their own building. 

Building — A 9-room building open at all times to students, 
societies and clubs ; reading room, game room, toilet room and 
parlor. Piano for use of societies and glee club. 

Receipts — Balance from last year, 33c : dues, $195 ; subscrip- 
tions, $756.27 : educational department. $42 ; boarding house bu- 
reau, $10.85 : Bible study department, $2.63 ; Hand-book, $347.50 ; 
missions, $50 : board of directors, $600 : total. $2,004.58. 

Disbursements — Subscriptions to state and national work, 
$50; missions $50: salaries. $357: salaries (board of directors), 
$600 ; building, $38.88 ; furniture. $228.61 : piano, $116.09 ; gas 
$19.80 : stationery. $4.10 : printing. $43.25 : receptions. $60.97 ; 
postage. $15.13 ; rent. $12 • insurance, $22 ; water, $4 ; Hand-book, 
$297 : miscellaneous. $50.45; cash on hand. $35.30; total. $2,004.58. 

Resources — Cash on hand. $35.30 : bills receivable. $65.50 : 
total, $100.80. 

Liabilities — None. 

Note : To be provided for current expenses from April 15 to 
June 1 — Salaries. $140 : printing. $20 ; gas, $5 : Gopher. $5 : mis- 
cellaneous. $5: resources as above. $100.80: balance (to be raised), 

Y. W. C. A. 

For the year ending March 17th. 1901 : Number of members of 
the Y. W. C. A., 310 : active. 230 : associate. 80 ; increase over last 
year, 22^: alumni members (out of college). 3: members in grad- 
uating class, 45 : members in active committee work. 161 : com- 
mittees holding monthly meetings, 16 : devotional meetings per 
week, 2 : average attendance. 33 : missionary meetings per month, 
2 ; average attendance. 40 ; extra meetings, 13 : prayer circles, meet- 
ing weekly, 2 ; Bible classes. 7 ; mission study classes, 1 ; student 
volunteers, 1 ; delegates to state convention ,at Mankato, 13 ; del- 
egate to secretarial conference at Chicago. 1 : delegates to summer 
conference ,at Geneva, Wis., 3 : delegate to national bi-ennial con- 
vention at Nashville. Tenn., 1 : number of socials. 9 ; average at- 
tendance. 200 : number of receptions witli the Y. M. C. A.. 4 ; num- 
ber of average attendance. 400 : number of cabinet luncheons, 8 ; 
number of regular business luncheons. 8 : number of subscribers to 
"The Evangel." 7 : number of visits from National Secretaries, 4 ; 
number of local union meetings, 1 : number of young women as- 
sisted to board and rooms, scores : number of young women assisted 
to employment. 11: budget raised, $400: proceeds from sale of 
"U. of M." calendars. $427.81 : in bank— boarding-home fund, 
$200. Have elected Board of Directors as advisory committee. 
General Secretary engaged for one-third of her time, and has gen- 
eral supervision of the work of the Association. 

Alumni Record 



The University Catholic Association was organized in the 
spring of 1900 by the Catholic students of the University. Mem- 
bership is open to any one connected with the institution and those 
interested in the work of the organization are cordially invited to 
attend the meetings. 

During the first part of the year the association was address- 
ed every Sunday by one of the various priests of the city upon a 
series of connected topics. In the spring a course of lectures 
upon the "Fundamental Doctrine of the Church," by Father P. J. 
Danehy. of the St. Paul Seminary, appointed director of the as- 
sociation by Arch-Bishop Ireland. 

At the opening of the college year the association gave a re- 
ception to its members, and a similar entertainment was held 
after the holiday recess. Through the courtesy of the two other 
Christian associations at the University, the meetings have been 
held in the rooms of the Y. W. C. A. or Y. M. C. A. Any further 
information regarding the association can be obtained by ad- 
dressing the president. 


Roy Wirt Allis, of University of Minnesota, broke all inter- 
collegiate records in the strength contest in an oflBcial test made in 
the gymnasium on the 31st of last March. The new record is 1885 
kilos, or sixteen kilos ahead of the record made by ex-Champion 
Herbert, of Harvard. Allis will, without any doubt, have even a 
better record to j—s credit by May 1st, when the final reports are 
sent in from the various colleges of the country. Allis' home is 
in Oronoco, Minn., where he has spent the greater part of his life. 
He is taking the literary course, as special student, and his record 
as a student is good. Allis attends the gymnasium daily for an 
hour's systematic work. His gymnasium training is methodical, 
but he never overtrains and his habits are excellent. His work 
is an example of what anyone may accomplish for himself by 
faithful application to systematic body building work. 

Allis' strength records compared with those of the two ex- 
champions of Harvard, Herbert and Cochems : 




Push Up 

Pull Up 

Chest and 






R. W. Allis 








C. G. Herbert 










H. F. Cochems.... 










April 30th — Allis made a new record of 1940 kilos. 

In the official test for the fifty strongest men in any college 
in the country, the University of Minnesota, ranks third. This 
speaks exceedingly well for the gymnasium work done at the 
L'niversity of Minnesota and for Dr. Cooke's system of training. 


University of Minnesota 



The following is taken from the Minnesota Daily of Nov^ 
6th, 1900 : 

"If Wisconsin cares to lay her defeat on any one man, she 
must pick out as the burden bearer. Dr. Williams, Minnseota's 
athletic director. No one is more responsible for that defeat than 
the man whom Minnesota now honors and idolizes as the master 
spirit in her athletic affairs. Tutored in his football lore in the 
same school with Stagg, he has in his first year as director of a 
big team, met that experienced rival and proven himself more 
Than an equal ; matched against the prowess of Phil King, he has, 
three short weeks after one glorious victory, achieved another 
even greater and more brilliant. 

And how did Dr. Williams do it ? Unassuming and retiring ; 
saying little and desiring to say less ; he has gone ahead and out 
of the rawest kind of material, in two months, made a champion- 
ship team, — a team that is the marvel of the west and of the 
east as well. Criticised at first by the so-called critics of the 
Twin Cities and by many of the students, he has paid no atten- 
tion to written or verbal advice, and has evolved a football team. 
The result can be attributed to nothing more than to a mental acu- 
men sharper than the ordinary ; to a knowledge of human nature 
not possessed by many, and to an overwhelming desire to do his 
best under adverse circumsances. With very little to start with 
other than ambition on the part of a squad of fifty men or so, one 
man's intellect has made Minnesota's team what it is today, and' 
that intellect is Dr. Williams'. 

The University of Minnesota is proud to praise him and to do 
him honor. The students have come to love him and to idolize 
him, and no man more deserves the glory that is his. 

Long may Minnesota glory in his works and deeds. 

The following clipping was taken from the football issue of the 
Minnesota Daily : 


This year for the first time I have thoroughly approved of 
football at the university of Minnesota. The team has been un- 
der the training of a gentleman who understood scientific football ; 
who knew how to deal with young men ; whose influence over the 
team has been in all respects good ; and who has succeeded in clear- 
ing the atmosphere of several things that have heretofore been a 
blemish to the game. 

In the next place the finances have been managed with skill 
and care and honesty. 

And in the third place the team h^is done its work nobly, ex- 
hibiting the most delightful spirit of docility, obedience and pluck. 
I do not doubt that every man on the team is more of a man in 
every way than he would have been but for his training and work 
on the team. 

As a result of all these things the games have been enjoyed 
by delighted audiences, and Minnesota has been placed where she 
belongs — at the head. Cyrus Northrop. 


A brief review of the successful football season through which 
we have just passed is not without interest, and cannot fail to 
point out some lessons which it will be well to store in mind for 
future guidance. 

Alumni Record xxix. 

The developmeut and perfecting of a football team is some- 
thing which cannot suddenly be brought about, but requires both 
time and labor for its accomplishment. To some it may perhaps 
be a surprise to learn that active work in direct preparation for 
the past football season has been in progress ever since last M.arch. 
This, however, is the fact. The hand of Captain Page in the work 
of developing the team is well known to the football men them- 
selves, and to those who have been intimately associated with 
them, but has been scarcely realized or appreciated by the general 
student body. 

It is found in the history of every great football team which 
has met with the highest degree of success, that it has possessed 
a great captain. So has it been this past year with the football 
team of the University of Minnesota. When on March last the en- 
gagement of the present athletic director occurred. Captain Page 
started at once a vigorous correspondence, and after receiving a few 
diagrams and suggestions, immediately inaugurated spring practice 
and laid the foundation for the fall work. 

Those early spring days must have offered many discourage- 
ments. On some days he was himself the only man out for practice, 
while on others, only one or two were present with him. But, in 
spite of obstacles which would have been barriers to a less deter- 
mined leader, the work continued until a band of thirty men from 
among the most desirable material in the University had become 
interested and pledged to work throughout the fall for the best in- 
erests and success of the team, whether they should receive place 
on the first eleven or not. For six weeks during the spring term 
football drills, consisting in signal practice, kicking contests, and 
evening blackboard talks and demonstrations, were conducted by 
the captain. Thus it was that on reassembling in the fall the 
foundation for the new system of play had been already laid, and 
rapid progress was made possible. The leadership of the captain, 
not simply a player whose ability in his position is not equalled in 
the West, but a man whose manly character, high ideals, deter- 
mined spirit and kindly goodfellowship have impressed themselves 
on all, has been the inspiring note that has roused the will in ev- 
ery man on the team to do great things. 

Particularly noticeable during the practice of the team has 
been the fact that all elements that have contributed to bring about 
this result have worked in absolute harmony. No slight jar or 
discord has tended in the slightest degree to bring about internal 
disruption, and the growth and development of the team has been 
systematically progressive during the entire fall. 

The preliminary training for two weeks at the camp x)n Lake 
Minnetonka, before the opening of the term, proved also to be of 
tnestiniiable advantage. Without this it is unlikely that it would 
nave been possible to meet successfully on Oct. 13th, the University 
of Chicago with its seven seasoned veterans from last year's cham- 
pionship team. What Prof. F. S. Jones, chairman of the board of 
control, has contributed cannot be told in a few lines. Taking in 
hand the athletic situation when things were at their darkest, his 
untiring energy, constant support, faith in ultimate success, diplo- 
matic handling of delicate situations and, above all, his honest hard 
work and unremitting service which has often been a drudgery, has 
done more to bring about our present standing in football, than 
the work of any other one man. 

A very encouraging feature of the fall's work, as we look back 
upon it, is the fact that we can see many faults in the team even 
when at its best. Were this not so, the expectation of a still bet- 
ter team next year would not be present with us. We now expect 
that the greater number of this year's eleven will be with us for 
another season. 

With such a nucleus to build on it is reasonable to hope that 
even greater strength may be looked for in the team of 1901. 

A warning note must, however, here be sounded. If the fact 
that we have so promising an outlook shall detract One iota from 
the hard work or discipline among the candidates for the eleven 

XXX. University of Minnesota 

which is next to be, our apparent brilliant prospects may prove 
our undoing, and not a blessing. 

We shall trust that no such catastrophe will befall us. 

H. L. Williams. 



Minnesota 2<j 

Minnesota 65 

Minnesota 44 

Minnesota 27 

Minnesota 6 

Minnesota 26 

Minnesota 34 

Minnesota 6 

Minnesota 23 

Minnesota 21 

Minnesota 20 

Total 298 

Central High • • O 

St. Paul High • • 




Chicago 6 


N. Dakota 

Wisconsin 5 

Illinois • . O 


Nebraska • • • • 12 

Total 23 

Yesterday the Daily printed Walter Camp's review of the 
middle west football season, and to-day it prints Casper Whitney's 
review published in the January number of Outing. Unlike Mr. 
Cainp, Mr. Whitney takes no neutral ground and comes out decid- 
edly for Minnesota as the champion team of the west. These two 
reviews ought to settle once for all the championship matter in 
regard to which certain other western institutions have been 
"doubting Thomases." 

Mr. Whitney says in his review : 

"The present season has witnessed a decided advance in the 
standard of football in the middle west. Not only have the de- 
fensive tactics of the western teams been of an unusually high 
order, but in offensive, also, marked improvement has been shown. 

"At the University of Minnesota, Dr. Williams has inaugurat- 
ed a system of attack entirely new in the west, and which he has 
been developing for some years at the Penn Charter school in 
Philadelphia. In this old Yale football has been abandoned, and 
in its place formation plays consisting of tackle-back, tackle-over, 
tackle and end-over in various combinations have been exclusively 
adopted. This style admits of either a close or an open game, and 
Minnesota has certainly \ised it this year with phenomenal suc- 

"Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa can at once be assigned to 
the first-class without question and with no near competitors. 
Iowa's claim to a place in this class rests entirely upon the record 
of her scores against te,ams of the second class, as she has played 
neither Minnesota nor Wisconsin. Neither Minnesota nor Iowa 
has been defeated, while the only game lost by Wisconsin was to 
Minnesota by the close score of 5 to 6. The game played upon 
the 3d of November, and deservedly won by Slinnesota, clearly 
establishes her title to superiority over Wisconsin. 

"An analysis of this game shows that, in securing her touch- 
down, Wisconsin obtained the ball 82 yards from Minnesota's 
goal ; then, by 32 yards advances, made by rushes, and by 40 yard& 
granted for Minnesota's offside play, carried the ball to Minneso- 
ta's 12-yard line, when they were held and thrown for a loss. 
Here, on the third down, with eight yards to gain. Wisconsin exe- 
cuted a quarter-back kick which sent the ball across the goal line 
near the corner. Dobie, playing full-back for Minnesota, fumbled 
the ball, and Cochems of Wisconsin fell on it, securing a touch- 
down, from which a difficult goal was missed. 

"Minnesota's goal, on the other hand, was made by carrying 
the ball straight up the field for 62 yards, aided by a penalty of 

Alumni Record xxxi. 

10 yards, and planting the ball between the goal posts for a touch- 
down, followed by an easy goal. During the entire game, in 
rushes Minnesota advanced the ball 310 yards ; Wisconsin, 212. 
Minnesota's kicks aggregated 313 yards ; those of Wisconsin, 318. 
Wisconsin's claim to first place is thus effectually disposed of. 

"In considering the relative claims of Minnesota and Iowa, 
the games played by these institutions against Chicago and North- 
western furnish the standard of comparison. The Minnesota- 
Chicago game, played upon the second Saturday in October, al- 
though resulting in a tie score of 6 to 6, was a virtual victory for 
Minnesota. Three weeks later, after Chicago had encountered 
and gone down before both Brown and Pennslyvania, Iowa met 
and defeated her by a score of 17 to 0. During the first half thi& 
game was played upon even terms ; but in the second half Chicago 
went to pieces and Iowa had things all her own way. On the 
following Saturday. Nov. 10, Northwestern succeeded in defeating 
Chicago 5 to 0, after a hard, close game, in which the two teams 
seemed about evenly matched. One week later, fresh from victory 
over Chicago, Northwestern met Minnesota and was defeated by 
a score of to 21 in a game which was cut short twelve minutea 
on account of darkness and Northwestern entirely outclassed. 
Iowa's game with Northwestern upon Thanksgiving Day at once 
became of importance in determining Iowa's rating. The game 
resulted in a score of 5 to 5, Iowa scarcely holding her own. 
Iowa's score of 28 to 5 against Michigan became of less impor- 
tance in the light of Michigan's subsequent work. 

"A careful and impartial consideration of these facts would, 
therefore, seem to show clarly that to Minnesota the first place 
should unauestionably be accorded. 

"Wisconsin's overwhelming defeat of Chicago by a score of 
39 to 5, Nov. 17, and her exceedingly close game with Minnesota, 
would seem to indicate her probable superiority over Iowa. 

"The tie game which Iowa played with Northwestern when at 
the acme of her course of training has greatly lessened her rat-^ 

Mr. Whitney rates the teams of the middle west as follows : 
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Northwestern, Chicago, Nebraska, 
Michigan and Illinois. 


In the February Outing, Caspar Whitney places on the .all- 
western eleven four Minnesota men, viz. : Page at center, Aune 
at end, Dobie as quarter and Knowlton at fulj-back. 

On the second team he would place Mueller and Flynn at 
guard. Fee and Tweet at tackle, Hoyt end and Van Valkenburg 
half, six in all from Minnesota. Mr. Whitney's all-western team 
is : 

Page (Minnesota) center. 

Riorden (Wisconsin) and E. Dietz (Northwestern) guards. 
Cui"tis (Wisconsin) and Warner (Iowa) tackles. 
Aune (Minnesota) and Snow (Michigan) ends. 
Dobie (Minnesota) quarter. 

Henry (Chicago) and Larson (Wisconsin) halves. 
Knowlton (Minnesota) full. 


Sept. 28, Ames at Minneapolis. 
Oct. 5. Haskell Indians of Lawrence, Kan., at Minneapolis. 
Oct. 12, Nebraska at Minneapolis. 
Oct. 19, Grinnell at Minneapolis. 
Oct. 26. Iowa at Minneapolis. 
Nov. 2, Open date. 

Nov. 9, North Dakota at Minneapolis. 

xxxii. University of Minnesota 

Nov. 16, Wisconsin at Madison or Milwaukee. 

Nov. 23, Northwestern at Evanston. 

Nov. 28 (Thanksgiving), Illinois, at Champaign. 

The Alumni Athletic Association met Wednesday evening, 
March 27th, in the board of trade rooms for the purpose of elect- 
ing the association officers and members of the board of directors. 
The following were re-elected : President, F. B. Snyder ; first vice 
president, Lewis Schwager ; second vice president, W. A. Mclntyre ; 
secretary, Theodore Knappen ; treasurer, Bert Loye. C. H. Van 
Campen and A. F. Pillsbury were re-elected as members of the 
board of directors, and T. F. Wallace was chosen to succeed J. 
M. Harrison. 


The team of 1900 was an excellent one in every respect and 
the outcome of the season's games was the best ever attained by 
a baseball team representing this University. Among the bright 
points to be noted are the three straight games won from Wis- 

The team of the present year is composed of good material 
and will doubtless give a good account of itself. The following is 
the schedule : 

April 16, Hamline Medics, Northrop Field. 

April 17, Macalester. Northrop Field. 

April 18, Shattuck, Northrop Field. 

April 19, St. Paul League, Northrop Field. 

April 24, University Notre Dame, Notre Dame. 

April 25, Wabash College, Crawfordsville. 

April 26, University Indiana at Bloomington. 

April 27, University Purdue at Lafayette. 

April 29, Beloit College at Beloit. 

May 1, St. Thomas at St. Thomas. 

May 3, Kalamazoo College at Kalamazoo. 

May 4, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. 

May 7, University of Chicago, at Chicago. 

May 10, Macalester, Northrop Field. 

May 11, 'Varsity vs. Faculty and Alumni at Northrop Field. 

May 13, Carleton College. Northrop Field. 

May 18, University of Iowa at Northrop Field. 

May 20, Notre Dame, Northrop Field. 

May 21, Notre Dame, Northrop Field. 

May 23, Luther College of Decorah at Northrop Field. 

May 25, St. Thomas, Northrop Field. 

May 27, Hamline at Northron Field. 

May 28, Carleton College at Northfield. 

May 29, Decorah at Decorah. 

May 30, University of Iowa at Cedar Rapids. 

May 31, Simpson College at Indianola. 

June 1, University of Nebraska at Lincoln. 

June 3, Creighton University at Omaha. 

June 4, University of South Dakota, at Sioux Falls. 


During the past winter the University has had the best bas- 
ket ball team in its history. The following table of scores shows 
the kind of basket ball the team played. 

Minnesota, 31 ; Alumni. 2. 

Minnesota, 72 ; Carleton, 3. 

Minnesota, 27 ; Central High School, 4. 

Minnesota, 17; Farm School, second team, 4. (first half). 
' Minnesota, 37 ; St. Paul Y. M. C. A., 19. 
Minnesota. 23 ; West Superior Normal, 5. 
Minnesota, 12 ; West Superior Normal, 14. 

Alumni Record xxxiii. 

Minnesota, 38 ; Iowa, 5. 

Minnesota, 27 ; Fargo Y. M. C. A., 7. 

Minnesota, 26 : Fargo College, 5. 

Minnesota, 25 ; North Dakota Agricultural College, 5. 
Minnesota, 42 : Wisconsin, 15. 
Total score, Minnesota, 386 ; opponents, 88. 
The School of Agriculture basket ball team made an enviable 
record for itself — defeating every team it met during the season. 


The prospect for a creditable track team for this spring are 
good. There are no particularly brilliant stars, but there are 
about forty men in active training and at least twenty-five of these 
men are doing good work. The miserable condition of the track is 
a serious handicap, but a reasonably good showing may be expect- 
ed. In the dual meet with Iowa, which will be held May 17th, 
the contest should be close and exciting. In the middle and long t 
distances, Iowa, is said to be superior, while in the high jump and 
hurdles Minnesota should have the advantage. The fact that 
firsts only count in the dual meet will be a decided disadvantage 
to Minnesota inasmuch as they would fare far better in contest 
where team work could be brought into play, than where the 
work of brilliant individuals alone decides the day. The Minne- 
sota contingent may nevertheless have a reasonaWe expectation of 
winning the day. The men who shall represent Minnesota in the 
different events will be selected entirely by competition. As 'a 
preparation for the Iowa meet, and to determine the relative mer- 
its of the candidates for the team, the University spring sports will 
be held on Saturday, May 11, at Northrop Field. 

It is proposed by the management to make these sports an 
annual feature and a very attractive entertainment. They most 
certainly prove an even greater success than were the winter in- 
door games that were held in the University Armory just before 
the outdoor work was begun. It is proposed also to hold several 
relay events, and events open to the preparatory schools. 


This year by far the largest class that was ever graduated 
from the Agricultural School, was graduated and have returned 
to the activities of the farm. Whereas, for some years past, the 
classes have ranged from twenty-five to forty, this year it in- 
creased to sixty-three. But this is only an outward sign of the 
marvelous growth that agricultural education has been enjoying 
recently ; the true development and increasing importance can 
only be realized after one has taken the trouble to visit the school 
and more thoroughly investigate the work done. To one who has 
not come into closer sympathy with agricultural education than read- 
ing the press notices of basket ball games or class commencements, 
the true practical and economical importance of the work is never 
realized ; but to those who take the time and expend the effort to 
see for themselves, with their own eyes, there is a great revela- 
tion in store. The most favorable time for an enjoyable visit to 
the school is during the week of commencement. 


The Summer School for 1901 will open June 24th and close 
August 2nd, the term being increased to six weeks. This will make 
possible more thorough and practical courses of instruction in 
both sections. 


University of Minnesota 


The faculty and students of the University have presented 
medals to all members of the student body, past or present, who 
took part in the Spanish-American war. Two hundred and ten 
persons have received this recognition. An act of the legislature, 
passed some time ago, permitted all residents of Minnesota who 
had served in the Spanish-American war and who were or might 
become students of the University to receive free tuition through- 
out their course. During the session now in progress the legisla- 
ture has widened this concession by providing that all veteran stu- 
dents who had paid tuition before the passage of the act should be 
entitled to repayment of the full amount. 

The men who served in the Spanish war have formed an asso- 
ciation in the University. There are at present in the University 
over seventy-five students who are receiving the benefits of the law 
mentioned above. 



Miss Jessie Coxe, '00, reports upon the organization of the 
alumni association at Worthington, Minn., as follows : 

On Friday night, March 8th, the alumni of the U. of M., who 
are now living in Worthington, Minn., formed a University club. 
There were twelve charter members of the club, including Mrs. 
Katherine Manson Curran, ex-'94, Jessie E. Coxe, '00 ; Dr. F. M. 
Manson, '99; Mrs. F. M. Manson (nee Husted), ex-'94 ; Dr. F. F. 
Riley Dent, '00 ; Joseph Arbes, Mr. E. E. Wilson, law. '96 ; the 
]\^.sses Mabel and Ruble E. Smith, '98 ; Mr. J. A. Town, Dr. Geyer- 
man, "99 ; Mr. Moberly, '00. Dr. and Mrs. Manson entertained 
the club at their home the night that the organization was per- 
fected. The members of the newly formed club were surprised to 
find how much enthusiastic college spirit had been slumbering 
within the precincts of Worthington. 

A song, written expressly for the occasion, was then sung, and 
later in the evening, the refreshments carried out the color 
scheme. A cake, which was a surprise to the hostess, was pro- 
duced, iced in as near maroon as icing could be made, with the let- 
ters, "U. of M.," in gold, and a miniature pennant waving majes- 

But the feature of the evening was a "university salad." This 
was served in a bright new dishpan, with a profusion of green 
tissue paper, lettuce leaves, and bran dressing. Each guest helped 
himself by the use of a large skimmer, and by digging deep into 
the bran, to a package which, when unrolled, proved to be a sou- 
venir fitting the occasion. One fortunate man received a small 
"Co-ed.," dressed in mortar board and gown, one of our medical 
members received a miniature skeleton, another guest a gopher, 
realistically wrought in maroon and gold. 

"After more college music the assembly broke up, each one 
voting that enthusiasm for "U. of M." was not dead, nor even 
sleeping at Worthington. We would urge unon all who have gone 
from the portals, to try the plan of organization, and don't for- 
get the "University salad." The recipe is simple and you will 
Lud it most nourishing for spirit. 


„ „ „ , ^ Chicago. April 26, 1901. 

Mr. E. B. Johnson, Registrar University of Minnesota — 

My Dear Mr. Johnson : I find your letter awaiting me upon 
my return to the city after an absence. I do not believe I can 

Alumni Record xxxv. 

make & report on the Alumni association that will be worth 
much. The fact is tha't George Merrill was the moving force of 
the Alumni association, and when he left everything seemed to 
drop. Dawley is president, but I cannot name the other officers. 
The association has had but two meetings. One was in the Theo- 
logical assembly rooms on the West side, where Merrill was then 
a student. The other was a dinner at the Sherman house when 
the football team was here a year ago last fall. I am in hopes 
the association can be got together again for another dinner be- 
fore long, but at the present time there seems to be nothing to 
report. With best wishes, I am yours sincerely, 

George C. Sikes. 


Judge William W. Keysor, '79, reports that the association at 
Omaha, Nebraska, has ceased to be, all the alumni, except two,, 
having moved away. 


Dr. George A. Gray, '95 and '98, reports for the association : 
The University of Minnesota Alumni Association of Eastern 
Washington at Spokane was formed December, 1899, with twenty 
charter members. 

The purposes of the organization are (1) To entertain any 
of our professors who may chance to be in the city ; (2) to become 
better acquainted with each other ; (3) to be a committee for in- 
formation to any of the Minnesota men who may be looking for 
new homes or new locations. Last summer we had the pleasure 
of meeting and entertaining Miss Maria L. Sanford while she was 
in the city. 

Meetings are held at the call of the officers of the society, 
but we aim to have about six meetings annually. Joseph Ross- 
low is president ; A. F. Maxwell, secretary. 


Alden Joseph Blethen, Jr., '91, reports a vigorous association, 
with a membership of eighteen, at Seattle, Washington. 

The present officers are : George N. Salisbury, '83, president ; 
Horace A. Wilson, '97, vice president ; Joseph Blethen, Jr., '91, 

There is no regular time for meeting. The president calls a 
meeting whenever he thinks it necessary or expedient. The ob- 
ject of the association is to meet and welcome "U. of M." gradu- 
ates, professors and students, and to build up a local club as more 
members settle in Seattle. 


Joseph Kennedy, '86, professor of pedagogy and psychology in 
the University of North Dakota, writes that there has never been 
a formal organization of alumni at that place. There was an in- 
formal gathering of about ten alumni, at his home, at the time 
of the State Teachers' meeting of 1900. They compared notes and 
talked over old times and enjoyed the evening to the full. 


Benjamin C. Gruenberg, '96, reports for the New York asso- 
ciation as follows : 

Properly speaking, the University of Minnesota has ho alumni 
association in New York City. In the fall of 1899 I spent two 

XXX vi. University of Minnesota 

weeks in hard work trying to find out what 'Varsity people were 
in this part of the country. Starting with your bulletin of Au- 
gust, 1899, I interviewed ne,arly all I could find in New York and 
Brooklyn, and nearly every interview brought more names. When 
assured, finally, of the support and approval of some two dozen 
"representatives," I arranged for a meet and feed at the Hotel 
Marlborough, on the evening of Dec. 13, 1899. The question of 
formal organization was broached but laid on the table, which was 
presided over by Dr. Peckham, the dean of the colony. An exec- 
utive "committee" of three (Francis B. Summer, Grant B. Ross- 
man and myself) was elected and instructed to provide more meet- 
ings, which instructions were carried out by the committee, and 
culminated in another dinner, at the "Arena," on April 28, 1900. 
The question of organization was again laid on the table, and 
janother committee entrusted with the affairs of the "Eastern Rep- 
resentatives," (Francis B. Sumner, Susan H. Olmstead, D. T. Mac- 
Dougal and yours truly). At this time there was issued a little 
^Directory, in connection with the announcement, and this was 
:greatly appreciated by many alumni who had long been out of touch 
with the University, and served to bring many together. 

The third dinner was held on Feb. 16, this year, at the Hotel 
Bristol, Dr. MacDougal presiding. Two distinguished men who 
had accepted conditionally our invitation to be with us, found the 
conditions against them, but sympathy with the absent ones did 
not prevent those present from having a good time. This meeting 
was remarkable in that every year of the University's history was 
embodied in the joint experience of those present. It also covered 
a larger geographical area than any previous gathering, in that 
we had representatives from Baltimore and Washington on the 
:south, and Boston on the north, and from intermediate points,- — 
to say nothing of the lettei'S and telegrams of regrets from those 
who could not come. The questions of organization and of ways 
•and means were left to a committee of five, which is to be selected 
by the present committee. I am now worrying about organizing 
the new committee, which I hope to have in working order in 
■about a month. The next dinner will probably happen early in 
next February, and we would like to have as many of you as can 
manage to do so be present with us on that occasion. 

Benj. C. Gruenberg. 

Mr. Gruenberg reports the names of one hundred and twenty- 
five alumni, former student* and members of the faculty, in New 


No. 45 Kelby St., Boston, Mass., 4-25-'01. 
Mr. E. B. Johnson, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. — 
Dear Sir : We are to have a banquet in May to get together 
all the former students and instructors of the U. of M. who may 
now be in or about Boston or in New I<]ngland. 

Will you kindly send me, at above address, your latest list of 
the students now located in New England and very greatly oblige, 

Yours very truly, 
W. A. Chowen, B. C, Ex-'91. 

N. B.— See notices concerning Gopher, Minnesota Daily and The 
Alumni Weekly at the end of the Directory. 

Alumni Record 





Warren Clark Eustis. Henry Martyn Williamson 



George Edwin Ricker. 


Edward Chatfleld. 



Andrew Russell Cass. Julius Elliott Miner. 

Simon Peter Starritt. 


Samuel Addison Rank. Clark Stewart. 


— Helen Mar Ely. 


Henry Clay Leonard. Samuel Addison Rank. 

Clark Stewart. 



John Sinclair Clark. William Edwin Leonard. 

John Corrin Hutchinson. John Aiken Sweat. 


— Martha Appleton Butler. Eugene Alvin Hendrickson. 

Robert Henry Crafts. William Herod Locke. 

■Lewis Singer Gillette. 


Lewis Singer Gillette. Eugene Alvin Hendrickson. 

Charles Edward Thayer. 



Graham Cox Campbell. Stephen Mahoney. 

Joel Nathaniel Childs. John Waldo Perkins. 

Ebenezer Abraham Currie. Charles Wilbur Savidge. 

Frank Eustis. Albert McClure Wells. 

Fred Eustis. 


Albert Preston Hendrickson. John Charles Kassube. 
Edwin Burnham Pribble. 


— Matilda Jane Campbell. — Viola Fuller. 

—Charlotte Adelaide Rollit. 


Walter Stone Pardee. 



Julian Clarence Bryant. Evan Roland Pritchard. 

John Hamilton Lewis. Daniel Williams. 

Thomas Rogers Newton. 


University of Minnesota 


Fred Leslie Couillard. — Mary Warwick Robinson. 

— Nettie Getctiell. Harvey Jay Smith. 

Judson Torrey Howell. Myron De Vere Taylor. 

Henry Clay Leonard. William John Warren. 


— Mary Anna Maes. George Albert Wood. 


Charles Spencer Bushnell. 


John Franklin Collom. Robert William Rhames. 

— Etta Medora Elliot. Chelsea Joseph Rockwood. 

John Finley Goodnow. George Burt Thompson. 

Frank Smith McKean. Willis Mason West. 


Walter Scott Barret. Addison Gagej Jr. 

Fred Capin Bowman. Allen Jay Greer. 

— Catherine Amelia Burns. — Laura Alberta Linton. 

Timothy Edward Byrnes. George Henry Partridge. 

— Evelyn May Champlin. — Etta Thompson. 


William Lincoln Bassett. — Marion Hooker Roe. 

Alvin Hildreth. — Caroline Rollit. 

William Winchester Keysor. — Martha Isabel West. 


William Sanborn Dawley. Pierce Power Furber. 



— Cora Inez Brown. Albert William Rankin. 

James Francis Bryant. William Wadsworth Williams. 


Frederic Gerald Berry. Alva Lucius Roe. 

Horace Burnham Greeley. Gilman Walter Smith. 

Clarence Luther Herrick. Harvey Page Smith. 

Robert Peter Andrew Nix. — Lillian Sanborn Todd. 
— Minnie Aurora Reynolds. 


Andrew Holt. — Elizabeth Augusta House. 

Joseph Elisha Horton. — Bessie Sumner Lawrence. 


Graham Cox Campbell, Rev. 


George Briggs Alton. — Emily Louise Hough. 

Samuel Gilmore Anderson. Charles Edward Kent. 

Otway Wilkinson Baldwin. William I^eslie King. 

William Cullen Bryant. Quintin John Rowley. 

Herbert Oscar Chowen. Fred Beal Snyder. 


Fred Leslie Bardwell. David Albert Locke. 

Herbert John Broughton. Samuel Allen Locke. 

— Diana Burns. — Sarah Ellen Palmer. 

George Sutherland Grimes. William Ilines Savidge. 

James Jennison. — Lilla Ruth Williams. 


Harlow Horace Bonniwell. William Edmund Harrington. 

— Margaret Agnes Campbell. — Emma Ernestine Maes. 

— Lettie May Crafts. Bradley Phillips, Jr. 
— Emma Elizabeth Grimes. 


Willis Mason West. 

Alumni Record 


James Bennet Gowld. Frank Nichols Leavens. 

Frank Healy. Alexander Hamilton Nunn. 

Andrew Franklin Hillyer. Eli Milton Skifif Pickett. 

— Carrie Warner Holt. Charles Myron Webster. 

— Lydia Rossiter Holt. Jesse Craig Wilson. 
— Frances Ada Knox. 


George Joseph Backus. Henry Francis Nachtrieb. 

William WyckofE Clark. Rasselas Hamlin Prosser. 

— Alice Elizabeth Demmon. Herbert Paine Shumway. 

— Carrie Delania Fletcher, Edward Duffleld Neill Whitney. 
William Beans Linton. 


— Agnes Virginia Bonniwell. — Mary Nancy Hughes. 

— Grace Webster Curtis. Richard Hartwell Johnson. 

Arthur Edwin Dickerman. — Louie Lillian Kilbourn. 

— Emma Laura Hendrickson. — Emily Dana McMillan. 

— Mary Louise Henry. — Ada Eva Pillsbury. 

— Mary Eliza Holt. Harry Amy Strong. 


Robert Henry Crafts. 


William Johnson Barrett. 


Edward Payson Baldwin, Joseph Henry Locke, 

William Eastman Fay. — Helen Louise Pierce. 

Edson Starr Gaylord. — Martha Alma Sheldon. 

David Percy Jones. Sumner Lincoln Trussell. 


Robert Mowry Bell. George Nelson Salisbury. 

Frederic Henry Clarke. Charles Frederic Sidener. 

— Louise Elma Hollister. — Emma Jane Ware. 
Edward Corydon Jones. 


Samuel Doak Catherwood. — Anna Calista Marston. 

— Annie Harriet Jefferson, — Janet Nunn, 

— Kate Louise Kennedy. — Emma Frances Trussell, 
— Sarah Pierrepont McNair. 


William George Peters. Louis Orville Smith.. 


John Henry Barr. 



Elmer Ellsworth Adams, Anthony Johnson. 

Patrick^Joseph Butler, Eli Larson. 

Oscar "Firkins. — Hannah Robie Sewell. 

Joseph Henry Capper Hutchin Susan Winifred Sewall. 

son. Zenas Newton Vaughn. 


Nathan Morton Baker, Jr. James Eugene Manchester. 

Jeremiah Ignatius Donahue. Henry Hastings Sibley Rowell. 

George Lorenzo Hendrickson. Charles Christian Schmidt. 

George Horace Klepper. — Emma Zwinggi. 
— Bessie Laythe. 


— Anna Helen Bonfoy. — Belle Marion Bradford, 

— Adalyna Kingsbury. 


William Ricketson Hoag. George John Loy. 

Irving Webber Matthews. 


University of Minnesota 


James Kid Simpson. Hugo Speier. 



— Mary Lathrop Benton. Samuel Solfest Langlacd.. 

Charles William Moulton. 


James Gray. Curtis Langdon Greenwood. 

Cassius Marcius Locke. 


Howard Strickland Abbott. — Mary Eliza Irving. 

Albert Melancthon Baldwin. — Ida Victoria Mann. 
— Bertha Minnie Brown. — Mabel Lorrain Smith. 


Charles Luther Herrick. 


Elbert Elsworth Bushnell. 


Patrick Thomas Fitzgerald. Albert Irving Reed. 


Thomas Ezekiel Trussell. 


Karl Henry E. Castle. William Byther Pineo. 



John William Adams. — Ida Victoria Mann. 

Henry James Grannis. — Elizabeth Quincy Sewall. 

James Charles Elliott King. William Franklin Websier. 


John William Bennett. Frank Amos Johnson. 

Fremont Crane. Joseph Kennedy. 

— Mary Whitmore Elwell. - — Lillian Lincoln Ware. 


— Jennie May Amy. — Maud Julia Lyall. 

Leo Melville Crafts. — Josephine Florence Mjiirs. 

— Ada May Kiehle. — Mary Alden Powell. 


Charles Comstock Woodmansee. 


William C. E. VanDamm. A. W. Brunnelle . 

James J. O'Reilley. 



Henry Webb Brewster. Millard Everett Ilinshaw. 

Joshua Ethan Gilman. Ralph Murdoch McKenzie. 

Albert Burt Gould. Joseph Henry Rosselot. 
George Henry Hammond. 


Franklin Ilarley Bassett. Jesse Doddridge Hinshaw. 

Norton Murdoch Cross. Lowell Andrew Lamoreau.x. 

Thomas Henry Croswell. Milton Sprague Lamoreaux. 

Adelbert Orsman Dinsmoor. i:dwin Arthur McKinnoy. 

Christopher Graham. William Patton Millikcn. 

John Blackstock llawley. Ingerval M. Olsen. 


George Edwin Burnell. — Maiy Isadore SmiC.i. 

Elwood Allen Emery. Edward Winterer. 

Everson Ryder McKinney. 


George Hriggs Alton. 


Fremont Crane. 


George Cutler Andrews. 

Alumni Record 


Jeremiah Ignatius Donohue. 


— Catherine Amelia Burns. E. F. Coynghame. 



Percival Ramsey Benson. Francis Newton Stacy. 

Albert Ernest Fillmore. Helmus Wells Thompson. 

Albert Graber. William Dodsworth Willard. 


Bruno Bierbauer. Arthur Teall Mann. 

— Edna Cook. Sumner Warren Matteson, Jr. 

Albert Ames Finch. Melville Emerson Reed. 

Ulysses Sherman Grant. Warren Cogswell Rowell. 

Walter Benjamin Holmes. Dow Samuel Smith. 

Elwin Bird Johnson. John Lucius Torrens. 


— Alice Anna Adams. — Susan Hawley Olmstead. 

— Lucy Lloyd Baker. — Sadie Belle Pillsbury. 

— Mary Lizzie Blanchard. — Olivia Canby Porter. 

— Ina Firkins. — Anna Shillock. 

Severt Germo. Johannes Jens Skordalsvold. 

• — Florence Ellen Gideon. Charles Thompson. 

Fred Ezra Hobbs. — Ima Caroline Winchell. 


John Henry Barr. 


Charles Burke Elliott. 


Christian Anderson. 


Eric Haldorson Loe. John Morris. 


William Ricketson Hoag. 


William Whittelsey Cheney. — Margaret Louisa Sewall. 

John Culbert Faries. ' — Lydia Kathrina Strohmeier. 

Arthur Eugene Giddings. Oscar Lovell Triggs. 
William Baker Ladue. 


Frank Shei'man Abernethy. Alfi-ed Lind. 

Earle Jay Babcock. George Henry Meacham. 

— Gratia Alta Countryman. Alonzo Draper Meeds. 

John Paul Goode. — Ada Emily Smith. 

Frank Dumars Jones. Walter Lincoln Stockv/ell. 


Kendric Charles Babcock. — Jessie McMillan. 

— Rebecca Virginia Baker. Robert Leslie Mofifett. 

Gustave O. Brohough. — Maud Thompson. 

— Mattie Laura Elwell. — Helen Edith Waters. 

Henry Johnson. 


William Aaron Hadley. 


Clarence Stanley Coe. 


James Manahan. Frank John Smith. 

Charles Sumner Whiting. 


The College of Medicine and Surgery. — IG. 
John Allen Bernard. Charles Elvin Dutton. 

Ralph Rollin Chase. Edward Anton Edholm. 

Guy Philander Corwin. William Henry Hanscom. 

Nils Gustaf Dahlstedt. Knute Andrias Kjos. 

'6 University of Minnesota 

Ole Edvard Linjer. John South, Jr. 

William Francis McCarthy. Edwin Darwin Steel. 

George W. Phillips. Frank Adolphus Watkins. 

Johan Andrew Regner. Ulysses Grant Williams. 

The College of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. — 4. 

Wallace E. Belt. Fred Wilbur Urie. 

— Benedicta Lager Carlson. Edward Weldon Young. 


Gainsford Ridgeway. 



- — Hattle Louise Andrew^. Gustave Axel Petri. 

Christian H. Christlanson. Joseph Brown Pike. 

Charles Thompson Conger. Milton Rex. 

— Lana Mariah Countryman. Nathaniel Seymour Thomas. 

Harrison Earl Fryberger. Frederick Cogswell Waite. 
Lewis Henry Kennedy. 


Henry Patterson Baily. Harry Martin Kennedy. 

William Artemus Beach. Patrick Kennedy. 

Frank Joseph Brabec. Burt Frank Lum. 

Peter Christiansen. — Louise Montgomery. 

Henry Cotton. Herbert Gilman Richardson. 

Frank Edward Covell. Oscar Kelsey Richardson. 

Rollin Edward Cutts. Albert Woodward Shaw. 

W^arren Maynard Dodge. Edward Martin Spaulding. 

James Colfax Grant. Max West. 

Otis Carsley Gross. Ole Knute Wilson. 

Charles William Jackson. Walter Edwin Winslow. 


— Antoinette Judson Abernethy. — Edith Viola Phillips. 

Victor Selden Clark. William Henry A. Rutherford. 

— Sarah Catherine Comfort. Siver Serumgard. 

— Flora Joy Frost. Charles Lyesring Sommers. 

— Mary Mills. — Mary Louise Weber. 
— Jessie May Nicol. 


— Matilda Jane Wilkin. 


John Lucius Burt. John Turner Higgins. 

Wilbur Wainright Dann. William Hausmer Hoyt. 

Fred Hayward Gilman. William Carpenter Smith. 

Williston Wirt Greenwood. Birney Elias Trask. 
Jobn Foot Hayden. 


Martin Hughes Gerry, Jr. Thorwald Eid Nllson. 

Herbert M. Woodward. 


Joseph Boyd Allen. James Ellsworth Gyde. 

Michael Anderson Brattland. Alfred James Harris. 

Bertrand A. Avery. Charles August Holt. 

Winfield W. Bardwell. John C. Judge. 

John William Best. Robert S. Kolliner. 

Charles E. Bond. John Andrew Larlmore. 
James Montgomery Burllngame.Ezra Edward McCrea. 

Jr. nenry Stowell Mead. 

Johnston Campbell. Charles J. Monson. 

John William Conlow. John Peter Nelson. 

Frank Thomas Corriston. Robert Boyd Nutting. 

Daniel Lincoln Dawley. James Paige. 

Horace Danforth Dickinson. Ralph James Parker. 

George Perkins Douglass. Samuel Cleland Polley. 

Simpson Ferree. Charles Edward Purdy. 

John Thomas Getty. John Rustgard. 

Bdgerton Ferguson Gummer. Charles Melancthon Schaeflfer. 

Alumni Record 

Jacob Daniel Smeltzer. William Robert Triggs. 

Albert J. Smith. James Henry Waters. 

Harry Davis Stocker. Edward Winterer. 
Charles Fielding Stone. 


The College of Medicine and Surgery. — 15 
Frank Wilson Dean. Dennis Franis O'Connor. 

Rollo C. Dugan, Timothy O'Connor. 

Corydon Lovine Ford. Alfred Miller Ridgway. 

Frederick Erasmus Franchere. Abram Siemens. 
Charles Lyman Green. Andrew Soderlind. 

John Louis Hennemuth. Joab Stowell, Jr. 

Charles Henry Jones. Charles Osborne Wright. 

John Lyng. 

The College of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. — 2. 
Fred Augustus Carrel. Arthur Eugene White. 


Clinton Smith Deitz. Charles Alonzo Van Duzee. 

William Herbert Dunn. Franklin Randolph Wright. 

Arthur Ellsworth Peck. — Edith Hew Ett White. 



— May Bestor. John Ernest Merrill. 

Alden Joseph Blethen, Jr. Henry Stephen Morris. 

Charles William Bray. Milton Dwight Purdy. 

— Nora Frye. Theodore Geraldo Soares. 

Charles Elise Guthrie. Thompson Welliver Stout. 

Asa John Hammond. Curtiss Sweigle. 

William Augustus Jackson. Albert Martin Webster. 
Harlan Edward Leach. 


Sigurd Johnson Boyum. Christian Peterson Lommen. 

Charles Lincoln Chase. — Frances Montgomery. 

Albert Arthur Dodge — Margaret Belle Morin. 

Edward Brown Gardiner. Ernest Arthur Nickerson. 

— Dora May Guthrie. George Arthur Smith. 

Frank Hanft. Albert Wallace Stacy. 
Theodore McFarlane Knappen. 


— Martha Virginia Ankeny. Joseph Oscar Jorgens. 

— Rose Ann Bebb. ■ — Mary Emma Kemp. 

— Grace Chapman. — Lillie May Martin. 

Benjamin Philip Chappie. Homer Francis Peirson. 

Arthur Bliss Church. Fred William Sardeson. 

— George Archibald Clark. Edgar Daniel Sias. 

— Myrtle Connor. Victor Alonzo Stearns. 

— Nellie Malura Cross. Byron Harvey Timberlake. 
William Webb Harmon. 


Joseph Brown Pike. 


Walter Abram Chowen. Fred Maynard Mann 

Fred Luke Douglass. 


Baxter Martin Aslakson. 


George Philip Huhn. Martin Hughes Gerry, 


Edward Charles Bauman. John Martin Casey. 

George Wilbur Bestor. Martin Bradner Davidson. 

William Compton Brown. James Dennis Denegre. 

Ripley Bernard Brower. Gilbert Greene Dickerman. 

William Harrison Carey. Douglas Andrews Fiske. 
Linwood Christopher Carlton. John Patrick Galbraith. 

Greely F. Carr. Harry Gilbert Gearhart. 


University of Minnesota 

Edwin Forbes Glenn. 
Eugene Harland Godfrey. 
Charles Ernest Goodsell. 
Charles Devereaux Gould. 
James Edwin Gray. 
Lawrence Gregerson. 
Charles Nathaniel Hamblin. 

Andrew Olson Ofsthum. 
Martin E. Remmen. 
Horace Randall Robinson. 
Arthur R. Rogers. 
Edward Wesley Ross. 
George Howard Selover. 
Siver Serumgard. 

George William Wallace Harden.Fred Pearson Smith 

John ^ Hopp 
Alva Hunt. 

Bjarne Eric Ingwaldson. 
William Augustus Krause. 
John Lindsay. 
Frederick Francis Lindsey. 
George Wilber Markham. 
William Judson Mayer. 
Theodore Megaarden. 
Albert Randall Moore. 


The College of Medicine and Surgery. — 19. 

William Snell. 
John Sheppard Stone. 
Thomas Snowden Tompkins.^ 
Ole John Vaule. 
John Arvid Walgren. 
Francis Lincoln Ware. 
Thomas Joseph Wheeler. 
Henry George Wyvell. 
George Ellsworth Young. 

Clarence Jennings Miner. 
Carl John Ringnell. 
John Thomas Rogers. 
Prosper Ernest Sheppard. 
— Martha Jane Smith. 
Allan Blanchard Stewart. 
Charles Alexander Van Slyke, 
Hugo Evans Wangelin. 
James Bartholomew White. 

August Anderson. 
Peter Halstensen Bakke. 
Ole Kittleson Bergan. 
Fred John Bohland. 
— Harriet Beecher Conant 
Julius C. Gilbertson. 
Thomas C. Gibbs. 
Julian Adolph Heilscher. 
Andrew E. Johnson. 
Alfred Lind. 

The College of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. — 
Warren Wesley Drought. Alfonso Adelbert Roberts. 

Ellsworth Emerson King. Leon Adelbert Wait. 


Henry Towne Breck. Louis Wesley Meckstroth. 

— Ella Z. Chandler. Edwin George Riddell. 

Fred Augustus Lenox. Frank Chisholm Todd. 

Edgar Henry Marshall. 

1 S02. 


— Clara Edith Bailey. 
James Everett Bradford. 
Benjamin Franklin Clarke. 
Rupert Carthalo Dewey. 
Frank Herman Dittenhoefer 
— Esther Friedlander. 
John Wesley Graves. 
— Anna Loraine Guthrie. 

Gottfrid Emanuel Hult. 
George Lenfesty Keefer. 
William Connor Leary. 
Andrew Nelson. 
James Edward O'Brien. 
Arthur Ranum. 
Carlton Wilbert Smith. 
— Stella Burger Stearns. 


George Kimball Belden. 
Charles Peter Berkey. 
Rista Nimmons Best. 
John Grosvenor Cross. 
Otto Knute Olof Folin. 
George Douglas Head. 
Fred Leopold Holtz. 
Elon Obed Huntington. 
Bradford Coryelle Hurd. 
Paul Emerson Kenyon. 


— Clara Frances Baldwin. Arthur Hugo Elftman. 

Charles Loran Chappie. John Frederick Farmer. 

— Mary Moulton Chei^ey. Charles Sumner Halo. 

Arthur Eugene CoveM. — Elizabeth Helen Malhes. 

John Albin Dahl. — Minnie Agnes Rexford. 

Evertt Buell Kirk. 
Edwin James Krafft. 
— Sarah Bird Lucy. 
James Edward Madisran. 
Lyman Love Pierce, 
(ieorge Gushing Sikes. 
George Tunell. 
Anthony Zeleny. 
John Zeleny. 

Alumni Record 

— Louise Florence Robinson. — Eveline Van Winkl^* Sammis. 
— ^Mrs. Effle Ames RocMord. — Helen Huntington Tombs. 
— Florence Julia Rose. — Madeleine Wallin. 


Theodoro Geraldo Soares. 


Fred William Sardeson. 


Henry Webb Brewster. 


John Jay Hankenson. Elvin Lydiard Higgins. 


Ralph Potter Felton. James Herbert Gill. 


Edward Paris Burch. William Irving Gray. 

William Henry Burtis. Monroe Sherman Howard. 


Leo Goodkind. George Taylor Plowman. 


Stillson Josiah Beardslee. 
William Bennett Bebb. 
Charles Stuart Benson. 
Lester Howard Bentley. 
Eugene Nimmons Best. 
Sumner Bookwalter. 
■Charles Edward Boughton. 
John Brown. 
Walter Reynolds Brown. 
Stiles Wilton Burr. 
William Francis Campbell. 
Orrin Monroe Corwin. 
John Frithiof Dahl. 
Joseph Doerfler, Jr. 
William Gilbert Drowley. 
George Sanford Eddy. 
Calvm Albert Fleming. 
Jean A. Flittie. 
€harles Rollin Fowler. 
Harrison Earl Fryberger. 
Herschell Borroughs Fryberger. 
Robert Gallagher. 
Arthur Eugene Giddings. 
Oluf Gjerset. 
John Dean Goss. 
Joseph Henry Handlan. 
James Lawrence Helm. 
Andrew Lewis Himle. 

Fred Ezra Hobbs. 
Alfred John Holmes 
Edmond B. Kinney. 
Burt Frank Lum. 
Livingston A. Lydiard. 
Andrew Francis McCormick. 
Lane McGregor. 
John Francis McLean. 
Elvero Lewis McMillan. 
Harry Hopkins Merrick. 
Harry Moore. 

Leonard J. Mossness. ^ 
Frank Pleasant Nantz. 
Porter Joseph Nefif. 
George Oakes. 
Munroe Horace Palmer. 
Henry Peterson. 

William Henry Harrison Pilgram. 

Milton Dwight Purdy. 

William Edwin Rheutan. 

Herbert Gilman Richardson. 

Volney G. Riefsnider. 

Curtiss Sweigle. 

I'eter Grinde Swenson. 

Carl Taylor. 

Charles Thompson. 

John Stewart Wangsness. 

Ole Knute Wilson. 

John Henry Hintermeister. 


George W. Ackard. Charles Nathaniel Hamlin. 

James Dennis Denegre. Albert Randall Moore. 

John Patrick Galbraith. 


CoUerje of Medicine and Surgery. — 28. 
Christopher August Anderson. Carl Abraham Fjelstad. 

Peter Andreas Aurnes. 
Peter Bakke. 

Arthur Edwin Benjamin. 
<Jeorge Alexander Binder. 
Gustave Arthur Chilgren. 
Harry Lee Darms. 
James Davidson. 
Emil Alexius Edlen. 
Joseph L. Edsall. 
John Gustaf Erickson. 

Eric Olonzo Giere. 
Ferdinand Hilbert. 
Eiliv Janson. 
Ivar Janson. 

Samuel Markel Kirkwood. 
Nelson Howard Marshall. 
Martin Lewis Mayland. 
Frederick Voss Mohn. 
George Wilber Moore. 
William Philip Rothwell. 


University of Minnesota 

George Easton Senkllfei. Anders Albert Westeen. 

William Sidney Smith. Osten Kristenson Winberg. 

Frank Chisholm Todd. Henry Edward Wunder. 

College of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. — 4. 
Charles McHenry Cooper. — Alma Endora Morrison. 

— Mary Alice Glidden Dight. Robert Ralph Rasmussen. 


Frank Wilson Force. James William Paul. 

Miland Austin Knapp. Thomas Falvy Williams. 



William Angus. 

John Edward Borncamp. 

Clarence Roy Empy. 

Charles Wesley Ferree. 

Nils Flaten. 

Harry Oliver Hannum. 

Heber Lindon Hartley. 

Nels Jenson. 

Albert Cornelius Knudson. 
Constant Larson. 
Ricliard Olaus Lunke. 
Freedom Chester Massey. 
George Flumer Merrill. 

— Elizabeth Alma Peters. 
George Peterson. 
James Erastus Phillips. 
— Franc Murry Potter. 
John Walker Powell. 
Albert Fuller Pratt. 
— Grace Melita Rhoades. 
William Arthur Selover. 
John Olaf Sethre. 
George Franklin Stack. 
Edward David Walker. 
Thomas Freeman Wallace. 
Charles Elon Young. 



— Mabel Fletcher Austin. 
— Mary Elizabeth Bassett. 
— Anna Naphtalia Berg. 
Andrew Mikkelson Berseth. 
— Sadie L. Bonwell. 
Hubert Charles Carel. 
Russell Heywood Folwell. 
William Dodge Frost. 
—Gertrude Ethel Gibbs. 
Anthony Grotte. 
Roland Bruce Hahn. 


— Ada Edith Adams. 
— Emma Frances Allen. 
— Gertrude Grosvenor Bell. 
Albert Thornton Birdsall. 
— Maude Comfort Colgrove. 
— Mabel Augusta Colter. 
— Martha May Cooley. 
— Helene Alice Dresser. 

Arthur Elon Huntington. 
George Lincoln Huntington. 
— Clara N. Kellogg. 
Eugene Lester Patterson. 
Franklin Theodore Poehler. 
Robert Walter Scherer. 
Sigurdur Sigvaldson. 
— Mary Comstock Smith. 
Benjamin Chandler Taylor. 
— Louise Grace Walther. 

— Lelia Pamelia Johnson. 
— Mary Hoi ley Lougee. 
— Josephine McCoy. 
■ — Louise McCoy. 
— Jessie Clifford McGregor. 
— Saidee McGregor. 
— Maren Bastine Hals Michelet 
— Minnie Arabella Perkins. 

-Jessie Helen Campbell Elwell. Percy Pritchard Salisbury. 

— Mary Louise Folsom. 
—Lillian Fuller. 
Knut Gjerset. 
— Emily Ruth Harris. 

— Esther Friedlander. 
Gottfrid Emanuel Hult. 

— Jessie Paine Smith. 
George Hancock Spear. 
— Lillian Josepha Sterrett. 
Harry Edgar White. 


Andrew Nelson. 
Oscar Lovell Triggs. 


Charles Peter Berkey. Charles Christian Schmidt. 

-Arthur Hugo Elftman. Anthony Zeleny. 


William Henry A. Rutherford. 


John S. Crombie. Peter M. Mag^usson. 


Ole John Anderson. Hiram Patrick Hoyt. 

Frank Leslie Batohelder. Fred Maynard Mann. 

John William Erf. 

Alumni Record 



Henry Brinckerhoff Avery. George B. Couper. 


Arthur William Chase. George Hart Morse. 

William Harry Dewey Frank Erven Reidhead. 

John DeMott Guthrie. Frank Wesley Springer. 


Delos Cuyler Washburn. 


Edward Mott Angell. 
James Frederick Austen. 
Fred Herlbert Ayers. 
Henry Patterson Baily. 
Frederick William Barton. 
Angus Gladwyn Braden. 
Gustave O. Brohough. 
George Wood Bufllngton. 
Hans Bugge. 

Bernard Chauncey Carroll. 
Frank Halleck Castner. 
Zina Revillo Cheney. 
Henry Conlin. 
Clayton Raretus Cooley. 
Frank Edward Covell. 
Norman Crocker. 
John Albion Dahl 
Harry Rose Banner. 
Frank D. Davis. 
Charles S. Dever. 
George Francis Dullam. 
Soloman H. Eckman. 
Albert Edward Edwards. 
John Edward Eggers. 
Charles John Erickson. 
Frederick Lincoln Farley. 
Arthur Pierce Flynn. 
Matthew Gallagher. 
George Gregory. 
John Gruenberg. 
John Hanchett. 
Edward Welles Hawley. 
John Albert Hendricks. 
Arthur Minot Higgins. 
William Oren Hillman. 
Frank Alfred Hutson. 
Alexander Ingraham. 
Samuel G. Iverson. 
Joseph Ausgar Jackson. 
William Augustus Jackson. 
John Dominicus Kelley. 
Moses Dibble Kenyon. 
Frank Marion Lamp. 

Samuel Blair McBeath. 
— Marie Antoinette McDermott... 
Thomas James McBlligott. 
William Thomas McMurran. 
Frederick Adolph Mathwig. 
— Flora Eliza Matteson. 
Peter Paul Maurin. 
Andrew IJnius Mayland. 
Philip Tollef Megaarden. 
Huntington Wolcott Merchant. 
Frank Eli Merrihew. 
Martin Edward Miley. 
Nels T. Moen. 
Arthur Henry Mohler. 
Samuel Benjamin Morrison. 
— Nora L. Morton. 
Franklin William Murphy. 
Patrick Joseph Murphy. 
William L. Mussell. 
George Theodore Olsen. 
Carl Fred Ernest Peterson., 
Gustave Axel Petri. 
William Littell Pierce. 
Charles Edward Putnam. 
Richard Austin Randall. 
Adam Roesel. 
William E. Rowe. 
Henry Clay Salisbury. 
Albert Woodward Shaw. 
Richard Nicholas Sheehy. 
James Shields. 
George Ross Smith. 
Albert Wallace Stacy. 
William John Stevenson. 
John Egbert Sutherland. 
John Cochrane Sweet. 
Richard Tattersfield. 
Adelbert Roland Taylor. 
Edward Wesley Taylor. 
Albert DeForest Tyler. 
Robert W. Webb. 
Clarence Albert Webber, 
Arthur Manley Wickwire. 

Herbert Servetus Laughlin. 


William Bennett Bebb. John Welton See. 

Charles Stuart Benson. Carl Taylor. 

Stiles W Burr. James Paige. 

Louis Prince Chute. 


College of Medicine and Surgery. — 37. 
Rollin Theodore Adams. Edward Augustus Borchardt. 

Herbert Baber Aitkins. Frank Joseph Brabec. 

• — Marie Louise Aubin. Rollin Edward Cutts. 

Edwin Josiah Batchelder. Gustaf William Dahlquist. 

John Charles Boehm. Warren Maynard Dodge. 


University of Minnesota 

Cyrus Bowers Eby. 
John Robert Eby. 
Thrond Swen Egge. 
Charles Andrew Erdman. 
Corydon Farrand. 
Gustaf Jens Finstad. 
— Lou Maria Garber. 
Andrew Jackson Gilkinson. 
William Glenn. 
George Delaney Haggard. 
Hans Frederick Waldermar IT 

rierre Alphonse Hilbert. 
Adolph Hirschfleld. 

College of Homcopa 
William Artemus Beach. 
John Hedlund. 
James Franklin Kleine. 
Oscar Kelsey Richardson. 


— Caroline Augusta Edgar. 
Edward Haas. 
— Mary Victorine Hartzell. 
Thomas Bradford Hartzell. 
Eugene Pollock Holmes. 
William Frederick Jewett. 
George Emery Means. 

Halvor Holte. 

Seth Evelyn Howard. 

Charles Milton Kistler. 

John Coenrad Theodore Koch. 

Anders David Larson. 

John Joseph McKinnon. 

Louis Wesley Meckstrom. 

Johannes Knudson Moen. 

Henry S. Nelson. 

Henry William Reiter. 
cnd-Fdward Whipple Spottswood. 

Ernest Leonard Stephan. 

Falk Tennyson. 

Byron F. Van Valkenburg. 
tliic Medicine and Surgery. — 8. 

Wade Winfleld Smith. 

Stephen Howard Spurr. 

— Edna Amanda Stephens. 

— -Mrs. Esther Hayes Young. 


George Silas Monson. 
Arthur Oscar Store. 
Henry Hurlburt Taylor. 
Oscar Albert Weiss. 
Frank Noble Whittaker. 
George W^ood Wood. 




Frank Maloy Anderson. 
John Gallup Briggs, Jr. 
Alton Morrill Gates. 
John Harry Dewart. 
Carl de Forris Greenwood. 
Frederick Andrews Kiehle. 
Augustus Theodore Larson. 
Frank Wesley Leavitt. 
— Bertha Laura McMillan. 

Harrison Burke Martin. 
Albert Edward May. 
Samuel Savil Paquin. 
— Roberta Pratt. 
Jesse Van Valkenburg. 
Clarence Leroy Whitman. 
Archie Elton Williams. 
— Ella Theoline W^right. 


Alexander Pierce Anderson. 
Caswell Aden Ballard. 
Frank Hadwen Barney. 
George Neander Bauer. 
Edgar Charles Bisbee 
— Mary Grace Bradford. 
— Georgia Annie Burgess. 
Walter M. Carver. 
Theodore Clark. 
William Tan tall Coe. 
— Marion Jean Craig. 
John Augustus Crecelius. 
— Catherine Jewell Everts. 
— Hattie Evelyn Fleming. 
— Emma Catherine Freeman. 
Frank Evard Green. 
Everhart Percy Harding. 

Robert Lyon Jackson. 
— Clara Kezia Leavitt. 
Jennings Crawford Litzenburg. 
Lewis Percy Lord. 
— Hope McDonald. 
— Blanche Alma Mace. 
Frank Melville Manson. 
Malvern Hill Manuel. 
William Cyrus Muir. 
Charles Sumner Pattee. 
— Edith Anstis Robbins. 
Thomas A. Rockwell. 
Edmund I*erry Sheldon. 
Reuben Spencer Shepherd. 
Fred Paul Strathern. 
Francis Bertody Sumner. 
Charles Henry Topping. 
Thomas Carl Wollan. 

Henry Bert Hovland 


Charles Martin Andrist. — Agnese Paula Byrnes. 

Horace Easton Bagley. — Eugenia Louise Cole. 

William Allen Barto. Charles S. Dever. 

— Lulu Marilla Bates. — I^aura Elizabeth FrankiMifield 

— Tnga Beebe. — Ruth Abigail Huntoon. 

— Jessie Allen Bradford. — Alice Clarissa Pabodie. 

— Clara Thornton Burnes. Walter Charles Poehler. 

Alumni Record 


Mary Gertrude Steele. 
Una Isabel Zimmerman. 

— Alice Lee Shepard. 
William Adair Simonton. 
E. Fay Smith. 


— Hattie Louise Andrews. — Mrs. Jane Bliss Potter. 

— Elizabeth Alma Peters. John Olaf Sethre. 


William Dodge Frost. Albert Schneider. 


John Ernest Merrill. John A. Sanford. 


Andrew Oswald Cunningham. Noah Johnson. 

James B. Oilman. William Charles Weeks. 


George Eben Bray. 


Charles Henry Chalmers. 


Peter Christianson. Henry Cleveland Cutler 


Birney Elias Trask 


James Herbert Gill. 


Torger A. Hoverstad. 


Charles S. Albert. 
William Martin Anderson. 
Arthur T. Adams. 
Edward Strong Avery. 
Fitzhugh Burns. 
Andrew M. Berseth. 
James Everett Bradford. 
William Jasper Brown. 
Edmund Burke. 
Walter James Burke. 
James Allen Carley. 
Robert Kenneth Carnes. 
Brisco Baldwin Clark. 
Homer Pierce Clark. 
Lee Augustus Combs. 
— Edith M. Conant. 
Louis Exley Covell. 
Herbert Horatio Crossett. 
Olaus K. Dahle. 
Alfred Bernal Davis. 
Henry Deutsch. 
William F. Dickinson. 
Frank Herman Dittenhoefer. 
Francis Xavier Dolenty. 
John G. Dresen. 
Charles Myron Drew. 
Edwin Clarence Drew. 
Robert Ernest Esterly, 
Don Phelps Fridley. 
George F. Gage. 
William H. Gardner. 
Hugh Philander Gaston. 
Christian M. Gislason. 
Harry Erastus Glover. 
Edwin Clinton Gottry. 
Francis Augustus Grady. 
Anthony Grotte. 
George Joseph Gruenberg. 
Otis E. Hammer. 

Arthur Ludwig Hermann. 

James Raymond Hickey. 

William Henry Hodgman. 

Bradford Coryelle Hurd. 

John George Hvoslef. 

Frederick Lorenzo Kellogg. 

Thomas Ervin Kepner. 

Peter Joseph Kirwln. 

John Patrick Kyle. 

Constant Larson. 

Harlan Edward Leach. 

William Connor Leary. 

Thomas Francis Loughran. 

Frederick Saxton Lyon. 
Alexander Mackel. 
James Edward Madigan. 

James Anthony Manley. 

Edward Patrick McCaffrev. 

Cornelius Dennis McCarthy. 

John James McCaughey. 

Albert Walter McMillan. 

Fred D. McMillan. 

Hugh Victor Mercer. 

George H. Morgan. 

Wilhelm George Detloflf Mueller. 

Chris W. Ney. 

Carl Gustave Odquist. 

Patrick Henry O'Keefe. 

Peter Simeon Olson. 

George Henry Otterness. 

Claude Kenrick Pettingill. 

Alfred Fiske Pillsbury. 

George Frederick Porter. 

Frederick Durkee Rice. 

Anton Julius Rockne. 

Thomas Homer Salmon. 

Walter Booth Sands. 

Arthur William Selover. 

John Alfred Smith. 


University of Minnesota 

Henry Northrup Somsen. 
Louis N. Spencer. 
Charles Howard Van Campen. 
Charles William Wagner. 
Edward David Walker. 
De Forest Ward. 
Charles Louis Weeks. 


Elijah Barton. 
Harry Ross Banner. 
Charles Daniel Geddes. 
Edward W. Hawley. 
Peter Paul Maurin. 
Samuel Blair McBeath. 
John F. McLain. 


College of Medicine and Surgery. — 38. 
Thomas Ernest Walter Villiers Walter Benjamin Holmes. 

J. Frank Wheaton. 
Frank T. White. 
Alonzo Potter Williamson. 
William Snell Wingate. 
George Morley Young. 
Samuel Zuckerman, Jr. 
Alfred Zuger. 
OF LAWS. — 13. 
Elvero Lewis McMillan. 
Phillip Tollef Megaarden. 
— Nora L. Morton. 
Carl Fred Ernest Peterson. 
Robert W. Webb. 
Clarence Albert Webber. 

Michael Theologos Arslanides. 
Knox Bacon. 
John William Bailey. 
Charles Riggs Ball. 
Richard Hudson Beek. 
Gisle Biornstad. 
George Washington Bolkcom. 
B Sydney Boleyn. 
David R. Butler. 
Henry Cotton. 
Albert Arthur Dodge. 
Leigh Hill French. 
Charles Andrew Haas. 
Marius Hanson. 
Thomas Bradford Hartzell. 
Albert Cheney Heath. 

Francis Ilstrup. 
John Egbert Jennison. 
Frank Godfrey Landeen. 
Arthur Ayer Law. 
Frederick Leavitt. 
William Philander Lee. 
Edward Stanton Muir. 
— Loretta Jane Pettit. 
William Henry Phillips: 
Charles Bertram Powell. 
George Edward Sherwood. 
Albert Madison Stebbins. 
Marcus Thrane. 
— Augusta Isabella True. 
Arthur Lorenzo Turner. 
Jorgen Gunderson Vigen. 
Franklin Randolph Wright. 

Sherman Sedgwick Hesselgrave. Yoseph David Yoseph 
John Turner Higgins. 

College of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. — 3. 
— Bertha L. Frost — Mrs. Addie Ford Gilman. 

Edwin Adams Wright. 


John Paul Handy. Alfred Owre. 

Martin Franklin Lowe. James Martin Walls. 

Frank Herman Mero. Arthur Deming Whiting. 


Miller Thompson Bolton. Thomas Wenceslaus Hovorka. 

Alfred Benjamin Hart. Bernard Otto Leubner. 

Enoch Haughseth. Arthur von Bohr. 



Herbert Henry Aspden. 
Fred Carroll Baldy. 
Alexander Woods Caldwell. 
Leroy Eaton Clark. 
Elmer L. Clifford. 
Ernest Day. 

Talmadge Robert Elwell. 
Charles Hitchcock Fowlei-. 
Fred James Gilfillan. 
William Alexander Godward. 
Godfrey Gummer Goodwin. 
George Annand Gray. 
Eugene Kibby Green. 
Arthur Llewellyn Ilelliwell. 
Carl Hubn. 

— Katherine Jackson. 
Lou Noble McWhorter. 
Andrew Unius Mayland 
Cyrus Northrop, Jr. 
Erick Anton Peterson 
David Perry Rice 
Clarence Raymond Rogers 
Lars Porsena Solsness. 
James Steenson. 
Nels T. Teigen. 
Wiliam Fuller Thwing. 
Lynn George Truesdell. 
Benjamin Samuel Wells. 
— Blanche Almeda Wright. 

Alumni Record 

Harry Winslow Allen. 
Daniel Buckley. 


William DeWitt Mitchell. 
Albert Hall Moore. 

-Mrs. Lillian Hatch Chalmers. Arthur M Murfin 

Howard Shoemaker Clark 
Roy Jay Cook. 
— Cornelia DeKay. 
— Kate Ethel Butcher. 
— Lila Wood Espy. 
— Elizabeth May Fisher. 
Harry A. Fowler. 
— Henrietta Gertrude Fox. 
Harry Morrill Guilford. 
John Edward Hodgson 
— Anna Henshaw Holbrook 
Torger Hoverstad. 
— Lydia Thedora Lagerstrom 
Wlllard Crosby Lyon. 
Clarence Benjamin Miller. 


— Isabella McHugh Austin 
— Louise Bedient. 
Julius J. Boraas. 
— Bertha Rose Bradford. 
— Mary Tuttle Brewer. 
Walter Henry Campbell. 
— Mary Maud Case. 
William Ferguson Dalrymple. 
— Agnes Elizabeth Doherty. 
— Mary Helena Doherty. 
— Rose Winifred Eaton. 
Clarence Ellithorpe. 
— Susie Felch. 
— Mary Isabel Goodsill. 
— Emma Maria Hart. 
— Helen Lyon Hayes. 
— Ada Belle Hillman. 

Carl Oscar Alexius Olson. 
— Joan Thorunn Peterson 
— Jonina Rose Peterson. 
Jesse Eliphalet Pope 
Francis Ramaley 
Charles Anthony Reed 
Edwin T. Reed. 
Soren P. Rees. 
Lewis Schwager. 
Stephen Barber Soule. 
William John Taylor. 
— Mabel Hickman Thomas 
— Josephine Elizabeth Tilden. 
MacLaughlin White 


■ — Mary Anna Hoyt. 
Edwin Martin Johnson. 
— Elizabeth Louise Koehler. 
— Margaret Lana Lawrence. 
James E McAndrew 
— Agnes Homans McCormick 
— Margaret McDonald 
— Lillian Randall Moore. 
— Minnie Frances Morse 
— Eliza Anna Perkins. 
Olaf Olson Stageberg 
— Minnie Evangeline Stone 
Robert Mitchell Thompson. 
Knute Hjalmar Tone 
Grant Van Sant 
George Collins Webb 
— Isabelle Wenona Welles; 

John Gallup Briggs, Jr. 


Arthur Dillwyn Hall. 
-Franc Muri-ay Potter. 


Alexander Pierce Anderson. Frank Melville Manson. 

Everhart Percy Harding. Reuben Spencer Shepherd. 

Henry Bert Hovland. Fred Paul Strathern. 


— Elizabeth Huntington Avery- 


John Adam Bohland. Leslie Howard Chapman 

George A. Casseday. Francis C Shenehon. 


Burchard Post Shepherd. William Magnus Tilderquist.^ 

, Albert C. Weaver. 


Fred M. Rounds. 
Frederick von Schlegell. 
Harry L. Tanner. 

George F. Adams. 
Adam Edgar Bishman. 
Horace T. Eddy. 
Robert Edgar Ford. 


Charles Dean Wilkinson. 


Harry C. Cutler. 


Emil P. Sandsten. John Thompson. 


Walter Ellsworth Alair. Charles Francis Alderson. 


University of Minnesota 

Nelson Peter Allen. 
George Holmes Appleton. 
— Lucy Lloyd Baker. 
Lee Bradley Bartholomew 
William Reynolds Begg 
Henry Nathaniel Benson. 
Andrew Arthur Benton. 
"Wilbur Palmer Blackman. 
Archie Mack Brand. 
Norton Franklin Brand. 
Bernard Burness. 
Clarence G. Carr. 
Walter N. Carroll. 
Albert Christello. 
Mark Wilson Chunn. 
Fredrick Butterfield Chute. 
Frank Hannay Cleveland. 
Montgomery L. Cormany. 
George Cudhie. 
Joel Mark Dickey. 
Alfred Cookman Dolliff. 
Fred Buregard Faber. 
William David Fanning. 
Charles Wells Farnham. 
Oscar Alexander Felt. 
Fred Warner Foot. 
Manley Lewis Fosseen. 
John Alexander Galbraith. 
Harris Wells Gardner. 

William Tliomas Kirwin. 
Tollen Frank Kirkpatrick. 
John Valentine Kranz. 
Harry Thompson Kyle. 
Horace G. Latourell. 
Henry Arthur Loughran. 
Thomas J. McDermott. 
William Edward MacDonald. 
Benjamin F. McGregor. 
Alfred Findlay Mason. 
George Coston Merrill. 
Oliver Elton Mesick. 
Simon Themstrup Michelet. 
James Edward O'Brien. 
Samuel Olson. 
George Marshall Osborne. 
Jacob W. Oyen. 
Samuel Carr Pattridge. 
Albert Fuller Pratt. 
Louis W. Prendergast. 
Walter Nichols Privet. 
Norman C. Richardson. 
Axel Hildor Roise. 
M. T. Sanders. 
Michael Shaughnessy. 
Julius Andrew Siemers. 
Luman Clendenin Simons. 
Charles Wood Somerby. 
A. Hans Southerland. 

William Henry Miller Gemmell. Walter Newton Southworth. 

Mason Willmar Spicer. 
Charles Chester Storing. 
Benjamin Chandler Taylor. 
Bernt Gilbert Tenneson. 
Benjamin Tufte. 
RolleflC Vaaler. 
Jesse VanValkenburg. 
Thomas Freeman Wallace. 
Arthur Markham Webb. 
Harry Weiss. 
Howard Wheeler. 
Henry White Williams. 
Mark Ernest Wilson. 
Albert Linus Young. 


Arthur Ludwig Hermann. 


The College of Medicine and Surgery. — 49. 

George Porter Gibson. 
Newton Lemuel Glover. 
Frank Hammond Griggs. 
Henry H. Hammer. 
Heber Lindon Hartley 
Richard Murray Hayes 
Wendell Hertig 
William Martin Higgins. 
William Jennings Holman, Jr 
Charles Constantine Hultquist 
William Franklin Hunt. 
William Parker Jewett. 
Victor Ludwig Johnson 
George Lenfestey Keefer 

Charles S. Dever 

William Arthur Angel 1. 
Carl Philip Artz. 
William de la Barre. 
— Mary Elizabeth Bassett. 
Henry A. Beaudoux. 
Edward Weston Benham. 
Charles Edward Bennett. 
Charles William Bray. 
George Elmore Campbell. 
Leonard Easton Claydon. 
Edgar William Danner. 
Walter H. Darling. 
John Coy Farmer. 
Hermann Olaus Fjelde. 
Joseph A. Gates. 
Charles Germo. 
J-udd (Joodrich. 
Frank II. Gunn. 

Charles Daniel Harrington. 
— Addle Rebecca Haverfleld. 
Milan John Hart. 
George Douglas Head. 
John Burton Hoist. 
Edward Henry Koivupalo. 
Muhlenberg Kellar Knauff. 
Ragnvald Liland. 
Andreas Pederson Lommen 
Charles William Meckstroth 
Melvin Calvin Millet. 
Gustavus Adolphus Newman. 
— Helen Brown Nuzum. 
John Vincent O'Connor. 
Gottlieb Oppliger. 
John .lay Piatt. 
— Clotilde Ladd Pretlow. 
George Ranson. 

Alumni Record 17 

Sven S. Reimestad. Paul Sorkness. 

Frank Oscar Ringnell. John Linnaeus Stephenson. 

— Marie Jean Riley. Jacob S. Tenney. 

Herbert Philander Sawyer. — Mrs. Frances Eastman Turner. 

Ralph J Sewall. Eugene Walters. 

Fred Sheppard. Thomas Ronaldson Watson. 

Halfdan Slippern. 

The College of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. — 5. 

James H. Beaty. Albert Groves Moffat 

William David Kirkpatrick — Mrs. Innes Lucetta Terwilliger 
— Margaret Koch 


Henry Crandall Babcock. Frank Spaulding Robinson. 

Frederick Emory Cobb Arthur Jay Sauer. 

William Anthony Demo. Erwin Lee Sinclair 

Herbert Bury Hurd. George Silas Todd. 

Frank Horton Kyle Frank Jacob Wagner. 

Mark Owens Nelson. Nathan Levi Watson. 


— Lucy H. Adams Blanchard. Charles Naumann McCloud. 
Richard Thomas Burke. Graham William Munch. 

Alex H. Fjeldstad. John Nelson. 

Archie Harwood Hillard. Isaac C. Olsen. 

— Alice Houlton. Ransom Franklin Pepple. 

George Washington litis. Stephen Francis Sanderson. 



William Shattuck Abernethy. Emery Elmer Lofsti-om. 

Charles Edward Adams. Frank Johnson Morley. 

Frank Leonard Anderson. Daniel Wilbur Meyers. 

Lloyd Barrick Austin. — Rose Anthony Simmons. 

Stanley Hall Bissell. Marcus Julius Simpson. 

Theodore Bratrud. — Mary Chadbourne Smith. 

— Julia Reed Breckenridge. Frederick James Sperry. 

— Mary Ellen Drew. — Grace Mabel Tennant. 
George Albert Edward Finlayson. — Frances Margaret Tillotson. 

Harry Garrity. — Alice Elinor Walker. 

Chester Nathan Gould. — Alice Catherine Webb. 

Clark Hempstead. — Hattie Eliza Welles. 

Edwin Hawley Hewitt Charles Benjamin Wingate. 

Charles Fredrick Keyes Carlton S. Yeager. 


— Elizabeth Sophia Beach. Almeron Wallace McCrea. 

John Nelson Berg. Thomas Ignatius McDermott. 

— Helen Elizabeth Blaisdell. Herman Howard Matteson. 

Harry Bayard Brooks. Asa Frank Maxwell. 

Martin William Case. Alfred David Mayo. 

Herman Haupt Chapman. ■ — Grace Hannah Miller. 

William Henry Condit. — Mildred Whittlesy Mitchell. 

John Stewart Dalrymple. . — Mary Ellen Mortenson. 

John Milton Davies. Wells John Mosher. 

Reuben Noble Day. Horatio Small Newell. 

Sidney Allan Ellis. William John Osborne. 

Peter Field. Maynard Cyrus Perkins. 

Carl Hitchcock Fowler. Victor Goodrich Piokett. 

Lee Galloway — Katharine E. Roney. 

James Woodward George Hiram Earl Ross. 

Joel Ernest Gregory — Lillian Siegler. 

Benjamin Charles Gruenberg. — Jessie Eliza Stevens. 

William David Hartman. Reuben Celius Thompson. 

— Eleanor Holtz. Peter Christian Tonning. 

— Rhodella Kirtland. Alfred Woodbridge Uhl. 

John Hoover Lewis. Charles Edkin Weatherson. 

— Jessie Long. Alexander Newton Winchell. 


J. Frederick Austen — Ella May Austin. 


Univeraity of Minnesota 

Alvin Claud Kinney. 
— Nellie Levens. 
— Marion Alice Parker. 
— Mary Long Porcher. 
— Lydia May Plummer. 
Elias Rachie. 

— Charlotte Estelle Robb. 
— Alice Greeley Robbins. 
Nils N. Ronning. 
— Blanche Seeley. 
— Elsie Blanche Smith. 
— Mrs. Abbie Minerva Trask. 
— Mary Adams VanCleve. 
— Agnes Young Woodward. 
-Alice Young 

Fred Roscoe Bartholomew. 
Arthur Hubert Beaven. 
— Frances Louise Bennett. 
— Mary Anderson Daniels 
— Mary Isabella Davidson. 
Adolpir Oscar Eliason. 
George Henry Ellingson. 
B]rnest M Farmer. 
Wesley Sherman Foster. 
Don Phelps Fridley. 
— Caroline A Fullerton. 
— Elsie Carolyn Gibbs. 
Otto Martin Haugan. 
— Mary E. Hawley. 
— Mary Allen Holland. 
— Josephene Louese Hungerford. 


Frank Maloy Anderson. Harry R. Danner. 

Louis Anderson. Nils Flaten. 

— Alice E. Andrews. John A. Sanford. 


Frank A. Eckmann. Francis Ramaley. 

John Edward Hodgson. Andrew A. Stomberg. 

Charles Hanford Kendall. 


— Ada Belle Hillman. James E, McAndrew. 

— Louise McCoy. 


Adam Carl Beyer. Cloyed Paul Jones. 

Albert Morgan . Burch. Fred Winston Long. 


Clive Hastings. Victor Hugo. 

Charles Dutton Hilferty James Sherburne Lang. 


Henry Anton Erikson. Charles Edward Magnusson. 

Herbert Merrill Wheeler. 


Thomas Mofifat Hughes. Albert E. May. 

Wallace North Tanner. 


Horace T. Eddy. 


Warren Wendell Pendeigast. 


William Angus. 
Lewis Bennet Booker. 
Frank H Borchert. 
Burton Haskell Bowler 
Joseph S. Bregstein. 
Morton Wilkinson Brewster. 
William Bailey Brewster. 
Cyrus Asaph BroeflBe. 
Clarence Zelora Brown. 
Walter Henry Campbell. 
John Michael Cannon 
Walter M. Carver. 
Renville Austin Chinnock. 
Arthur Bliss Church. 
William Tatnal Coe. 
Joseph W. Cohen. 
Thomas Craven. 
Sherman R Chamberlain. 
George Franklin Dean. 
Otis Bernard De Laurier. 
Daniel De Lury. 

Charles H. Dennison. 
Harry Lawrence Donahower. 
John R. Donahue. 
William Florence Donahue. 
Walter Augustus Eckholdt. 
.Willis Jones Eggleston. 
Elbert Harrison Estey. 
Paul A. Ewert. 
William Neil Feltus. 
Andrew J. Finnegan. 
Edward Francis Flynn. 
Clans F. Forsell. 
Luther Aai'on Foster. 
Adolph Frederlckson. 
Carl Frick 
Frank H. Gahre. 
Max Gartenlaub. 
Percy Downing Godfrey. 
George Francis Gordon. 
Zeeb Prescott GiLman. 
Martin Ernest Goetzinger. 

Alumni Record 

Charles Ezekiel Goldblum, 
Godfrey Gummer Goodwin. 
E. S. A. Green. 
John Edward Green, 
Ezra Joseph Grover. 
Charles John Gunderson. 
Theodore C. Hallenberger. 
Harry R. Hampton . 
Hugo Oscar Hanft. 
George M B. Hawley. 
Arthur Llewellyn Helliwell. 
Reuben David Hill. 
Charles Smith Hoff. 
Peter Andrews Holm. 
Hal K. Hunkins. 
Guy B. Huntington. 
Edwin James Jones. 
Daniel J. Keefe. 
Herbert P. Keller. 
Lewis Henry Kennedy. 
John Cochran King. 
Elmer Ambrose Kling. 
Augustus Theodore Larson. 
Jacob Lazarus. 
George Benjamin Leonard. 
William Gephard Loy. 
William Duncan McMillan. 
Philip Joseph Maguire. 
Robert E. A. Manley. 
Freedom Chester Massee. 
Edward William Matthews. 
James Augustine Meade. 
Frank Davidson Merchant. 

George William Meyer. 
Harvey L Mills. 


William DeWitt Mitchell. 
Peter S. Neilson. 
Adolph Theodore Nelson. 
Edmund Merton Niles. 
Daniel Austin Odele. 
Carl Oscar Alexius Olson. 
David Thomas Owens. 
Arthur Leon Parsons. 
Isaac Peterson. 
William Adam Poehler. 
Nels Quevli. 

Frank Edwin Rawlings. 
Carl Webster Reed. 
Amos D. Sardeson. 
Jacob Cornelius Sathre. 
John Frederick Schurch. 
Lewis Schwager. 
Fred Ellsworth Smith. 
George Washington Smith 
Ralph Clarence Sowle. 
Robert Butschli Stalder. 
William James Stephens. 
Charles Edington Swan. 
John Elliott Tappan 
Grant Van Sant. 
Franklin G Wasgatt 
Gustavus Adolphus Westphal 
Walter Benjamin Whitcomb. 
Robe Carl White. 
John Alexander Whitten. 
Gustave A. Will. 
Edwin Clinton Wilson. 
Samuel Bailey Wilson. 
Frederick J. Wulling. 

Sewall Dubois Andrews. 
George Holmes Appleton. 
Charles E. Bond. 
Walter N. Carroll. 
Albert Christello. 
Frederick Butterfield Chute. 
Charles Wells Farnham. 
Earl P. Hopkins, 
William Franklin Hunt. 

Thomas Ervin Kepner. 
John Valentine Kranz. 
John P. Kyle. 
William E. Macdonald. 
George C. Merrill. 
James Edward O'Brien. 
George Marshall Osborne. 
Louis W. Prendergast. 
John Cochrane Sweet. 


The College of Medicine and Surgery. 

Dan Goodwin Beebe. 
Albert Thornton Birdsall. 
Adolph Odin Bjelland. 
Harry Brown. 
M. Alpheus Burns. 
Charles Edward Caine. 
Robert Allen Campbell. 
Charles Rasmi Christenson. 
James Frank Corbett. 
John Eginton Crewe, 
Herbert Benton Crommett 
Warren Arthur Dennis 
Charles Lawrence Dohm 
Fred Arthur Drake, 
Robert Oscar Earl, 
William Marshall Edgerton. 
John Jay Fanset. 
John Geiger, 
William Albert Gerrish. 

Liston Quincy Greeley 
Charles F Heinze. 
John Snell Holbrook. 
— Helen Hughes, 
Asa Miller Johnson. 
George C. Kirk. 
Louis William Krueger. 
Ernest William McLaughlin. 
Lewis L. Mayland, 
Jacob Wells Meighen, 
James Edward Merrill. 
— Rose Marie Merrill. 
George Henry Mesker. 
Louis Allen Nelson. 
John Emil Palmquist 
John David Pitblado 
Franklin Theodore Poehler. 
Walter Reeve Ramsey. 
Christian S. Reimstad. 


University of Minnesota 

John Alois Thabes. 
Date Kimball Thyng 
Frank Stombs Wairen. 
Louis Blanchard Wilson. 

Harry Parks Ritchie. 
John Elford Soper. 
John Andrew Sorg. 
George Franklin Stack. 
Bert George Stockman. 

The College of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. — 8. 

George Goodrich Balcom. Asa John Hammond. 

James Flournoy Beck. Alva Gilbert Phelps. 

Hiram Henry Bingham. George Ferdinand Reineke. 

George Baldwin Hamlin. Louis Dwight Shipman. 


Henry Christian Beise. James Oscar Maguire. 

Winfred Garner Benjamin Charles Purnell Montgomery. 

Frank Waverly Birch. Frank Emil Moody. 

George Randsom Day. Robert Annand Munro. 

Bert Henry Eldred. Frank Mortimer Norris 

Clayton C. Herrick. William Johnson Rose. 

Raymond Daniel Kelsey. Wallace Leonard TifFt. 


Joseph Martin Arbes. 
Frank E Cady. 
James Lawrence Cahil. 
William Carlton Haney. 
Dan E. Farmer. 
John Edward Haugen 
William Hoscheid 
— Annah Hurd. 

Flavius I. Johnson. 
Theodore Lewis Larson. 
Earl McCulloch. 
John Anton Meisen. 
Mathias Moen. 
Benjamin Heber Nichols. 
Fred Horace Williams. 



Laurence Nelson Booth 
Hascal Russel Brill, Jr. 
— June Ola Clevenger. 
— Lucy Evalina Dickinson. 
George Crawford Dun lap. 
Frank Clement Faude. 
Roy Yalding Ferner. 
James Van Santvoord Fisher. 
Paul Maurice Glasoe. 
Paul Willis Guilford. 
Thomas Geisness. 
John Russel Hitchings. 
Edmund Gale Jewett. 

— Claribel Angle. 
Emmanuel Arthur Arzt 
— Helen Horace Austin. 
Axcel Conrad Baker. 
Willard Lathrop Burnap. 
— Charlotte Deming Gaboon. 
■ — Jessie F. Caplin. 
Carl Floyd Wolmer Carlson. 
Hubert Guy Childs. 
Harry Lester Dixson. 
— Susanne Thorne Donaldson. 
August Foss. 
— Nellie Harriet Grant. 
— Janet Gray. 

Deidrich August Grussendorf. 
— Etta Mabel Hagar. 
William Apsey Harding. 
George Reed Horton. 
Lawrence Eustace Horton. 
John O. Johnson. 
George Henry Johnston. 
Williaan Frederick Kun'/.e. 
William Hamilton Lawrence. 

Edward Leroy Kannary. 
T. Howard McQueary. 
Ralph William Nelson. 
Burt Leroy Newkirk. 
William Rowell Putnam. 
Charles Carter Rollit 
Linnaeus Tyndal Savage. 
Paul Gerhard Schmidt. 
John Mahlon Tirrell. 
— Mary Ward. 
Lindsey Webb. 
— Eva Gertrude Wheeler, 
— Annie May White. 


Robb Ernest Lincoln. 
Alvah Lindahl. 
— Kate MacDermid. 
— Flora M. Mantor. 
J. Burt Miner. 
Alfred A. Norton. 
William James Paiker. 
Fred Pitts. 
Merritt Mellen Ring. 
— Abigail Ripley. 
— Mabel Rr^binson. 
Joseph Franklin Smallidge. 
Harry Benjamin Smith. 
Russel I'aul Spicer. 
Charles Nelson lipratt. 
—Clara Struble. 
William Thomas Thompson. 
Stephen Gould Undyke, Jr. 
— Mary Swain Wagner. 
Orson Monroe Washburn. 
— Florence Mabel Weston. 
F. Otto Willius. 
Clarence Janne Zintheo. 

Alumni Record 21 


— Helen Josephine Baker. James Elliott Holmes. 

— Agnes Emily Belden. — Mary Loomis Hooker. 

Nels N. Bergheim. — Katherine Kennedy. 

— Flora Elizabeth Brewer. — Elizabeth Luce. 

Thomas Devereux. Charles MoClure, Jr. 

Murray Wilder Dewart. — Harriet MacDonald. 

— Lucy Bertha Dunham. — Lulu McGregor. 

— Caroline May Durkee. — Hannah Mattison. 

— Jessie Gale Eaton. Willis Clarke Otis. 

— Mary Sopronia Evans. — Sophie May Pendergast. 

— Tamazine McKee Evans, Albert Pfaender. 

— Elizabeth Fish. — Marion Effie Potter. 

Louis Rudolph Frankel. — Emma Rosger. 

William Henry Garfield. Yasuzo Sakagami 

— Gertrude Helen Gould. — Edith Mary Shortt. 

— Luella Elizabeth Gould. — Adelaide May Thompson. 

George Alfred Hanson. Horace Alexander Wilson. 

— Anna McDonald Hawley. — Helen Celestia Woodman. 

Lincoln Hill. 


— May Bestor. Charles Weslev Ferree. 

Frank Scott Bunnell. — Celia Ford. 

Anthony F. Elmquist. William Parker McKee. 


Harry Winslow Allen. Jesse Eliphalet Pope. 

Peter Field. Stephen Barber Soule. 

C. Edward Magnuson. Alexander Newton WinchelL 

Alfred D. Mayo. 


Charles Martin Andrist. Elias Rachie. 

— Mary O. Glidden. — Anna Shillock. 


Charles Peter Berkey, E. Porter Chittenden. 

Victor Alfred Nilsson. 


Prank M. Hewett. Frank Bates Walker, 

Engbret A. Lee, Howard Howe Woodman. 


Robert Pennell Blake. James Henry Lonie. 

Robert Craig. Edward Snoad Savage. 

Charles H. Cross. Henry Dickinson Silliman. 


Arthur Laurie Abbott. C. Edward Magnusson. 

George L. Chesnut Olaf Gottleib Frederick Markhus 

Truman Hibbard. William Lot Miller. 

James Sherburne Lang. Mortimer Myers. 

MINING ?;ngineer. — 3. 

George Becker. Eugene Clarence Mills 

Roland Thompson Wales. 

CHEMICAL engineer. 4. 

Lewis Paul Chapin. James H. Linton, 

Herbert Clifton Hamilton. Frederick Walter Webber. 


William George Smith. Andrew Edward Stene. 


Frank Arnold. Henri Duval. 

George Kimball Belden. Scott Ford Evans. 

Joseph H. Beek. Edward C, Farmer, 

Archibald Campbell Boyd. George Robert Folds. 

John M Bradford. George Herbert Gjertsen 

William H Burns. Alvin K. Godfrey. 

Fred W. Carpenter. Franklin G. Holbrook. 

Joseph Chapman, Jr. Ernest C. Hosmer. 

William Codman. Moses Scott Jamar, Jr. 

Louis L. Dodge. Wilton Brewster Judd. 


University of Minnesota 

Kicholas C. Lehnertz. 
Frank Pierce Leonard. 
Harry Albert Lund. 
Henry Monsch. 
Grosvenor Pixley O'Neal . 
Rockwell Coleman Osborne. 
Richard Paul. 
Thomas Hill Pridham. 
William Charles Putnam. 
Isaac Francis Rice. 
Charles Lincoln Sawyer. 

J. Howard Selleck. 
Hiram A. Simons. 
Erastus Smith. 
Claude Edward Southwick. 
Daniel Sternberg. 
Arthur J Stobbart. 
Robert S. Taylor. 
William Gould Thompson. 
Carleton Lyman Wallace. 
David Wallace. 

William Earl Bates. 
Clarence Zelora Brown. 
Lee Augustus Combs. 
Claus F Forsell. 
Frank Hammond Griggs 
Hugo Oscar Hanft 
George M B Hawley. 
Thomas J. McDermott 
Peter McGovern. 
Hugh Victor Mercer. 


Harvey Louis Mills 
Charles Marvin Oneill. 
Carl Oscar Alexius Olson, 
David Thomas Owens. 
Horace Randall Robinson. 
Arthur William Selover. 
Michael P. Shaughnessy. 
Ralph Clarence Sowle. 
John Louis Strohm 
Walter Benjamin Whitcomb. 


The College of Medicine and Surgery. 


Frank H. Alexander. 
Mason Allen. 
Edwin Clark Anderson. 
Harry Paddock Bacon. 
Louis Benedict Baldwin. 
— Rose Anne Bebb. 
Henry George Blanchard. 
— Gertrude Booker. 
Herman Bouman. 
Carroll Deforest Buck. 
— Mary Catherine Buell. 
Frank Earl Burch. 
— Grace Wilson Cahoon 
Charles Lowry Carman. 
Carroll Clinton Carpenter. 
James Owen Cavanaugh. 
Howard Shoemaker Clark. 
Harry Marcus Coleman, 
Charles A. Corse. 
William Sherman Cuff. 
George Edward. 
Otto Ferdinand Fisher. 
Thomas James Gaffney. 
Luther Llewellyn Gibbon. 
James Stirling Gilfillan. 
Nathan Andrews Goddard. 
Will Goldsworthy. 
Frank Eugene Griswold. 

John De Mott Guthrie. 
Charles Wesley Hack. 
Harry Alfred Halgren. 
Elmer Elsworth Harrison. 
Axel Emanuel Hedback. 
Lewis U. Iverson. 
Oswald Middleton Justice. 
Ralph Kendall Keene. 
Adolph Oscar Loe. 
— Alberta Virginia McClang. 
Arthur Wenzell Miller. 
Albert Hall Moore. 
Alonzo Tullock Munro. 
Daniel A. Nicholson. 
Byron Walter Parrott. 
George Albion Perkins. 
Gentz Perry. 
John Richard Peterson. 
Soren P. Rees. 
Frank William Rulien. 
Hiram Williams Smith. 
— Harriet Sherman Stahl. 
John Stevens, Jr. 
Arthur Clyde Thorpe. 
Eugene Larry Tupper. 
Ernest Zirus Wanous. 
Montreville Russell Wilcox. 
Robert Lawrence Wiseman. 

The College of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. — 11. 

Henry Meeker Pollock. 
William Torgerson. 
George Sparr von Wedelstaedt. 
Leon Arlington Williams. 
Henry Gustav Woutat. 

Charles Albert Ballard. 
Fred Lee Beck ley. 
— Andrea Ellingson Brauti. 
William Thompson De Coster. 
— Emma Adaline Keeney. 
— Ethel Edgerton Hurd. 


Elwin Richard Annis. Warren Thomas EvansI 

William Walter Baker. John Lupus Frederick. 

Ernest Eugene Buell. John Walter Sidney Gallagher. 

Thomas Frederick Cooke. Harvey Byron Godfrey. 

— Martha Griswold Covey. Henry Samuel Godfrey. 

Herbert Borgardus Denton. Merton Stearns Goodnow. 

Alumni Record 

Thomas Alexander Pattisoii. 
Herbert Armitage Pullen 
Smith Arthur Saundersoa. 
James Wilbur Shankland. 
Edward Shumpik. 
Thomas Spence. 
Frank Lewis Stephan. 
Bertram Theodore Stevens. 


Luke Kirwin. 

George William McKnight. 
Lester Wedge Spicer. 
William Julius Stock. 


Herbert Edwin Raymond Bursell. — Evelina Maude Haughwout. 
— Edith Irene Cadwell. Finn Koren. 

George Baird Caldwell. Irving Gonyer Page. 

Conrad Hellick Christopherson. Henry John PfeifiEer. 
— Mary Elizabeth Clipfell. Ralph Brown Stephens. 

Albert Justin Dickinson. Roy Warner Tallman. 

Clayton James Dodge. Louis Leonard TenBroeck. 

— Esther Mabel Eddy. — Josephine Phelps Tryon. 

— Mary Cone Harris. • — Nina Theodosia Updyke. 


'Torry Philander Hagerty. 

Jay Mason Hall. 

Alfred Eldridge Hawkinson. 

Benjamin Arlington Herrick. 

Claude Albert Leonard. 

William McCadden. 

— Mrs. Edna Pettit Medary. 

William Alexander Moore. 

John William Bowe. 
Charles Henry Clark. 
Charles Burchard Cornwell. 
Thomas Madigan Kehoe. 

Fred Lyman Adair. 

Bertram Sage Adams. 

Hugh Neill Talbot Allen. 

•Oscar Anderson. 

Herbert Loyd Arzt. 

— Annabel Wilson Beach. 

Wall Marion Billings. 

Alfred Blaisdell. 

Theron Woolson Burglehaus. 

John Elisha Campbell. 

Frank Waller Case. 

— Daisy Chase. 

Norman John Cox. 

Emery Matthew Cunningham. 

John Peter Curtis. 

Fred Upham Davis. 

Perley Alton Davis. 

Frank Edson Dean. 

— Ellen Dobie. 

George Elmore Dyer. 

•Charles Gibbons Flanagan. 

Romane Cecil Flanders. 

Edward Monroe Freeman. 

— Bridget Furlong. 

William Cornelius Gerdsen. 

Ernest Tracy Hamlin. 

— Julia May Hendrix. 

Joseph Goodwin Hubbell. 

William Hursh. 

John Borland Irwin. 
Prank Hays Keller. 
Fayette Cary Kinyon. 
John Howarth Kirk. 
Bertram Glover Knight. 
— Abbie Bailey Langmaid. 
Max Arthur Lehman. 
Michael John Luby. 
William Macdonald. 
Frank Mclntyre. 
John Walter Marshall. 
— Lillian Bessie Marvin. 
— Emma Cecelia O'Donnell. 
— Mary Emma Olson 
Levi Beckley Pease 
Edward Chauncey Phoenix. 
William Burchard Roberts. 
William H. Roberts. 
— Mabel Frances Smith. 
— Ruble Evans Smith. 
Harold Melvin Stanford. 
David Ferdinand Swenson. 
John Taresh. 
— Marie Annette Todd. 
— May Belle Towler. 
Bert Wakefield. 
Helen Augusta Wilder. 
Samuel Henry Wolf. 
Charles Zeleny. 

James Hallam Bennett. 
— Clara Helen Berry. 
— Vida Brugger. 
James Buer. 
— Junie Louise Custer. 
— Ada Ethelyn Daniels. 
— Isabel Haven Davis. 
— Elizabeth Anna Fisher. 
— Ethel Snow Graves. 
— Elfleda Haecker. 
— Helen Hankenson . 


— Clare Frances Helliwell. 
— Harriet Ethel Helliwell. 
— Mary Laura Herrick. 
— Hattie Holtz. 
— Emma Sinclair Hunt. 
Sivert Anton Jordahl. 
Harold Koren. 

— Ingeborg Georgine Lommea, 
— Helen Elizabeth Lougee. 
— Jennie May McMuUen. 
— Jennie May Means. 


University of Minnesota 

Henry Alexander Scandrett. 
— Laura Elizabeth Shafer. 
— Margaret Irene Sliney. 
— Mildred Alice Smith. 
Henry Stern Sommers. 
— Edna May Stock, 
— Mertie May Thayer. 
— Jessie Charlotte Wedge. 
— Bthelyn Favea Wilcox. 

— Annie Grace Merrick. 
— Alice Maude Page. 
— Edith May Penney. 
— Mary S. Pettit. 
Eric C. Quale. 
— Jane Redfield. 
Edward Olson Ringstad. 
— Agnes Marie Roche. 
— Gertrude Rogers. 
— Mabel Sawyer. 


George Crawford Dunlap. Paul Gerhard Schmidt. 

Oscar W. Firkins. — Mary Ward. 

T. Howard McQueary. — Elinor L. Williams. 


— Agnes Margaret Campbell. — Hope McDonald. 

Frank Vincent Cornish. Emil P. Sandsten. 

Paul Maurice Glasoe. — Carrie Ranson Squires 

George Henry Johnston. — Clara Struble. 
Warren Danforth Lane. 


— Agnes Emily Belden. 
Julius J. Boraas. 

— Susanne Thorne Donaldson. 
— Tamazine McKee Evans. 

Arthur Hugo Elftman 
Clarence Luther Herrick. 


Christian Henry Peitb 

Francis Ramaley. 


Fred Winston Long. 
Fred Maynard Mann. 
Edward Walter D. Taylor. 

Fremont Crane. 
Lewis Singer Gillette. 
Clifton Ashley Glass. 
William Hausmer Hoyt. 


Henry B. Avery. Royden Vincent Wright. 

John Erwin O'Brien. Frank Zeleny. 

Manton Fletcher Willson. 


Edward Paris Burch. Frank Woodman McKellip. 

Hans F. M. Dahl. Frank Ervin Reidhead. 

Charles Chandler Gilchrist. Frank Wesley Springer. 

William Irving Gray. Adolph Wagner. 


Cyril Brackenbury. Albert Edward May. 

Peter Christianson. George Albert Pratt. 

Joseph Bailey Mcintosh. Clinton Walker. 


Thomas William Shaw. 


Clifton Arthur Albright. 
Oliver H. Ames. 
Robert Arthur Angst. 
George Wallace Armstrong. 
Albert Clinton Arnold. 
Fred Carroll Baldy. 
Anthony Matthew Bayer. 
John Clark Bennett. 
Ward Hotchkiss Benton. 
Frank Clinton Bestor. 
Carl Herman Biorn. 
Frank Walter Birkhauser. 
Henry Olson Bjorge. 
Charles Edward Blackman. 
Donald Monroe Cameron. 
George Wallace Champlin. 
Clair Albion Chapman. 
George E. Child. 

Arthur Burke Childress. 
Henry C. Clark. 
Leroy Eaton Clark. 
Isaac Alexander Cohen. 
John Stearns Crooks. 
Alonzo J. Edgerton. 
Charles Elmquist. 
John Embertson. 
Ernest A. Faulhaber. 
Albert H. Featherstone. 
John William Finehout. 
John M. Freeman. 
William Wells Gallup. 
Jeremiah Anthony Giantvalley. 
Hal Sol Goldblum. 
Argalus Wilson Gray. 
Joel Ernest Gregory. 
Arthur P. Guy. 

Alumni Record 


Orra Palmer Hand. 
George Dewill Hedding 
J. Ulrich Hemmy. 
William Boyd Henderson. 
Einar Hoidale. 
Adam John Holmes. 
Oliver Hullback. 
Elmer James Jellico. 
Chester F. Jenkins. 
Charles Johnson. 
Christian G. D. Johnson. 
Henry Sydney Johnson. 
Nels I. Johnson. 
Edmund Henry Krelwitz. 
Conrad Albert Kvello. 
Warren Danforth Lane. 
Daniel James Leary. 
Albert W. Lindeke. 
Charles Loring. 
Veranus W. Lothrop. 
Edward Lucas. 
Frank Herbert Lusk. 
Robert Orr McMillan. 
Dayton D. Martin. 
Harrison Burke Martin. 
Michael Marx. 
J. Edward Meyers. 
George Dickson Monfort. 
H. Paul Moorhead. 
William Keith Naylor. 
John Henry Nightingale. 
George Herbert Niles. 
John Algot Nordin 

William Olander. 
James Ostrand- 
Harry E. Phelps. 
Ransom J. Powell. 
Edmund Alozias Prendergast. 
George Howe St. Clair. 
Patrick Joseph Scanlan. 
John Pipin Schroeder. 
Max Sells. 

Stephen Herbert Somsen. 
Halvor L. Sorkness. 
George Hancock Spear. 
Henry Spindler. 
Albert Martin Stapleton. 
George M, Stebbins. 
George Washington Strong. 
Merte E. Sullivan. 
Patrick Edward Sullivan 
R. Celius Thompson. 
Robert Mitchell Thompson 
Nels Olson Thori. 
Nels E. Thormodson. 
Ludwig C. Thurston. 
Luther Lathrop Twitchell. 
George Tobias Vorland. 
Albert Weber. 
Jonas Weil. 

Carl Gustaf A. Werner. 
James Henry Werring. 
J C White. 
McLaughlin White. 
Daniel Beedy Wood. 
Edwin Stanton Wright. 
Washington Yale, Jr. 

James Edward O'Brien. 


William H. Burns. Albert S. Larson. 

Fred W. Carpenter. Nicholas C. Lehnertz. 

Louis L. Dodge. Henry Arthur Loughran. 

Arthur L. Helliwell. Arthur J. Stobbart. 

Wilton Brewster Judd. Frederick J. Wulling. 


The College of Medicine and Surgery. — 17. 

Daniel Buckley. Joseph Greeley Parsons. 

Charles Loran Chappie. Eric P. Quain. 

George Annand Gray. — Mary Eliza Ranson. 

Harry Morrill Guilford. Charles Anthony Reed. 

Willis Ellis Hartshorn. Ira McConnaughy Roadman. 

Carl Huhn. — ^Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Towers. 

R. Ignatius Hubert. William Desmond Wagar. 

Edwin Martin Johnson. Horace Rensselaer Wells. 
Christian Henry Ko'hler. 


Almon Greer Atwood. Rolf Johan Olson. 

Sydney Edward Bennion. Frederick William Prail. 

William Henry Card. Edward Harold Shibley. 

Charles Allan Couplin. William Eleazer Spencer. 

John Roy Hollister. Everard James Van Bronkhorst. 

John Reynolds Lawton. Fred Kellar Weible. 

Christopher I. Newhouse. Ernest Avery Wright. 


John Henry Beise. Albert Korizek. 

George Harvey Blackmun. Isaac Edgerton Moffit. 

William George Brede. Frank Julius Nagel. 

Gustave Jules Demars. Emil Wencl Theimer. 

Julian Leslie Fitzgerald. Herbert Clarkson Varney. 


University of Minnesota 

Oscar Herbert Wolner, 

Charles William Wulling. 


Stephen Henry Baxter. 
Harry R. Beede. 
Henry John Bessesen. 
— Lillian Gregory Carlton. 
Charles Frederic Carson. 
—Grace Eleanor Comstock. 
— Emma Seabury Crounse. 
— Esther Louise DeCoster. 
Arthur James Finch, 
— Florence Adams Fish. 
— Sophie Sherman Holt. 

— Foi Hotchkiss. 

— Effle Hinkley Hutchiason. 

Daniel John Lothrop. 

Harris Dana Newkirk. 

— Fannie Sophia Newman. 

— Georgia Lenore Nichols. 

Guy Hall Roberts. 

— Eva Rossing Sardeson. 

— Flora Van Vliet. 

— Essie Winning Williams. 

Malcolm Glenn Wyer. 


Adolph Peterson Andrews. 
— Alice Whitnee Basford. 
Walter Lewis Benedict. 
— Alice Jennie Bingham. 
Edwin Benjamin Bothe. 
Emory Chace Brace. 
Minot James Brown. 
Frederic King Butters. 
— Fanny Belle Chapman. 
Lucian Orville Clement. 
Edwin Joseph Cornish. 
Everett Wilson Couper, 

Charles Huff. 
Harry Baker Humphrey. 
— Effie Mable Jacobson. 
Charles Anton Johnson. 
Collins Marcus Kellam. 
William Ward Kinyon. 
— Wilhelmina Gesena Koch, 
Samuel John LaDue. 
Rudolph A. Lee. 
John Wentworth Leedy. 
Perl William Mabey. 
James Mclntyre. 

Clarence Christopher Dinehart. William Adelbert Mclntyre, 

Theodore L. Duncan 
Alexander Hamilton Dunlap, 
Halsten Olson Eggen. 
Frank William Emmons. 
— Mary Gilmore Fanning. 
Lester John Fitch. 
— Olga Berliot Forsyth. 
— Elizabeth Hankinson Foss, 
William Furst. 
— Stella E. Gray. 
George Heigert Green. 
— Sarah Phebe Hall. 
— Olive Nilsson Hallock. 
Perry Oliver Hanson. 
Albert Hart. 
— Grace A. Hays. 


WilHam Seward Mann. 
— Olive Agatha Mealey. 
Bernard Smith Nickerson. 
Charles Samuel Olds. 
— Mary Sarah Olson. 
Walter Ashton Plymat. 
■ — Annie Isabel Riggs. 
Frank George Sasse. 
William Thomas Shaw. 
— Nellie Centenial Spencer, 
— Alice Agnes Thomas. 
Aad Addison Tone. 
■ — Harriet Emma Wales. 
— Jennie Sarah Webster. 
Arthur Byron Whitney. 

John Marelius Arneson. 
— Sadie May Atwood. 
— Kate Townsend Bennett. 
—Ethel Claire Brill. 
— Adelia Sophia Brooks. 
— Harriette Stuart Brown. 
— Clemma Buck. 
— Hettie Gertrude Buehler. 
— Grace Caplin. 
— Lucy Roberts Case. 
— Isabel Claire Chadwick. 
— Lucy Lord Chapman. 
—Bertha Child. 
Bret Eugene Cooley. 
— Alice Evelyn Craig. 
— May Daniel. 
—Mabel Olive Doty. 
— Medora Estelle Dresser. 
— Ora Marie Featherstone 
— Frances Barclay Felch. 
— Gertrude Elizabeth Funk. 


— Chestine Gowdy. 

■ — Laura Alice Henry. 

— Mary Davis Hibbard. 

— Martha Ford Hills. 

— Bertha Hoverstad. 

— Jeanie Moore Jackson. 

• — Georgena Frances Kennedy, 

Howard William Kingston. 

Lewis Klove. 

Edward Francis McGinnis. 

Kyle Fayette Marlow. 

— Olive Vincent Marsh. 

—Sophia H. Martin. 

— Sarah Mattlson. 

— Harriet Grace Mitchell. 

— Helen Augusta Moody. 

— Abbie Morgan. 

— Alice Nickerson. 

— Anna Mary Grace O'HaIr, 

James Butler Ormond. 

— Isabel Davis Parker, 

Alumni Record 27 

— Iva Fern Patterson. Gustavus Foster Smith. 

George Sydney Phelps. — Winnifred Snow. 

— Jennie Grays Phillips. — Amy N. Weber. 

■ — Janet Priest. — Lena Gertrude Whitten. 

— Grayce Williamnia Rector. — Bessie Adelaide Williams. 

— Nellie Savage. 


— Clara Edith Bailey. Thomas Geisness. 

— Lily Louise Beck. Knut M. Hagestad. 

Alfred B. Bergin. — Mabel E. B. Hodder. 

— Helen Biglow. Burt Leroy Newkirk. 


John Elisha Campbell. Frank H. Keller. 

John P. Curtis. Levi B. Pease. 

Edward M. Freeman. 


— Mary S. Evans. Edward O. Ringstad. 

William H. Klose. . Yasuzo Sakagami. 


Harry Ross Banner. — Alice J. Mott. 

— Hannah Robie Sewall. 


John Gunerius Anderson. Fred L. Douglas. 


Harry Cornelius Bayless. Wilbur Percy Richardson. 

James Sherburne Lang. Elias Carl Wennerlund. 


Emmanuel Arthur Artz. Milton B. Huntoon. 

Verney Graling. Elwood Mansfield MacKusiek„ 

Henry August Gustav Hilde- Arthur Clarence Pratt, 


William Carroll Bass. ' Frank Merton Warren. 


Herman Haupt Chapman. Ernest William Major. 

John Adolph Hummel. Henry Oscar Sorkness. 


Samuel Gilmore Anderson, Jr. Emery Schuyler Hill. 

Conrad Angel Arness. Harry A. Imer. 

Clarence W. Beek. Adolph E. L. Johnson. 

John Nelson Berg. John Webster Keith. 

Hascal Russell BrilL Charles Frederick Keyes. 

Norwood Waite Brockett. Parker W. Kimball. 

Guy B. Brubaker. Edward Arms Knapp. 

George Washington Buck, Jr. Carl Gustav Krook. 

George Washington Caldwell. James Henry Lane 
Howard Boardman Chamberlain. Walter Thomas Lemon. 

— Agnes B. Clinton. Henry Nichols Lohren. 

Perl C. Cornish. Albert Bushnell Loye. 

William James Costello. John Manley. 

George Lincoln Covell. James Henry Maybury. 

Alfred Dresser. Ernest B. Mills. 

Frank A. Eckman. J. Burt Miner. 

William Franklin Ewert. Henry Albert Monroe. 

John Henry Fleming. John J. Murphy. 

Wesley Sherman Foster. Alfred Andrew Norton, 

Louis Rudolph Fsankel. Edward A. Ochsner. 

John Francis Gibbons. Willis Clarke Otis. 

William Eastman Goodfellow. — Mabeth Hurd Paige. 

George Mertoh Gray. Frank Hayes Polk. 

John Lars Hallstrom. Lorenzo Nathan Puffer. 

Louis Hallum. Prank Dewey Redfleld. 

Bernhard S. Harris. Charles D. Reohr. 

John M. Harrison. Albert Eugene Rhame, 

Robert A. Hastings. Philip James Riordan. 

Emil William Helmes. Clyde Eugene Rogers. 

28 University of Minnesota 

John Edward Samuelson. George Eugene Todd. 

Stelle S. Smith. Charles Luther Trabert. 

McCants Stewart. Clarence Frank Walsh. 

Harry Sylvester Swenson. Edward Oscar Wergedahl. 

Anton Thompson. Wirt Wilson. 
Alfred Luther Thwing. 


Carl Herman Biorn. Edmund Henry Krelwitz. 

Donald Monroe Cameron, Patrick Joseph Scanlan. 

Henry C. Clark. Halvor L. Sorknes. 

Albert H. Featherstone. Robert Mitchell Thompson. 

Oliver Hullback. Albert Weber. 

Elmer James Jellico. Edward Stephens Wright. 


The College of Medicine and Surgery. — 39. 

— Annie Marie Agnew. Orlando Ilstrup. 

Jacob Fowler Avery. Charles Bradlaugh Lenont. 

Oliver T. Batcheller. Jennings Crawford Litzenberg. 

Robert Best. Gustav Herman Ludtke. 

Theodor Bratrud. — Bertha Katharine Mackel. 

James Homer Burgan. John Boyle McNerthney. 

William Henry Condit. Frank Melville Manson. 

Charles Frank Culver. Frederick J. Fatton. 

Karl John Endress. Joseph Andrew Prim. 

William James Ferguson. Niles Oliver Ramstad. 

Charles George Forrest. Harry Kirke Read. 

Everett Columbia Gaines. Edward C. Schoonmaker. 

Peter T. Geyerman. John Magnus Setnan. 

Guy Abbot Grafton. Albert William Shaw. 

Samuel Eugene Grout. Anthony Niles Sorenson. 

— Charlotte Chance Hall. Fred Paul Strathern. 

Frederick Eugene Haynes. Russell Welcome Tennant. 

— Anna Mae Henry. George Arthur Tripp. 

— Fannie Jae Henry. Ernest Arthur Woods. 
Ingvald Martinius Josephson 

The College of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. — 4. 

Albert Edwin Booth. Glenn Robert Matchan. 

Arthur Tubal Caine. Wesley George Matchan. 


John Ephraim Argue. John JefPers, Jr. 

Clarence Daniel Benton. James Lawrence Kelly. 

Alexander Silas Campbell. Nelson Madison King. 

Charles Percival Foote. Harold Foster Marston. 

Ray Harrold Galligher. Elton Henry Phelps. 

Edward Gorgen. Gilbert Ferdinand Stone. 

Edwin Alexander Hagaman. Murt Torrance. 

George Everett Hall. Robert Patten Updyke. 

Hugh Saunderson Henderson. James Osborne Wells. 

Eugene Franklyn Hertz. Sanford Eugene Whitmore. 


William Lloyd Buttz. Robert Boyd Hayes. 

Dwight Jefferson Carpenter. Adolph Hong. 

John C. Congdon, Jr. David Lorenz Jacobson. 

George Henry Cool. Emil Casper Molstad. 

Perry Richard Day. John Ohnstad. 

— Gertrude Nell Dorr. John Peter Scholten. 

Frank Xavier Drechsler. William Bernard StoutemyeP. 

David Evans. — Edna Belle Stultz. 

— Cora Mabel Fairbank. Clans August Swanson. 

Abe Nathan Gunz. Eldred P. Vallancey. 

Frank Hart. 



Joseph Warren Beach. — Mary Louise Butts. 

Allen Rogers Benham. — Sara Emily Chant. 

Alumni Record 

— Fanny Loudon Clinton. 
Louis Henry Colson. 
— Clare Amelia Cross. 
— Eleanor Lavinia Donaldson 
— Elizabeth Donaldson. 
Paul Faude. 
Haldor B. Gislason. 
— Miriam Edmonds GriflSn. 
— Julia Filmore Harris. 
— Ruth Sarah Hutchinson. 
Carl Emanuel Johnson. 

— Mabel Adams. 
Paul Adams. 
Walter Jewett Allen. 
— Bertha Catharine Asseln. 
Richard Stanley Beardsley. 
Fred William Bedford. 
Henry William Benson, 
William Frederick Braasch 
Charles Sidney Bradford. 
William Lindsay Browne. 
Henry Benjamin Carey. 
Winslow Clark Chambers. 
— Lillian Cohen. 
George Emerson Cole. 
Eugene Russell Dibble. 
— Harriet Emma Dunton. 
Ellsworth Fleming. 
— Ellen Clark Fullerton. 
James Lawrence Furber. 
Rudolph Geiser. 
— Mary Lamb Gerhard. 
— Bertha Louise Glattly. 
, — Louisa Sai'ah Goulding. 
'Joseph Edward Guthrie. 
Julius Clyde Hayden. 
Charles Goodrich Ireys. 
Waldron Mirtalu Jerome. 
Arthur Henry Kennedy. 
Horace Cad well Klein. 
Claude Bernard Lewis. 
Albert Henry Lossow 

Paul Joyslin. 

Ingvold Anderson Kampen. 
Albert Lehman. 
— Ida Pauline Lindquist. 
Louis Christian Luhr. 
Seymour Ellsworth Moon. 
Raymond Horace Myers. 
Frank O'Hara. 
Edward Patterson Sanford. 
— Clara Chapline Thomas. 
Horton Thompson. 


Horace Lowry. 
— Edith Eliza Lyon. 
Harold Lloyd Lyon. 
Arthur Andrews McBride. 
Bruce Elmo McGregor. 
— Mary Stuart Mclntyre. 
Samuel Albert March. 
• — Cora Emilie Marlow. 
Robert Johnston Mayo. 
Sumner Livingston Moyer. 
Wayne Crocker Nason. 
James Houden Nicol. 
William Frederick Odell. 
Charles William Olson. 
Leroy Albert Page, Jr. 
Charles Stinson Pillsbury. 
John Sargent Pillsbury, Jr. 
Emery Mason Prouty, Jr. 
Loy M. Pugh. 
■ — Ada Roe. 

— Fannie Louise Sawyer. 
Gottfried Schmidt. 
— Elizabeth Marie Smith. 
Fred William Smith. 
Hector Galloway Spaulding. 
— Jane Allen Squyer. 
Robert a Becket Stephenson. 
— Bertha L. Steuert. 
William B. Stewart. 
— Mabel Perrin Stone. 
— Anna Belle Thomas. 

— Myra Arlone Babcock, 
— May Louise Barber, 
— Winnifred Grace Bradford, 
— Lena Estella Brokaw, 
— Eliza Kay Brown. 
— Ethel lola Burnham. 
— Mary Russell Byrnes. 
— Effle May Campbell. 
— Lydia Bernhardina Carlson. 
William J. Cogelow. 
Benjamin Andrews Cone. 
— Jessie Esterbrook Coxe. 
— Frances Edna Crocker. 
- — Mary Ruth Crozier. 
— Anna Dorothea Dahl. 
— Clara DeMaris Foote. 
Frank Eugene Force. 
• — Frances Pauline Fritzsclie. 


— Alice Margaret Jones. 

John Cowing Knox. 

— Alice Stewart Lamborn. 

— Lydia Elova Leslin. 

— Grace Livingston. 

— Maria Reed McColloch. 

— Eliza Young Marchand. 

— Felicitas Mareck. 

— Ora Olga Peake. 

— Anna Quevli. 

— Agnes Isabel Rich. 

— Edna Ripley. 

— May Schibsby. 

— Mabel Edna Shaw. 

Earl Simpson. 

— Florence Mabel Sylvester, 
— Jennie L. Tracy. 
— Bertha Bell Warner. 
— Maude Esther Wheaton. 

— Marie Louise Hooper. 

■ — Gertrude Elizabeth Jamieson. — Nellie Ardell Whitney. 
Julius H. Johnson. — Myra Wiren. 

— Marie Augusta Johnson. — Harriet Isabella Woodruff, 
Anne Doherty, St. Paul. 


Universitif of Minn(.sat(i 


Fred Dahlen. IMmund Gale Jewett. 

A. Theodore Ekblad. — lillla T. Wright. 
Chester Nathan Gould. 


—Mabel Hickman Thomas. 


— Ingeborg G Lommen. 


Charles D. A. F. Abbetmeyer. Bruce Fink. 

Anthony F. Elmquist. Nils Flaten. 


Edwin Morrell Grime. Francis C. Shenehon. 

Paul Sebastian Prendergast, Edward Augustus Whitman. 


T. Lester Daniel. William Wood Johnston. 

Charles Campbell Higgins. William Barrett Newhall. 


James Chase Dow. William Stussy. 

Frank Edward Johnson. Joseph Auken Thaler. 

William Leonard Kinsell. Roy Edwin Thompson. 

Harleigh Parkhurst. Fred Glyndon Tracy. 

Ernest Jairus Shumway. Edward Wiltgen. 


Lewis Eugene Ashbaugh. 


William Lloyd Campbell. Edward Prosper McCarty. 

Eugene Derwood Chandler. Rutherford Burchard Sumner, 

Oliver J. Egleston. Harold W. Teague. 

Walton Edward Hunt. nensselaer Hyde Toll. 


Robert Wallace Clark. Carl Schurz Scofield. 

Sam Randolph Houlton. William Archie Wheeler. 

William Carl Palmer. James Alexander Wilson. 


Charles Edward Adams. Frank Elbert Downey. 

William Henry Adams. Joseph James Eagan. 

Arthur Converse Anderson. Edward Alfred Ecklund. 

Andrew Edward Anderson. Chester Hitchings Ellsworth.. 

Stephen C. M. Appleby. Harry Wright Evans. 

Arthur Richard Barry. William Cilley Fitch. 

C. Albert Barton. Thomas Frankson. 

Francis Atherton Bean. Thomas Germo. 

Abraham N. Bearman. Bjorn B. Gislason. 

Thomas J. Benedict. Andrew G. Gray. 

John A. Bird. James IT. (Jreen. 

Raloh T. Boardman. Paul Willis Guilford. 

— Marie Palmer Bond. Erick O. Hagen. 

Rov Dexter Bosworth. Alfred P. Hanson. 

William Onzlo Braggans. Charles Edwin Ileffelfinger. 

Rov Taylor Bull. Peter C. lloimavk. 

Russell S. Bunker. Christian Henningsen. 

William Burrows. Frank Darius Hevener. 

Charles Wilson Buttz, Jr. Alexander Iliggins. 

Frank Cameron. George Morton ITojip. 

Fi-ed II. Carpenter. William Logan lluvsh. 

Hersey Rav Chinnock. James Anderson llyland.. 

Harry S. Coates. l»eter Jalin. 

James Alexander Coffey. Bert J. Johnson. 

John Ambrose Coleman. Herman Fillip Johnson. 

Mark Conrow Reuben J. Johnson. 

John Edward Cravens. Albert Jackson Keith. 

Ilarrv lleber Creswell. John llowart li Kirk. 

Thomas (Marence Daggett. Charles Knoblatich. 

James Jei-ome Daly. Albert Edwin Lewis. 

Floyd Hamilton Day. Klas Erland Lind. 

Alumni. Record 

Andrew H. Maas. 
James Edward McCarthy. 
Thomas I. McDermott. 
Earle William McEIroy. 
Charles Clarkson McElwee. 
Matthias Walter Matteeheck. 
James Mattimore. 
Walter Lewis Mayo. 
Clarence Benjamin Miller. 
William Henry Miller. 
Ethan B. Minier. 
Arthur Giles Morey. 
Frank J. Morley. 
Herbert Stephen Moore. 
Malcolm Emory Nichols. 
Richard Dillon O'Brien. 
Julius J. Olson. 
William G. Owens. 
John B. I'attison. 
Harry Eldon Plymat. 
Henry Edward x'oseley. 
•Charles William Quandt. 
Wilbur Lane Rexford. 
William B. Richardson. 
Gullick Nelson Risjord. 
Bertram Henry Robinson. 
Net James Robinson. 
Otto Erickson Roe. 
George Carney Rogers. 


George Wallace Armstrong. Carl Gustaf Krook. 
Conrad Angel Arness. 
George Washington Caldwell 
— Agnes B. Clinton. 
Thomas P. Grace. 
John Ingle. 


College of Medicine and Surgery. — 46 

Irving David Royal. 
Frank G. Sasse. 
Henry Alexander Scaudrett. 
Herman Carl Schmidt. 
John AAMlliam Schmitt. 
Rudolph F. Schulz. 
John E. Shaw. 
Dell Clark Sheldon. 
Helmar I. Simonson. 
Charles Veach Smith. 
Ezra R. Smith. 
Walter Wyman Smith. 
Monroe Horr Sprague. 
H. Herbert Steele. 
Robert Decatur Stewart. 
Edwin Harry Stong 
Martin E. Tew. 
Kay Todd. 
Walter W. Todd. 
Louis W. Vasaly. 
Stephen C. Vasaly. 
Benjamin Frank Webber. 
Carlos F. Whitcomb. 
Guy L. Whittemore. 
Davis Price Wickersham. 
Otto Wolf¥. 
Eugene Young. 
John C. Zehnder. 

William Olander. 
Ransom J. Powell. 
Stelle S. Smith. 
Harry Sylvester Swenson. 

Alfred Emanuel Ahlstrom. 
Harry Winslow Allen. 
— Mrs. Mary Baker. 
Oscar Everett Bennett. 
George Frank Brooks. 
Guy Ross Caley. 
— Charlotte Phila C«tmpbell. 
Paul Burns Cook. 
George Custer Cutts. 
Sidney Walter Dean. 
George Francis Drew. 
Benjamin James Ellis. 
Edwin John French. 
J. Frank Garrison. 
Emil Sebastian Geist. 
Earle Rvissell Fare. 
A. Dair Haskell. 
Peder Andreas Hoff. 
Fred Huxley. 
Evan Hyslin. 
Palmer Horace Irish. 

Irma Le Vasseur. 
— Laura A. Linton. 
Lawrence Phillip Mayer. 
Kent Nelson. 

Orme Richardson Nevitt. 
Harvey Gordon Norton. 
John William Olson. 
— Anna Lida Osborne. 
George Bernard Owen. 
Owen William Parker. 
Arthur Augustus Rankin. 
Henry Raoul Richard. 
John Christian Serkland. 
Henry C. Stuhr. 
West Jacob Swartz. 
George Bertram Swenson. 
William W. Taylor. 
John Mahlon Tirrell. 
Walter Henry Valentine. 
Austin Ward. 
Peter James Weyrens. 
Frank Edwin Wheelon. 
Archie Elton Williams. 


Otto William Kankel. 
— Mrs. Jane Frances Kennedy 

College of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. — 
Oscar Leonard Bertelson. Bert Victor Lares. 

Ferdinand Gramenz. Clifford Cleon Leek. 

Herman August Hartung. Edwin Harwood Smith 

— Annah Hurd. 


University of Minnesota 

Eugene Franklin Adams. 
Frederick Edward Andersen, 
Harry Wallace Bertram. 
Theodore Christian Busse, 
Hanphen Henry Carlson. 
Joseph Clarke. 
Herbert Charles Cooper. 
Elbert Pryor Costa'n. 
William Gloyd. 
Charles A. Hintz, 
Karl H. Hoorn. 
Robert Clement Hutchin. 
Albert La Fayette Kershaw. 
John Frederick Knudson. 
Benjamin George Kroehler. 
Ralph Leo Lamphere. 


Harold James Nelson. 
Louis Nelson. 

George Washington Norris. 
Carl Gustaf Olson. 
Aeneas Owre. 
John Fayette Patterson. 
Aris Le Roy Revell. 
Frank Freeman Riley. 
Oscar Edwin Roberts. 
Edward Frederick Sommermeyer. 
Dan Eugene Sprague. 
Anton W. Swanson. 
Harry Estus Thomas. 
Axel A. Thorsen. 
Homer Amos Tyler. 
Morse Kittredge Whittemore. 
Robert Barnes Wilson. 
Otto Charles Zieger. 

Harvey John Lockhart. 
Edward Ernest Munns. 


Gustave Bachman. John Eldon Hynes. 

John Michael Bell. Charles George Lyon. 

Roy Carter. Martin Thomas Moran. 

George Augustus Cowin. Albert Moskop. 

Charles Olaf Danielson. — Mae Nisbit. 

Emmanuel T. Dillner. Charles Emil Peterson. 

Henry Joseph Dreis. Emil Traugott Schmidt. 

Edward Earl Haskell. Alois Joseph Spielman. 


Thomas Biscoe. 

Alumni Record 


Abbetmeyer, Charles D. A. F., '00, 922 Mulberry St., Baltimore, Md. 

Abbott, Howard S., '85, 900 Sixth st se, Minneapolis 

Master in Chancery U. S. Circuit Court. Lawyer. 
Abernethy, Antoinette, '90, (Mrs. Milton Lamoreaux) 

553 W 67 St, Chicago, 111 
Secretary Primary Department Illinois S. S. Association. 
Abernethy, Frank Sherman, '89, 2304 Emerson av N, Minneapolis 

With Emerson & Hall, Wholesale Grocery Brokers. 
Abernethy, William S., '96 Berwyn, 111 

Clergyman — Baptist church. 
Adair, Fred L., '98, Anamosa, la 

Medical student — University of Minnesota. 
Adams, Ada Editha, '93, (Mrs. Samuel Howard Lockin) 

3137 Hennepin av, Minneapolis 
Adams, Alice A., '88, (Mrs. Walter A. Eggleston) 

, 1830 Columbus av, Minneapolis 
Adams, Bertram S., '98, 229 8th av se, Minneapolis 

Medical student — University of Minnesota. 
Adams, Charles E., '96 (LL. B. '00) 

515 Torrey Building, Duluth, Minn 
Attorney-at-Law (Adams & Miller). 
Adams, Elmer E., '94, Fergus Falls, Minn 

Editor Fergus Falls Journal — Regent of the University. 
Adams, John William, '86, (V. M. D., '92, U. of Pa.) 

25 So. 34th St, Philadelphia, Pa 
Professor Veterinary Surgery and Obstetrics, University of 
Pennsylvania, and Practitioner of Veterinary Science — 
Veterinarian of Pennsylvania State Board of Health, 

Adams, Mabel, '00, (Mrs. Donald Gray Colp) 

1017 7th st N, Fargo, N. D. 
Adams, Paul, '00 923 8th st se, Minneapolis 

With Metropolitan Music Co. 
Alton, George Briggs, '81, (M. A. '87) 

1601 University av se, Minneapolis 

State Inspector of High Schools. 
Allen, Emma, '93, (Mrs. John C. Mills) Preston, Minn 

Allen, Harry W., '95, (M. D., '00), Red Wing, Minn 


Allen, Hugh N., '98, , 314 12th av se, Minneapolis 

Deputy County Auditor. 
Allen, Walter J., '00, 314 12th av, se, Minneapolis 

Graduate student — U. of M. 
Amy, Jennie, '86, (Mrs. Everson R. McKinney) 

260 Midway av, W St. Paul 
Anderson, Alexander P., '94, (Ph. D. Munchen) 

Clemson College, S. Carolina 

Botianist Experiment Station. 
Anderson, Frank L., '96 (B. D., U. of C.) Austin, Minn 

Pastor of Baptist church. 
Anderson, Frank Maloy, '94, (M. A., '96.) 

1629 University av se, Minneapolis 

Assistant Professor of History — University of Minnesota. 
Anderson, Louis, '96, Lakefleld, Minn 

Superintendent of Public Schools. 
Anderson, Oscar, '98, 235 Ogden av, Chicago, III 

Junior, Dunham Medical College. 
♦Anderson, Samuel Gilmore. Died October 7th, 1900 

Andrews, Alice E., '96, 833 Goodrich av, St. Paul 

Teacher of English Literature — St. Paul. 

S4 University of Minnesota 

Andrews, Adolph P., '99, Eveleth, Minn 

Principal Schools. 
Andrews, Hattie L.. '90, 432 4th st se, Minneapolis 

Teacher of Latin. 
Andrist, Charles M., '94, Boulev^ird de Port Royal, Paris, France 

General Agent for Deering Harvester Co. 
Angle, Claribel, '97. Spring Valley, Minn 

Science teacher. 

Angus, William, '93, (LL. B., '96) Warren, Minn 

Superintendent of City Schools. 
Ankeny, Martha, (Mrs. Norton M. Cross) 

606 E 27th st, Minneapolis 
Arneson, John M., '99, Lyle, Minn 

Principal of Schools, Maple Lake. 
Artz, Emmanuel A., '97, (E. E., '99) 183 Genesee st, St. Paul 

Electrical Engineer — Miss. Val. Tel. Co. 
tArzt, Herbert L., '98, 183 Genesee st, St. Paul 

Aspden, Herbert H., '95, Excelsior, Minn 


Asseln, Bertha C, '00, The Ashmore, se Minneapolis 

Atwood. Sadie May, '99, Eugene, Ore 

Teacher, Eugene High School. 
tAusten, J. Frederick, '96, (LL. B., '93) 

Austin, Helen Horace, '97, 258 Dayton av, St. Paul 

Teacher of Expression in High School. 
Austin. Ella May,, '96, 1309 3d av S, Minneapolis 


Austin, Isabella McHugh, '95, Minneapolis 

Critic Teacher — Winona Normal. 
Austin. Lloyd B, '96, P. O. Box 390, St. Paul 


Austin, Mabel F., '93 (M. D., Johns Hopkins) 

City and County Hospital, St. Paul 
Pathologist, City and County Hospital, St. Paul 
Avery, Elizabeth H., '95, Redfleld, S. D. 

Profesor of English Literature, Redfleld College. 
Babcock, Earle J., '89. 

State University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, N. D. 
Professor (.'hemistry and Geology and State Geologist. 
Babcock. Kendric Charles, '89, 2727 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, Cal 
Assistant Professor History & Political Science, University of 

Babcock. Myra, '00. 50 12th st N, Minneapolis 


Backus, (ieorge J.. '82. 226 Lumber Exchange, Minneapolis 

Wholesale Lumber. 
Bagley, Horace Easton, '94, Thief River Falls. Minn 


Bailey, Clara Edith. '92, 1425 6th st se. Minneapolis 

Teacher of Latin South High School. 
Baily, Henry Patterson, '90 (LL. B., '93) 

507 New York Life Building, Minneapolis 


Baker. Axcel C. '97, 2606 Indiana av. Chicago, III 

Senior. Chicago Medical College. 
Baker. Helen, '97, (Mrs. William J. Parker) 

625 Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, 111 
Baker, Lucy L.. "88, , Tower, Mo 


Baker, Nathan M., Jr., '84, E 945 Mission av. Spokane, Wash 

Physician — (^oroner Snokane Co. 
Baker, Rebecca V., 89. (Mrs. Charles T. MoflFett) 
^ ,^ . ^ 1214 Linden av. Minneapolis 
Baldwin, Albert M., '85, (^ooperstown, N. D. 


Baldwin, Clara Frances, '92, 681 Holly av. St. Paul 

Librarian. Minnesota Library Commission. 


Alumni Record 35 

^Baldwin, Edward Payson, '83. Died May 27, '95 

Baldwin, Otway W., '81, Dulutli, Minn 


Baldy, Frederic Carroll, '95, (LL. B., '98) Faribault, Minn 

Instructor in Shattuck Military School. 
Ballard, Caswell A., '94, Moorhead, Minn 

Instructor Department of Science, State Normal School. 
Barber, May L., '00, 3132 Oakland lav, Minneapolis 

Eardwell, Fred Leslie, '81, 

Massacusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry. 
Barney, Frank H., '94, 422 New York Life Building, Minneapolis 

Fire Insurance — State Agent. 
Barrett, Walter S., '79, 1621 22d av N, Minneapolis 


tBartholomew, Fred Roscoe, '96, 623 E 18th st, Minneapolis 


Barto, William A., '94, Long Prairie, Minn 

Hardware dealer. 

Basford, Alice Whitnee, '99, 810 4th av S, Minneapolis 


Bassett, Franklin Harley, '87, Glyndon, Minn 

Congregtational minister 
Bassett, Mary, '93, (M. D., '95) (Mrs. C. W. Bray) Biwabik, Minn 
Bassett, William L., '76, Minneapolis 

Miller and Lumber 
Bates, Lulu M., '94, (Mrs. William Hardcastle), Cambridge, Neb 
Bauer, George N., '94, 703 18th av N, Minneapolis 

Instructor in Mathematics — University of Minnesota. 
Baxter, Stephen H., '99, 2205 5th av S, Minneapolis 

Medical student — University of Minnesota. 
Beach, Annabel W., '98, 804 3d av N., Faribault, Minn 


Beach, Elizabeth S., '96, 81 Arthur av se, Minneapolis 

Instructor — University of Minnesota. 
Beach, Joseph, 00, 1625 University av se, Minneapolis 

Graduate student and Instructor in Rhetoric — U. of M. 
Beach, William A., '90, (M, D., '93) Mankato, Minn 


Beardsley, Richard S., '00, Red Wing, Minn 


Beaven, Arthur H., '96, Sanborn, N. D. 

Principal Public Schools. 
Bebb, Rose A., '91, (M. D., '99) 124 W 12th st. New York City 

Physician — Instructor in Bacteriology in the University and 
Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York City. 
tBeck, Lily Louise, '99, 50 W 94th st, New York City, N. Y. 

Bedford, Fred W., '00, 1614 4th st se, Minneapolis 

Graduate student — University of Minnesota. 
Bedient. Louise, '95, (Mrs. Samuel Adams) Perth, N. D. 

Beebe, Inga, '94, (Mrs. Charles Oliver) 

1929 Aldrich av S, Minneapolis 
Beede, Harry R., '99, Perham, Minn 

tBelden, Agnes E., '97, 1703 5th av S, Minneapolis 

Belden, George K., '92, (LL. B., '97) 306 Oak Grove st, Minneapolis 


tBell, Gertrude Grosvenor, '93, (Mrs. C. N. Burton) Elmore, Minn 
tBell, Robert Mowry, '83, 1043 W 21st st, Los Angeles, Cal 


Benedict, Walter Lewis, '99, 720 8th av se, Minneapolis 

With the Minneapolis & St. Louis Railroad, Guaranty Loan 

Benham, Allen R., '00. 1958 Carroll st, St. Paul 

Principal of High School — St. James, Minn. 
Bennett, Frances L., '96, 1227 4th st se, Minneapolis 

Bennett, James H., '98, Sanborn, Minn 

Real Etaste Agent. 

36 University of Minnesota 

Bennett, John W., '86, Relay, Md. (Suburb of Baltimore) 

Author and Journalist. 
Bennett, Kate Townsend, '99, 1227 4th st se, Minneapolis 

Benson, Henry W., '00, West Superior, Wis 


Benson, Percival R., '88, Anoka, Minn 


Benton, Mary L., '85, Albright House, Northampton, Mass 

Instructor in Latin, Smith College. 
Berg, Anna Nathalie, '93, Pinceton, Minn 


Berg, John N., '96, (LL. B., '99) 216 7-th st S, Minneapolis 

Lawyer (Office 1012 New York Life Building.) 
Bergheim, Nels N., '97, 217-A 8th av se, Minneapolis 

Law Clerk in St. Paul. 
Bergin, Rev. Alf, '99, (B. D. Augustana) Cambridge, Minn 

Minister Lutheran church. 
Berkey, Charles P., '92, 1601 7th st se, Minneapolis 

Instructor in Mineralogy — University of Minnesota. 
Berry, Clara H.„ '98, Anoka, Minn 

Book-keeper Sash and Door Factory. 
*Berry, Frederick Gerald, '80, Died March 20, 1883 

*Berseth, Andrew M, '93, Died Aug. 6, 1896 

tBessesen, Henry John, 99. Albert Lea 

Best, Rista N., '92, 2012 Park av, Minneapolis 

Clerk Washburn-Crosby Co. 
Bestor, May, '91, (M. A., '97) 2625 2d av S, Minneapolis 


Bierbauer, Bruno W., '88, 85 Pierrepont st, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

tBiglow, Helen '99 (B. A., Grinnell). 

Billings. Wall M., '98, 727 University av se, Minneapolis 


Bingham, Alice J., '99 Sleepy Eye, Min^n 

Birdsall, Albert Thornton, '93 (M. D., "96), 

285 Washington av, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Bisbee, Edgar C, '94, 509 15th av se, Minneapolis 

Vice-President Midland Linseed Oil Co. 
Bissell, Stanley H, '96, 619 4th st se, Minneapolis 

Travelling man. 
Blanchard, Mary L., '88, (Mrs. Gilbert P. Murphy) 

400 6th st se, Minneapolis 
Blaisdell, Alfred, '98, Minot, N. D. 

Lawyer — United States Commissioner. 
Blaisdell, Helen E., '96, 72 Rush st, Somerville, Mass 


Blethen, Alden Joseph, Jr., '91, 519 Highland Drive, Seattle, Wash 
Managing Editor (Stockholder) Daily Times. 

tBonfoy, Anna Helen, '84, (Mrs. Vaughn) Claremont, Cal 

♦Bonniwell, Agnes Virginia, '82. Died Feb. 10, '92. 

tBonniwell, Harlow Horace, 81. Hutchinson, Minn 


Bonwell, Sadie L.. '93, (Mrs. Fred D. Calkins) Algona, la 

Booth, Lawrence N., '97, San Jacinto, Cal 


Boraas, Julius, '95, Red Wing, Minn 

County Superintendent of Schools, Goodhue Co. 

Borncamp, Edward, '93, Trinity Church, Boston 


Bothe, Edwin B., '99. Cottage Grove, Minn 

Principal of Schools at Good Thunder, Minn. 

Bowman, Fred C, '79, Duluth, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 

*Boyum, Sigurd J., '91, Died January 1. 1895 

Braasch, William F., '00, 2417 Lyndale av N, Minneapolis 

Medical student — University of Minnesota. 

Alumni Record 37 

tBrabec, Frank Joseph, '90. Perham, Mino 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Brace, Emory Chace, '99, Palace Hotel, San Francisco, Cal 

Trfl,veling Salesman. 
Bradford, Belle M. ,'84, Empire, Minn 

Br^idford, Bertha A., '95, 324 13th av se, Minneapolis 

Principal of St. Peter High School. 
Bradford, Charles S., '00, Empire, Minn 


Bradford, James E., '92, (LL. B., '94) 

405 Bailey Building, Seattle, Wash 


Bradford, Jessie A., "94, 405 Western av, St. Pftul 

Teacher in St. Paul Schools. 
Bradford, Mary Grace, '94, Empire, Minn 


Bradford, Winifred G., '00, 324 13th ay se, Minneapolis 

Teacher of English in Janesville High School. 

tBratrud, Theodore, '96, (M. D., '99) Warren, Minn. 


Bray, Charles W., '91 (M. D., '95) Biwabik, Minn 

Physician. . . 

Breckenridge, Julia Reed, '96, 308 Day st, Decorah, la 

Teacher Languages, Decorah Institute. 
Brewer, Flora E., '97, 2314 Aldrich av S, Minneapolis 

Brewer, Mary Tuttle, '95, 2314 Aldrich av S, Minneapolis 

Brewster, Henry Webb, '87, (Ph. D., '92) 

5711 Madison av, Chicago, 111 

Student of Sociology. 
tBriggs, John Gallup, '94, Berlin, Germany 

Graduate Student. 
Brill, Ethel C, '99, 2365 Carter av, St. Paul 

Book-reviewer, St. Paul Pioneer Press. 
Brill, Hascal R., Jr., '97, (LL. B., '99) 

901 Pioneer Press Building, St. Paul 


*Broughton, Herbert John, '81, Died May 9, 1883 

Brohough, Gustave O., '89 (LL. B., '93), Red Wing, Minn 


Brokaw, Lena E., '00, Port Huron, Mich 

Teacher — Literature. 
Brooks," Adelia S., '99, 1016 Orange st, Los Angeles, Cal 


Brooks, Harry B., '96, Renville, Minn 

Newspaper Publisher. 
Brown, Berthia W., '85, (Mrs. Frederic O. Getchell) 

Fort Totten N. D. 
Brown, Cora I., '80, (Mrs. Herbert W. Brownson) 

3024 16th av S, Minneapolis 
Brown, Eliza K., '00, Aitkin, Minn 


Browne, Henriette S., "99, 212 W. Grant st, Minneapolis 


Brown, Minot J., '99, 619 4th st se, Minneapolis 

With Imperial Elevator Co. 
Browne, William L., '00, 2800 3d av S, Minneapolis 


Brugger, Vida, '98, 2732 Elliott av, Minneapolis 


Bryant, James Francis, '80, Ida Grove, Minn 


Bryant, Julian C, '78, 129 E Congress st, St. Paul 

Principal Madison School. 
♦Bryant, William Cullen, '81, Died Oct. 22, 1883 

Buck, Clemma, '99, 511 15th av se, Minneapolis 


Buckley, Daniel, '95 (M. D., '98), Seattle, Wash 


58 University of Minnesota 

Buehler, Hetty G., '99, (Mrs. Lee Galloway) Two Harbors, Minn 
IBuer, James, '98, F.aribault, Minn 

ti,unnell, Frank S., '97, Chicago 

Instructor in Latin — Lewis Institute. 
Burgess. Georgia A., '94, 604 5th st se, Minneapolis 

Teacher — North High School. 
Burglehaus, Theron W., '98, 812 7th st se, Minneapolis 

Law student — University of Minnesota. 
Burnap, Willard L., '97, Clear Lake, la 

Student Rush Medical College. 
Burnes, Catherine A., '99 Hopkins, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
tBurnes, Clara Thornton, '94, Hopkins, Minn 

tBurnes, Diana, '81, (Mrs. S. C. Campbell) Hopkins, Minn 

Burnell, George Edwin, '87, 3146 Minnehaha av, Minneapolis 


Burnham, Ethel, '00, Arlington, Minn 


tBursell, Herbert E. R., '98, 2948 Fremont av N, Minneapolis 

Mission Worker and Teacher. 
Butler, Martha, A., '76, (Mrs. Joel N. Childs). Ortonville, Minn 
Butler, Patrick J., '84, Ada, Minn 

Superintendent of Public Schools. 
Butters. Frederic King, '99, 815 7th st S, Minneapolis 

Graduate student — University of Minnesota. 
Butts, Mary L., '00, Stillwater, Minn 

Teacher — Springfield. 
Byrnes, Agnes P., '94, 408 13th av se. Minneapolis 


Byrnes. Mary R., '00, 408 13th av se, Minneapolis 


Byrnes. Timothy E., '79, New York Life Building. Minneapolis 

Lawyer — New York Life Building, Minneapolis, and Kel- 
logg Building, Washington, D. C. 

( adwell. Edith I., '98, LeSueur, Minn 


Cahoon, Charlotte Deming, '97, Butte, Mont 

Science teacher. 

Caldwell, Alexader W., '95, 595 Carroll st, St. Paul 

Newspaper Reporter, Dispatch. 
'Caldwell, George B., '98, 535 Westminster st, St. Pan! 

Teacher in St. Paul Central High School. 
Campbell, Agnes M., '81. 327 3d av se. Minneapolis 

Representative Mutual Life of New York. 
Campbell, Effie M.. '00, 710 l.'Jth av se, Minneapolis 

Teacher of Mathematics — Benson High School. 
■Campbell, Graham Cox, '77. (M. A., '80) Burkeville. Va 

I'rincipal of Ingleside Seminary. 
Campbell, John E., '98, (M. S.. '99). City Hospital, Minneapolis 

House Physician and Surgeon. 
Campbell, Matilda J., '77, (M. L., '90) (Mrs. (ieorge F. Wilkin) 

018 3 5th av se, Minneapolis 

Assistant Professor German — University of Minnesota. 
tCampbell. Walter Henry. '95, 512 Selby av, St. Paul 

Editor. West I'ublishing Co. 
Caplin, Grace, '99, 408 9th st S, Minneapolis 

Caplin, Jessie, '97, 408 9th st S, Minneapolis 

Teacher of Chemistry — Central High School. 
Carel, Hubert Charles, '93, Minneapolis 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry. Medical Department — Uni- 
versity of Minnesota. 
Carey, Henry B., '00, 2421 Dearborn st, Chicago, 111 

Instructor in Botany and Pharmacogosy. 
Carlson, Carl F. W., '97, Glenwood, Minn 

Superintendent of Schools. 
Carlson. Lydia B., '00, Barnesville. Minn 


Alumni Record 39 

Carlton, Lillian Gregory, '99, 1528 Lyndale av, N. Minneapolis 


€arson, Charles F., '99, Faribault, Minn 


Carver, Walter M., '94, Marshall, Minn 


€ase, Frank W., '98, Marshall, Minn 

Publisher of Lyon County Reporter. 
■Case, Lucy Roberts, '99, 1709 L st. Lincoln, Neb 

Head of English Department in Lincoln High School. 
Case, M. Maud, '95, St. Peter, Minn 

Principal St. Cloud High School. 
*Case, Martin William, '96, Died Nov. 9th, 1897 

tCass Andrew Russell, '75. Brainerd, Minn 

Market Gardener and Specialist. 
■Cates, Alton M., '94, 310 Courier Building, Los Angeles, Cal 


Catherwood, Samuel D., '83, Austin, Minn 


Chadwick, Isabel, '99, Owatonna, Minn 

Teacher of English and History — St. Peter High School. 
Chalmers, Lillian H., '95, (Mrs. Charles H. Chalmers) 

2640 Essex st se, Minneapolis 
Chambers, Winslow C, '00, 840 Judson av, Evanston, 111 

Salesman in W^holesale House. 
Champlin, Eva M., '79, (Mrs. W. S. Barrett) 

1621 22d av N, Minneapolis 
Chant, Sara Emily, '00, 616 E Franklin av, Minneapolis 

•Chapin, Lewis Paul, '97, Leominster, Mass 

Student at University of Leipsic, 
*Chapman, Fanny Belle, '99, Died March 20. 1900 

Chapman, Grace, '91, 553 6th av N, Minneapolis 


Chapman, Herman H., '96, Grand Rapids, Mich 

Supenintendent State Experiment Farm. 
Chapman, Lucy Lord, '99, 593 Holly av., St. Paul 

Student of Design — St. Paul Art School. 
•Chappie, Benjamin P., '91, Faribault, Minn 


Chappie, Charles L., '92, (M. D., 98) Rochester, Minn 

Physician — Assistant Physician Rochester State Hospital 
for the Insane. 

Chase, Charles L., '91, Stillwater, Minn 

Shoe Merchant. 

Chase, D^iisy. '98, 2479 University av, St. Paul 

Chatfield, Edward C, '74, 613 Fulton st, St. Paul 

Cheney, Mary Moulton, '92, 

2239 Gordon av, St. Anthony Park, St. Paul 

Designer and Teacher of Design. 
Cheney, William Whittelsey, '89, 123 Michigan av, Chicago 


Child, Bertha, '99, 433 West st, Waukegan, 111 

Teacher in the High School. 
Childs, Hubert G., '97. Wheaton, Minn 

Supertindent of Schools. 
Childs, Joel N., '77, Ortonville, Minn 

Superintendent of Public Schools. 
Chittenden, E. Porter, v7, (Ripon, '74 ; Yale. '77) Kearney, Neb 


Chowen, Herbert O., 81, Great Falls, Mont 


Christianson, Christian H., '90, Hartman. S. D. 

Principal of Schools. 
Christianson, Peter, '90, 411 Walnut st se, Minneapolis 

Instructor in Metallurgy. 
Christopherson, Conrad H., '98, Long Prairie. Minn 

Superintendent of Schools. 

40 University of Minnesota 

Church, Arthur B., '91, (LL. B., '96) Staples, Minii> 


Clark, George Archibald, '91, Stanford University, Cal 

Secretary to the University. 
Clark, Howard S., '95, (M. D., '97), Glencoe, Minn 


Clark, John S., '76, 729 10th av se, Minneapolis 

Professor of Latin — University of Minnesota. 

Clark, Leroy E., '95, (LL. B., '98) Care "Times," Minneapolis 

Assistant Superintendent Advertising. 

Clark, Theodore, '94, 363 W 123d st, New York 


Clark, Victor S., '90, (Ph. D., Columbia), 

Writer. 229 E St. N. E., Washington, D. C. 

Clark, William W., '82, 813 Nicollet Av., Minneapolis 


Clarke, Benjamin F., '92, 38 Sixth Av., La Grange (Chicago), 111. 

Teacher of mathematics, Lyons township high school. 
tClarke, Frederick Henry, '83, 116 Rialto Bldg, Chicago, 111. 

Grain Dealer. 

Clement, Lucian O. '99, 317 Delaware St. S. E., Minneapolis 
Medical student. 

tClevenger, June O., '97, Dixon, Cal. 


Clifford, Elmer L., '95, The Times Office, Minneapolis 

Assistant City Editor of Times. 
Clinton, Fanny Loudon, '00, (Mrs. Charles Wilmot Clinton), 

149 Broadway, Norwich, Conn, 

Teacher, charge of English Dept., Norwich Free Academy. 
Clipfell, Mary Elizabeth, '98, Redwood Falls, Minn. 


Coe, William T., '94, 1217 30th Av. N., Minneapolis 

Lawyer, Office, 435 Temple Court. 
Cogelow, William J,, '00, 674 Edmund st, St. Paul 

Teaching at New Auburn. 
Cohen, Lillian, '00, 415 E 14th st, Minneapolis 

Graduate student U. of M. 
tCole, Eugenia Louise, '94, (Mrs. Alvin H. Poehler), 

2124 Girard Av. S., Minneapolis 
Cole, George E., '00, 109 Oak Grove st, Minneapolis 

Ccds-r L3,l£6 Zc6 Co 
Colgrove, Maude C, '93, (Mrs. Fred Schilplin) St. Cloud, Minn 
tCollom, John Franklin, '79, Boston, Mass 


Colson, Louis H,, '00 Lamberton, Minn 

Superintendent of Public Schools. 
Colter, Mabel Augusta, '93, 620 Central Park Place, St. Paul 

Teacher of History, Mechanic Arts High School. 
Comfort, Sarah Catherine, '90, 2 Grove Place, Minneapolis 

East Side High School, Teacher. 
Comstock, Grace Eleanor, '99, Estnervllle, Iowa 

Assistant Principal High School, 
Condit, William Henry, '96, (M, D,, '99) 1010 4th st se, Minneapolis' 


Cone, Benjamin, '00, Windom, Minn 

Real Estate. 

Conger, Charles T., '90, 1075 Clarkson st, Denver, Col 


Connor, Myrtle, '91, (Mrs. Charles L. Chase), Stillwater. Minn 
Cook, Edna, '88, (Mrs. Charles H. McCasIin) 

332 W Warren st, Bucyrus, Ohio 
tCook, Roy Jay, '95, 8 14th st E, Minneapolis 

Assistant Secretary, Peavey Elevator Co. 
Cooley, Bret E,, '99, Otsego, Minn 


Cooley, Martha M., '93, Station "A," Minneapolis 

Cornish, Edwin J., '99, 824 Monroe st, Chicago, III 

Student Rush Medical College — Class 02. 

Alumni Record 


Kansas City, Mo 

Richfield, Minn 
1329 6th St se, Minneapolis 

tCornish, Frank V., '98, 

Couillard, Fred L., '78, 

Cauntrym,an, Gratia A., '89, 


Countryman, Lana M., '90, (Mrs. Charles T. Conger) 

1075 Clarkson st, Denver, Col 
*Cotton, Henry, '90, Died Jan. 22, 1901 

tCouper, Everett W., '99. Lodi, Cal 

Student Seabury Divinity School, Faribault, Minn. 
Covell, .A Eugene, '92 945 14th av se, Minneapolis 

Cashier Y. & L. Coal Co. 
Covell, Frank E., '90, (LL. B., '93) 945 14th av se, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — Publisher, 734 Lumber Exchange. 
€ox, Norman J., '98, Wasioja, Minn 

Medical student — University of Minnesota 
Coxe, Jessie E., '00, Worthington, Minn 

Teacher of English, Worthington High School. 
Crafts, Lettie M., '81, 610 5th st se, Minneapolis 

Assistant Librarian, University of Minnesota — Member of 
the City Library Board. 
Crafts, Leo Melville, '86, 610 5th st se, Minneapolis 

Physician ; Dean and Professor of Nervous Diseases in 
Hamline University. 
Crafts, Robert H., '76, 2329 6th st S, Minneapolis 

Craig, Alice Evelyn, 99, 732 Marshall av, St. Paul 

High School Instructor — Anoka. 
Craig, Marion Jean, '94, (Mrs. Franklin H. Wentworth) 

2945 Wabash av, Chicago, 111 

Crane, Fremont, '86, (B. C. 

Civil Engineer 
tCrecelius, John Augustus, 

Newspaper Man. 
Crocker, Frances E., '00, 

*Crombie, John S., '93, (B. 

E., '87 ; C. E., '98) 


Spokane, Wash 

St. Louis, Mo 

51 Clarence av se, Minneapolis 

'76, University of Michigan) 

Died April 14, 1893 
1701 Thomas Place, Minneapolis 


Rochester, Minn 
606% E 27th st, Minneapolis 
Bemidji, Minn 

Cross, Clare A., 
Cross, J. Grosvenor, 

Cross, Norton Murdock,, '87, 

Crosswell, Thomas H., '87, 

Civil Engineer, Northern Pacific Ry. 
tCrounse, Emma Seabury, '99, 2524 Aldrich av, Minneapolis 

Crozier, Mary Ruth, '00, Monticello, Minn 

Teaching at Ruhsford, Minn. 
Cunningham, Emery M., '98, Washburn, Wis 

Instructor in Science in High School. 
Currie, Ebenezer A., '77, Merriam Park, Minn. ; Dickinson, N. D. 

Real Estate Broker, St. Paul; Live Stock, Dickinson, N. D. 
Curtis, Grace W., '82, (Mrs. Edward A. Gowran) Portage, Wis 
Curtis, John P., '98, Thief River Falls, Minn 

Proprietor Drug Store. 
Custer, Junie L., '98, 1108 3d av S, Minneapolis 

Principal Shakopee School. 
Cutts, Rollin E., '90, (M. D., '93) 2713 Blaisdell av, Minneapolis 

Physician and Surgeon, 802 Dayton Building. 
tDahl, Anna Dorothea, '00, 
Dahl, John A., '92, (LL. B., '93) 

Dahlen, Fred, '00, 

Dalrymple, John S., '96, Summit a v, St. Paul 


535 Temple Court, Minneapolis 

Oslo, Minn 

42 University of Minnesota 

Dalrymple, William, 95, Duluth, Minn 

Grain Commission. 

Daniel, May, '99, 1057 13tli av se, Minneapolis 

Catalogueing-Assistant on Cumulative Book Index. 

D,aniels, Ada E., '98 2440 Girard av S, Minneapolis 

Daniels, Mary A., '96, 947 Amsterdam av, New York City 

Director of Gymnastics. 

Danner, Harry R., '96, (LL. M., '94; Ph. D., '99) 

141 Broadway, New York City- 

Davidson, Mary I., '96, Luverne, Minn 


Davies, J. Milton, '96, Wayzata, Minn 

Principal of Schools. 
Davis, Frederick U., '98, Mankato, Minn 

Medical student- — University of Minnesota. 
Davis, Isabel H., '98, (Mrs. Walter C. Poehler) 

1018 Hawthon av, Minneapolis 
Davis, Perley A., '98, Caledonia, Minn 

Superintendent of Schools. 
Day, Ernest E., '95, 1515 Adams st ne, Minneapolis 

Pastor Open Door Congregational Church. 
Day, R. Noble, '96, 402 Palladio Building, Duluth, Minn 


Dean, Frank Edson, '98, Luverne, Minn 

Superintendent of City Schools, 
tDeCoster, Esther Louise, '99, Litchfield, Minn 

Teacher — Little Falls. 
tDeKay, Cornelia, '95, Red Wing, Minn 


Demmon, Alice E., '82, 905 S. Busey av, Urbana, 111 

Director Domestic Science. Department Public Schools. 
Dever, Charles S., '93, (LL. B., '94; LL. M., "95) Minneapolis 

Lawyer — 537 Andrus Building. 
Devereaux, Thomas, '97, City Hospital, Minneapolis 

House Physician. 
Dewart, (John) Harry McLean, '94, St. Thomas, N. D. 


Dewart, Murray Wilder, '97, Winthrop Hall, Cambridge, Mass 

Clergyman — Episcopalian. 
Dewey, Rupert C, '92, Washington, D. C. 

Lieutenant U. S. Marine Corps, U. S. Navy. 
tDibole, Eugene R., '00, Minneapolis 
Dickerman, Arthur E., '82, 116 W 7th st, St. Paul 

Dickinson, Albert J., '98, 457 Ashland av, St. Paul 

Clerk G. N. Ry., D. and S. car department. 
Dickinson, Lucy E., '97, (Mrs. E. Franklyn Hertz) 

801 Andrus Building. Minneapolis 
Dinehart, Clarence C, '99, Slayton, Minn 

Teller State Bank of Slayton. 
Dinsmooi", Adelbert O., '87, Compton, Cal 

tDittenhoefer, Frank Herman, '92, 1514 Bryant av N, Minneapolis 

Lawyer (635 Temple Court) 
Dixson, Hai'i'y L., '97, Northfield, Minn 


Dobie, Ellen, '98, 1912 Clinton av, Minneapolis 

Teacher in Central High School. 
Dodge, Albert A., '91, (M. D., '94) Faribault, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Dodge, Clayton J., '98, Claremont Minn 

Law student — University of Minnesota. 
Dodge, Warren M., '90, (M. D., '95) Farmington, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Doherty, Anne, '00, 608 W 7th st, St. Paul 


Doherty, Agnes L., '95, 608 W 7th st, St. Pant 

Teacher in St. Paul Central High School, St. Paul. 

Alumni Record 43; 

Doherty, Mary H., '95, 608 W 7th st, St. Pau] 

Teacher in Central High School, St. Paul. 
Donaldson, Elizabeth, '00, 1126 5th st se, Minneapolis 


Donaldson, Eleanor L., '00, 1126 5th st se, Minneapolis 


♦Donaldson, Susanne T., '97, (Mrs. William M. Sloss) 

Died March 8th, 1901 

Donohue, Jeremiah I., '84, (B. Ag., '87) St. Cloud, Minn 

Patents and Claims. 
Doty, Mabel O., '99, Courtland, Minn 

Dresser, Helene A., '93, (Mrs. Fred Morrow Fling) 

641 S 13th st, Lincoln, Neb 
Dresser, Medora E., '99, 420 Madison st ne, Minneapolis 

Teacher Literature and German. 
Drew, Mary E., '96, 388 S Union st, Burlington, Vt 


Duncan, Theodore L., '99, St. Anthony Park, Minn 

Assistant in Forestry — Agricultural Experiment Station, 
University of Minnesota-. 

tDunlap, Alexander Hamilton, '99, Manistee, Micb 

tDunlap, George C, '97, (M. A., '98) 18 W Central av, St. Paul 
Assistant Instructor Latin, Minneapolis Academy. 

Dunham, Lucy B., '97, Alexandria, Minn 


Dunton, Harriet E., '00, Red Wing, Minn 


Durkee, Carolyn, '97, (Mrs. Albert H. Harmon) 

58 Prospect Terrace, St. Paul 
tDutcher, Kate Ethel, '95, Seattle, Wash. 

Dyer, George E., '98, 253 U. of M., Minneapolis 

Law student — University of Minnesota. 
Eaton, Jessie G., '97 1302 Yale Place, Minneapolis 

Teacher in South Side High School. 
Eaton, Rose Winnifred, '95, Wells, Minn 

Principal of Schools — Wadena. 
tEckmann, Frank A., '96, (B. A., Gustavus Adolphus) 
Eddy, Esther M., '98, 916 6th st se, Minneanpolis 

Eggen, Halsten O., '99, St. Peter, Minn 

Teacher in High School. 
tEkblad, A Theodore, '00, (B. A., Augsburg) Hopkins, Minn 

Elftman, Arthur Hugo, '92, 706 Globe Building, Minneapolis 

Geologist and Mining Engineer. 
Eliason, Adolph Oscar, '96, (M. A., Harvard, '98), 

Montevideo, Minn 


Ellingson, George H., '96, Canton, S, D. 

Teacher of Germjan and English, Augustana College, Canton, 
S. D. 

Elliott, Charles Burke, '88, 227 Oak Grove st, Minneapolis 

Judge of the 4th Judicial District 
Elliott, Etta Medora, '79, (Mrs. Edward P. Adams) 

36 Emery stt, Medford, Mass 
Ellis, Sidney A., '96, 178 Huntington av, Boston, Mass 

Osteopathic Physician. 
Ellithorpe, Clarence, '95, Walhalla, N. D. 

Principal of School. 
Elmquist, Anthony F., '97, (Ph. D., '00) Duluth, Minn 


Elwell, Jessie H C, '93, (Mrs. William D. Frost) Madison, Wis 
Elwell, Mattie Laura, '89, 1064 16th av se, Minneapolis 

Teacher in East Side High School 
Elwell, Mary W., '86, (Mrs. Theodore N, Spaulding, 

South Park,, Minn 

Elwell, T. Robert, '95, Stoughton, Wis 

Congregational minister. 
Ely, Helen M., '75, (Mrs. Henry M. Williamson) 

120 E 26th st, Portland, Ore 

44 University of Minnesota 

Emery, Elwood A., '87, 51 St. Stephen st, Boston, Mass 

Vocal Teacher, 

Emmons, Frank W., '99, 2621 16th av S, Minneapolis 

Graduate Assistant Chemistry — University of Minnesota. 
Empey, Clarence R., '93, 

1214-16 Guaranty Loan Building, Minneapolis 


Espy, Lila Wood, '95, 74 Summit av, St. Paul 

Eustis, Pr,ank, '77, 825 Guaranty Loan Building 

Real Estate and Loans. 
Eustis, Fred, '77, 3107 4th st se, Minneapolis 


Eustis, Warren Clark, '73, Owatonna, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Evans, Marv S., '97, (M. L., '99) 1015 6th st se, Minneapolis 

Teacher in North High School. 
Evans, Tamazine McKee, '97, (Mrs. Owen J. Evans) 

1726 Dupont av S, Minneapolis 
tEverts, Kfttherine Jewell, '94, 79 Clarence av se, Minneapolis 

Teacher — Winona State Normal. 
Fanning, Mary G., '99, 657 E 7th st, St. Paul 

Teacher of Biology and History — Humboldt High School. 
Faries, John Cuthbert, 2318 Pleasant av, Minneapolis 

Clergyman — Editor and Proprietor of "The North and 

Farmer, Ernest M., '96, 1208 6th av, Seattle, Wash 

Farmer, John F., '92, Spring Valley, Minn 

Diplomate of Ostheopathy. 
Faude, Frank C, '97, 1811 Park av, Minneapolis 


Faude, Paul, '00, 1811 Park av, Minneapolis 

Lease Agent, Northern Pacific Railroad 
Fay, William E,, '83, 290 Commonwealth av, Boston, Mass 


Featherstone, Ora M., '99, Zambrota, Minn 

High School Teacher 
Felch, Frances, '99, (Mrs. Charles A. Snow) Wadena, Minn 

Felch, Susie, '95, (Mrs. James Campbell, Jr.) Wadena, Minn 

Ferner, Roy Y., '97, U. S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D. C. 

Computer in Naval Observatory. 
*Ferree, Charles Wesley, '93, (M. A., '97) Deceased 
Field, Peter, '96, Carthage, 111 

Profesor of Mathematics and Astronomy Carthage College. 
Fillmore, Albert Ernest, '88, Vermillion, S. D. 


Finch, Albert A., '88, Blooming Prairie, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Finch, Arthur J., '99, Brookings, S. D. 


tFink, Bruce. 00, (M. S., U of HI.) Fayette, la 

Upper Iowa University. 
Finlayson, George A. B., '96, (LL. B., '99) Crookston, Minn 


Firkins, Ina, '88. 1528 4th st se, Minneapolis 


Firkins, Oscar W., '84, 201 Harvard st se, Minneapolis 

Instructor in Rhetoric — University of Minnesota. 
Fish, Elizabeth M., '97, 2301 3d av S, Minneapolis 

Teacher at Central High. 
Fish, Florence A., '99, 2301 3d av S, Minneapolis 

Teacher — Hastings. 
Fisher, Elizabeth A., '98. 118 Royalston av, Minneapolis 

Teacher of French and Latin — Stillwater High School. 
Fisher, Elizabeth M., '95. (Mrs. F. L. Barker) 

Hotel Waverly, Minneapolis 
tPisher, James Van S., '97, Minneapolis 

Teacher — East Side High School. 

Alumni Record 45 

Fitch, Lester J., '99, 2213 Portland av, Minneapolis 

Student in Law Department. 
Flanagan, Charles G., '98, 152 S. D. University of Chicago, Chicago 

Student Pastor at Grant Park, 111. 
tFlanders, Romane C, '98, Kansas City, Mo 

Salesman and Collector, Swift & Co. 
Flaten, Nils, '93, Northfleld, Minn 

Professor of Latin, St. Olaf College. 
Fleming, Ellsworth, '00, Vernon Ceter, Minn 


Fleming, Hattie Evelyn, '94, 201 Harvard st se, Minneapolis 

±ilet,cher, Carrie D., '82, (Mrs. Chelsea J. Rockwood), 

1700 Thomas Place, Minneapolis 
Folin, Otto, '92, Waverly, Mass 

Reserch Chemist in the McLean Hospital. 
Folsom, Mary Louise, '93, 1003 6th av S, Minneapolis 

Teacher in the Public Schools. 
Folwell, Russell H., '93, Minneapolis 

Engineer of Barnett & Record Co. 
tFoote, Clara DeMaris, '00, Minneapolis 
Force, Frank E., '00, 2700 Fremont av S, Minneapolis 

Graduate student — University of Minnesota. 
tFord, Celia, '97. 

Forsyth, Ollie B., '99, B-7 Harmon Court, Minneapolis 

Graduate student — University of Minnesota. 

*Foss, August, '97, Died Sept. 24, 1898, at Camp Meade, Pa 

U. S. V. 2d Engineers. 

Foster, Wesley S., '96, (LL. B., '99) Milaca, Minn 

Practicing Law. 

Foss, Elizabeth H., '99, 326 13th av se, Minneapolis 

Science Teacher. 

Fowler, Carl Hitchcock, '95, (B. S., '96), 96 Broadway, New York 

Attorney and Counsellor at Law. 
Fowler, Harry A,, '95, Baltimore, Md 

Medical Student — Johns Hopkins Medical School. 
Fox, Henrietta Gertrude, '95, 2204 17th ,av S, Minneapolis 

Frankel, Louis B., '97, (LL. B. '99) 

50 National German Bank Building, St. Pan J 

tFrankenfield, Laura E., '94, Minneapolis 

Manning College. 
Freeman, Emma C, '94, 967 Euclid st, St. Paul 


Freeman, Edw,ard M., '98 967 Euclid st, St. Paul 

Instructor in Botany — University of Minnesota. 
Fridley, Don P., '96, (LL. B., '94) Becker, Minn 

Stock and Ranch Business. 
Friedlander, Esther, '92, (A. M., '93) 2803 2d av S, Minneapolis 

Principal High School, Windom, Minn. 
Fritzsche, Frances Pauline, '00. Fargo, N. D. 

Teacher of Latin and English Literature. 
Frost, Flora J., '90, Jackson, Minn 


Frost, William Dodge, '93, (M. S., '94) Madison, Wis 

Instructor in Bacteriology — University of Wisconsin, 
Fryberger, Harrison E., '90, ( LL. B., '92) 

819 4th av S, Minneapolis 


Frye, Nora, '91, Stillwater, Minn 

Teacher in High School, Latin Deparatment. 
Fuller, Lillian, '93, 1928 Portland av, Minneapolis 

Teacher in South High School. 
♦Fuller, Viola, '77, (Mrs. J. E. Miner) Died May 25, 1893 

Fullerton, Caroline A., '96. 3016 Harriet av, Minneapolis 

Pincipal Mankato High School. 
Fullerton, Ellen C, '00, 3016 Harriet av, Minneapolis 

Medical student — University of Minnesota. 

46 University of Minnesota 

Funk, Gertrude, '99, Mapleton, Minn 


tFurber, James Lawrence, '00, Cottage Grove, Minn 

Furlong, Bridget, '98, 219 Winifred st, St. Paul 


Furst, William, '99, Minneapolis 

Librarian University of Minnesota College of Law. 
*Gage, Addison, Jr., '79. Died Sept. 19, 1883 

Galloway, Lee, '96, Two Harbors, Minn 

Superintendent City Schools. 
Gardiner, Edward B., '91, Care Le Grand Leader, St. Louis, Mo 

Writer and Designer of Advertising. 
Garfield, William H., '97, Greenville, Mich 

Pastor Baptist Church. 
Garrity, Harry, "96, Washtucna, Wash 

Gaylord, Edsen S., '83, 2221 N Fremont av, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — 550 Temple Court. 
tGeiser. Rudolph, '00, Morris, Minn. 


Geisness, Thomas, '97, Minneapolis 

Graduate student — University of Minnesota. 
George, James W., '96, 707 15th av se, Minneapolis 

Medical student — University of Minnesota. 
Gerdsen, William C, '98, Victoria, Minn 

Teacher in High School Litchfield. 
Gerhard, Mary L., '00, 110 Lumber Exchange, Minneapolis 

*Germo, Severt, '88, Died Sept. 3, 1894 

Getchell, Nettie, "76, 537 Maple av, Los Angeles, Cal 


Gibbs, Elsie Carolyn, '96, Monticello, Minn 


Gibbs, Gertrude, '93, (M. S.. "96, Cornell) Everett, Wash 

Principal of High School. 
Giddings, Arthur E., '89, (Li^. B., "92) Anoka, Minn 

Lawyer — Judge of District Court, 18th Judicial District. 
Gideon, Florence, '88 (Mrs. Florence Gideon Webster) 

Eveleth, Minn 

tGilfillan, Fred James, '95, St. Paul 

Gillette. Lewis S., '76, Minneapolis 

President Gillette-Herzog Manufacturing Co., I'resident Min- 
nesota Malleable Iron Co., Vice-President Metropolitan 
Bank, Western Manager American Bridge Co. 
Gilman. Joshua E., '87, Winnebago City, Minn 

County Superintendent of Schools. 
Gislason, Haldor B., "00, 13 Florence Court se Minneapolis 

Law student — I'niversity of Minnesota. 
Gjerset, Knut, "93, Glenwood, Minn 

Principal of Glenwood Academy. 
Glasoe, I'aul Maurice, "97, 414 Harvard st se, Minneapolis 

Instructor in Chemistry — University of Minnesota. 
Glattly, Bertha L., '00, Sumner, la 

Teacher — Jackson, Minn. 
tGlidden, Mary ()., '97. 

Godward, William A., '95, Pembina. N. D. 


Goode, John Paul, "89, Charleston. Ill 

Department of Physical Science and Geography — State Nor- 
mal School. 

(Joodnow, John Fin ley, '79, Shanghai, China 

U. S. Consul General. 
Goodsill, Mary I., '95, (Mrs. George S. Todd) Lake Citv, Minn 
(ioodwin (Jodfrey G., '95, Cambridge. Minn 

Lawyer — County Attorney. 
tGould, Alfred Burt, '87, Wasioja, Minn 


Gould, Chester N., '96. (M. A., '00) Leipsic, Germanv 

Graduate student — ITniversity of Leipsic. 
Gould, (Jertrude Helen, '97. 1112 4th st se, Minneapolis 

Assistant in High School. 

Alumni Record 47 

Gould, James B., *82, 3201 Niccolet av, Minneapolis 

Physician and Surgeon. 
tGould, Luella E., '97, Owatonna, Minn 

Goulding, Louisa S., '00, 870 Clark st, St. Paul 

Teacher of Mathematics and Science. 
Gowdy, Chestine, '99, 81 Arthur av, Minneapolis 


Griaber, Albert, '88, 141 5th av ne, Minneapolis 

Civil Engineer, 1208 Guaranty Building. 
Graham, Christopher, '87, Rochester, Minn 


Grannis, Henry J., '86, Duluth, Minn. 


Grant, J. Colfax, '90, (LL. B., '93, Columbia Law School) 

500 Temple Court, Minneapolis 
Gray, Janet, '97, (Mrs. Archibald M. Stew,art) Delhi, Minn 

Grant, Nelly, '97, (Mrs. C. R. Christenson) Starbuck, Minn. 

Grant, Ulysses Sherman, '88, Evanston, 111 

Professor of Geology, Northwestern University. 
Graves, Ethel S., '98, 437 Bidwell st, St. Paul 

High School Instructor. 
Graves, John W., '92, 1511 Summit Boulevard, Spokane, Wash 


Gray, George A., '95, (M. D., '98) Hyde Block, Spokane, Wash 


Gray, James, '85, 4212 Sheridan av S, Minneapolis 

Newspaper work. 
Gray, Stella, '99, (Mrs. Edward Augustus Whitman) Preston, Minn 
Greeley, Horace B., '80, Mapleton, Minn 


Green, Eugene K., '95, Brooklyn Center, Minn 

Medical student — University of Minnesota. 
Green, Frank Evard, '94, Manila, P. I. 

Captain U. S. V., Montana. 
Green, George H., '99, Jordan, Minn 

Principal of Schools. 
tGreenwood Carl De Jb orris, '94, St. Paul 

Commercial Traveler. 
Greenwood, Curtis L., '85, Telluride, San Miguel Co., Col 

Civil and Mining Engineer — Proprietor of fruit farm at 
Hotchkiss, Delt,a Co., Col. 
Greer, Allen J., '79, Lake City, Minn 

Attorney-at-Law — State Senator. 
Gregory, Joel Ernest, '96, (LL. B., '98) 877 Phalen av, St. Paul 

Lawyer — 505 Manhattan Building. 
Griffin, Miriam E., '00, 1721 Taylor st, St. Paul 


Grimes, Emma Elizabeth, '81, 3209 Nicollet lav, Minneapolis 

Grimes, George S., '81, 4400 Beard av S, Minneapolis 


Gross, Otis C, '90, Eau Claire, Wis 

Superintendent of City Schools. 
tGrotte. Anthony. '93 (LL. B., '94) 2325 N 6th St., Minneapolis 

Lawyer — Castner & Grotte. 
Gruenberg, Benjamin C, '96, 641 Washington st. New York City 

Polar iscopist, U. S. Laboratory. 
Grussendorf, Deidrich A., '97, New Ulm, Minn 

Teacher of Sciences, High School. 
Guilford, Harry M., '95, (M. D., '98) 

1820 Hawthorn av, Minneapolis 

Guilford, Paul Willis, '97, (LL. B., 00) 

1820 Hawthorn av, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — 307 Lumber Exchange. 
Guthrie, Anna Lorraine, '92, 1312 5th st se, Minneapolis 

Library Assistant at University of Minnesota. 
Guthrie, Charles E., '91, 10 Ashmore Court, se Minneapolis 

Medical student — University of Minnesota. 

48 University of Minnesota 

Guthrie, Dora May, '91, (Mrs. C. E. Huntington) Luverne, Minn 
Guthrie, Joseph E., "00, 1614 4th st se, Minneapolis 

. Scholar in Zoology at University ; also doing graduate work. 
Hadley, William Aaron, 89, (B. A., '81 Earlham College) 

Marietta, O 

Instructor in Latin, Marietta College. 
Haecker, Elfleda, '98, (.M. S., '00, Nebraska) 

1205 Raymond av, St. Paul 

At present assisting father in his oflBce. 
Hagar, Etta M., '97, 11 Tremont st, Lawrence, Mass 


tHiagestad, Knut M., '99. (B. A., Luther College). 

*Hahn, Roland Bruce, '93, Died July 14, 1893 

Hale, Charles S., '92, 2541 Garfield av, Minneapolis 

Secretary and Treasurer Minnesota Sandstone Co. 
Hall, Arthur Dillwyn, '94, 2244 Nicollet av, Minneapolis 

Principal Minneapolis Classical School. 
Hall, Sarah P., '99, Zumbrota, Minn 


Hillock, Olive N., '99, Faribault, Minn 

Teacher in Hutchinson High School. 
Hamilton, Herbert C, '97. 835 Congress st, Detroit, Mich 


Hamlin. Ernest F., '98, 1500 Hawthorn av, Minneapolis 

Men's Furnishing Goods. 
Hammond. Asa J., '91, (M. D., '96) Winnebago City, Minn 


Hammond, George H., '87, Lake City, Minn 

Lawyer — County Attorney. 
Hanft, Frank W., '91, Brainerd. Minn 

Principal High School. 
Hankinson, llelen, '98, Appleton, Minn 


Hannum. Harry O., '93, 142 Hemenway st, Boston, Mass 

Clergyman — Old South Church. 
Hanson, George A., '97, Willmar, Minn 

Instructor — Willmar Seminary. 
Hanson. Perry Oliver, '99, Lawrence. Kan 

College Secretary of Kansas Y. M. C. A. 

1901-02 Secretary of Y. M. C. A. — University of Minnesota. 
Harding, Everhart P.. '94, 1316 7th st se, Minneapolis 

Instructor of Chemistry. 
Harding, William A.. '97. Winnebago City, Minn 

Farmer and Stockman. 
Harmon, William Webb, '91, Menominee, Mich 

Teller, Lumberman's National Bank 
Harrington, William E., '81, Hutchinson, Minn 


Harris, Emily R., '93, (Mrs. John E. Bell) 

2401 Park av, Minneiapolis 
Harris, Julia Fillmore, '00. 615 9th av se, Minneapolis 


Harris, Mary C, '98, 420 Main st. Winona, Minn 

Teaching Latin in Winona High School. 
Hart, Albert, '99, Mesa. Ariz 


Hart, Emma M., '95, 72 Bedford av se, Minneapolis 

Indexing Cumulative Book Index. 
Hartley, Heber, '93, Cass Lake, Minn 

Manager Cass Water, Light & Power Co. 
Hartman, William D.. '06. Valley City, N. D. 

Instructor — History and Drawing, Valley City Normal School 
Haugan, Otto M., '96, Fergus Falls, Minn 

Student — Northwestern University. 
Haughwout, Evelina M., 98, Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Teacher, Latin and Greek, All Siiiiit's School. 
Hawley, Anna McD., '97, ;; 11th av se, Minneapolis 

Teacher at Anoka, Minn. 

Alumni Record 4f) 

Hawley, John B., '87, Ft. Worth, Texas 

City I5ngineer. 

Hawley, M^ary Everett, '96, 323 11th av se, Minneapolis 

Hayden, J. Clyde, '00 83 Kent Square, Brookline, Mass 

Editor National Magazine 
Hayes, Helen L., '95, 1867 Winfield st, Los Angeles, Cal 


Hays, Grace A., '99, 2825 2d av S, Minneapolis 

Teacher of Science, North Side High School 
Head, George Douglas, '92, (M. D., '95) 

300 Walnut st, se, Minneapolis 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Healy, Frank, '82, 1114 4th st se, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — City Attorney. 
Helliwell, Arthur L., '95, (LL. M., "97) 

205 E Grant st, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — Helliwell & Keyes. 
Helliwell, Clare F., '98, 205 E Grant st, Minneapolis 

Assistant Principal — Renville High School. 
Helliwell, Harriet E., '98, 205 E Grant st, Minneapolis 

Hempsteiad, Clark, 96, Faribault, Minn 

Teacher, Shattuck School, 
Hendrickson, Albert P., '77, 22 E 4th st, St. Paul 


Hendrickson, Emma L., (Mrs. Charles Lyford) 

817 3d av S, Minneapolis 
*Hendrickson, Eugene A., '76, Died April 5, 1901 

*Hendrickson, George Lorenzo, '84, Died February 11, 1896 

Hendrix, Julia M., '98, 2022 Blaisdell av, Minneapolis 

Teacher of Mathematics. 
Henry, Laura A., '99, 228 University Av ne, Minneapolis 

Henry, Marie Louise, '82, (Mrs. Frank Healy) 

1114 4th st se, Minneapolis 
Herrick, Clarence L., '80, (M. S., '85 ; Ph. D., '98) 

Albequerque, N. M. 

President University of New Mexico ; Director Hadley Clim- 
atological Laboratory ; Director University Geological 
Survey : Mining and Geological Engineer. 
Herrick, Mary L., '98, 1812 3rd Av S., Minneapolis. 


Hewett, Edwin Hawley, Paris, France 

Student of Architecture. 
Hibbard, Mary Davis, '99, (Mrs. H. Wade Hibbard). 

Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Hildreth, Alvin, '79, Montrose, S. D., Spirit Lake, Minn 

Farmer and Teacher. 
Hill, Lincoln, '97, Creston, 111 


Hillman, Ada B. , '95, 622 E 24th st, Minneapolis 

Secretary of the University Y. W. C. Association. 
Hills, Mjartha F., '99, New Richmond, Wis 

Hilyer, Andrew F., '82, 2352 6th st nw, Washington, D. C. 

Clerk Office of Auditor for the Interior Department, U. S. 

Issued March 15, a social study of the colored population of 
Washington, D. C. 
Hinshaw, Jesse D., '87, 627 Boston Block, Minneapolis 

Merchant Tailor. 

Hinshaw, Millard E., '87, 503 6th st se, Minneapolis 

Manufacturer Clothing, Northwestern Block. 
Hitchings, John R., '97, 

303 Mclntyre Block, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 
Osteopathic physician. 
Hobbs, Fred Ezra, '92, 2217 Polk st, Minenapolis 

Lawyer — Justice of the Peace. 
Hodder, Mabel E., '99, (Mrs. William Charles Hodder) 

107 Royalston av, Minneapolis 

50 University of Minnesota 

Hodgson, John Edward, '95, 615-17 Hyde Block, Spokane, Wash 

Osteopathic Physician. 
Holbrook, Anna. H., '95, 1514 Nicollet av, Minneapolis 

Teacher — New Bedford, Mass. 
Holland, Mary A., '96, 820 6th st se, Minneapolis 

Hollister, Louise E., '83, 1312 6th st se, Minneapolis 

Associate National Secretary Y. W. C. T. U. 
Holmes, James E., '97, Fargo. N. D. 

Clothing Business. 
Holmes. Walter B., '88. (M. D., '94) Ada, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Holt, Andrew. '80. 2542 Chicago :av, Minneapolis 

Municipal Judge of the City of Minneapolis. 
Holt, Carrie Warner, '82, (Mrs. R. W. Jameson), 

1102 W 14th st, Sioux Citv. la 
*Holt, Lydia Rossiter. '82, Died February, 1885 

Holt, Mary E.. '82, 622 14th av se. Minneapolis 

Holt. Sophie S., '99. 718 W 5th st. Duluth, Minn 

Teacher — Under appointment as missionary to Brousa, Tur- 
key, by A. B. C. F. M., to begin work this coming Sep- 

Holtz, Eleanor, '96. 2112 Portland av, Minneapolis 


Holtz, Fred L., '92. Mankato. Minn 

Instructor in Physics and Chemistry in State Normal School. 

tHoltz. Hattie. '98, 2112 Portland av, Minneapolis 

Teacher — Osseo. 

tHooker, Mary L., '97. 40 Royalston av, Minneapolis 

Hooper, Marie L., '00, (Mrs. Noble Darrow) Chicago, 111. 

Horton. George R., '97. 439 W 64th st Chicago, 111 

Reporter Chicago Record. 
Horton. Joseph E.. '80, Linton. N. D. 

Banking and Merchandising. 
Horton, Lawrence E., '97, Wahpeton, N. D. 

Farm Implements. 
Hotchkiss, Foi, '99, Huntley, Minn 

Teacher — Wellington, Kansas. 
Hough. Emily L.. '81, (Mrs. William H. Savidge) 

908 Fort St. Boise. Idaho. 
House. Elizabeth A., '80, 317 16th av se, Minneapolis 

Hoverstad. Bertha, "99, (M. A., '00, Cornell) Ithaca. New York 

Graduate work. 

Hovland. Henry R., '94, (M. S.. '95). Duluth, Minn 

Engineer of Mines — 510 Lonsdale Building. 
tHowell. Judson T., '78. 

Hoyt, Mary A.. '95. 710 15th av S, Minneapolis 

Teacher in Washington Public Schools. 
Hubbell. Joseph (J.. '98, 226 La Salle St.. Chicago, HI. 

Fire Insurance Inspector — Survev Bureau. 
Huff, Charles. '99. Springfield. Minn 

Superintendent of Schools. 
Hughes. Mary N., '82, (Mrs. Charles E. Sinclair) 

1400 Adams st ne. Minneapolis 
*Huhn. ("nrl. 'IK-. (M. D., '98) Died March 7. 1898 

Ilult. Cottfrid i:manuel, Fargo. N. D. 

I'lolessor of Languages. 
Humphrey, Harry B.. '99. St. James. Minn 

Teacher in High School. 
Hungerford, Josephine, '96, (Mrs. Ralph Wood Revnolds) 

Selbv, S. D. 

Hunt. Emma S.. '98, 1018 7th st se. Minneapolis 


tlluntington. Arthur Elon, . Luverne, Minn 


Huntington, Elon Obed, '92, Washington, D. C. 

Assistant Surgeon U. S. Navy — Navy Department, 
tlluntington. (Jeorge Lincoln. '93, Luverne. Minn 


Alumni Record 51 

Huntoon, Ruth, '94, (Mrs. Robert Slater), Hudson, Wis 

*Hurd, Bradford Coryelle, '92, (LL. B., '94) Died July 15, 1895 
Hursh, William, '98, (LL. B., '00) Long Lake, Minu 

Lawyer — 5 and 6 Loan & Trust Building, Minneapolis. 
HutcWnson, Effle H., '99, (Mrs. J. E. Hodgson) 

615 Hyde Block, Spokane, Wash. 
Hutchinson, John Corrin, '76, 3866 Blaisdell av, Minneapolis 

Professor of Greek, University of Minnesota. 
*Hutchinson, Joseph Henry Capper, '84, Died November 21, 1888 
Hutchinson, Ruth S., '00, 3806 Blaisdell av, Minneapolis 

Teaching Latin — Briainerd. 
Ireys, Charles G., '00, 1817 Vine Place, Minneapolis 

Employ of Minneapolis Street Railway Co. 
Irving, Mary E., '85, (Mrs. Curtis L. Greenwood, 

Winter, Hotchkiss. Col. ; summer, Telluride, Col. 
Irwin, John B., '98, Richfield, Minn 

Proprietor of Woodlake Stock Farm. 
Jackson, Charles W., '90, Bird Island, Minn 


Jackson, Jeannie M., '99, 1916 4th st se, Minneapolis 

Te,aching — Howard Lake, Minn. 
Jackson, Katharine, '95, 1428 6th st se, Minneapolis 


Jackson, Robert Lyon, '94, 250 Center st, Winona, Minn 


t Jackson, William Augustus, '91, (LL. B., '93), 

1428 6th st se, Minneapolis. 


Jacobsen, Effle M., '99, Luverne, Minn 

Jamieson, Gertrude E., '00, Devils Lake, N. D. 

Assistant in High School, 
t Jefferson, Annie Harriet, '83, (Mrs. Louis H. Pinkham, 

Lakeview, Wash 

Jennison, James, '81, Minneapolis 
Head book-keeper Pillsbury-Washburn Flour Mills Co. 

Jenson, Nels, '93. 2638 W University av, St. Paul 

Clerk, with C, G. W. Ry. 

Jerome, Waldron M., '00, 70 Arthur av, se, Minneapolis 


Jewett, Edmund Gale, '97, Wilder, Minn 


*Johnson, Anthony, '84, Died June — , 1896 

Johnson, Carl Emanuel, '00, 203 Warren Av., Chicago, III. 

Sophomore, Rush Medical College. 
Johnson, Charles A., "90 Sauk Centre, Minn 


Johnson, Elwin Bird. '88, 59 Seymour Av. S. E., Minneapolis 

Registrar of the University of Minnesota. 
tJohnson, Edwin Martin, '95, (M. D., '98) St. James, Minn. 

Physician land Surgeon. 
Johnson, F. Amos, '86, New Bedford, Mass. 

Superintendent Johnson Typesetter Company. 
Johnson. Henry, '89, Charleston, 111. 

Teacher History State Normal School. 
tJohnson, John O., '97, Hanska, Minn. 

tJohnson, Julius H., 1900, Addison, Iowa 

tJohnson, Leila Pamelia, '93, ' Boston, Mass. 


Johnson, Marie A., '00, 509 19th Av. S., Minneaoolis, Minn. 


Johnson, Richard H., '82, Dickinson. N. D. 


Johnston, George H., '97, 1801 4th Av. S.. Minneapolis 

Graduate Student and Instructor in Psychology, Harvard 

Jones, Alice M., 1900, 409 W. 2nd St., Duluth, Minn. 

Jones, David P., '83, 2005 3rd Av. S., Minneapolis 

Banking, Real Estate, Insurance ,and Loans. 

52 Universitp of Minnesota 

Jones, Edward Corydon, '83, 201 12th St. S., Minneapolis 

Salesman, Washburn-Crosby Co. 
* Jones, Frank Dumars, '89, died Nov. 23, 1889. 
Jordahl, Sivert A., '98, Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Teacher, Lutheran Normal School. 
Jorgens, Joseph Oscar, '91, 2652 13th Av. S., Minneapolis 

Principal of Jackson School. 
Joyslin, Paul, 1900, 3975 Ellis Av., Chicago, 111. 

With Western Electric Co., Chicago. 
Kampen, Ingvold A., 1900, Helena, N. D. 

Graduate Student, U. of M. 
tKannary, Edward L., '97, 15 Belmont St., Montreal, Canada 

Medical Student, McGill College. 
*Kassube, John Charles, '77. Died Nov. 1, 1882. 
Keefer, George L., '92, 412 Currier Bldg, Los Angeles, CaL 


fKellam, Collins Markus, '99, Winona, Minn. 

Keller, Frank H., '98, Great Falls, Mont. 

Assayer, Boston and Montana Smelter. 
Kellogg, Clara N., 449 Portland Av., St. Paul 

Teacher of English, Central High School. 
*Kemp, Mary Emma, 91, (Mrs. B. H. Timberlake), 

Died March 11, 1899. 

tKendal], Charles Hanford, '96, (C. E. Cornell), Minneapolis. 
Kennedy. Arthur H., '00, 647 Elwood Av., Minneapolis. 

tKennedy. Georgena Frances, '99, 2300 Park Av., Minneapolis 
Kennedy, Harry M., '90, 143 S. 3rd St., Phoenix, Ariz. 

Manager of Phoenix Flour Mills. 
Kennedy, Joseph, '86, 1100 University Av., Grand Forks, N. D. 

Principal Normal Dept., Professor Pedagogy, Logic and Psy- 
chology, University of North Dakota. 
Kennedy, Kate L., '83, (Mrs. John H. Barr), 

39 East Av., Ithaca, N. Y. 
Kennedy, Katherine, '97, Eau Claire, Wis. 

Teacher of Latin. 
tKennedy, Lewis Henry, '90, Langford, S. D. 


Kennedy. P. P., '90, Fairmont, Minn. 

Superintendent of City Schools. 
*Kent, Charles Edward, '81, Died March 22, 1898. 

Kenyon, Paul E., '92, Wadena, Minn, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Keyes, Charles F., '96 (LL. B., '99), 

1013 N. Y. Life Bldg., Minneapolis. 


Keysor. William W., '79, 1326 S. 31st St., Omaha, Neb. 

Judge of District Court. 
Kiehle, Adelia M., '86, (Mrs. J. C. E. King), 

74 P St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Kiehle, Fred A., '94, 2801 Portland Av., Minneapolis. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Kilbourn, Louise L., '82, 5404 Kimbark Av., Chicago, 111. 


King, J. C. Eliott, '86, 74 P St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 


King, William L., '81, Hyderabad, Deccan, India. 

Missionary of Meth. Episcopal Church. Present Appoint- 
ment, Presiding Elder of the Hyderabad District and 
Treasurer of the South India Conference. 
Kinesbury, Adalyna, '84, (Mrs. R. S. Pigott). 

153 East 72nd St., New York City. 
Kingston, Howard W., '99, 576 Portland Av., St. Paul. 

*Kinney, Alvin C. Died August 22, 1900. 

Klnyon, Fayette C., '98, 

212 New Jersey Av. N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Clerk Agricultural Department Census. 
Kinyon, William W., '99, Owatonna, Minn. 

Bookkeeper, Hastings Manufacturing Company. 

Alumni Record 53- 

Kirk, Eyerett B., '92. 445 Laurel Av.. Minneapolis. 

Wholesale hardware. 
tKirk, John Howarth, "98, (LL. B., '00), Niagara, N. D. 


Kirtland, Rhodella, '96, 2515 E. Lake St., Minneapolis. 


Klein, Horace C, '00, 2305 W. 21st St., Minneapolis. 

Advertising Agency. 
Klepper, Horace G., '84, Wahpeton, N. I). 

County Superintendent Schools OflBce. 
tKlose, W. H., '99, (B. A., Roanoke). 

Klove, Lewis, '99, Dunbar, Iowa. 

Medical Student — University of Minnesota. 
Knappen, Theodore MacFarlane, '91, 

1701 Thomas Place, Minneapolis. 

City Editor Journal. 
Knight, Bertram G., '98, 185 World Bldg., New York City. 


tKnox, Frances Ada, 82, Portland, Ore. 


Knox, John C, '00, Jackson, Minn. 

Studying and Working in a Law OflSce. 
Knudson. Albert C, "93, Baldwin, Kansas. 

Professor of History and Biblical Literature, Baker Univer- 

Koch, Gesena W., '99, 802 6th St S. E., Minneapolis. 

Kindergartner and Instructor in Psychology in Minneapolis 
Kindergarten Training School. 
Koehler, Elizabeth, "95, Hastings, Minn. 

Teacher of German. * 
Koren. Finn, '98, 706 Delaware St. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Medical student — University of Minnesota. 
Koren, Harold, '98, 706 Delaware St. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Medical student — University of Minnesota. 
Krafft, Edwin J., '92, 1601 3rd Av. S., Minneapolis. 

Treasurer, Dean & Co., Wholesale Farm Machinery. 
Kunze. William F., '97, Hastings, Minn. 

Superintendent of Public Schools. 
LaDue, Samuel J., "99. Granite Falls, Minn. 

Superintendent City Schools. 
Ladue, William B., '89, Willets Point, New York Harbor. 

OflScer U. S. Army. 
Lagerstrom. Lydia T., "95, 2310 Emerson Av. S., Minneapolis. 


tLamborn, Alice S., '00, Olivia, Minn. 


Lamoreaux, Lowell A., "87, Lumber Exchange, Minneapolis. 


Lamoreaux, Milton S.. "87, 553 W. 67th St., Chicago. 

With Illinois Steel Company. 
Langland, Samuel S., '85, Seattle, Washington. 


Langmaid, Abbie Bailey, '98, Granite Falls, Minn. 


Larson, Augustus T., '94, (LL. B., '96), Cokato, Minn. 


Larson, Constant, '93, (LL. B., '94), Alexandria, Minn. 


*Larson, Eli, '84. Died July 29, 1893. 

Lawrence, Bessie, '80, (Mrs. George McGregor), 

3120 Portland Av., Minneapolis, 
Lawrence, Margaret, '95, 1219 4th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 


Lawrence, W. Hamilton, '97,303 Washington Av. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Law Student — University of Minnesota. 
Laythe, Bessie, '84 (Mrs. Scovell), 1312 6th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 

State President of W. C. T. U. (Lecturer.) 

54 University of Minnesota 

Leach, Harlan E., '91, (LL. B., '94), Owatonna, Minn. 

Attorney. County Attorney. 
Leary, William Connor, '95, (LL. B.. '94) 

1818 16th Av. S., Minneapolis. 

Lawyer — 510 Temple Court. 
Leavens, Frank Nichols, '82, Seattle, Wash. 

Fruit Farmer. 

Leavitt, Clara K., '94, 217 8th Av. S. E., Minneapolis. 

High School Teacher. 
Leavitt, Frank W., '94, 617 Delaware St. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Superintendent of "The Housekeeper." 
Lee, Rudolph A., '99. Long Prairie, Minn. 

Bank Cashier. 

tLeedv. John Wentworth. '99, Rapid Citv. S. D. 

Lehman, Albert, '00, W,ahpeton, N. D. 


tLehman, Max A., "98, Blue Earth City, Minn. 

Leonard, Henry C, '75, Battle Lake, Minn. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Leonard, William Edwin, '76, 1809 Portland Av.. Minneapolis. 
Physician and Surgeon. Professor of Materia Medica and 
Therapeutics. College of Homeopathic Medicine and Sur- 
gery, University of Minnesota. 
Leslin, Lydia E., '00, Wabasha, Minn. 


Levens, Nellie, '96, Albert Lea, Minn. 

Lewis, Claude B., '00, Sauk Centre, Minn. 

Medical Student, Rush Medical College. Chicago. 
Lewis, John Hamilton, '78. • Hastings, Minn. 

Lewis, John Hoover, '96, Staples. Minn. 

Superintendent of Schools. 
Lincoln. Robb E., '97. Fergus Falls. Minn. 

Teller, First National Bank. 
Lind, Alfred. '89. (M. D., '91) 1503 Washington Av. S., Minneapolis 


Lindahl. Alva A., '97, Minnesota Lake, Minn. 

Principal of School. 
Lindquist. Ida P., '00, Janesville, Minn. 

Principal in High School. 
tLinton, .James M., 5)7, 2436 5th Av. S.. Minneapolis. 

Linton, Laui-a A.. '79, (M. D., '90), Rochester. Minn. 

Assistant Resident Physician, State Hospital for Insane. 
Linton. William B., '82, 424 Nicollet Av., Minneapolis. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Litzenberg, Jennings C, '94, (M. D., '99), 

2955 Chicago Av.. Minneapolis. 

I'hvsician and Surgeon. Office, Suite 802 Davton Building. 
Livingston. Grace, '00, 600 15th Av. S. e'.. Minneapolis. 

Assistant I'rincipal. Atwater, INIinn. 
Locke, Cassius M., '85, 2211 Emerson Av. N., Minneapolis. 

The ^Minneapolis Shade Cloth Company. 
Locke, David A., '81, 2::11 Emerson Av. N.. Minneapolis.- 

I'hysician and Surgeon. 
tLocke. Joseph Henry. '83. Sisoquichic. Chihauhau. Mexico. 

General Stoi'e and Ranching. 
tLocke. Samuel Allen, '81, 2211 Emerson Av. N.. Minneapolis. 

Minneapolis Shade Cloth Corapanv. 
Locke, William H.. -76. 5646 Marshfield Av.. Chicago. 111. 

I'astor of the Methodist Church. 
Lofstrom, Elmer E., '96, Windom, Minn. 


Lommen. Chi-istian P., '91, Vermillion. S. D 

Professor of Biology, Tlniversity of South Dakota. 

tLommen. Ingeborg G., '98, Lanesboro. Minn. 


Long. Jessie, "90. (Mrs. Theo. S. McLaughlin), 

901 (Jroveland Av., Minneapolis. 

Alumni Record 

Liord, Lewis P., "94, 

Lossow. Albert H., '00, 

Law Student. 
Lothrop, Daniel J., '99, 

Lougee, Helen, '98, (Mrs. 


Owiatonna, Minn. 

306 University Av. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Urbana, Ohio. 

A. A. 

Lougee, Mary Holley, '93. (Mr! 

Lowry, Horace, '00. 

Law) , 

1912 Hennepin Av. 
John C. Sweet) 

526 11th Av. S E., 


Cor. Hennepin and Groveland Avs., Minneapolis. 
Assistant to P:iectrical Engineer, T. C. R. T. Co. 
Luby, Michael J., '98, Minneapolis. 

Law Student — University of Minnesota. 
Luce, Elizabeth. '97, (Mrs. B. O. Leubner). 

63 11th St. N., Minneapolis. 
tLucy, Sarah Bird, '92, 231 E. 117th St., New York. 

Novitate in the Communitv of St John, 
Luhr, Louis C, '00, 1424 6th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 


Lum, Burt F., '90, 410 New York Life Bldg.. Minneapolis. 

TLunke, Richard O. 

Lyan, Maud, '86. (Mrs. G. T. W. Patrick) 

704 N. Dubuoue, Iowa City, Iowa. 
Lyon, Edith E., '00, Plainview, Minn. 

Assistant Principal, Slayton High School, Slayton, Minn. 
Lyon, Harold L., '00, Minneapolis. 

Instructor in Botany, University of Minnesota. 
Lyon, Willard Crosby. '95. 

Presbyterian Minister. 
Mabey, Perl W., '99, 

fMcAndrew. James E., '95, 

McBride. Arthur A.. '00, 
tMcClure. Charles, Jr., '97. 
McColloch, Maria R., '00, 

McCormick Agnes H., '95, 

*McCoy, Josephine, '93, 
McCoy, Louise, '93, 

La Moure, N. D. 
Thief River Falls, Minn. 

Houston, Minn. 
Austin, Minn. 
Corona, Riverside County, Calif. 
19 E. 28th St., Minneapolis. 

Died April 29, 


Teacher of History and English, High School. 
tMcCrea, Almeron Wallace, '96, 3 E 33rd St.. New York City. 
MacDermid. Kate, '97, 2703 Bloomington Av., Minneapolis. 

Teacher in South High School. 
tMcDermott. Thomas Ignatius, "96, 252 Bates Av., St. Paul. 

McDonald. Harriet, '97, 1964 Kenwood Parkway, Minneapolis. 

McDonald. Hope, '94. 1964 Kenwood Boulevard, Minneapolis. 

Instructor in History — LTniversitv of Minnesota. 
McDonald, Margaret, '95, (Mrs. Robert W. Webb), 

1964 Kenwood Parkway, Minneapolis. 
Macdonald, William, '98, 19 Mayfield Road, Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Student of Agriculture. 
McGinnis. Edward Francis, '99, 540 Packard St.. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Traveling Agent for Gin & Co. 
McGregoi-, Bruce E., '00, Manleton, Minn. 

Law Student — University of Minnnesota. 
McGregor, Jessie, '93, (Mrs. J. D. Anderson), 

1920 2nd Av. S., 

MacGregor. Lulie, 97, 1920 2nd Av. S., 

Assistant Editor, Journal Junior. 
McGregor. Sadie, '93, 1920 2nd Av. S., 

Teacher — High School. 
Mclntyre. Frank. "98, Rushford, 

Superintendent of Schools. 





University of Minnesota 

Manannah, Minn. 
Minneapolis, Minn, 
Red Lake Falls, Minn. 
Lakeland, Minn. 
Mt. Carroll, 111. 

Mclntyre, James, "99, 

Mclntyre, Mary S., "00, 

Mclntyre, William A., "99, 

McKean, Frank S., '79, 

County Suoerintendent of Schools. 
McKee, William P., '97, 

Dean of the Frances Shimer Academy. 
McKenzie, Ralph M., '87, Library of Congress. 

Assistant — Library of Congress. Correspondent Times, of 

McKinney, Edwin A., '87, Marshfield, Wis. 


McKinney, Everson R., '87, St. Paxil. 


McMillan, Bertha, "94, 729 10th Av. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Teacher in East High School. 
McMillan, Emily Dana, '82, 505 10th Av. S. E., Minneapolis. 


McMillan. Jessie, 'bo, 337 E. 16th St., Minneapolis. 

Athenaeum Assistant Librarian, Public Library. 
tMcMuUen, Jennie M., '98, 1214 Chestnut Av, Minneapolis. 

Teacher — Olivia, Minn. 
*McNair, Sarah Pierrepont, '83, Died November 11. 1885. 

MacQueary, T. H., '97, Board of Education, Chicago. 

Superintendent Parental School. 
McWhorter, L. Noble, '95, 105 Kenwood A v. N., Austin, Minn. 

Principal High School 
Mace, Blanche A., '94, (Mrs. George W. Harris), 

Fergus Falls, Minn. 
B., '94), Maple Plain, Minn.. 

jMadigan, James E., '92, (LL. 

tiuaes, Emma Ernestine, '81, 

tMaes, Mary Anna, '78. (Mrs. 

1719 4th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 


S. Crandell) 
1719 4th St. S. 


Magnusson, C. Edward, '96, (M. S., E. E., '97), 

Teacher of Science — High School. 
Magnusson. Peter M., '93, 800 11th Av S., 

Teacher of History and Social Sciences, 
School, St. Cloud. 
Mahoney. Stephen, '77, 923 Guaranty Loan Bldg., Minneapolis 

Attorney at Law. Member of the Board Regents. 
Manchester, Jas. E., '84, (Ph.D.. Tuebingen). Vincennes, Ind 

Professor Mathematics, Vincennes University. 

E.. Minne apolis.. 

St. Cloud, Minn. 

St. Cloud, Minn. 
, State Normal, 

Mann, Arthur Teall, 

(M. D. 


Harvard) . 


1607 Hawthorn Av. 

Mann, Ida V.. '85, (B. A., '86) 

Teacher North Side High 
Mann, William Seward, '99, 

Superintendent Cyanide Plant, Thaver M. & M 
Manson, Frank Melville, '94, (M. S.. '95. M. D.. '99) 



Costa Rica, Cent. 


Physician and Surgeon. 
tMantor, Flora M., '97, 
Manuel. Malvern H., '94, 

Superintendent City Schools. 
March Samuel A.. '00, 2207 

Clerk, Forman, Ford & Co. 
Marchand, Eliza Y., '00, 
Mareck, Felicltas, '00, 
Marlow. Cora Emilie. '00. 

High School Teacher 

Worthington, Minn. 

St. James, 


Fi-emont Av. N., Minneapolis.. 

107 St. Albans St., St. Paul.. 

N. I-:.. Minneapolis- 
Morris, Minn, 

1407 Marshall St 
Caledonia, Minn. 

Alumni Record 


Marlow, Kyle F., 

Marrs, Josephine, 



Echo, Minn. 

(Mrs. Preston King), 

624 9th St. S., Minneapolis. 

Lakefleld, Minn., 

Wadena, Minn 
Fort Plain, N. Y. 

Marsh, Olive V. 

Marshall, John W.. '98, 

Superintendent City Schools. 
Marston, Anna C, '83, (Mrs. Douglas Ayres), 
Martin, Harrison B., '94, (LL. B. '98) 

610 Mutual Life Building, Seattle. Wash. 
Lawyer. Proctor in Admiralty. 
Martin, Lillian, '91, (Mrs. Theo. G. Scares), 

725 N. Prairie St., Galesburg, 111. 

Mason City, Iowa 
Zumbrota, Minn. 

East Grand Forks, Minn. 

S. E., Minneapolis. 

tMartin, Sophia H., '99, 
Ma.rvin, Lillian B., '98, 

Science Teacher. 
Massee, Freedom C, '93, (LL. B., '96), 


Mathes, Elizabeth Helen, '92, 1212 5th St. 

Teacher of History, East High. 
IMatteson, Herman Howard, '96. 

Matteson, Sumner W., '88, Denver Athletic Club, Denver, Col. 

Stud-^ing and Photographing Indians and Ruins of Southwest, 
ftlattison, Hannah, '97, 1600 S. E. 4th St., Minneapolis 

aiatison, Sarah, '99, 1600 S. E. 4th St., Minneapolis 

Maxwell, Asa Frank, '96, 2114 Dean At., Spokane, W,ash. 

Superintendent of Schools, Fairfield, Wash. 
tMay, Albert Edward, '94, 

care Ricketts & Banks, 104 John St., New York City. 
Mining Engineer. 

B., '93), Albert Lea, Minn. 

Mayland, Andrew U., '95, (LL. 

Attorney -at-Law. 
Mayo, Alfred D.. '96, 

Special Representative 
Mayo, Robert J., '00, 

Agent for Minneapolis Tribune 
*Meacham, Henry George, '89, 
Mealey, Olive A., '99. 
Means, Jennie M., '98, 

Meeds, Alonzo D., '89, 

Analytical Chemist. 
Merrick. Annie G., '98, 

Merrill. George 1 .umer. '93, 

Congregational Minister. 
Merrill. John Ernest, '91, 

Teacher in Central Turkey College 

Chicago, HI. 
Advertising Department, Chicago 

319 4th Av., Fargo, N. D. 

Died Jan. 26, 1890. 
1501 2nd Av. S., Minneapolis. 
Stanley, Ontario County, N. Y. 

803 E 15th St., Minneapolis. 

Austin, Minn. 

Marshall, Minn. 

Aintab, Turkey-in-Asia. 

Michelet. Maren, '93, 

Miller, Clarence B 

209 Pleasant St. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Miller, Gr,ace, '96, 

Milliken, Wm. P., 

95, (LL. B., '00). 

515 Torrey Building, Duluth, Minn. 

1710 22nd St. S., Minneapolis. 

'87, Chico, California. 

In Charge Physics and Chemistry, State Normal School. 
Mills, Mary, '90, (Mrs. Max West), 

1420 1st St. N. W., Washington. D. C 
Miner. J. Burt, '97, (LL. B., '99). Berlin, Wis. 

Scholar in Psychology at Minnesota University. 
Miner, Julius Elliott, '75, 3022 Dupont Av. S., Minneapolis. 


Mitchell, Harriet Grace, '99, Davenport, Iowa 

Teacher in High School. 
Mitchell, Mildred Whittlesey, '96, 508 1st Av. S., St. Cloud. Minn. 

58 University of Minnesota 

Mitchell, Wm. D., "95, (LL. B., '96), 

Fire and Marine Building, St. Paul. 


Moffett, Robert Leslie, '89, (A. M., Columbia), 

76 William St., New York City. 


Montgomery, Frances, '91, (Mrs. J. G. Cross), 

22 Franklin St. S., Rochester, Minn. 
Montgomery. Louise, "90, 404 Seneca St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Head Worker of Settlement. 
Moody, Helen A., '99, 2519 Pierce St. N. E., Minneapolis. 


Moon, Seymour E., '00, Waterville, Minn. 


tMoore, Albert Hall, '95, Roxbury, Mass. 


Moore, Lillian Randall, '95, (B. A., Vassar), 

464 Holly Av., Minneapolis. 
Morgan, Abbie, "99, 4001 Lyndale Av. N., Minneapolis. 

Secretary Hazard Teachers" Agency. 
Morin, Belle, '91, (Mrs. Milton Dwight Purdy). 

2035 Kenwood Parkway, Minneapolis. 
tMorley, Frank Johnson, '96, (LL. B.. "00). 

1528 8th Av. X., Minneapolis. 

State Life Ins. Co. 
:Morris, Henry S.. '91, Sisseton, S. D. 


Morse, Minnie Frances, '95, 1840 Sheridan Av. S.. Minneapolis. 
Mortenson. Mai'y Ellen, '96, Faribault, Minn. 


Mosher, Wells J., '96, Mazeppa, Minn. 

Principal Public School. 
Mott, Alice J., '99, Faribault. Minn. 


Moulton, Chas. W.. "85, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Professor of Chemistry, Yassar College. 
fMoyer, Sumner L., "00, Montevideo, Minn. 


Muir, Wm. C, "94, Hunter, X. D. 

Real Estate. 

Murfln. Arthur M. "95, 1223 6th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 


tMyers. Daniel Wilbur, '96, Yermillion, S. D. 

Myers, Raymond H., '00, 332 Clifton Av., Minneapolis. 

Xachtrieb, Henry F., '82, 905 6th St. S. E.. Minneapolis. 

Professor of Animal Biology — University of Minnesota. 
Nason, Wayne C, "00, Minneapolis. 

Teacher — Morgan Hall. 
Nelson, Andrew, "02. Capitol, St. Paul. 

Assistant Superintendent, Public Instruction. 
Nelson, Ralph W.. '97, 2323 Fremont Av. X.. Minneapolis. 

Letter Cariier. 

Xewell. Horatio S.. "96, Duluth, Minn. 

Agent for Northwestern Elevator Co. 
Newkirk. Burt Leroy, 1016 29th Av. X. E.. Minneapolis. 

Studying Higher Mathematics and Astronomy at Munich, 

Xewkirk, Harris D.. '99, 1016 29th Av. X. E., Minneapolis. 

Medical Student — liniversity of Minnesota. 
Xewman, Fannie S., '99, (Mrs. William Carroll Bass). 

Glbbonsville, Idaho. 

Xewton. Thomas R., '78, 2401 Elliot Av. S., Minneapolis. 

M. (). Clerk, Minneapolis I'ostoffice. 
Nichols, Georgia Lenore, '99, Pipestone, Minn. 


Nickerson, Alice, '99, Brainerd. Minn. 


Alumni Record 59 

Nickerson Bernard S., "99, 316 Beacon St. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Medical Student — University of Minnesota. 
Nickerson, Ernest A., '91, Everett, Wash. 

Lumber Manufacturer. 
Nicol, James Houden, '00, 1710 4th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 

General Secretary, Y. M. C, A. — University of Minnesota. 
Nicol, Jessie May, '90, (Mrs. William H. Hoyt) 

929 E. 5th St., Duluth. Minn. 
Nilsson, Victor A., Ph. D., '97, 46 Eastman Av., Minneapolis. 

Librarian East Side Public Library. Author of a "History 
of Sweden." 

Nix, Robert, "80, 1008 Sterling St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Supervisor in Public Schools. 
Northrop, Cyrus, Jr., "95, 519 10th Av. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Norton, Alfred A., "97, (LL. B., "99) 

5-6 Van Valkenburg Block, Minneapolis. 


Nunn, Alexander H., "82, 117 Columbia St., Seattle, Wash. 


Nunn, Janet H., '83, Berkely, Cal. 


O'Brien, James E., '92, (LL. B., '95), 

1318 8th St. S. E., Minneapolis- 

Odell, WiLiam F., '00, Chaska, Minn. 

Law Student. 

O'Donnell, Emma C, '98, 303 3rd St. N., Stillwater, Minn. 

Teacher — Mank,ato High School. 
O'Hair. Grace, '99, Litchfield, Minn. 


O Hara, Frank, '00, Notre Dame, Ind. 

Post Graduate Work and Instructor. 

Olds, Charles S., '99. 306 10th Av. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Grain Commission (E. A. Brown & Co.), 

Olmstead, Susan Hawley, '88, 417 W 118th St., New York City- 

Olsen, Interval M., "87, Sleepy Eye, Minn. 


Olson, C. O. Alexius, '95, (LL. B., '96), 

324 33rd Av. N. , Minneapolis- 


Olson, Charles W., '00, 206 Church St. S. E., Minneapolis. 

With Wyman, Partridge & Co.. Minneapolis. 
Olson, Mary E., '98. (Mrs. H. M. Stanford) Moorhead, Minn. 

Teaching in Normal School. 
Olson, Mary S., '99, Grove City, Minn. 

Ormond, James Butler, '99, Morris, Minn. 

Attorney at Law. 
Osborn. William J., '96, Mankato, Minn. 

tOtis, Wills Clarke, '97, (LL. B., '99), 577 Oakland Av., St. Paul 


Pabody, Alice C, '94, (Mrs. George M. Evenson), St. Peter, Minn. 
tPage, Alice M., "98, 25 Royalston Av., Minneapolis. 

Teacher — Excelsior. 
Page, Irving G., '98, Lakeville, Minn. 

Principal Public Schools. 
Page, Leroy Albert, Jr., '00, Mason City, Iowa. 

Lumber dealer. 

Palmer, Sarah. '81, Address unknown. 

Studying Theosophy in India. 
Paquin. Samuel Savil, '94, 399 E. 62nd St., Chicago, III. 

Cable Editor Chicago American. 
Parker. Isabel D., '99. 1272 County Road. St. Paul. 

Assistant in Chemistry, Schoof of Agriculture, University of 

Parker. Marion A., "96, 516 4th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 


■60 University of Minnesota 

Parker, Wm. J., '97, Room 707, 153 La Salle St., Chicago, III. 

Student Secretary Y. M. C. A. 
Partridge, George H., '79, Minneapolis. 

Wholesale Dry Goods. 
Pattee, Charles S., '94, 702 E. 7th St., St. Paul. 

Traveling Salesman, Zimmerman Bros., St. Paul. 
Patterson, Eugene L.. '93, Mankato, Minn. 

Wholesale Grocer. 
tPatterson, Iva Fern, '99, * Mankato, Minn. 

Peake, Ora O., '00, 2019 Portland Av., Minneapolis. 

Pease, Levi B,, '98, Minneapolis. 

Instructor in Chemistry — University of Minnesota. 
Peirson, Homer F., '91, Austin, Minn. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Peithman, Ernest C. H., '98, Webster, S. D. 

President of Institute of Nature Cure. 
Pendergast, Sophie M., '97, Hutchinson, Minn. 

Instructor in English, School of Agriculture, St. Anthony 

Penney, Edith M., '98, 419 4th St., St. Cloud, Minn. 


fPerkins, Eliza Anna, '95, (Mrs. Jesse E. Pope), 

12 Convent Av., New York. 
Perkins, John W., '77, 1322 5th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 


tPerkins, Minnie Arabella, '93, 3017 Chicago Av. Minneapolis. 

Perkins, Maynard C, '96, 126 W. 104th St., New York. 

Navy Yard, New York. 
Peters, Elizabeth Alma, '93, 47 Spruce Place, Minneapolis. 

Teacher, S. S. H. S. 
Peterson, E. Anton, '95, 61 Safe Deposit Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 


Peterson, Geo. W., '93, Long Prairie, Minn. 


*I'eterson, Jonina Rose, '95, (Mrs. Frank E. Moody), 

Died May 6, 1890. 

Peterson, Joan Thorunn, '95, Lakefield, Minn. 


Petri, Gustave A., '90, 1713 W. 31st St.. Minneapolis. 


Pettit, Mary S., '98, 927 1st Av. S.. Minneapolis. 

Ptaender, Albert, '97, New Ulm, Minn. 

Attorney at Law. 
Pfeiffer, Henry J., '98. Pulda. Minn. 

Superintendent of Public Schools. 
PhelDS, G. Sidney, '99, Y. M. C. A. House. Madison. Wis. 

Traveling Secretary for the Y. M. C. A. — University of Wls- 
Phillips, Edith V., '90. (Mrs. George H. Selover), 

29 Ash St., Bryn Mawr, Minneiapolis. 


lUuUips, Bradley. Jr., '81, 2539 Harriet Av., Minneapolis. 

Heating Contractor, 212 4th St. S., Minneapolis. 
Phillips. Jennie C, '99, 601 6th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 


Phillips, James E., '93, Arlington, Minn. 

Editor Arlington Enterprise and Student University of Min 
nesota Law School, 
tl'hoenix, Edward C, '98, Cumberland. Wis. 

* Pickett, Eli Milton SklfF, '82, Died Nov. 30, 1889. 

Pickett. Victor G., '90, Janesville, Minn. 

Superintendent of Schools. 
tPierce, Helen Louise, '83, (Mrs. Daniel F. Smith) 

Monarch, Mont. 

Pierce, Lyman L., '92, Washington, D. C. 

General Secretary Y. M. C. A. 
Pike, Joseph Brown, 'SO, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. 

Professor of Latin. 

Alumni Record 61 

*Pillsbury, Ada Eva, '82, (Mrs. C. M. Webster), 

Died April 3, 1885. 

Pillsbury, Chas. S., '00. 2200 Stevens Av., Minneapolis. 

\A ith Pillsbury -Washburn Flour Mill Co. 
Pillsbury. John S., Jr., '00, 2200 Stevens Av., Minneapolis. 

With Pillsbury-Washburn Co. 
Pillsbury, Sarah, '88, (Mrs. Edward C. Gale) 

928 5th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 
Pitts, Frederick, "97, Pine Island, Minn. 

Minister — Episcopalian. 
Plummer, Lvaia M., '96. Elk River, Minn. 

Teacher of Latin in High School. 
Plymat, Walter A., '99, Mankato, Minn. 

Law Student — University of Minnesota, 420 14th Av. S. E., 
Poehler, Franklin T., '93, (M. D., '96), 

410 Syndicate Arcade, Minneapolis. 


Poehler, Walter C, '94, 304 Flour Exchange Bldg., Minneapolis. 

Grain Commission. 
Pope, Jesse Eliphalet, '95, 12 Convent Av., New York. 

Assistant Professor of Economics, New York University. 
Porcher, Mary Long, '96, (Mrs. W. Pevre Porcher), 

15 Lamboll St., Charleston, S. C. 
Porter, Olivia Canby, '88, (Mrs. Andrew M. Soule), 

Ogden Av., Knoxville, Tenn. 
Potter, Franc M., '93, 219 B 8th Av. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Potter, Jane Bliss, '94, (Mrs. Alden Howard Potter), 

3312 Cedar St., Berkley, Cal. 
Potter, Marion E., '97, 2420 Oakland Av., Minneapolis. 

Assistant in English — University of Minnesota. 
Powell, John W., '93, 5414 Oneida St., Duluth, Minn. 

Pastor Lester Pjark M. E. Church. 
Powell, Mary, (Mrs. William Franklin Webster), 

1025 5th St. S. E., Minneapolis 
Pratt, Albert F., '93, (LL. B. '95), Anoka, Minn. 

Lawyer. County Attornty, Anoka Co. 
Pratt, Roberta, '94, 1603 Bryant Ave. N., Minneapolis 


fPribble, Edwin Burnham, '77, Centralia, Wash. 


Prichard, Evan R., '78, Puyallup, Wash. 

Presbyterian Clergyman. 
Priest. Janet. '99, 220 3rd Av. S. E., Minneapolis 

Journalist with the Tribune. 
tProsser, Rasselas Hamlin, '82, Klondike, Alaska 

Prouty, Emery Mason, Jr., 1900, St. Paul 

Live Stock. 

Pugh, Loy M., '00, Hayward, Wis. 


Purdy, Mx.con Dwight, '91, 2035 Kenwood Parkway, Minneapolis 

Putnam, William R., '97, Red Wing, Minn. 

Secretary and Manager Red Wing Gas and Electric Co. 
Quale, Eric C, '98, Canton, S. D. 

Teaching at Augustana College. 
Quevli, Anna, 1900, 314 Whitford St., Fergus Falls, Minn. 


Rachie, Eli,as, '96, (M. A. '97), Granite Falls, Minn. 

Graduate Student at U. of M. 
Ramaley. Francis, '95, (Ph. D. '99), Boulder, Col. 

Professor of Biology LTniversity of Colorado. 
Rank, Samuel Addison, '75, Central City, Col. 

Mining Engineer. 
Rankin. Albert W. '80, 1529 University Av, S. E., Minneapolis 

Inspector of State Graded Schools. 
Ranum. Arthur, '92, 320 9th Av., Seattle, Wash. 

Professor of Mathematics University of Washington. 

62 JJniversiiy of Minnesota 

Rector, Grayce W., '99, 2919 Emerson Av. S., Minneapolis 


Redfleld, Jane, '98, (Mrs. Edgar M. Hoover), Little Falls, Minn 
tReed, Charles Anthony, '95 (M. D., '98), Hastings, Minn. 

Physician and Sursjeon. 
Reed, Edwin T., '95, Cloquet, Minn. 

Superintendent of Public Schools. 
Reed, Melville E.. '88, New Whatcom, Wash. 

Civil Engineer Great Northern Railway. 
Rees, Soren P., '95, (M. D. '97), 

2431 Hennepin Av., Minneapolis 

Physician and Surgeon, Andrus Building. 
*Rex, Milton, '90. Died Oct. 5, 1892. 

Rexford, Minnie, '92, (Mrs. Ernest A. Nickerson), Everett, Wash. 
Reynolds, Minnie A., '80, (Mrs. George B. Ellis), Redlands, Cal. 
Rhames, Robert W., '79, Little Rock, Ark. 

Clergyman — Archdeacon of Eastern Arkansas. 
*Rhoades, Grace Melita, '93. Died 

tRice, David Perry, '95, Ames Bldg, Boston, Mass. 

Lawyer — Benton & Clark. 
Rich, Agnes, 1900, 625 2nd Av. S. E., Minneapolis 

Richardson, Herbert G., '90, (LL. B. '92), 

3837 11th Av. S., Minneapolis 
Attorney-at-Law, 831 Guaranty Loan Bldg. 
Richardson, Oscar K., '90, (M. D. '93), 

303 Masonic Temple, Minneapolis 

Physician and Surgeon, 
Ricker, George B., '74, Minneapolis 

Physician. Professor of Clinical Medicine and Physical 
Diagnosis, College of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery — 
University of Minnesota. 
Riggs, Annie Isabel, '99, Monticello, Minn. 

Teacher — Fertile. 
Ring, Merritt M., '97, Milaca, Minn. 

Traveling Salesman. 
Ringstad, Edward O., '98, Red Wing, Minn. 


Ripley, Abigail, '07, (Mrs. William B. Smith), Jerusalem, N. D. 
Ripley, Edna May, 1900, 24 S. 10th St., Minneapolis 

Robb, Charlotte, '96, (Mrs. Alfred S. McLaughlin), 

2417 Aldrich Av. S., Minneapolis 
tRobbins, Alice Greeley, '96, (Mrs. Thomas A. Rockwell), 

Oshkosh, Wis. 

Robbins, Edith A., '94, Robbinsdale, Minn. 

Teacher East High School, Minneapolis. 
tRoberts, Guy Hall, '99, 2521 Cedar Av., Minneapolis 

Roberts, William B., '97, 1623 1st Av. S., Minneapolis 


Roberts, William H., '98, City Hall, Minneapolis 

City Gas Inspector. 
Robinson, Louise, '92, (Mrs. John Edgar Rhodes), 

1221 Hennepin Av., Minneapolis 
Robinson, Mabel, '97, 264 Dayton Av., St. Paul 

Robinson, Mary W., '78, (Mrs. William L. Wolford) 

87 10th St S, Minneapolis 
Roche, Agnes Marie, '98, Graceville, Minn. 

Teacher of Latin and English. 
Rochford, Effie Ames, '92, (Mrs. W. B. Rochford), 

2206 9th Av. S., Minneapolis. 
fRockwell. Thomas A., '94, Oshkosh, Wis. 

Manager Telephone Exchange. 
Rockwood, Chelsea J., '79 1700 Thomas Place, Minneapolis 


tRoe, Ada, Hudson, Wis. 


tRoe, Alvah Lucius, Spokane, Wash. 


Alumni Record 63 

Roe, Marion H., '79, 88 27tli Av. S. E., Minneapolis 

Teacher East Side High. 
Rogers, Clarence, R., '95, 3635 1st Av. S., Minneapolis 

Letter Carrier. 

Rogers. Gertrude, '98, Montevideo, Mmn. 


Rollit, Caroline, '79, (Mrs. George A. Wood), _ 

Milbank, Grant Co., S. D. 
*Rollit, Charlotte Adelaide, '77. Died March 9, 1885. 
Rollit, Charles Carter, '97 706 East Av., Red Wing, Minn. 

Rector of Christ Church. 
Roney, Katherine. '96, Crookston, Minn. 

Science Teacher. 

Ronning, Nils, N., '96, 283 Cedar Av., Minneapolis 


Rose, Florence J., "92, 2425 Dupont Av. S., Minneapolis 


Rosger, Emma, '97, Pocatelle, Idaho 

Principal of High School. 
Ross, Hiram PL. '96, 2007 Stevens Av., Minneapolis 

Vice-President H. W. Ross Lumber Co. 
Rosslot, Joseph Henry, '87, Spokane, Wash. 


Rowell, Henry H. S., '84, The Progress office, Minneapolis 

Editor and .'ublisher. 
Rowell, Warren Cogswell, '88, 1916 Portland Av., Minneapolis 

Salesman, H. W. Wilson. 
Rowley, Quintin J., '81, Downey, Cal. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Rutherford, William H. A., '90, Rockford, Minn. 

Superintendent of Schools, Mcintosh, Minn. 
S^ikagami, Yasuzo, '97, (M. L. '99), 

322 W. Washington Av., Madison. Wis. 
Salisbury, George N., '83, Seattle, Wash. 

Director Washington Section U. S. Weather Bureau. 
fSalisbury, Percy Pritchard, '93, 107 Royalston Av., Minneapolis 

With Hardwood Mfg. Co. 
Sammis, Eveline VanW., '92, (Mrs. Fletcher L. Walker), 

1714 Hawthorn Av., Minneapolis 
Sandsten, Emil P., '98 (B. Ag., '95), St. Paul, Minn. 

Botanist — N. W. Grass Twine Co. 
Stanford, Edward, 1900, 1625 University Av. S. B., Minneapolis 

Graduate Student and Instructor in Rhetoric U. of M. 
Sanford, John A., '96, (Ph. D. '94), Adelphi College, Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Sardeson, Eva R., '99, 922 Emerson Av. N., Minneapolis 

Teacher in South Side High School. 
Sardeson, Frederick W., '91, 922 Emerson Av. N., Minneapolis 

Instructor in Paleontology, U. of M. 
Sasse, Frank G., '99, (LL. B. 1900), St. Charles, Minn. 


Savage, Linnaeus T., '97, 7 Union St. S. E., Minneapolis 

Traveling for a Publishing House. 
Savage, Nellie, '99, 7 Union St. S. E., Minneapolis 


Savidge, Charles W., '77, 723 S. 25th Av., Omaha, Neb. 


Savidge, William H., '81, 908 Fort St., Boise, Idaho 

Lawyer and Promoter of Mines. 
Sawyer, Fannie L., 1900, Faribault, Minn. 

Sawyer, Mabel, '98, (Mrs. Frank L. McVey), 

621 15th Av. S. E., Minneapolis 
Scandrett, Henry A., '98, (LL. B. 1900), Omaha, Neb. 

Claim Dept.. Union Pacific R. R. 
Scnerer, Robert W., '93, New Ulm, Minn. 


Schibsby. May, '00, 1509 N. 24th St. S., Omaha, Neb. 

High School Teacher. 

64 University of Minnesota 

Schmidt, Charles C, "84, Jamestown. N. D. 

Superintendent of City Schools. 
Schmidt, Gottfried, 1900, 613 loth Av. S. E., Minneapolis 

Medioal Student U. of M. 
Schmidt, Paul G., '97. 206 Pleasant St. S. E., Minneapolis 

Instructor, Minneapolis Academy. 
Schneider, Albert. "94, 2421 Dearborn St., Chicago 

Teacher and Author. 
Schwager, Lewis. •95, (LL. B. '96), 1218 2nd Av. S., Minneapolis 

Lawyer, 1114 Lumber Exchange. 
Seely, Blanche, '96, 506 10th St. S., Minneapolis 

Selover. Arthur W., "93, (LL. M., '97), 1311 5th Av. S., Minneapolis 

Lawver, 921 Guaranty Loan Bldg. 
Serumgard,"^ Siver, "90. (LL. B. "91), Devils Lake, N. D. 

Lawyer — Serumgard & Moen. 
Sethre, John O., '93. 5759 Drexel Av., Chicago, 111. 

Graduate Student. 
Sewall, Elizabeth Quincey, "86, (Mrs. Philip G. Wright). 

Galesburg, 111. 

Sewall, Hannah Robie. '84, 324 Union St.. Minneapolis 

Assistant in Dept. of Political Science, U. of M. 

Sewall. M^arg-aret Louise, "89, Washington, D. C. 

Census Bureau. 

Sewall, Susan W.. "84, (Mrs. Walter L. Chanin). 

417 Holly Av., St. Paul 

tSuafer, Laura E., "98. 628 Ontario St. S. E.. Minneapolis 

tShaw, Albert Woodward, "90, 13 6th St. X., Minneapolis 


Shaw. Mabel E.. 1900. 370 Hall Av.. St. Paul 

Shaw, William T.. "99, (B. Ag. "98), Agricultural College, Mich. 

Instructor in Zoology. 
Sheldon. Edmund P., "94, 110 Malcolm Av. S. E., Minneapolis 


Sheldon. Martha Alma, "83, Khela P. O., Almora Dist. , Bhot. India 

Medical Missionary (Methodist). 
♦Shepherd. Alice Lee, "94. Died April 6, 1896. 

tShepherd. Reuben Spencer, "94, St. Charles, Minn. 


Shillock. Anna, "88, 1020 5th St. S. E.. Minneapolis 


tShortt. Edith M.. "97. St. Paul 

Shumway, Herbert P., "82, Wakefield, Neb. 

I>umber. Farm Machinery, Coal and Farming. 
Sias, Edgar I)., Harborview. Florida 

Bluefields. Nicaragua ; Compositor on the Nicaraguan Gov- 
ernment s Official Paner. 
Sidener. Charles Frederick, "83. 1320 5th St. S. E., Minneapolis 

Assistant I'rofessor of Chemistry U. of M. 
Siegler. Lilian A., "96, 1223 4th Av., Spokane, Wash. 


Sigvaldson. Sigurdur. "93. Alden. Minn. 

Principal of Schools. 
SiKes, (ieorge C., '92. 215 Jackson Park Terrace. Chicago, 111. 

Secretary Street R. R. Commission, City of Chicago. 
Simmons, Rose A., "96. " Hastings. Minn. 

Teacher in High School. 
Simonton. William A., '94, Glenwood, Minn. 

Ilditor IjdkvsUlc Press. 
Simpson, l':ail. 1900. Winona, Minn. 

Law Student U. of M. 
Simpson, Marcus J.. "96, Chatfield. Minn 


Skordalsvold. John J.. "88, 019 21st av S. Minneapolis 


Sliney, Margaret I.. "98, 554 Dayton av, St. Paul 

Teaching in St. Paul. 
Smallidge. J. Fiank. "97. Minneapolis 

Accident Insurance, 301 Northwestern Building. 

Alumni Record 65 

Smith, Ada E., "89, 654 S. Broadway, Stillwater, Minn 

Principal Stillwater High School. 
Smith, E. Fay, '94, 350 Fuller st, St. Paul 

Instructor of Science Humboldt High School. 
Smith, Carlton W., '92, AVest Superior, Wis 

Teacuer Normal School. 
Smith. Dow Samuel, '88, 840 Hague av, St. Paul 

Superintendent of the St. Paul Street Ry. Co. 
Smith, E, Blanche, "96, 816 Beacon st se, Minneapolis 

Assistant Principal. Glenwood, Minn. 
Smith, Elizabeth Marie, '00, 38 Barton av se, Minneapolis 


Smith, Fred W., '00, Boise, Idaho 

Assistant Principal of Schools, Department of Science. 

Smith, George A., '91, Montevideo, Minn 

Superintendent of Schools. 

tSmith, Gustavus Foster, '99, Newton, Ala 

Law Student. 

Smith, Gilman W.. '80, 1100 Old Colony Building, Chicago 

Superintendent of Bridges and Buildings. 
Smith, Harry B., "97, 97 Chestnut st, Dubuque, la 

Teacher of Mathematics. 
tSmith, H. Jay, '78. 

Smith, Harvey P., '80, 1501 55th av West Duluth, Minn 

Cashier Lake Superior Con. Iron Mines. 
♦Smith, Jessie Paine, '93 (Mrs. A. E. Huntington) 

Died Nov. 18, 1899. 

tSmith, Mildred A., '98, 1347 Penn av, Minneapolis 

Smith, Mary Chadbourne, '96, 2720 Pillsbury av, Minneapolis 

Graduate student — Paris, France. 
Smith, Mary C, '93, (Mrs. Alfred L. Rist) Algona, la 

Smith, Mary I.. '87. (Mrs. Thomas H. Croswell) Bimidji, Minn 
Smith, Mabel F., "98, Algona, la 


Smith, Mabel L., '85, 530 Hill av e, Knoxville, Tenn 

Smith, Ruble E., '98, Algona, la 

Teacher — Worthington, Minn. 
Snow, Winifred, '99, 6431 Lexington av. Chicago, 111 

Teacher — East Side High — Hampshire Arms, Minneapolis. 
Snyder, Fred B., '81, 915 6th st se, Minneapolis 

Attornev-at-Law — State Senator. 
Soares, Theo. G., '91, 725N. Prairie st, Galesburg, 111. 


Solsness, Lars P., '95, 715 5th st S, Minneapolis 

Student of Medicine and Journalist. 
Sommers. Charles L., '90, 187 E 4th st, St. Paul 

Wholesale Merchant. 
Sommers. Henry S., '98, 9 St. Albans st, St. Paul 

Buyer forG. Sommers & Co. 
tSoule, Stephen Barber, '95. 

Spaulding, Edward M., '90, Ionia, Mich 

I'hysician and Surgeon. 
Spaulding, Hector G., '00, 19 Irving st, Cambridge, Mass 

Law student — Harvard. 
Spear, George H., '93, (LL. B., '99) Brainerd, Minn 


Spencer. Nellie C, '99 Devils Lake, N. D. 


Sperry, Frederick J., '96, Anoka, Minn 

Superintendent of Schools. 
Spicer, Russell, '97, Willmar, Minn 

Secretary Snicer Land Co. 
Spratt, Charles Nelson, '97 Baltimore, Md 

Medical student — Johns Hopkins Medical School. 
tSquires, Carrie Ranson, '98, 821 Farrington av, St. Paul 

Squyers. Jane A., '00, 85 Lyndale av N, Minneapolis 


66 University of Minnesota 

tScack, George Franklin, '93, (M. D., '96) Independence, Wis. 

Physician and -.urgeon. 
Stacy, Albert Wallace, '91, (LL. B., '93) Phoenix, Ariz 

Stacy, Francis N., '88, 1322 Vine Place, Minneapolis 


Stageberg, Olaf O., '95, Jewell, la 

Teacher in Jewell Lutheran College. 
Stanford, Harold M., '98, Moorhead, Mian 

Teacher -Physical Sciences, State Normal School. 
*Starritt, Simon Peter, '75, Died Jan. 3, 1883 

tStearns, Stella Burger, '92, Pacific Beach, San Diego Co., Cal 
Stearns, Victor, '91, Duluth, Minn 


Steele, Mary Gertrude, '94, (Mrs. Frank Maloy Anderson) 

1629 University av se. Minneapolis 
Steenson, James, '95, Eden Prairie, Minn 

Student McCormick Theological Seminary. 
Stephens, Ralph B., '98, 920 8th av S, Minneapolis 

U. S. Storekeeper (Customs Service). 
Stephenson, Robert B., '00, 1004 17th av se, Minneapolis 

Medical student — University of Minnesota. 
Sterrett. Lilian J., '93, 1819 Portland av, Minneapolis 

Teacher. Central High School. 
Stewert, Bertha L., '00, Fennimore, Wis 


Stevens. Jessie E., '96, Minneapolis 

Teacher — Stanley Hall. 
Stewart, J. Clark, '75, (B. C. E., '75) 1628 Fifth av S, Minneapolis 

Physician ; Professor of Surgical Pathology, Department of 
Medicine, the University of Minnesota. 
Stewart, William B., '00, Bemidji, Minn 

Superintendent of Schools. 
* Stock, Edna May, '98, 

Died April 15th, 1898 ; degree conferred i)ost ohtium. 
Stockwell. Walker L., '89, Grafton, N. D. 

Superintendent of Schools. 
tStomberg. Andrew A., '96, (B. A., Gustavus Adolphus), 
Stone, Mabel Perrin, '00, 1611 Portland av, Minneapolis 

Stone, Minnie Evangeline, '95. • 1127 St hst S, Minneapolis 

During the last year have been traveling in Europe, study- 
ing some, especially History and Swedish language. At 
present is in Stockholm. 
Stout, Thompson W., '91, 405 Irving av N, Minneapolis 

Minister — M. E. Church, 
fctrathern, Fred P., '94, (M. D., '99) St. Peter, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Strohmeier, Lydia K.. '89. 

Ashmore Flats, 4th st and 6th av se, Minneapolis 

Teacher — East Side High School, Minneapolis. 
Strong, Ilarrv A., '82, 510 4th st se, Minneapolis 

With \Yyman, Partridge & Co. 
Struble. Clara, '97, Menomonie, Wis 


Summer, Francis B., '94, 17 Lexington av. New York 

Instructor in College of City of New York. 
Sweat, John A., '76, (M. D., Bowdoin, '80) Great Falls, Mont 


Sweigle, Curtiss, '91, (LL. B., '92) Wahpeton, N. D. 


Swenson. David F., '98, 3101 16th av S. Minneapolis 

Assistant in Philosophy at University of Minnesota. 
Sylvester, Florence M., '00, Koniggratrerste 1. Berlin, Germany 
Ta-llman, Roy Warner, '98, (LL, B., Columbia Univ.) 

Washington, D. C. 


Taresh, John, '98, 212 Church st se. Minneapolis 

IMlning student — University of Minnesota. 

Alumni Record S7 

Taylor, Benjamin C, '93, (i^U B., '95) Mankato, Minn 


Taylor, Myron D., '78, St. Cloud, Minn 

Attorney and Register U. S. Land office. 
Taylor, William J., '95, 35 Frye St., Lewiston, Me. 

Preacher — Universalist. 
Teigen, Nels T., '95, Wanamingo, Minn. 


Ten Broeck, Louis L., '98, Albert Lea, Minn 


Tennant, Grace M., '96, 422 6th st se, Minneapolis 


Thayer, Myrtle May, '98, 215 7th S, La Crosse, Wis 

Latin Teacher — High School. 
Thomas, Alice A., '99, 322 4th st S, Mankato, Minn 

Thomias, Anna B., '00, 619 13th av se, Minneapolis 

Teacher in High School — Luverne, Minn. 
Thomas, Clara Chapline, '00. 208 W. Grant st, Minneapolis 

Teacher — St. Mary's School, Faribault, Minn. 
Thomas, Nathaniel Seymour, '90, 332 S. 21st st, Philadelphia, Pa 

Rector of the Chruch of the Holy Apostles. 
Thomas, M,abel Hickman, '95, (M. S., '00) 

322 4th st S, Mankato, Minn 

Teacher — Winona High School. 
fThompson, Adelaide M., '97, Hastings, Minn 


Thompson, Charles, '88, Amboy, Minn 


Thompson, Etta, '79, (Mrs. Ozro B. Gould) 

420 W Sanborn st, Winona, Minn 
Thompson, George B., '97 Boston, Mass 

Flour Commission (Arndt, Thompson & Co.) 511 Chamber 
of Commerce. 

Thompson, Helmus Wells, '88, Eugene, Ore 


Thompson, Horton, '00, Wells, Minn 

Teacher — High School. 
Thompson, Maud, '89 (Mrs. J. C. H. Engel), Anoka, Minn 

Thompson, R. Celius, '96, (LL. B., '98) Warren, Minn 


Thompson, Robert Mitchell, '95, (LL. B., '98; LL. M., '99) 

701 15th av se, Minneapolis 


fThompson, William T., '97, St. Croix Falls, Wis 

Law student — University of Minnesota. 
Thwing, William F., '95, 2534 4th av S, Minneapolis 


Tilden, Josephine E., '95, 229 8th av se, Minneapolis 

Instructor in Botany — University of Minnesota. 

Tillotson, Frances M., '96, Sauk Center, Minn 

Timberlake, Byron H., '91, 1015 8th st se, Minneapolis 

General Agent, The Prudential Insurance Co. of America. 

Tirrell, John M., '97, (M. D., '00) Portal, N. D. 


Todd, Lillian, '80, (Mrs. George H. Remele), 

56 Irving st. West Medford, Mass 
tTodd, Marie A., '98, 4220 Lyndale ,av S, Minneapolis 

Assistant in Public Library. 
Tombs, Helen H., '92 (Mrs. W. L. Stockwell) Grafton, N. D. 

Tone, Aad Addison, '99 Gilman, la 

Law student — University of Minnesota. 
tTone, Knute Hjalmer, '95, Hubbard, Minn 


Tonning, Peter C, '96, Madison, Minn 

Superintendent Public Schools. 
fTopping, Charles Henry, '94, 16 W 60th st, New York City 

Law student — New York University. 

68 University of Minnesota 

Torrens, John L., "88, Br,ainei-d, Minn 

Superintendent City Schools. 
Towler, May Belle, '98, 1806 Portland av, Minneapolis 

Tracy, Jennie Louise, "00, 356 Bates av, St. Paul 


Trask, Abbie M., '96, (Mrs. John Trask) Bemidji, Minn 

Triggs, Oscar Lovell. '89, Chicago, III 

Instructor in English — University of Chicago. 
Truesdell, Lynn G., '95, Minneapolis 

Grain Commission — 512 Corn Exchange Building. 
*Trussell, Emma Frances, '83, (Mrs. W. F. Trussell). 

Died April 12th, 1900 

Trussell, Sumner L.. '83, 80 7th S, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — Deputy in office of Collector of Internal Revenue, 
St. Paul. 

Trvon, Josephine P., '98, Batavia, N. Y. 

Teacher of Latin — Aberdeen, South Dakota. 
Tunell, George G., '92, 6035 Jefferson av, Chicago, 111 

Railroad Transportation. 
Uhl, Alfred W., '86, Hallock, Minn 

Superintendent of Schools. 
Updyke, Nina T., '98, Granite Falls, Minn 


Upuyke, Stephen Gould. '97, New Ulm, Minn 

Lawyer — U. S. Commissioner S. W. Alaska. 
Van Cleve, Mary Adams, '96 520 4th st se, Minneapolis 

Van Sant. Grant, '95. Winona, Minn 


Van Valkenburg, Jesse, '98, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — 303 Northwestern Building. 
Van Vliet, Flora, '99, (Mrs. George W. Buffington) 

1025 3d av S, Minneapolis 
Vaughn. Zenas N.. '84, 2525 Hearst av, Berkeley, Cal 

Graduate Student University of California. 
Wagner, Mary S., '97, 525 8th av se, Minneapolis 

Agent for Mutual Life Insurance Co.. of New York. 
Waite, Frederick C, '90, 69 K st ne, Washington, D. C. 

Writing "The 100 Greatest Facts which can be I'resented to 
American Voters." 
Wakefield, Bert S., '98, Monticello, Minn 


Wales, Harriet E., '99. ■ 111 Spruce Place, Minneapolip 

Teacher in Central High School. 
Walker. Alice. '96, (Mrs. C. I'. Jones, Jr.) Sabin, Minn 

tWalker, Edward David, '93, 601 Rondo st, St. Paul 

Attorney-at-I^aw — 506 (ilobe Building. 
Wallace, Thomas F.. Jr., ■!»3, (LL. B., '95) Minneapolis 

Lawyer — 909 New York Life Building. 
Wallfn, Madeline, '92, (Mrs. George (\ Sikes), 

215 Jackson I'ark Terrace, Chicago, 111 
Walther, Grace '93, (^Nlrs. W. H. Davies). 

415 Maple av. Oak Park. Ill 
Ward, Mary, '97, Hillsdale, Mich 

State Secietary Y. W. C. A. of Minnesota. 
Ware, Emma J., '«;'.. (Mis. F. A. Scheuber) liivingston, Mont 

Ware. Lillian L., 'HV>. (Mis. J. M. Boles) (iarnet, Mont 

Warner, Bertha Bello, OO, 425 5th st se, Minneapolis 

Warren, William J., '78, 1127 .1st av, Minneapolis 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Washburn, Orson M., '97, Owatonna, IMinn 

Life Insurance Agent. 
Waters, Helen, '89, (Mrs. Manley II. Gates) 

2615 Clinton a v. Minneapolis 
Weatherson. Charles 10., '5)6, Kochester, Minn 

Teacher in High School. 
Webb, Alice Catharine, '96, 2705 Hennepin av, Minneapolis 

Webb, (Jeorge C., '95, 319 19th av se. Minneapolis 

Typewriter and Bicycle business. 

Alumni Record 69 

Webb, Lindsey, '97, Milwaukee, Wis 

Muesum Instructor. 
Webber, Frederick W., "97, Custom House, Minneapolis 

Inspector of U. S. Customs. 
Weber, Amy L., "99, 1206 5th st se, Minneapolis 


Weber, Mary L., '90, Owatonna, Minn 

Librarian, City Library. 
Webster, Albert M.. "91, 17 Florence Court, Minneapolis 

Medical student — University of Minnesoa. 
Webster, Charles M., '82, Helena, Mont 

Collector of Internal Revenue for Montana, Id;aho and Utah. 
Webster, Jennie S., "99, Clinton Falls, Minn 

Teaching at Long Prairie, Minn. 
Webster, William Franklin, '86, 1025 5th st se, Minneapolis 

Principal East Side High School. 
Wedge, Jessie C, '98, Plainview, Minn 


Welles, Albert McClure, '77, Redwood Falls, Minn 

Eeditor and Publisher Redwood Reveille. 
tWelles, Hattie Eliza, '96, 1301 7th st se, Minneapolis 

Teacher of Music and Drawing! 
Welles, Isabelle, '95, (Mrs. William I. Gray), 

95 Spruce Place, Minneapolis 
tWells, Benjamin Samuel, '95. Duluth, Minn 

West, Martha B., 79, 2239 Gordon av, St. Anthony Park 

Teacher of Mathematics, East High School, Minneapolis. 
West, Max, '90, 1420 1st st nw, Washington, D. C. 

Expert Agent of the U. S. Industriial Commission ; Associate 
Professor of Economics, Columbian University. 
West, Willis Mason, "79, 1314 6th st se, Minneapolis 

Professor of History, University of Minnesota. 
Weston, Florence M., '97, Alexandria, Minn 


Wheaton, Maude E., '00, Lake City, Minn 

Latin Teacher in Lake City High School. 
Wheeler, Eva G., '97, 1012 8th st se, Minneapolis 

Teacher — Cloquet, Minn. 
White, Anna M., '97, Hudson, Wis 

Instructor in High School. 
White, Harry E., '93, Princeton, Minn 

City Superintendent of Schools. 
White, MacLaughlin, '95, (LL. B., '98), 1316 5th st se, Minneapolis 


Whitman, Clarence L., '94, 35 Farewell Hall, Newton Center, Mass 

Whitney, Arthur B., '99, 

Slayton, ISIinn., or 400 Washington av se, Minneapolis 

Law Stvident — University of Minnesota. 
Whitney, Edward D. N., '82, 1404 Portland av, Minneapolis 


Whitney, Nellie A.. '00, Minneapolis 
Teacher of English, East Side High School. 

Whitten, Lena Gertrude, '99, Cloquet, Minn 


tWilcox, Ethelyn F., '98, 1405 5th st se, Minneapolis 

Wilder, Helen A., '98, 1119 6th st se, Minneapolis 

Instructor in Rhetoric, University of Minnesota. 
Willard, William D., '88, Mankato, Minn 


Wiliams, A. Elton, '94. (M. D., '00) 1301 5th st se, Minneapolis 
Physician and Surgeon — House Surgeon St. Barnabas Hos- 
pital, 1901. 

Williams, Bessie A., '99, 801 7th st se, Minneapolis 

Teacher — Sherburne, Minn. 
Wiliams, Daniel, '78, Storm Lake, la 


70 University of Minnesota 

Williams, Elinor L., '98, (Mrs. Louis E. Sisson) 

Palo Alto, Cal 

Williams, Essie W., '99, 577 St. Peter st, St. Paul 

Teacher in St. Paul Schools. 
Williams, Lilla Ruth, '81, (Mrs. Bradley Phillips, Jr.) 

2539 Harriet av, Minneapolis 
Williams, William W., '80, Lime Springs, la 


Williams, Henry M., '73 Portland, Ore 

Editor and Publisher Rural Northivest, 65 Union Block. 

Willius, F. Otto, '97, 298 Webster av, Chicago. 111. 

Bank Clerk. 

Wilson, Horace A., '97, Seattle, Wash 

Lawyer — 42-43 Haller Building. 
tWilson, Jessie Craig, '82 Casulu 212, Sanitago, Chile, S. A. 


Wilson. Ole K., Yeblen, S. D. 

Farmer and Stock Raiser. 
Winchell, Alexander N., '96, 717 W. Broadway, Butte, Mont 

Professor Geology and Mineralogy, Montana State School 
of Mines, Butte, Mont. 
AVinchell, Ima C, '88, ((Mrs. F. N. Stacy) 

1322 Vine Place, Minneapolis 
Wingate. Carl B., '96, Minneapolis 

Bookkeeper — L. K. Thompson, 907 Guaranty Building. 
Winslow, Walter E., '90, Minneapolis 

Insurance, Life and Accident, 312-316 Andrus Building. 
Winterer, Edward, 87, Valley City, N. D. 


Wiren, Myra, '00, Minneapolis 
AVolfe, S. Henry, '98, Minot, N. D. 

Superintendent of City Schools. 
Wollan, Thomas C, '94, Glenwood, Minn 

County Superintendent of Schools, Pope County. 
Wood, George A., '78, Milbank, S. D. 


Woodman, Helen Celestia, '97, 772 Lincoln av, St. Paul 

Teacher — Mechanic Arts High School. 
Woodruff, Harriet Isabella, '00, 416 W. 27th st, Minneapolis 


Woodward, Anges Young, '96, 2706 3d av S, Minneapolis 

Teacher — Pai-k Rapids, Minn. 
Wright, Blanche A.. '94, (Mrs. Lyman L. Pierce). 

1372 Harvard St., Washington. D. C. 
Wright,, Ella Theoline, '94, Willmar. Minn 

Teacher of Latin in High School. 
Wyer, Malcolm Glenn, '99, Excelsior, Minn 

Library Assistant — University of Minnesota. 
Yeager, Carleton S., '96, Fosston, Minn 


Young, Alice, '96, 111 N. Clinton st, Iow,a City. la 

Assistant Professor of English and Dean of Women, Univer- 
sity of Iowa. 

Young, Charles Elon, '93, Henderson, Minn 

Superintendent of Schools. Luverne. Minn, for 1901-02. 
Zeleny, Anthony, '92, (M. S., '93) 519 13th av se. Minneapolis 

Instructor in Physics — University of Minnesota. 
Zeleny, Charles. '98, * University of Minnesota 

Sciiolar in Zoology — University of Minnesota. 
Zeleny, John, '92, University of Minnesota 

Professor of Physics — University of Minnesota. 
Zimmerman, Una Isabel, '94, (Mrs. Charles Pattee) 

702 E. 7th St. St. Paul 
tZintheo, Clarence James, '97, Chicago, 111. 

Zwinggi, Emma, '84, Traverse, Minn 


Alumni Record 


Graduates of the College of Engineering. 

Abbott, Arthur L., '97, 66 11th st S, Minneapolis 

Electrical Engineer — W. I. Gray & Co. 
tAdams, George F., '95, Newark, N. J. 

Andersen, Christian, '88, 472 Parle st, Portland, Ore 

Civil Engineer — M. Am. Soc. C. E. 
Anderson, John G., '99. 908 24th ,av se, Minneapolis 

Civil Engineer — M. & St. L. R. R. 
fAnderson. Ole John, '93, St. Peter, Minn. 

Civil Engineer. 

Andrews, George Cutler, '87, 527 5th st se, Minneapolis 

Andrews Heating Company. 
Artz, Emmanuel A., '99, (B. S., '97, 183 Genesee st, St. Paul 

Electrical Engineer — Miss. Val. Tel. Co. 
Asxibaugh, Lewis E., '00, 500 15th av se, Minneapolis 

Civil Engineer— American Bridge Co. 
Aslakson, Baxter M., '91, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Superintendent of Steam Automobile Co. 
Avery, Henry B., '93, Hotel Clinton, Minneapolis 

Structural Engineer. 
Barr, John Henry, '83, (M. S., '88 ; M. M. E.. Cornell) 

Cornell University, Ithaca, N, Y. 

Professor of Machine Design. 
Batchelder, Frank L., '93, 4242 Queen Av. S., Minneapolis. 

Engineer — St. Paul Foundry Co. 
Biayless. Harry C, '99, 308 Ridgewood av, Minneapolis 

Engineer of Tests — Great Northern Railway. 
*Beyer, Adam, '96. Died Jan. 17, 1901. 

tBishman, Adam Edgar, '95, Willmar, Minn 

Electrician — Municipal Plant. 
Blake, Robert P., '97, Northern Pacific General Offices, St. Paul 

Special Apprentice — Northern Pacific Railway. 
Bohland, John A.. '95, Montreal av, St. Paul 

Assistant Engineer — Great Northern Railway. 
Bray. George E., '94, 1407 Cummings av, W. Superior. Wis 

Director of Manual Training of Superior Public Schools. 
Burch, Albert M., '96, 569 Selby av, St. Paul 

Bridge Draftsman — Great Northern Railway. 
Burch, Edward P., '92, 517 6th av se, Minneapolis 

Consulting Electrical Engineer. 
Burt, John L., '90, Hermosillo, Mexico 


Burtis, William H., '92, Decorah, Ta 

President and Manager Decorah Electric Light Co. 
Bushnell, Charles S., '78, 116 6th st S, Minneapolis 

Jobber of Bicycle Parts. 
Bushnell, Elbert E., '85, 171 Broadway, New York 

Dealer in Typewriters. 
Casseday, George A., '95, Engineer Dept., G. N. Ry., Spokane, Wash 

Bridge Engineer. 

Chalmers. Charles H., '94, 2640 Essex st se, Minneapolis 

Manufacturer of Electrical Machinery. 
Chapman, Leslie H.. '95. 753 Carroll st, St. Paul 

Chief Draughtsman, Bridge Department, G. N. Ry. 
Chase, Arthur W., '93, Hastings, Minn 


Chesnut. George L., '97, 2529 2d av S, Minneapolis 

Electrical Engineer — Northwestern Tel. Exchange Co. 
Chowen, Walter A.. '91. 45 Kilby st, Boston, Mass 

Adjuster. Liability Insurance. 
tCoe, Clarence Stanley, '89, 1517 Lyndale av N, Minneapolis 

City Salesman — Wyman, Partridge & Co. 
Couper. George B., '93, 609 Oak st se, Minneapolis 


72 University of Minnesota 

Cr,aig, Robert. '91, 308 18th av se, Minneapolis 

In charge of Gas Engine Department, Fairbanks, Morse & Co., 
St. Paul. 

Crane, Fremont. 87. (B. S., '86, C. E., '98) Spokane, Wash 

Civil Engineer. 

tCross, Charles M., "07, Brainerd, Minn 

Special Apprentice — N. P. Ry. Co. 
tCunningham. Andrew Oswald, "94, New Orleans. La 

Dahl, Hans F. M., '98, 579 Rondo st, St. Paul 

Electrician with St. Paul Gas Light Co. 
Daniel. T. Lester, '00, 1057 13th av se, Minneapolis 

Draughtsman — Soo Line. 
Dann, Wilbur W., 90, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich 

Assistant Engineer — Lake Superior River Co. 
Dawley. Wiliam S., '79, 355 Dearborn st, Chicago. Ill 

Chief Engineer C. & E. I. R. R. Co. 
Dewey, William Harry. "93, 1204 Tinton av. New York 

Contracting Engineer. 
Douglas. Fred L.. -91, (C. E., '99) 143 W. 138th st. New York City 

Civil Engineer. 

Dow, James C, '00, Faribault, Minn 


Eddy, Horace T., '95, Union College. Schenectady, N. Y. 

Instructor of P^lectrical Engineering. 
Erf, John W., '93, 179 College st. Middletown, Conn 

Engineering — With the American Bridge Co. 
Erikson. Henry Anton. "90, 414 Harvard st se, Minneapolis 

Instructor in Physics — University of Minnesota. 
Felton, Ralph P., "92, 101 2d st ne, Minneapolis 

Clerk — Motive Power Department, G. N. Rv, St. Paul. 
♦Fitzgerald. Patrick Thomas, '85, Died April 2. 1887 

Ford, Robert E., "95. Pasadena, Cal 

Instructor — Machine Shops, Throop Poly. Institute. 
*Furber, Pierce Power, '79, Died April 7, 1898 

Gerry, Martin H., Jr., '90, Helena, Mont 

General Manager and Chief Engineer Missouri River Power 

Gillette, Lewis Singer. '76, (C. E., '98), Minneapolis 

l*res. Gillette-Herzog Mfg. Co. Western Manager of the 
American Bridge Co. 
tGilman. James B., '94. 409 8th st se. Minneapolis 

Ilefld Di-aughtsman. Gillette-Herzog Co. 
Giichrist, Charles Chandler, '98. Western Electric Co., Chicago. Til 

Electrical Engineer in Telephone ^Engineering Department. 
Gill, James H., '92, Bozeman. Mont 

Instructor Engineering Department State Agricultural and 
Mechanical College. 
Gilman. Fred H., "90, 124 E. 13th st. Minneapolis 

Staff Representative of the American Lumberm,an. 
Glass. Clifton A.. '98, Koken Iron Works, St. Louis. Mo 

Civil Engineer, 

Goodkind, Jieo, "92, 215 Nelson av, St. Paul 


Graling. Vernov, "99. 425 8th av se. St. Paul 

Electrician with T. C. R. T. Co. 
Gray, William Irving. "92, Minneapolis 

Conti-ticting lOngineer — 802 Sykes Block. 
Greenwood. \\'illiston W., '90, 6649 (Jreenwood av, Chicago, ?1I 

Grirao. i:dwin M., "00. 1709 7th st S, Minneapolis 

Draughtsman — C., G. W. Rv. 
Guthrie. J. I)e Mott. "93, (M. D., '97) Luverne, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Ilankensoh. J. .lay. '92, 319 Beacon st se, Minneapolis 

Civil Engineer — C, M. & St. P. Ry. 
Hastings. Clivc. '96, East Los Vegas. N. M. 

Forest Ranger. TJ. S. Government. • 
Ilayden, .Joliri Foot, '90, Minneapolis 

Journalist — 1011 Lumber Exchange. 

Alumni Record 73 

*Hendrickson, Eugene Alvin, Died April 5, 1901. 

Hewett, Frank M.. '97, 4900 Lyndale av S, Minneapolis 

Bridge Contractor. 
Hibbard, Truman, '97. 927 2d av S, Minneapolis 

Electrical Engineer, with Electric Machinery Co. 
Higgins, Charles C. '00, Aurora, III 

Assistant to Engineer of Tests, C, B. & Q. R. R. 
Higgins, Elvin L., '92, Hutchinson, Minn 

Civi. Engineering. 
tHiggins, John Turner, '90, Morgan Hill, Cal 


Hildebrand, Henry A., '99, St. Peter, Minn 

Superintendent and Chief Engineer of Electric Light and 
Water Department. City of St. Peter. 

tHilferty, Charles Dutton, '96, Richmond, Va 


Hoag, William R., '83, (M. S., '88), 1516 7th st se, Minneapolis 

Professor Civil Engineering — University of Minnesota. 
Howard, Monroe S., '92, Waukon, la 

Vice-President and Treasurer of the Decorah Electric Light 
Co., Decorah, la., and Superintendent of the Waukon Elec- 
tric Light Co., Waukon, la. 
Hoyt, Hiram Patrick, '93 New York City 

Civil Engineer— 1228 St. James Building. 
Hoyt, William Hausmer, '90, 929 E. 5th st, Duluth, Minn 

Civil Engineer. 

Hugo, Victor. '96, St. Louis, Mo 

Chief Inspector Hartford Steam Boiler Insp. and Ins. Co. — 
614 Security Building. 

Huhn, George Philip, '91, 300 Aldrich ^av N, Minneapolis 

Bank Clerk. 

Huntoon, Milton B., '99 Honolulu, Sandwich Islands 

Johnson, Frank E., '00, Chadron, Neb 

Superintendent Chadron Electric Light and Power Co. 
Johnson, Noah, '94, 909 Scott st, Little Rock, Ark 

Assistant Engineer, C. O. & G. R. R. 
Johnston, William Wood, '00, Brainerd, Minn 

Special Apprentice — Northern Pacific Ry. 
Jones, C. Paul, Jr., '96, Sabin, Minn 

County Surveyor. 
Kinsell, William L., '00, Oelwein, la 

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering — Great Western Rv. 
tLang, James Sherburne, '96, Boston, Mass 

West End Electric R. R. Co. 
Lee, Engbert A., '97, Denver, Col 

Engineer and Agent's Assistant American Bridge Co. — 405 
Jackson Building. 
Leonard, Henry Clay, '75, (B. S., '95) battle Lake, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Loe, Eric H., '88, 311 3d st S, Minneapolis 

Mechanical Engineer — Nordyke & Marmon Co. 
tLong, Fred Winston, '96, Hayland, Ga 

Assistant Engineer Ga. & Fla. R. R. 
Lonie, James H., 't;7. 1114 Commerce st, Roanoke, Va 

Draftsman, N. & W, Ry. Co. 
Loy, George John, '84, Spokane, Wash 

Mclvellip, Frank W., '98, Spokane, Wash. 

tMacKusick, Elwood M., '99, Minneapolis 
Magnusson, C. Edw., '96, (M. S., '97 ; Ph. D., Wis) 

800 1st av S, St. Cloud, Minn 

Teacher of Science in High School. 
Mann, Frederick M., 328 Chestnut st, Philadelphia 


Markhus, Olaf G. F., '97, Moorhead, Minn 

Superintendent Water & Light Department. 
Matthews, Irving W., '84, Waterville, Wash 

Abstracts of Title, Real Estate and Insurance. 

74 University of Minnesota 

Miller, Lott, '97, 309 E. 5tli st, Winona, Minn 

City Engineer. 

Morris, John, '88, West Pullman Station Chicago 

Superintendent and Mechanical Engineer of The Piano 
Manufacturing Co. 
fMorse, George Hart, '93, Minneapolis 

Instructor, National School of Electricity. 
Myers, Mortimer A., '97, Hudson, Wis 

General Manager Electric Light Plant. 
Newhall, William' B., '99, 2702 Humboldt av S, Minneapolis 

Studying for the E. E. degree. 
Nilson, Thorwald E., '90, Station B, Postoffice, Minneapolis 

Money Order and Registry Clerk, Station B. 
tO'Brien, John E., '98, Livingston, Mont 

Mechanical Engineer — Northern Pacific Railway. 
Pardee, Walter S., '77, City Hall, Minneapolis 


Parkhurst, Harleigh, '00, 2220 Venango st, Philadelphia 

With Electric Storage Battery Co. 
tPeters, William George, '83, Tacoma, Wash 

Plowman, George T., '92, 14 Foster st, Bi'ookline. Mass 

Chief of Construction, Goodwin Car Co., of New York, Chi- 
cago & Boston. 

Pratt, Arthur C, '99, Canyon Ferry, Mont 

Electrician — Missouri River Power Company. 
Prendergast, Paul S., '00, 408 Ashland av, St. Paul 

Draguhtsman — Northern Pacific Railroad Co. 
Rank, Samuel A., '75, Central City, Colo. 

Mining Engineer. 
Reed, Albert Irving, '85, Racine, Wis 

Civil Engineer. 

Reidhead, Frank E., '93, 916 6th av S. Minneapolis 

Superintendent The Minneapolis General Electric Co. 
Richardson, Wilbur P., '99, 150 Pleasant av, St. Paul 

Draughtsman — C, G. W. Ry. 
Rounds, Fred M., '95, Waco, Texas 

S. W. Tel. and Tel. Co. 
Savage. Edward S., '97, 7 Union st se, Minneapolis 

Mechanical Draughting. 
Schlegell, Frederic von,, '95, Breckenridge, Minn 

Assistant Superintendent — Great Northern Railway. 
fShenehon, Francis C, '95, (C. E., '00), Sault St. Marie, Mich. 

U. S. Engineer's Office. 
Shepherd, Burchard P., '95, Winona, Minn 

Osteopathic Physician — 104 Exchange Building. — May 1st, 
1901, to be with the Western Navigation Co., Address, 137 
Montgomery st, San Francisco, Cal. 
Shumway, Ernest J., '00, Robbinsdale, Minn 

Meter Department, with The M. G. E. Co. 
tSilliman, Henry D., '97, Mt. Iron, Minn 

Oliver Iron Mining Co. 
tSmith, Louis Orville, '79, LeSueur, Minn 

Smith, William C, 90, Care Engineering Dept., N. P. Ry, St. Paul 

Assistant Engineer. 
Springer, Frank Wesley, Minneapolis 

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of 

Stewart, J. Clark, '75, 1628 5th Av S., Minneapolis. 


Stussy, William, '00, Canyon Ferry, Mont 

Electrical Engineering. 
♦Tanner, Harry L., '95, Died Dec. 4, 1899 

Taylor, Edward W. D., '98, 2357 Carter av, St. Paul 

Civil Engineer. 

Thaler, Joseph A., '00. Minneapolis 
Instructor in Engineering Mathematics — University of Min- 

Alumni Record 75- 

Thayer, Charles E., '76, 818 Mt. Curve av, Minneapolis 


Thompson, Roy Edwin, '00, Canyon Ferry, Mont 

Draughting and Construction Work. 
Tilderquist, William M., '95, 1905 Mallon fl,v, Spokane, Wash 

Assistant Engineer, Great Northern Railway. 
Tracy, Fred G., 'GO, 9006 Dauphin av, Chicago, III 

Special Apprentice — Illinois Central Railroad. 
Trask, Birney E., '90, (C. E., '94) 

Northwestern Military Academy, Highland Park, 111. 

In charge of Department of Mathematics. 
Wagner, Adolf, '98, 418 14th av se, Minneapolis 

Meter Department, The Minneapolis General Electric Co. 
tWalker Frank B., '97, Walker, Minn 

Civil Engineer. 

Washburn, D. Cuyler, '93, 3025 Emerson av S, Minneapolis 

Civil Engineer. 

fWeaver, Albert C, '95, 1414 6th st se, Minneapolis 

Track Recorder, C, G. W. Ry. 
Weeks, William C, '94, 427 6th st se, Minneapolis 

United States Assistant Engineer. 
tWennerlund, Elias Carl, '99. Willmar, Minn 

tWheeler, Herbert Merrill, '96, Ft. Wayne, Ind 

Student Course, Ft. Wayne Electric Corporation. 
fWhitman, Edward A., '00, New Brighton, Minn 

With the C, M. & St. P. Ry. 
Willson, Manton F., '98, 628 1st av N, Minneapolis 

Clerk, Dry Goods, Wyman, Partridge & Co. 
Wiltgen, Edward, '00, 1716 5th av S, Minneapolis 

Electrician, Northern Pacific Railway. 
Woodman, Howard H., '97, 772 Lincoln av, St. Paul 

Civil Engineer, C, St. P., M. & O., St. Paul 
tWoodmansee, Charles Comstock, '86. 

Woodward, Herbert M., '90, Boston, Mass 

Instructor Mechanic Arts High School. 
Wright, Roy V., '98, Pittsburg, Pa 

With P. & L. E. Ry. 
Zeleny, Frank, '98, C, B. & Q. R. R., Aurora, 111 

Special Apprentice, C, B. & Q. R. R. 

Graduates of the School of Mines. 

William C, '99, Gibbonsville, Idaho 

Assayer for American Developing and Mining Co. 

tBecker, George M., '97. 
Brackenbury, Cyril, '98, 

Mining Engineer. 
Campbell, William L., '00, 

Mining Engineer. 
tChandler, Eugene D., '00, 

Christianson, Peter, '94, (B 

Hancock, Houghton Co., Mich. 

Box 998 Cripple Creek, Col. 


S., 90 : M. E., '98) 

411 Walnut st se, Minneapolis 
Instructor in Metallurgy — University of Minnesota. 
Cutler, Henry Cleveland, '94, (M. E., '95) Whitehall, Mont. 

Chemist and Assayer wfth American Developing and Min- 
ing Co. 

Egleston, Oliver J., '00, Box "I", Salt Lake City, Utah 

Mining Engineer. 

tHughes, Thomas Moffat, '96, Ely, Minn 

Mining Engineer, Chandler Mine. 
Hunt, Walter E., '00, Hibbing, Minn 

Mining Engineer. 

McCarty, Edward P., '00, 217 8th av se, Minneapolis 

Instructor in Mining — University of Minnesota. 

76 University of Minnesota 

Mcintosh, Joseph B., '98, Anaconda, Mont 

Mining Engineer. 
May, Albert E., '96, (B. A., '94 ; M. E., '98) 

Care Ricketts & Banks, 104 John st. New York City 
Mills, Eugene C, *97, Virginia, Minn 

Superintendent Commodore Mine. 
Pratt, George A., '98, 200 5th st se, Minneapolis 

Mining Enginer — Peru, South America. 
Sumner, Rutherford B., '00, Rock Spring, Wyo 


fTanner. Wallace North, '96, An,aconda, Mont 

Smelting Department, B. & M. C. C. & S. M. & S. Co. 

Teague. Harold W., '00, Castle Rock, Utah 

Mining Engineer. 

fToll, Rensselaer H., '00, 1615 Larimer st, Denver, Col 

Mining Engineer. 
Wales. Rowland T., '97, Trail, B. C. 

Assayer and Chemist at Canadian Smelter Works. 
Walker, Clinton L., '98, 803 Hennepin av, Minneapolis 

With Red River Lumber Co. 
Warren, Frank M., '99, 3443 Irving av S, Minneapolis 

Mining Engineer. 
Wilkinson, Charles Dean, '95, Whitehall, Mont 

Mining Engineer. 

Graduates of the College Agriculture. 

Barrett, William J., '82, 2618 Pillsbury av, Minneapolis 

Circulator — Tribune. 
Chapman. Herman H., '99, (B. S., '96) Grand Rapids, Minn 

Superintendent N. E. Experiment Farm. 
Clark. Robert W., '00, Auburn, Ala 

Assistant in Animal Husbandry at the Experiment Station. 
Donohue, Jeremiah, I., '87, St. Cloud, Minn 

Patent and Claim Attorney. 
Houlton, Sam R., '00, Elk River, Minn 


Hoverstad, Torner A., '94, Crookston, Minn 

Superintendent Experiment Farm. 
Hummel. John A.. '99. St. Anthony Park, Minn 

Assistant Chemist. Geol. & Nat. Hist. Survey, and Instructor 
Chemistry in Agricultural College. 
Major. Ernest W.. *99. Experiment Station. St. Anthony Park 

Assistant in D^iry Husbandry. 
Palmer, William C, '00, St. Anthony Park, Minn 

Experiment Station work in Animal Husbandry. 
*I'endergast, Warren Wendell, '96, Died Aug. 26, 1897 

tSandsten. Emil P., '95, St. Paul 

Botanist, Northwestern Grass Twine Co. 
Scofield. Carl S.. '00. Washington, D. C. 

Agricultural Investigation. 
tShaw. Thom,as W., '98, (B. S., '99) 2293 Langford St. Paul 

Ciraduate student — University of Minnesota. 
Smith, William G., '97. Washington, D. C. 

Field Assistant, Division of Soils — Department of Agri- 

Sorkness, Henry Oscar. '99, Ashby. Minn 

Farm Implement Business. 
Stene, Andrew 10., '97, Ashby, Minn. 

Principal Oi Schools. 
Thompson. John, '95, Greensboro. N. C. (A. & M. College) 

Pr(»fpss()r of Agriculture and Chemistry. 
*Trussell. Tlioinas Ezekiel. '85, Died March 27. 1897 

Wheeler. William A., Minneapolis 

Instructor of Botany — TTniversity of Minnesota. 
Wilson. J.ames A.. '00, Thief River I^'alls. Minn 

Principal of Schools. 

Alumni Record 


Graduates of the College of Law. 

tAchard, George W., '92, 236 and 242 Boston, Block, Minneapolis 
tAdams, Arthur T., '94, Clarkfield, Minn 

Adams, Charles E., '00, Duluth, Minn 

Attorney-at-Law (Adams & Miller), 515 Torry Building. 
Adams, Williarti H., '00. Fergus Falls, Minn 

Alair, Walter E., '95, 

With Northern Piacific Railway Co. 
Albert, Charles S., '94, 

Lawyer — 1004 Guaranty Loan Building. 
tAlderson, Charles F., '95, 
Allbright, Clifton A., '98, 

Lawyer — 16 First National Bank Block. 
tAIlen, J. Boyd, '90. 
Allen, Nelson P., '95, 

Ames, Oliver H., '98, 

Lawyer — 
Anderson, Arthur C, '00, 

Cashier St. Paul National Bank. 
fAnderson, Williarn M., '94, 

St. Paul 


Brainerd, Minn 

Brownton, Minn 
St. Paul 

National German-American Bank Building. 

St. Paul 

Devils Lake, N. D. 



jife Building. 

States Attorney. 
Anderson, Samuel G., Jr. 

fAnderson, Andrew Edward, 
Andrews, Sewall D., '96, 

Lawyer — 309 New York 
Angell, Edward M., '93, 

Lawyer (King & Angell). 
Angst, Robert A., '98, 

With Oliver Iron Mining Co. 
Angus, William, '96, (B. A., '93) 
Superintendent of Schools. 
Appleby, S. C. Montague, '00, 365 Summit av, St. 

Correspondent Clerk National German-American Bank. 
Appleton, George H., '95, P. O. Box 131, Seattle, Wash 


tArmstrong, George Wallace, 98, 2722 Emerson av N, Minneapolis 
tArness, Conrad Angel, '99, Fisher, Miun 

Arnold, Albert C, '98, 2135 Gir,ard Av. N., Minneapolis 

Agent of Minneapolis Humane Society. 
Arnold, Frank, '97, Metropolitan Opera HouseBldg, St. Paul 
Assistant to General Attorney, Chicago-Great Western Ry. 

L. '96), 230 Fuller St., St. Paul 
67 Wall St., New York City 

Hutchinson, Minn 


Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Iron River, Mich 

Warren, Minn. 


93, (B. 

tAusten, James F., 
jAvery, Edward S 

tAvery, Bertrand A., '90, 

D. W. & N. Ry. 
Ayers, Fred H., '93, 

Baily, Henry Patterson 

Duluth, Minn. 
655 Temple Court, Minneapolis 

Baker, Lucy L., '95. (B. L., 

Baldy, Frederick Carrol, 

'93, (B. S., '90), 
507 New York 

Life Bldg, Minneapolis 
Tower, Mo. 
Faribault, Minn. 

98, (B. S. '95),. 
Instructor in Shattuck Military School. 
Bardwell, Winfleld W., '90, Minn. Loan & Trust Bldg, Minneapolis 

Barry, Arthur R., 1900, Phillips, Wis. 

Lawyer — District Attorney, Price County, Wisconsin. 
Bartholomew. Lee B., '95, Chariton, Iowa 


Barton, C. Albert. 1900, 3016 University Av. S. E., Minneapolis 
Cashier Mississippi & R. R, Boom Co. 

78 University of Minnesota 

Barton, Elijah, '94, 1038 Guaranty Loan Bldg, Minneapolis 


Barton, Fred W., '93, 811 16th Av. N., Minneapolis 

Attorney, 305 Temple Court. 
Bates, William E., '97, 311 Sykes Block, Minneapolis 


Bauman, Edward C, '90, Watertown, S. D. 

U. S. Land Office Service. 
Bayer, Anthony M., '98, 30 Minn. Loan & Trust Bldg, Minneapolis 


Bean, Francis A., 1900, New Prague, Minn. 


tBearman, Abraham N., '00, 1111 Bryant Av. N., Minneapolis. 
tBeardslee. Stillson J., '92, 417 E 14th St., Minneapolis. 

Justice of the Peace, 49 3rd St. S. 
Bebb, William B., '92, (LL. M., '93), 

47 University Place, New York City. 

Assistant Minister of Presbyterian Church on University 
Place, New York. 
tBeek, Clarence W., '99, Larimore, N. D. 

Beek, Joseph H., '97, 30-34 Fire & Marine Building, St. Paul. 

Attorney-at-Law. Firm n,ame, Palmer, Beek & Mitchell. 
Begg, William R., '95, 403 New York Life Building, St. Paul. 


Belden, Geo. K., '97, (B. S., '92) 313 Nicollet Av., Minneapolis. 

Benedict, Thomas J., '00, Sterling Center, Minn. 


Bennett, John C, '98, Room 201, Nor. Pac. Ry. Bldg., St. Paul. 

Chief Clerk N. P. Ry. Co. 
Benson, Chas. S., '92, Globe Bldg., St. Paul. 


Benson. Henry N., '95, St. Peter, Minn. 


Bentley, Lester H., '92, Milbank, S. D. 


Benton, Andrew, '95, Nat. Bank of Commerce, Minneapolis. 

Bank Clerk 

Benton, Ward Hotchkiss, 98, 819 4th av S, Minneapolis 


Berg, John N., '99, (BS., '96), 1012 N. Y. Life Bldg., Minneapolis. 

*Berseth, Andrew, '94, (B. S., '93) Died Aug. 6, 1896. 

Best, P^ugene N., '92, 816 N. Y. Life Bldg., Minneapolis. 

tBest, John W.. '90. 

Bestor, Frank Clinton, '98, Room 2, 15 E. 3dr St. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

AVith Washburn-Crosby Co. 
Bestor, Geo. W., 'Ol, 8-12 4th St. S., Minneapolis. 

(ien. Manager Minnesota Sandstone Co. 
Biorn, Carl H., '98, 318 Globe Bldg., St. Paul. 


Bird, John A., "00, Balfour, N. D. 

Lawyer — Blaisdell & Bird. 
tBirkhauser, Frank, '98, Dickey, N. D. 

Bjorge, Henry ()., '98, Lake Park, Minn. 

Practicing I^aw and Farming. 
Blackman. Charles E., '98, Portland, Oregon. 


Blackman, Wilbur P., '95, Winona, Minn. 


Boardman, Ralph T., '00, 537 Andrus Building. Minnecapolis. 

Lawyer — Boardman, Dever, Leary & Boardman. 
Bond, Chas. E. '90, Temple Court, Minneapolis. 


Bond, Marie 1'., oO, (Mrs. Chas. E. Bond). 

1115 Hawthorn Av., Minneapolis. 
tBooker, Lewis B., '96, Spokane, Wash. 

Alumni Record 79 

Bookwalter Sumner, "92, Chamber of Commerce, Minneapolis. 

Chamber of Commerce Registrar. 
Borchert, Frank H., '96, Osakis, Minn. 

J^aw, Loans, Real Estate, Insurance and Collections. 
Bosworth, Roy D., '00, Utica, Minn. 


Boughton, Cbas. E., '92, Red Lake Falls, Minn. 

Cit^ — ttorney of Red Lake Falls ; Owner and Associate Ed- 
itor of Red Lake County Courier. 
Bowler, Burton H., '96, Bird Island, Minn. 

Practicing Attorney. 
Boyd, Archibald C. '97, 

Bishop Building, Williams St., New York, N. Y. 


Braden, Angus G., '93, 3045 Hennepin Av., Minneapolis. 

Clerk — J. B. Atwater. 
Bradford, .ames Everett, '94, (B. A., '92) 

405 Bailey Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 


Bradford. John M.. '97, 409 Virginia Av. N., St. Paul. 


jBraggans, "^William Onzlo, '00, St. Paul. 

Brand, Archie M., '95, Faribault, Minn. 


Brand, Norton F., '95, North Y^akima, Wash.. 


Brattland, Michael A., '90, Ada, Norman County, Minn> 

tBregstein, Joseph S., '96. 

Brewster, Morton W., '96, Wells, Minn. 

Lawyer — Hughes & Brewster. 
fBrewster, William B., '96, 66 Snelling Av. St. Paul. 

Lawyer — 815 N. Y. Life Building. 
Brill, Hascal R.. '99, 901 Pioneer Press Bldg., St. Paul. 


tBrockett, Norwood Waite, '99, Minneapolis. 
Broeffle, Cvrus Asaph, '96, 206 Pleasant St. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Lawyer. 230 4th St. S. 
Brohough, Gustav O. '93, (B. L., '89), Red Wing, Minn. 


Brower, Ripley B., '91, St. Cloud, Minn. 

Attorney — Member of Finance Committee of State Senate. 
Brown, Clarence Z., '96, (LL. M., '97), 

510 N. Y. Life Building, Minneapolis. 

Attorney at Law. 
Brown, John, '92, 401 Lonsdale Building, Duluth, Minn. 


Brown. Walter R., '92 510 New York Life Bldg., Minneapolis. 

Attorney at Law. 
Brown, William Compton, '91, Republic, Wash. 


Brown, Wm. J., '94, Warren, Marshall County, Minn. 

Attorne-^ at Law. 
tBrubaker, Guy B., '99, 1124 Guaranty Loan Bldg., Minneapolis. 
Buck, Geo. W., 99, 2709 Dodge St., Omaha, Neb. 

Civil Engineer, C. N. W. Ry. 
Buffington, Geo. W., '93, 320 Temple Court, Minneapolis. 


Bugge, Hans, 93, Fergus Falls, Minn. 

Practicing Lawyer — Specialty, Commercial Law. 
Bull, Roy T., '00, Lake Benton, Minn. 

Lawyer — Bull & Gislason. 
Bunker, Russell S., '00, 52 Boston Blk., Seattle, Wash. 

tBurke, Edmund, '94. 

Burke, Walter J., '94, Bathgate, N. D. 

Lawyer — County Attorney. 

80 University of Minnesota 

Buiiingame, James M., Jr., '90, Great Falls, Mont. 

Attorney at Law. Secretary of State Republican Committee 
of Montana, 1900-1904. 
Burness, Bernard, '95, 1123 1st Av. S., Minneapolis. 

Lawyer, No. 40 Loan and Trust Bldg. 
Burns, B^tzhugh, '92 .and '94, 442 Summit Av., St. Paul. 

Attorney at Law, 204 Globe Building. 
tBurns, William H., '97, 2601 16th Av. S., Minneapolis. 

Lawyer — 540 Temple Court. 
Burr, Stiles W., '91, St. Paul. 

Lawyer — 28-29 Nat'l Ger. Am. Bank Bldg. 
Burrows, Wm., '00, 704 Grand Av., St. Paul. 


Buttz, Charles W. '00, Minnewaukan, N. D. 


tCaldwell, v^eo. Wasiiington, '99, Minneapolis. 
Cameron, Don M., '98, 722 12th Av. S. E., Minneapolis. 


■Cameron, Frank, '00, • Hayward, Wis. 

Practicing Law. 

€ampbell. Johnston B., '90, Moorhead, Minn. 

Lawver — Tillotson & Camnbell. 
tCampbell, Walter Henry, '96, (B. L., '95), 512 Selby Av., St. Paul. 
tCampbell, Wm. F., '92. 

dannon, Joiin M., '96, Cresco Iowa. 

Attornev at Law. 
•Carey, Wm. H., '91, 405 Exch. Bldg., Duluth, Minn. 

Real Estate and Loans. 
■Carleton, Lin wood C, '91. 128 Harvard St. S. E., Minneapolis. 


•Carley. James A., '94, Wabasha, Minn. 


Carnes, Robert K., '94, Royalton, Minn. 


■Carpenter, B'red H., '00, 1774 Bryant Av. S., Minneapolis. 

Carpenter, Frederick W., '97, 

Care of Philippines Commission, Manila, P. I. 

Attorney at Law. 
€arr. Clarence G., '95. 50 Loan and Trust Bldg., Minneapolis. 

Law. Loans. Insurance. 
•Carr, Greeley E.. '91, Stephen, Minn. 


€arroll, Bernard C. '93, 104 Crocker Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 

Carroll, Walter N., '95, 2105 Girard Av. S., Minneapolis. 


Carver. W,alter M., '90, (B. S., '94) Marshall, Minn. 


Casey, John M., '91, Waverly, Minn. 


Castner, Frank il.. '93, 2616 Taylor St. N. E.. Minneapolis. 

Law- er — 730 Temple Court. 
■Chamberlain, Howaru B., '99, 517 11th Av. S. E., Minneapolis. 


Chamberlain, Sherman R., '96, 403 Bates Av., St. Paul. 

Railway Postal Clerk. 
Champlin, vjteo. W., '98. Benson, Minn. 


Chapman, Clair Albion, '98, Lanesboro, Minn. 

l^awyer— Member of Firm of Chapman & Chapman. 
Chapman, Joseph, Jr., '97, 1460 W, Lake St., Minneapolis. 

Assistant Cashier Northwestern National Bank. 
tCheney, Zina R., '93. Worthington. Minn. 

Child, George E., '98, No. 41 National German American Bank, 

With American Surety Company of New York, surety on 

Alumni Record 

Childress. Arthur B., '98, 

Chinnock, Hersey R., '00, 

Attorney at Law 
Chinnock, Renville, '96, 

Christello, A.oert, '95, 

Practice of Law. 
Chunn, Mark W., '95, 

Church, Arthur B., "96, (B. 

Chute, Fred B., '95, 


Northfield, Minn. 

River Falls, Wis. 
-Haugen, Grimm & Chinnock. 

" St. Cloud, Minn. 

610 Manhattan Blk. 
1105 6th St. S. E., 

L., '91), 

1024 University Av. S 

Law, Real Estate, Rentals — Chute Block 
Chute, Louis P., '93, 

Law and Real Estate — Chute Block. 
Clark, Briscoe Baldwin, '94, Northport 

Lawyer apr) Law Writer. 
Clark, Henry C, '98, 2015 Milwaukee Av 

Clerk American Express Company. 
Clark, Homer P., '94, 

Manager West Publishing Company. 
Clark, Le Roy Eaton, '98. (B. A., '95), 
Superintendent Adv. — The Times. 
tCleveland. Frank Hannay, '95, 
♦Clinton, Agnes B., '99, (LL. M., 
tCoates, Harry S., '00, 

Luverne, Minn. 

Staples, Minn. 
E., Minneapolis. 
N. Y. 
St. Paul. 
St. Paul. 

L. I. 


Codman, William, '97, 

Coe, Wm. T., '96, 

Coffey, J,ames A., '00, 

Loan Department, 
tCohen, Joseph AV., '96, 

Clerk — M. L. Cohen 
Cohen, Isaac A., '98, 

Coleman, John Ambrose, 

Coombs, Lee A., '94, 

Conant, Edith M., "94 

Globe Bldg., St. Paul. 
Died September 24, 1900. 

St. Clofld, Minn. 
Winona, Minn. 

435 Temple Court, Minneapolis. 

414 Manhattan Bldg., St. Paul. 
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. 

1729 Elliott Av., Minneapolis. 

Lead, S. D. 

508 Hennessy Bldg., Butte, Mont. 

Valley City, N. D. 

(Mrs. Charles E. Conant), 

Wells, Faribault County, Minn 

Conlin, Henr- '9d, 

tConlow, Jonn W., '90. 
Conrow, Mark E., '00, 

Cooley, Clayton R., '93, 

Deputy Collector of Customs 
Cormany, Montgomery L., '95, 

Cornish, Perl C, '99, 


Corriston, Frank S., '90, Court House, Minneapolis. 

OflScial Stenographer District Court, Hennepin County, Minn. 
Corwin Orrin M., '92, St. Thomas, N. D. 


Costello, Wm. J., '99, 519 13th Av. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Agent G. N. Ry. Co., Minneapolis. 
Covell, Frank E., '93, 734-735 Lumber Exchange, Minneapolis. 

Lawyer and Pui^iisher. 
tCovell. George L., '99, 36 N. 11th St., Minneapolis. 

Lawver — Covell & Covell, 
Covell, Louis '94, Atwater, Minn. 

Attorney and Editor. 

21 Nat'l Ger. Am. Bank Bldg., St. Paul. 

Kalispel, Mont. 
3228 2nd Av. S., Minneapolis. 

Princeton, Minn. 
Alden, Minn. 

82 University of Minnesota 

Craven. Thos. F., '96, Chaska, Minn. 


Cravens, John E;, '00, 740 Temple Court, Minneapolis. 

Real Estate and Collections. 
tCreswell, Harry Heber, '00, Grand Forks, N. D. 

tCrocker, Norman, '93, Ironwood, Mich. 

Crooks, John S., '98, 70 Nat. Ger. Am. Bank Bldg., St. Paul. 


tCrossett, Herbert H., '94, 683 St. Anthony Av., St. Paul. 

Cudhie, Geo., '95, Minneapolis. 

Lawyer — 208 Century Bldg. 
tDaggette, xaomas C, '00, Elysian, Minn. 

Dahl, John A., '93, (B. L., '92), Minneapolis. 

Lawyer — 535 Temple Court. 
Dahl. John F., '92, 1417 7th St. S., Minneapolis. 

Court Reporter. 

Dahle, Glaus K., '94, Caledonia, Minn. 

Attorney at Law— County Attorney. 
tDaly, James Jerome, '00, Assumption, Minn. 

Banner. Harry Ross, '93. (LL. M., '94; M. A.. '96; Ph. D., '99) 

141 Broadway, New York City. 


Davidson. Martin B., '91, Charleston, W. Va. 

Mining Broker. 

Davis. Alfred B., '94, Klondike. Alaska. 

Davis, Frank D., '93, Cando, N: D. 

Lawyer. Editor. 

Dawley. Daniel L.. '90. 610 St. Anthony Av.. St. Paul. 

Edicor. West Pub. Co. 
Day. Floyd Hamilton, '00, 427 9th St. S.. Minneapolis. 


Dean, George F., '96. 208 Bank of Commerce Bldg., Minneapolis. 


jDe Laurier, Otis B., '96, Long Prairie, Minn. 

De Lury. Daniel, 'QG. Walker, Minn. 


Denegre. James D.. '91, 37 Gilfillan Block, St. Paul, Minn. 


tDennison -arles II., '96, Minneapolis. 
Deutsch, Henry. '94, (LL. M., Yale), 

2705 Fremont Av. S., Minneapolis. 

Attorney-at-Law — Nye & Deutsch, 627 Guaranty Loan. 
Dever, Charles S.. '93, 537 Andrus Bldg., Minneapolis. 


Dickerman. Gilbert G., "91. Trust Bldg., Duluth. Minn. 

Real Instate and Mortgage Loans. 
Dickinson. Horace D.. '90. 6 E. 14th St., Minneapolis. 

Lawyer. (Municipal Court Judge.) 
♦Dickinson. William F., '94. Deceased. 
Dickey. Joel M.. '95, 530 Ashland Av., St. Paul. 

Assistant U. S. Attorney. 
tDittenhoefer. Frank H., '94, (B. A., '92) Minneapolis. 
Dodge. Louis L.. '97 801 Globe Bldg.. Minneapolis. 

Manae-er ^^^nston Bros. 
Doerfler. Joseph. Jr., 92, 2544 3rd Av. S.. Minneapolis. 

Stenographer, N. W. Telephone Exchange Co.. Equipment 

Dolenty. Francis X., '94, Towusend. Mont. 


Dolliflf. Alfred C, '95, Redwood Falls. Minn. 


Donahower. Harry L., Legal Dept. N. 1*. Ry. Co.. St. Paul. 

Chief Clerk. Legal Dept.. N. P. Ry. Co. 
Donohue, John R., '96, Grand Rapids. Minn. 

County Attorney. 
Donohue, William F., '96, Melrose, Minn. 

Attorney-at-Law — County Attorney, 

Alumni Record 8? 

Douglas, Geo. P., '90, 619 Boston Block, Minneapolis. 


Downey, FranK E., '00, Hendricks, Minn. 


tDresen, John G., '94, N. Y. Life Bldg., St. Paul. 

Dresser, Alfred, '99, Minnewaukan, N, D. 

Lawyer — Assistant County Attorney. 
Drew, Charles Myron, '94, 1778 Girard Av. S., Minneapolis. 

Lawyer — 502-504 New York Life Bldg. 
tDrew, Edwin C, '94. 

Drowley, William G., '92, Baker City, Oregon. 


Dullam, George F., '93, Waterville, Minn. 


Duval, Henri, '97, Minneapolis. 

Assistant Auditor, American Bridge Co., New York, N. Y. 
tEagan. Joseph James, '00, 1419 Chicago At., Minneapolis. 

tEckholdt, Walter A., '96, Rochester, Minn. 

Ecklund, Edward A., '00, 614 15th Av. S. E., Minneapolis. 

Student — University of Minnesota. 
Eckman, Frank A., '99, (MS., '96), 

220 Breunig Blk., West Superior, Wis. 


EcKman, Solomon H., '93, 513 Palladio Bldg., Duluth, Minn. 

Lawyer — Eckman & Stevenson. 
tEddy, Geo. S., '92. Olivia, Minn. 

tEdgerton, ^lonzo J., '98, St. Paul. 

Edwards, Albert E., '93, Estherville, Iowa. 


Egaers, John E., '93, 309 Security Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 


Egieston, Winis J., '96, 103 4th St. N. E., Washington, D. C. 

Division Chief, Agr. Div., 12th Census. 
rEllsworth, Chester Hichings, '00. 

Elmquist, Charles E., '98, Rush City, Minn. 

Lawver — County Attorney, Chisago County. 
tEmbertson. John, '98, Parker's Prairie, Minn. 

Ericson, Chas. J., '93, 301 Central Av., Room 10, Minneapolis. 


Esterly, Robert E., '94, 502-504 N. Y. Life Bldg., Minneapolis. 

Lawver — Drew & Esterly. 
Estey, Elbert H., '96, Waterloo, Iowa. 


Evans, Harry W., 'Ou, Fergus Falls, Minn. 


Evans,Scott F., '97, Butler Hotel, Seattle, Wash. 


Ewert, Paul A., '96, Pipestone, Minn. 


Ewert, William F., '99, Sauk Rapids, Minn. 


Faber, Fred B., '95, Jackson, Minn. 


tFanning, William D., '95, 1716 Portland Av., Minneapolis. 


Farley, Frederick L., '93, Waseca, Minn. 


tFarmer, Edward C, '97, St. James. Minn. 

Farnham, Charles W., '95, St. Paul. 

Attorney — No. 13 .>at'l. German American Bank Bldg. 
Faulhaber, Ernest A., '98, Chemical Building, St. Louis, Mo. 

Treasurer Tennessee Central Rv. 
Featherstone. Albert H.. '98, Wallace, Idaho. 


Felt, Oscar A., '95, Evansville, Minn. 


Feltus. Wm. N., '96, Walker, Minn. 


84 University of Mitmesota 

Ferree, Simpson E.. "90, Minneapolis. 

Finehout, John W.. '98. 331 Grove St., St. Paul 

Court House, and 805-6 Pioneer Press Bldg., St. Paul. 
Attorney-at-Law and Assistant Corporation Attorney. 

Finnegan, Andrew J., '96, 1015 New York Life Bldg., Minneapolis. 

Fiske, Douglas A., "91, 525 New York Life Bldg., Minneapolis. 

Fitch, William C, "00, North St. Paul, Minn. 

Lawyer — Justice of the Peace. 
Fleming, Calvin A.. "92. 

New York Life Insurance Company Bldg., St. Paul. 

tFleming, John Henry. '99. 

Flittie. Jean A.. '92, Mankato, Minn. 

Attorney-at-Law — Referee in Bankruptcy for the Second 
Division of the District of Minnesota. 
*Flynn, Arthur P., '93, Deceased. 
Flynn, Edward F., "96, Devils Lake, N. D. 


Folds, George R.. "97. 202 Newspaper Row, St. Paul. 

Claim Agent, St. Paul City Ry. Co. 
Foot, Frederick W., '95, Globe Bldg, St. Paul 

Forssell. Claus F.. '86, Noyes Bros. & Cutler, St. Paul. 

Clerk in Wholesale Drug Store. 
Fosseen, Manlev L., '95, Minneapolis 

Law--er. 420 Temple Court Bids. 
+Foster. Luther A., '96. 

Foster. Wesley S.. '99, (B. L., '96), Milaca, Minn. 


Fowler. Charles R., '92, 22-28 Loan & Trust Bldg, Minneapolis 


Frankel, Louis R.. '99. (B. L. '97), St. Paul 

Attorney. 50 Nat. Ger. Am. Bank Bldg. 
Frankson, Thomas^ '00, Spring Valley, Minn. 


Frederickson. Adolph, "96, Springfield, Minn. 


Freeman. John M., '98, Olivia, Minn. 


tFrick, Carl, '96, Lakota, N. D. 

State's .Attorney. 

Fridley. Don P.. '94. (B. L. '96), Becker. Minn. 

Stock and Ranch Business. 
Fryberger, Harrison E., '92, 819 4th Av. S., Minneapolis 


Fryberger. Herschell B., '92 414-417 Lonsdale Bldg, Duluth, Minn. 

tGage, George F., '94, Olivia. Minn. 

Gahre, Frank H.. '96. Minneapolis 

With Rardwell-Robinson Co., Sash, Doors & Mouldings. 
Galbraith. John A., '95, St. Paul Park, Minn. 

Traveling Agent. 

Ga. wraith. John P.. '91, Grand Forks, N. D. 

Lawyer — Member of State Legislature. 
tG^illagher. Matthew, '93, 304 New York Life Bldg, Minneapolis 


tGallagher,' Robert. '92. 427 Lyndale Av. N., Minneapolis 

Salesman^ — James Elwin. 
Gallup. William W., '98, 435 Temple Court, Minneapolis 


Gardner, Harris W.. '95, 611 Westminster St., St. Paul 

N. P. Ry. Telegraph. 
Gardner. \. liam H., '94, 907 New York Life Bldg, St. Paul 


Alumni Record 8& 

Gartenlaub. Max, 145 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

Banker (Commercial Paper). 
Gaston. Hugh P.. "94. St. Paul. 

Coll. Dept.. W. J. Dyer & Bro. 
Gearhart, Harry G., '91, 511-12 Palladio, Duluth, Minn. 


Geddes, Charles D., '94, Madison Lake, Minn. 


Gemmell. William H., '95, Brainerd, Minn. 

Gen. Mgr. B. & X. M. Ey. Co. 
Germo. Thos., "00, Red Lake Falls, Minn. 


Getty, John T., '00, 315 Northwestern Bldg., Minneapolis. 


Giantvallev. Jeremiah A., '98. St. Paul. 

Lawyer — 25 and 26 Court Block. 
tGibson. George P., "95. 

tGibbons. John F., "99, 407 E. 9th St.. St. Paul. 

Giddings. Arthur E.. '92, (B. A.. '89), Anoka, Minn. 

Lawyer — Judge District Court, 18th Judicial District, Min- 

tGilman. Zeeb, '96, Jersey City, N. J. 

Gislason. Bjorn B.. oO, Lake Benton, Minn. 


Gislason. Christian M., "94, Minneota, Minn. 


Gjerset. Oluf. "92. Montevideo, Minn. 

Lawyer- — County Attorney of Chippewa County. 
Gjertsen. Geo. H.. '97, Wahpeton, X. D. 


Glenn, Edw.n F., '91, Manila, P. I. 

Major Ignited States Army. 
Glover. Harry E.. '94. Spencer, Iowa. 

Auditor. Floete Lumber Co. 
Glover. Newton L., '95, Windom, Minn. 

Lawyer — Stuart & Glover. 
Godfrey. Alvin K., '97, East Moline, HI. 

Manager. East Moline Improvement Co. 
Godfrey. Eugene H., "91, 31 Railroad Bldg., Denver, Colo. 


Godfrey. Percy D., '92, St. Paul. 

Attorney-at-Law, 805-806 New York Life Bldg. 
tGoetzinger, Martin E._. '96, Minneapolis. 
Goldblum. Charles E.. "96, 1710 9th St. S., Minneapolis. 

Lawyer — 600 Oneida Block — Goldblum & Goldblum. 
Goldblum. Hal S.. "98, 1710 9th Av. S., Flat 2, Minneapolis. 

Lawver — 600-601 Oneida Block — Goldblum & Goldblum. 
Goodfellow. William E., '99, 1006 6th Av. S., Minneapolis. 

tGoodsell, Charles E., "91. 

Goodwin. Godfrey Gummer, "96, (B. A., "95) Cambridge, Minn. 

Lawyer — County Attorney. 
Gordon, Geo. F.. '96, 2729 Chicago Av., Minneapolis. 

Letter Carrier. 

Goss, John D., "92, Sumpter, Oregon. 


Gottry. Edward C, "94, Reedsburg, Wis. 


Gould, Chas. D., 1, 601 Hawthorn Av., Minneapolis. 

Lawyer — 522-23 Boston Block. 
tGrace. 'i-omas P., '00, St. Paul. 

Grady, Francis A., '94, Red Lake Falls, Minn. 

Attorney-at-Law — County Attorney. 
Gray, Andrew G., '00, Crookston, Minn. 


tGray, Ar^alus Wilson, "98, Kenmare, N. D. 



University of Minnesota 

tGray, George Merton, '99, 75 Spruce Place, Minnneapolis. 

Lawyer — 1206 Guaranty Loan Bldg. 
Gray, James E., '91, Grafton N. D. 

Attorney-at-Law — Gray & Casey. 
tGreen. E. S. A., '96, Alaska. 
Green, John E., '96, Carleton, Minn. 

Lawyer. County Attorney Carleton County. 
tGreen, James H., '00, 927 Thomas Av. N., Minneapolis. 

tGregerson Lawrence, '91. 

Gregory, George, '93, 1106 Emerson At. N., Minneapolis. 


Gregory, Joel E., '98, 877 Phalen Av., St. Paul. 

Lawver — 505 Manhattan Bldg. 
Griggs, Franklin IL, '95, (LL. M. '97), St Paul. 

Assistant Cornoriation Attorney. 
Grotte. Anthony, '94, 2325 6th St. N., Minneapolis. 

Lawyer — 730 Temple Court. 
Grover. Ezra J„ '96, East Grand Forks, Minn. 


Gruenberg, George J., '94, ^^9 Broadway, Manhattan, New York. 

Gruenberg, "John, '93, 302 Broadway, New York City. 


Guilford. Paul \\ mis, '00, 1820 Hawthorn Av., Minneapolis. 

Lawyer — 307 Lumber Exchange. 
Gummer, Edgerton F., '90, 




Gunderson, Charles J., 
Guy. Arthur P., '98, 

Gyde, James '90, 

Hagen. Eric O., "00. 

I'racticing Attorney at Law. 
fUallenberger. Theodore C, '96, 

Deering Harvester Co. 
Hallstrom. John L., '99, 625 Eighth Av. S 

Princinal N. W. Collegiate and Business Inst. 

Vermillion, S. D, 
Wishek, N. D. 
Wardner, Idaho. 
Crookston, Minn. 


Hallum, Louis, '99. 

tliamlin. Charles N.. '92. 
tHammer, Charles N., '92, 
tHammer. Otis E., "94, 
tHampton, Ilarry R., '96, 
Hanchett, John <).. '93, 

Lawver — Firm of Hanchett & Wartner 
Hand,. Orra P., '98, 

Handlan. Joseph IL, '92, 

Hanft. Hugo O.. *96. 

Assistant County Attorney 
Hanson, Alfred I'., '00, 

Bank Teller and I^awyer. 
Harden. George VV. W., '91, 

Lawyer — Member of State I^egislature 
Harris, Alfred J., '90, 

Harris, Bernhard S., '99, 

Iron Merchant. 
Harrison. John M., '99. 

Fire Insurance Inspector, 701 Mailer's Building. 
Hartley. Heber Lindon, '95. (B. A., '93) Cass liBke. Minn 

Mgr. Cass Water, Light and I'ower Co. 
Hastings. Robert A.. '99 1628 Eliott av, Miuueapolia 

Law Student. 

Highland. Minn 

Mabel. Minn. 
Gleucoe, Minn 
Harvey, N. D. 

Dassel, Minn 

Wheeling. W. Va. 

St. Paul 

Room 47 Court House. 

Benson. Miun 

LeRoy, Minn 

Fessenden, N. D. 
Dubuque. la 
Chicago, I'l 

Alumni Record 87 

Hawley, Edward" W., '93, 323 11th av se, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — E. W. & G. M. B. Hawley, 900 Guaranty Building. 

Hawley, George M. B., '96, Minneapolis 
Lawyer — 900 Guaranty Building, Minenapolis ; Union 
Block, St. Paul ; 508 Fisher Building, Chicago. 

tHayes, Richard M., '95. 

Hedding, G. DeWitt, '98, Minneapolis 
Attorney-at-Law, 619 Bank of Commerce Building. 

Heffelflnger, Charles E., '00, 1828 3d av S, Minneapolis 

North Star Shoe Co. 

Heimark, Peter C, '00, Ulen, Minn 


Helliwell, Arthur L., '98. (LL. B., '96, B. A. '95), 

205 E. Grant st, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — Helliwell & Keyes, 1013 New York Life Building. 
Helm, James L., '92, St. Paul 

Deputy Clerk of Supreme Court, State Capitol. 
Helmes, Emil W., '99, 863 Reaney st, St. Paul 

Lawyer — Pierce & Holmes, 718 New York Life Building. 
Hemmy, J. Ulrich, '98, Long Prairie, Minn. 

Attorney and Loan Agent. 
Henderson, William B., '98, Minneapolis 

Attorney-at-Law — 22 Loan and Trust Building. 
Hendricks, Johan A., '93, Fosston, Polk Co., Minn. 


Henningsen, Christian, '00, Stillwater, Minn 

Graduate student — University of Minnesota. 
Hermann, Arthur L., '94, (LL. M., '95) 

3012 Fremont av, Minneapolis 

Counselor-at-Law, 42 3d st S. — Settlement of Estates, of In- 
heritances between Germany and the United States. 
Hertig, Wendell, '95, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — 811 New York Life Building. 
Hevener, Franklin D., '00, 79 Hoffman ,av, St. Paul 


Hickey. James R., '94, St. Paul 

Attorney-at-Law — 21 National German-American Bank B'ld'g. 
Higgins, Alex., '00. Eagle River, Wis 

Lawyer — County Superintendent of Schools. 
Higgins. Arthur M., '93, Minenapolis 

Lawyer — ^715 New York Life Building. 
Higgins, Arthur ]VL, '93, Minneapolis 

Court Reporter. 

Hi.x, Emery S., '99, 1801 Capitol av, St. Paul 

Railroad Construction Work. 
Hill, Reuben D., '96. Odessa, Minn 

Law and Collections. 
Hillman, William Oren. '93, 396 Dewey av, St. Paul 

Court Reporter, St. Paul. 
Himle. Andrew L., '92, 111 Orlin av, Prospect Park, Minneapolis 

Land Brokers. 

Hintermister, John H., Jr., '92, St. Paul 

Lawver — 205 Newspaper Row. 
Hobbs, Fred E., '92, 2217 Polk st, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — 255 Temple Court ; Justice of the Peace. 
Hodgman, William H., '94, Winnebago City, Minn. 

Lawyer — Secretary and General Manager of the Blue Earth 
Valley Telenhone Exchange Co. 
HofiC. Charles S., '96. 350 Cedar st, St. Paul 

Justice of the Peace. 
Hoidale Einar. '98. New Ulm, Minn. 


Holbrook, Franklin G., '97, Minneapolis 

Grain — 19 Chamber of Commerce. 
Holm, Peter A., '96, Minneapolis 

Postoffice clerk. 

tHolman, Wiiiiam J.. Jr.. '95, 1100 5th st se. Minneapolia 

Manager Holman Grain Co. 

88 University of Minnesota 

Holmes, Adam J.. "99, Seven Corners, St. Paul! 

Fuel Merchant. 

Holmes, Alfred J., '92, St. Paul 

Lawyer — 612-613 New York Life Building, St. Paul. 

Holt, Charles A., '90, Center City, Minn' 

Judge of Probate, Chisago County. 

tHopkins, Earl P., '96. 

tiopp, George M., "00, Fairmont. Minni 

County Attorney. 

Hopp, John W., "91, Preston, Minn. 

Lawyer — County Attorney. 
tHosmer, Ernest C. '97. 

Hulback, Oliver, "98, St. Paul 

Railroiad Stenographer. 
tPultquist. Charles C, '95, El Campo, Texas 

Hunkins. Hal K., '96, Austin, Minn' 


Hunt, Alva R., '91, Litchfield, Minn 


Hunt. William F., "95, (LL. M., '96) St. Paul 

Attorney-at-Law — 916 New York Life Building. 
tHuntington, Guy B., '96, Luverne, Minn' 

*Hurd, Bradford C, Jr., '94, (B. S., '92) Died July 15, 1895 
Hursh, William L., '00, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — 5 and 6 Minnesota Loan and Trust Building. 
Hutson. Frank A., '93, St. Paul 

Attornev— New York Life Building. 
Hvoslef, John G., "94, ' Manila, P. L 

tllyland, James Anderson, '00, Madison, S. D. 

Imer, Harry A., '99, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — 413 Globe Building, 
tingle. John. '00, Minneapolis. 
Ingraham, Alexander, '93. 1428 Adams st, Minneapolis 

Flour Mill Machinery, 
tingwaldson, Bjorne J'^.. "91, Fargo, N. D. 

Iverson. Samuel G., '93, St. Paul 

Deputy State Auditor. 
tJackson, Josenh A., "93, St. Paul 

Lawyer — Jackson & Holmes, 612-613 New York Life B'l'd'g. 
Jackson, William A., '93, (i:>. A., '91) 1428 6th st se, Minneapolis 


Jahn, Peter. '00, 187 E. 4th st, St. Paul 

Wholesale General Merchandise. 
fJamar. Moses S.. Jr., '97, 431 Wheeler av, St. Paul 

Clerk — Minnesota Transfer Ry. Co. 
Jellico, Elmer J., '98, Minneapolis 

Bookkeeper — First National Bank. 
Jenkins. Chester F., '98, Minneapolis 


Jewett, William Parker, '95, White Bear Lake. Minn. 

Lawyer and Land Commissioner, Sioux City & St. Paul R. R. 
Co. — 252 Drake Bldg., St. Paul. 
Johnson. Adolph E. L., '99. Washington, D. C. 

Lawyer — 736 12th st nw. 
Johnson. Bert J., '00, Fergus Fall.s Minn 


Johnson. Charles, '98, Wlllmar, Minn' 

Attorney — (bounty Attorney — Olson & Johnson. 

Johnson, Christian G. D., '98, Moorhead, Minn 


Johnson, Henry S.. '98, St. Paul 

Patent Law- — 911 Pioneer Press Building. 
Johnson, Herman F., '00 211 Beacon st se. Minneapolis 


Johnson. Nels I., '98, Moorhead, Minn- 


Johnson, Reuben J., Granite Falls. Mlnsii 


Alumni Record 89 

tJohnson, Victor L., '95, Center City, Minn 

Lawyer — County Treasurer. 
Jones, Kdwin J., '96, Adrian, Minn 


tJudd. Wilton B., '97, (LL M., '98) Minneapolis 
*Judge, John C, '90, Deceased 
tKeefe, Daniel J., '9G, 233 Selby a,v, St. Paul 

Lawyer — Sheehan & Keefe. 
Keefer, George L., '95, (B. A., '92) Los Angeles, Cal 

Attornev-at-Law — 412 Currier Building. 
Keith, Albert J., '00, Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Attorney -at-Law. 

Keith, John W ., '99, St. Paul 


Keller, Herbert P., '96, St. Paul 

Attorney-at-Law — 1018 New York Life Building. 
tKelley, John D., '93, Minneapolis 
Kellogp- Frederick L., '94, 527 Laurel av, St. Paul 

Vice-President Kellogg, Johnson & Co., Wholesale Shoe busi- 

tKennedy, Lewis Henry, '96, (B A., '90) 

tKenyon, Moses Dibble, '93, St. Paul 

tKepner, Thomas i^., '94, 

Keyes, Charles F., '99, Minenapolis 

Lawyer — Helliwell & Keyes, 1013 New York Life Building. 
tKimball, Parker W., '99. 

King, John Cochran, '96, Mora, Minn 


Kinney, Edmund B., '92, Baldwin, Wis 


Kirk, John H., '00 (B. A., '98) Grand Forks, N. D. 

Attorney — Sorley & Kirk. 
Kirkpatrick. Tollen F., '95, Baltimore, Md 

Osteopathy — Builders' Exchange Building. 
Kirwin, Peter J., '94, Waterville, Minn 


Kirwin, William T., '95, St. Cloud, Minn 

With Deering Harvester Co. 
fKling, Elmer A., '96, Minneapolis 
Kna-^T), Edward A., '99, St. Paul 

Lawyer — 19 National German-American Bank Building. 
fKnoblauch, Charles, '00. Minneapolis 
Kolliner, Robert S., '90, Minneapolis 

Attorney — 724 New York Life Building — Member of Faculty 
Law School, University of Minnesota. 
Kranz, John V., '95, 1821 9th av S, Minneapolis 


Krause, William A., '91, Flandreau, S. D. 

Attorney — County Judge. 
Krelwitz, Edmund H., '98, Aitkin, Minn 


Krook, Karl G., '99, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — 916 New York Life Building. 
Kvello, Conrad A., '98, Fargo, N. D. 

Kyle, Harrv T., '95, Faribault, Minn 

Lawyer and Referee in Bankruptcy. 
Kyle, John P., '94, (LL. M., '96) St. Paul 

Lawyer — 16 National German-American Bank Building. 
tLamp, Frank M., '93, Kenyon, Minn 

Lane, James H., '99, Seattle, W,ash 

Manufacturer of Specialties — 30 Union Block. 
Lane, Warren D., '98, Sisseton, S. D. 

Attorney — States Attorney, Roberts County. 
Larimore, John A., '90, 4300 Park Boulevard, Minneapolis 


tLarson, Albert S., '98, Racine, Wis 

Larson, Constant, '94, Alexandria, Minn 



University of Minnesota 

Lakefield, Minn 
Yuma, Ariz. 

Owatonna, Minn 
Browns Valley, Minn 
430 Martin st, St. Paul 
32 Hoffman av St. Paul 
115 4th st S, Minneapolis 

Latourell, Horace G. 

Laughlin, Herbert S., '93, 

Lawyer — Secretary of Territorial Prison. 
Lazarus, oacob, '96, 44 Court Block, Minneapolis. 

Leach, Harlan E., 94. (B. A., '91), 

Lawyer — County Attorney. 
Leary, Daniel J., '98, 

Leary, AYilliam C, '94, 

Lawyer — 537-9 Andrus Building. 
Lehnertz, Nicholas C. "97, 

Lemon, Walter T. '99, 

Lawyer— Legal Dept. G. N. Ry. 
Leonard. Frank, P., '97, 

Bank Teller. 
Leonard, George B., "96, 

Attorney-atLaw — 412-13 Globe Building. 
Lewis, Aloert E., '00. 1316 9th st S, Minneapolis 

Secretary Fidelity Insurance Committee American Banker's 

Lind, Klas Erland. '00, 102 Washington av S, Minneapolis 


Lindeke, Albert W., '99, St. Paul 

Buyer — Wholesale Dry Goods. 
Lindsey.. Frederick F., '91, 25 Seymour av se, Minneapolis 


Lindsay. Frederick F., '91, 25 Seymour av se, Minneapolis 

Wholesale Dry Goods. 
Lohren, Henry N., "99. 

Deputy Clerk of Municipal Court. 
Lothrop. Yeranus W., '98, 

Loughran. Henrv A.. '95, 
Loring, Charles, "98, 

Loj'e, Albert B., '99, 

Salesman, Porter Bros. Co., 226-8 6 st N, 
Lucas, Edward. '98, 

Attorney — 317 New York Life Building. 
Lum, Burt F., '92, (B S., '90) 

Lawver — 410 New York Life Building. 
Lund, Harrv A., '97, 1412 4th 

Atornev-at-Law — 1014-16 Guaranty Loan Building. 
Lusk, Frank H., "98, ^Minneapolis 

Land and Farm Lands — 303 The Phoenix. 
Lydiard, Livingston A., '92, 1003 I'ark av, Minneapolis 

City Clerk. 
Lyon. Frederick S., '94, 

Patent Lawyer- — 425 Temple Court. 
Ma,as, Andrew H., '()(), 

McBeath. S. Blair, '93. 

Lawvei- — J lumbermen's Exchange. 
tMcCaffery. Edward P., '94. 
McCarthy, Cornelius D., '94, 


McCarthy. James r>dw,ard. '00, 

Lawyer and Banker. 
tMcCormick. Andrew F., '92. 
McCrea. Ezra E., '90, 

Assistant ( ity Clerk, St. Paul. 
tMcCoughy, John L., '94, 

McDermott, Marie A., '93, (Mrs. E. E. McDermott). 

1307 6th st se, Minneapolis 


Racine, Wis 

St. Paul 
Crookston, Minn 




S. Minneapolis 

Hutchinson, Minn. 
Stillwater, Minn 

Montgomery, Minn 
York, N. D. 

1407 Hewitt av, St. Pa il 

Alumni Record 91 
McDermott, Thomas Ignatius, '00, (B, S., '90) 

McDermott, Thomas Jefferson, '95, St. Paul 

Lawyer — 714-715 New York Life Building. 
Macdonald, William E., '95, (LL. M., '96), 

525 7th av S., Mnineapolis 
Elligott, Tnomas J., '93, Madison, Minn 


McElroy, Earle W., '90, 487 St. Anthony av> St. Paul 

Clerk, Legal Department, Northern Pacific Railway Co. 

McElwee, Charles C, '00, 797 Hague av, St. Paul 

Attorney, Law Department, Great Northern Railway. 

McGovern, Peter, '97, Sherburne, Minn 

Traveling Collector for Nichols & Shepard Threshing Ma- 
chine Co. 

fMcGregor, Benjamin F., '95, New Richmond, Minn. 

Judgment Clerk — District Court. 
MacGregor, Lane, '92, Duluth, Minn 

General Insurance — 6 and 7 Exchange Building. 
tMcLean, John, '92, Galveston, Texas 

tMcMillan, Albert W., '94, 

43 National Germian-American Bank Building, St. Paul 
McMillan, Elvero L., '92, 337 E 16th st, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — 519 Bank of Commerce Building. 
McMillen, Fred D., '94, Minneapolis 

Attorney-at-Law — 1015 New York Life Building. 
tMcMillan, William D., '96, 2912 Washington av N, Minneapolis 


McMillan, Robert O., '98 383 B,ates av, St. Paul 

Travelling salesman. 
McMurran, William T., '93, St. Paul 

Lawyer— 630 Globe Building. 
Mackel, Alexander, '94, Butte, Mont 

Lawyer — Chief Deupty County Attorney — Silver Bow Block. 
Madigan, James E., '94, Maple Lake, Minn 


Manahan, James, '89. Ill N. 9th st, Lincoln, Neb 

— .torney-at-Law. 

tMaguire, Phillip J., '96, St. Paul 

tManley, James A., '94. 

Manley, John E., '99, Seattle, Wash 

Lawyer — Burke Building. 
Manley, Robert E., '96, Manila, P. I. 

Counsellor to the Chinese Consulate. 
Markham, George W., '91, St. Paul 

Lawyer— 19 National German-American Bank Building. 
*Martin, Dayton D., '98, Died Jan. 7, 1901 

Martin, Harrison B., '98, (B. A., '94) Seattle, Wash 

Lawyer — Proctor in Admirialty — 54 Boston Block. 
Marx, Michael, "98, Mazeppa, Minn 


Mason, Alfred F., '95, St. Paul 

With West Publishing Co. 
Massee, Freedom C, '96, (B. A., '93) East Grand Forks, Minn. 


Mathwig, Frederick A., '93, Fairmont, Minn. 


Mattecheck. Matthias W., '00, Granada, Minn 


Matteson, Flora H, '93, Minneapolis 

Stenographer — Soo Line. 
tMatthews, Edward W., Jr., '96, 

Minnesota Loan & Trust Building , Minneapolis 
tMattimore James, '00, 927 Hastings av, St, Paul 

tMaurin, Peter P., '93, Cold Springs, Minn 

tMaybury, James H.. '99, St. Cloud, Minn 

Mayer, William J., '91 Grand Forks, N. D. 


tMayo, Walter Lewis, '00, Leavenworth, Kan 

92 University of Minnesota 

Mayland, Andrew U., '93, (B. A., '95), Albert Loa. Minn. 


Mead, Henry S., '90, Minneapolis. 

Attorney-at-Law — 407-408-409 Globe Building. 
Meade, James A., '96, Seattle, Wash 

Lawyer — 535 Burke Building. 
Megaarden, Phil. T., '93, (LL, M., '94) Court House, Minneapolis 

Sheriff Hennepin CoiJnty. 
Megaarden, Theodor, '91, New York City 

Lawyer — 120 Broadway. 
tMerrick, Harry H., '92, 278 Kent st, St. Paul 

Lawyer — Merrick, Kehoe & Merrick — 27 Mer. Nat'l Bank 
^ Building. 

Mercer, Hugh Victor, '94, (LL. M., '97) Minneapolis 

Lawyer — 723-6 Lumber Exchange. 
Merchant, Frank D., '90, Minenapolis 

Patent Lawyer and Mechanical Engineer — Firm of William- 
son & Merchant — 929-935 Guaranty Building. 
Merchant, Huntington W., '93, Duluth, Minn 

Attorney-at-Law — Towne & Merchant. 
tMerrihew, Frank E., '93, 145 E. 21st st, New York City 

Merrill, George C, '95, Minneapolis 

President Merrill Abstract Co. — Register of Deeds, Hen- 
nepin Co. — 200 Phoenix Building. 
Mesick. Oliver E., '95, Gettysburg, S. D. 


Meyer, George W., '96, Minneapolis 

Attorney — 457 Temple Court. 
Meyers, J. Edward, '98, Minneapolis 

State Agent Aetna Life Insurance Co. — 1201 Guaranty Loan 

Michelet Simon, '95, 2719 Chicago av, Minneapolis 


Miley, Martin E., 41 E. 3d st, St. Paul 

With American Press Association. 
Miller, Clarence Benjamin, '00. (B. S., '95) Duluth, Minn. 

Lawyer — 515 Torrey Bldg. 
*Miller, William Henry, '00, Died July 24, 1900 

tMills, Ernest B., '99, Fargo. N. D. 

Mills, Harvey L.. '96, 281 Rondo st. St. Paul 

Lawver — 74 National German-American Bank Building. 
Minier. Ethan B., '00. Bruce, Wis 


Miner, J. Burt, '99, (B. S., '97). Berlin. Wis. 

focholar in Psychology — University of Minnesota. 
*Monson, Charles J., '90, Deceased 
Mitchell. William D.. '96, 

Care Palmer, Beek & Mitchell, Fire & Marine Bldg.. St. Paul 


Moen, Nels T., '93, Ada, Minn. 

Attorney-at-Law — Judge of Probate. 
Mohler, Arthur H., '93, Tyler, Minn 

Attornev-at-Law — County Attorney. 
Monfort, George D., '98, Litchfield, Minn. 


Monroe. Henrv A., '99 294 Charles st, St. P^lul 


Monsch. Henry J., '97, 67 E. 7th st, St. Paul 

Credit Man Stronge Millinery Co. 
Moore, Albert R., '91, (LL. M., 92) 421 Laurel av. St. Paul 

Attorney — Durment & Moore, 616-619 Germauia Life Ins.. 

Moore. Ilarrv '92, Municipal Court, Minneapolis 

Deputy Clerk of Municipal Court. 
Moore, Herbert S., '00, 1019 St. Anthony av .St. Paul 


tMoorhead, H. Paul, '98, Miuneapolis 

Alumni Record 93 

Morey, Arthur G., '00, Minneapolis 

Attorney — 401 Andrus Building. 
Morgan, George H., '94, Manila, P. I. 

Captain 3d U. S. Cavalry. 
Morley, Frank J., '00, (B. A., '96) West Publishing Co., St. Paul 

fMorrison, Samuel B., '93 

Finco i^a Esperanzia Casco de Tumbala Estad* de Chiapas, 

tMorton, Nor:a L., '93, (LL. M., '94) Minneapolis 
fMosness, Leonard J., '92, 1213-15 Ashland Block, Chicago, 111 
fMueller, Wilhelm G. D., '94, Vienna, Austria 

U. S. Consulate. 

Murphy, Franklin W., '93 Wheaton, Minit 


Murphy, John J., '99, Clinton, Minn 

Attorney-at-Law — Crawford & Murphy. 
Murphy, Patrick J., '93, Brainerd, Minn 


tMussel Wiliam L., '93, 729 Conway, St. Paul 

Special State Agent New York Life Insurance Co. 
Nantz, Frank P., '92, Minneapolis^ 

Lawyer — Lane & Nantz, 602-3 Oneida Block. 
tNaylor, William Keith, '98 1906 Iglehart st, St. Paul 

Lieutenant U. S. A. 
tNefe, Porter J., '92, Lonsdale Building, Duluth, Minn 

Neilson, Peter S., '96, Municipal Court, Minneapolis 

Deputy Clerk of Municipal Court. 
iNeison, Adolph T., '96, Grove City, Minn 

Lawyer and Publisher of Newspaper. 
Nichols, Malcolm Emory, '00 

50 Court House, and 303 Manhattan Building, St. Paul 

Official Court Reporter, 2d Judiciial (St. Paul) District. 
tNelson, John P., '90, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — 819 N. W. Building. 
Ney Chris W., "'94, Manila, P. I. 

Nightingale, John H., '98, 1520 7th st se, Minneapolis 

Railway Postal Clerk.. 
Niles, Edmund M., '96, Twin Valley Minn 

Lawyer — County Attorney, Norman County. 
Niles, George H., '98, Royalton, Minn 


Nordin, John A., '98, Minneapolis 

Attorney-at-Law — 640 Temple Court. 
Norton, A^.red Andrew, '99, (B. S., '97), Minneapolis. 

Lawyer — 56 Van Valkenburg Block. 
tNutting. Robert B., '90, 898 Iglehart st, St. Paul 

Lawyer — 45 Gilfiilan Block. 
Oakes, George, '92, New Richmond, Wis, 


Oakley, Egbert S., '98, Buffalo, Minn 

County Attorney. 
fO'Brien, Edward James, '98, 807 Phoenix Building. Minneapolis 
O'Brien, James Edward, '95, (LL. M., '96, B. A„ '92) 

1318 8th st se, Minneapolis 


O'Brien, Richard, D., '00, St. Paul 


Ochsner, Edward A., '99, 489 St. Anthony av, St. Paul 


Odell, Daniel. A., '96, Wells, Minn 


Odquist. Carl G., 94, Hutchinson, Minn 


O'Keefe, Patrick, H,, South St. Paul . . 


Ofsthun, Andrew O., '91, Elbow Lake, Minn 

Lawyer and Judge of Probate. 

94 University of Minnesota 

Olander. William, 98, Montevideo, Minn 


Olsen, George T.. '93, Springfield, Minn 

Lawver — Countv Attorney of Brown Co. 
Olson, C. O. Alexius. '96, (B, S., '95: LL. M.. '97 1 

324 33d av X. Minneapolis 

Attorney-at-Law — 360 Temple Court. 
Olson, Julius J., '00, Warren, Minn 

tOlson. Peter S.. '94 

Olson, Samuel, '95, Willmar, Minn 


O'Neill. Gro.svenor P., '97, St. Paul 

Lawyer — Room 4 Nat. German-American Bank Building. 

O'Neill. Charles M., '97, Sherburn, Minn 


Osborne, George Marshall. '95, 525 11th av se, Minneapolis 

Postoffice Clerk. Station A. 
Osborne, Rockwell C. '97. 53 Chamber of Commerce. Minneapolis 

"Bookkeepper — Osborne-McMillan Elevator Co. 
tOstrand, James .98. Bock, Minn 

Otis, Willis Clarke. '97, 24 Gilfillan Block, St. Paul 

Lawyer — With Young »& Lightner. 
Oterness. George H., '94, Willmar, Minn 


Owens. David A., '96. Spokane, Wash 

iNlanager Pacific Teacher's Bureau and Editor. 
Owens, William G., '00, Westbrook, Minn 

Lawyer — Goo'er & Owens. 
Oyen, Jacob W., '95, Minneapolis 

Real Estate Broker — 808 Phoenix Building. 
James Paige. '90, 1414 Yale Place, Minneapolis 


Paige. Mabeth Hurd, '99, (Mrs. James Paige) 

1414 Yale Place, Minneapolis 
P^ilmer. Munro H.. '91. Tacoma, Wasn 

Attorney — 204 Berlin Building. 
Parker. Ralph J.. '90. Spring Valley, Minn 


Parsons. Arthur L., "96. Lidgerwood, N. D. 


Pattison. John B., 00, Royalten, Minn 

Assistant Cashier Bank of Royalton. 
Pattridge. Samuel C. '95, ' Spring Valley, Minn 


Paul, Richard. '97. 760 Temple Court. Minneapolis 

Patent Attornev. 

Peterson. Carl F. E., '93. 934 14th av S. Minneapolis 

Assistant City Comptroller. 
Peterson. Henry C. '92, 361 Franklin st, St. Paul 


Petri. Gustav A., '03. 1713 W. 31st st, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — 235 Temple Court. 
-rPeterson. Isaac. '96, Minneapolis 
Petteugill. Claud K.. '94. National Bank Bldg., La Crosse, Wis 

Insurance and Suretv Bonds. 
Phelps. Harry i:., '98, Britton, S. D. 


Pilgram. William II. H., '91, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — 515 and 520 Temnle Court. 
tPierce. William L., '93, " Cuba 

Pillsbury. Alfred F.. '94, 1904 Park av, Minneapolis 

Wheat Buyer. 

Plymat. Harry E., '00, Detroit, Minn 


tPoehler. William A.. '96. 1329 Hawthorn av, Minneapolis 

Bookkeeper — II. Poehler Co. 
tPolk. Frank II.. '99, Minneapolis 

Alumni Record 


Deadwood, S. D. 

PoUey. Samuel C, '90, 

Lawyer — States Attorney. 
Porter, George F., '94, 

Attorner-at-Law — 305 Temple Court. 
Poselev, Henrv E., '00, 

Powell. Ransom J., "98, 

Instructor — Law Denartment — University of 
Pratt, Albert F., "G.j, 

Lawver — Countv Attorney. 
Prendergast. Edmund A., '98, 1217 Hawthorn av, Minneapolis 

Lawver — With N. W. Telephone Co., Minneapolis. 


Stewart, Minn. 

Anoka, Minn 

Prendergast. Louis W., 

Pridham, Thomas H.. '! 

tPrivet. W,alter N. 

Puffer, Lorenzo 

Purdy, Charles E., 

Purdy, Milton D 

'95, Mankato, Minn. 

Austin, Minn 

9o, Clarkfleld, Minn 

'99, Guelph, N. D. 

'90, 838 Guaranty Loan Bldg. Minneapolis 

,2, (B. A., '91), 

2035 Kenwood Parkway, Minneapolis 
Assistant United States Attorney. 
Putnam, Charles E., '93, Petaluma, Cal 


Putnam, William C, '97, Minneapolis 
Quandt, Charles W., '00, Winthrop, Minn 


Quevli, Nels, '96, Litchfield, Minn 


Randall, Richard A., '93, Winona, Minn 


Rawlings. Franklin E., '96, Seattle, Wash 

Lawver — 535 Burke Building. 
Redfield. Frank D.. "99, Minneapolis 

Attornev-at-Law. and Editor of The Stub Pen — 655 Temple 


Reed. Carl W.. '96. Berg Block, Cresco. la 

Lawver — With H. T. & C. W. Reed. 
Remmen, Martin E., '91. Valley City, N. D. 


tReohr, Charles D.. '99. 2621 Brvant av S, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — 618 New York Life Building. 
Rexford. W. Lane.. '00. Adrian, Minn 

Rhame. Albert E.. '99, 201 State st se, Minneapolis 

Civil Engineer, C, M. & St. P. Ry. Co. 
vRheuten. William E.. '92, Devils Lake, N. D. 

Rice, Frederick D., '94, 

Lawver — 403 New York Life Building, 
Rice, Isaac F.. '97, 2603 Lyndale Parkway. 

Chief Clerk, Postofflce. 
Rich^ardson. Herbert G., '92, 3837 11th av S, 

Attorney-at-Law — 831 Guaranty Loan Building. 

tRichardson. Norman C. '95, 

Bookkeeper — R. M. Bennett. 
Richardson, William B., '00, 

*Riefsnider. Volney G., '92. 
Riordan. Philip J., '99, 

Lawver — 704 Oneida Block. 
tRisjord, Gullick Nelson, '00, 
tRobinson, Bertram Henry, '00, 
Robinson. Horace R.. "91, (LL. M., 

Robinson. Net J., '00 


Hampshire Arms, 


St. Paul 




Rochester, Minn 


Madison, Wis 
Santa Cruz, Cal 

Tracy Minn 


University of Minnesota 



Rockne, Anton J., 

tRoe, Otto JiJrickson 
tRoesel, Adam, '93, 
Rogers, Arthur R., '91, 

Vice-President C. A. Smith Lumber Co. 
tRogers, Clyde Eugene, '99, 1831 Hawthorn av 

Rogers, George C, '00, 

Lawyer — Bank of Minnesota Building. 
Roise, Axel H., '96, 

tRoss, Edward Wesley, '91, 
Rowe, William E., '93, 
Royal, Irving D., '00, 815 E. 18th St 

Clerk Legal Dept. N. P. Ry. Co., St. Paul 

Zumbrota, Minn 

St. Paul 
Willmar, Minn 

Crookston, Minn 


Cape Nome, Alaska Territory 


Barnesville, Minn 


479 Rondo st, St. Paul 
Life Building. 

-312 Nor. Pac. 



St. Charles, Minn 

Adams, Minn 
1916 Columbus av, Minneapolis 

(B. L., '98), 

Rustgard, John, '90 

tSt. Clair, George Howe 
Salisbury, Henry C, '93, 

Salmon, Thomas H., '94, 

Lawyer — 410 Temple Court. 
Samuelson, John E., '99, 

Lawyer — 816-817 New York 
Sanders, M. T., '95, 

Land Attorney N. P. Ry. Co.— 
Sands, Walter B., '94, 

Sardeson, Amos D., '96, 

Lawyer — 100 Lumber Exchange 
Sasse, Frank G., '90, (B. S., '99) 

tSather, Jacob C, '96, 
S.awyer. Charles L. '97, 

Real Estate and Insurance 
Scandrett, Henry Alexander, '00, 
Claim Dept. — U. P. R. R. 
Scanlan, Patrick J., '98, 
*SchaefFer, Charles M., '90. 
Schmidt, Herman C, '00, 

Lawyer — 321 Bullard Block 
Schmitt, John W., '00, 

*Schroeder. John P., '98, 
Schulz, Rudolph F., '00, 

Schurch, John F., '96 

Lawyer — P. O. Box 324. 
Schwager, Lewis, '96, (B. S., '95) 

tSee, John W.. '93. Flat E, 1806 Park av 

Lawyer — 836 Lumber Exchange. 
Selleck, J. Howard, '97, 

Clerk^ — -Wholesale Drugs — Noyes Bros. & Cutler. 
tSells, Max, '98, 

Selover, Arthur William, '94, (LL. M., '97; B. A., '93) 

1311 5th Av. S., Minneapolis. 

Lawyer — 921-23 Guaranty Loan Bldg. 
Selover, George H., '91, Minneapolis 

Lawyer— 921-923 Guaranty Building, 
Serumgard, Siver, '91, z Devils Lake. N. D. 

Attorney-at-Law — Regent University of North Dakota, 
fShaughnessy, Michael, '95 (LL, M,, '97) St, Paul 

West Publishing Co, 
tShaw, Albert W,, '93, (B. S., '90) 

1218 2d av S, 

Omaha, Neb. 

Rochester, Minn 

Died June 23, 1900 
Los Angeles, Cal 

Mankato, Minn 

Died Jan. 31, 1900 
Montevideo, Minn. 

Denver, Col 
St, Paul 

Alumni Record »T 

Shaw, John E., '00, 1405 10th av S., Minneapolis 

tSheehy, Richard, '93, 

tShields, James, '93, 421 North st, St. Paul 

Collector of Customs. 
Sheldon, Dell C, '00, Pine Island, Minn 

City Attorney. 

Siemers, Julius A., '95, 2824 Dupont av N, Minneapolis 

With George R. Newell & Co. 
Simons, Hiram A., '97, St. Paul 

L,awyer — 26 Court Block. 
Simons, Luman C, '95, Red Lake Falls, Minn 


Simonson, Helmer I., '00, 2213 Chicago av, Minneapolis 


Smeltzer, Jacob D., '90 Minneapolis 

Salesman — Lyman-Eliel Drug Co. 
Smith, Al. J., '90, Court House, Minneapolis 

First Assistant County Attorney. 
Smith, Charles Veach, '00, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — 35 Minnesota Loan & Trust Building. 
Smith, Erastus, '97, 1516 Elliot av S, Minneapolis 

Bookkeeper — G. W, Elevator. 
Smith, Ezra R„ '00, Minneapolis 

Attorney-at-Law — 701 New York Life Building. 
Smith, Frank J., '89, Caldwell, Idaho 


Smith, Fred E., '96, Morris, Minn 

Attorney-at-Law — Village attorney. 
Smith, Fred P., '91, Spokane, Wash 

Claim Agent, G. W. Ry. Co. 
Smith, George Ross, '93, Minnciapolis 

Lawyer — 610 Boston Block. 
Smith, John A., '94, Sandstone, Minn 


tSmith, Stelle S., '99, 1605 Hennepin av, Minneapolis 

Lawyer — 188 Hennepin av. 
Smith, Washington, '96, Minneapolis 

Counsellor-at-Law — Guaranty Loan Building. 
Smith, Walter Wyman, '00, Mankato, Minn 

Lawyer — Long & Smith. 
tSnell, William, '91, 

Somerby, Charles W., '95, 1501, Mt. Curve, Minneapolis 

Assistant Attorney-General, St. Paul. 
Somsen, Henry N., '94, New Ulm, Minn 


Somsen, Stephen H., '98, Winona, Minn 


Sorkness, Halvor L., '98, (LL. M., '99) Madison, Minn 

County Attorney. 
Southerland, A. Hans, '95, Cambridge, Minn 


Southwick, Claude E., '97, Albert Lea, Minn 

Lawyer — ^142 Broadway. 
Southworth, Walter N., '95, Shakopee, Minn 

Lawyer — County Attorney. 
Sowle, Ralph C, '96, 2306 Colfax av S, Minneapolis 

Grain Commission. 
Spear, George Hancock, '98, (B. L., *93) Brainerd, Minn 

tSpencer, Louis N., '94. 

Spicer, Mason W., '95, Willmar, Minn 

Attorney and Vice President Spicer Land Co. 

Spindler, Henry, '98, Fessenden, N. D. 


Sprague. Monroe H., '00, Washburn, Wis 


98 University of Minnesota 

Stacy, Albert Wallace, '93, (B. S., '91), Phoenix, Arizona 


Stalder, Robert B., '96, 707 Plymouth av, Minneapolis 

Employe PostoflSce Department. 
Stapleton, Albert M., "98, 407 Case st, St. Paul 


Stebbins, George M., '98, Roseau, Minn 


Steele, H. Herbert, '00, Leeds, S. D. 


Stephens, William J., '96, Melrose, Minn. 

Attorney -at-Law. 

tSternberg. Daniel, '97. Minneapolis 

Bookkkeeper — Bradley, Clark & Co.. 227 5th st N. 
Stevenson. William J., '93, ' Duluth, Minn 

Lawver — Eckman and Stevenson, 513 Palladio Building. 
Stewart, Robert D.. '00, St. Paul 

Attorney-at-Law — 606 Manhattan Building. 
tStewart, McCants. 99, New York City. 

Stobbart, Arthur j.. "97, 944 Cromwell Av., St. Paul. 

Assistant Corporation Attorney. 
*Stocker. Harry D.. Jr., '90, Died November 12, 1900, 

Stone, Charles F., "90, Bonanza Gulch, Dawson City, Alaska. 


Stone, John Sheppard, '91, 64 Wabash Av., Chicago. 

Mgr. Chicago Branch N. W. Consolidated Milling Co. 
Stong, Ed. H., -00. St. Thomas, N. D. 

Ass't. Cashier, Farmers' State Bank. 
Storing, Charles C, '95, Rochester, Minn. 


Strohm. John L., '97, Minneapolis 

Lawver — 311 Svkes Block. 
Strong. George W., '98, 506 Bank of Com. Bldg., Minneapolis. 


Sullivan, Merte E., "98, Stillwater, Minn. 


Sullivan, I'atrick E., '98, Merriam Park, Minn. 

Teacher. College of St. Thomas. 
■rSutherland, John E., '93, Chatfield, Minn. 

tSwan, Charles E., '96. Flat 3, 1003 Park Av., Minneapolis. 

Claim Agent— M & St. L. Ry. 
Sweet, John C^ '93 526 11th Av. S. E., Minneapolis. 


Sweigle. Curtiss, '92, (B. A., '91) Wahpeton, N. D. 


Swensen. S., '99, (LL. M., '00) 

Lawyer. 515 Bank of Commerce Bldg.. Minneapolis. 

Swenson. Peter G., "92, Hillsboro, N. I>. 


Tappan. John E., '96, 1204 Guar. Loan Bldg.. Minneapolis. 


Tattersfield. Richard, •93, 211 Globe Bldg., Minneapolis 


Taylor. Adelbert R., '92, 350 Temple Court, Minneapolis. 


Taylor. Benjamin C, '95, (B. S.. '93), Mankato, Minn. 


Taylor, Carl. '92, Rooms, 49 and 50 Gilfillan Block, St. Paul. 


Taylor, Edward W., "93, Webster, S. D. 

Iy,awyer. (State's Attornev, Day Co., S. D.I 
Taylor. Robt. S., '97, ' St. Paul. 

Court Reporter, District Court. 
tTenneson, Rernt Gilbert, '95, Minneapolis. 
Tew, Martin E., '00, Willmar, Minn. 


Thompson, Anton, '99, Henning, Minn. 


Alumni Record 


Thompson. Chas., *92, (B. ju., '88), Amboy, Minn. 


Thompson, R. Celius, '98, (B. S., '96), Aitkin, Minn. 


Thompson, Robert Mitchell, '98, 701 15th Av. S. E., Minneapolis. 

tThompson, William Gould, '97, 
Thori, Nels O., '98, 

Thormodson. Nels E., "98, 

Thurston, Ludwi£, C, "98, 

Thwing, Alfred L., '99, 

Tompkins, Thomas S., '91, 

tTodd. George K., '99, 
Todd, Walker W., '00, 

tTodd, Kay, '00, 
Trabert, Charles L.. '99, 

Lumber Business. 
Triggs, William R., '90, 

Reci-uiting Health. 
jTufte. Benjamin. '95, Minneiapolis. 
tTwitchell. L. Lathi-op, '98, Minneapolis. 
Tyler, Albert De Forest, '93, 81 Summitt Av., St. Paul. 

Editor. West Publishing Company. 
Vaaler, xvolleff. '94, 


tVan Campen, Charles H., '94, 625 7th St. S., 

Hay & Van Campen. 1008 Guaranty Loan Bldg. 
Van Sant, Grant. '96, (B. L., '95) Winona, Minn 

255 Temple Court, Minneapolis. 

Madelia, Minn. 

Cokato, Minn, 

402 Exchange Bldg., Duluth, Minn. 

459 Drake Block, St. Paul. 

Salem, S. D. 
401 Andrus Bldg.. Minneapolis. 

4247 Washington Av. 

Shelton, Wash, 
N., Minneapolis. 

Acampo, Cal. 

Echo, Minn. 

Van Valkenburg. Jesse, 



St. Paul. 

Little Falls, Minn. 
Crookston, Minn. 

Colfax, Wis. 
Litchfield, Minn. 

(B. A., '94) 
303 Northwestern Bldg.. Minneapolis. 

Vasaly, Louis W. 

Vasaly. Stephen C, '00, 

Law, Lands, Loans. 
Vaule, Ole J., "91, 

Attorney-at-Law — Referee in Bankruptcy. 
Vorland. George T.. •OS, 

Bank Cashier. 
Wagner, Charles W., ^94, 

Editor and Publisher, Litchfield Saturdav Review. 
Walgren. John Arvid, '91, 611 Ashland Block," Chicago. 111. 

Lawyer — Founder and President of the Prentice Mulford So- 
cieties for Psvcho-Physical Culture. 
tWalker, Edward David. '94, (LL. B., '95) 

601 Rondo St., St. Paul. 


Wallace, Carleton L., ^97. Room 2, Tribune Bldg., Minneapolis. 

Mgr. Minneapolis Department Pioneer Press. 
tWallace. David, ^97, 40 Wall St., New York City. 


Wallace, Thomas F., Jr., '95. (B. A., '93), 

909 New York Life Bldg.. Minneapolis. 

Lawyer — -Woods, Kingman & Wallace. 
tWalsh, Clarence F., '99, Graceville. Minn. 

*Wangsness. John S.. ''92, Deceased. 
Ward, De Forrest. •94. Fairmont, Minn. 


tWare. Francis L.. ^91, New York. 

Wasgatt. Frank G., '96, Winnebago City, Minn. 

Attorney -at-i^aw. 

100 University of Minnesota 

Waters, James H., '90, Care of Carpenter-Lamb Co., Minneapolis. 

j-raveling Salesmtan. 
tWebb, Arthur M., '95, St. Paul. 

With West Publishing Company. 
Webb, Robt. W,. '93 (LL. M., '94), 

1964 Kenwood Parkway, Minneapolis. 

Ass't. Secretary and Treasurer, Minneapolis Trust Co. 
Webber, B. Franklin, '00, New Ulm, Minn. 

Webber, Clarence A., '93, 

Suite 307 Lumber Exch. Bldg., Minneapolis. 

Lawyer — Young & Webber. 
Weeks, C. Louis, '94, Northport, L. I., N. Y. 

Legal editorial Work — English Encyclopoedia of Law. 
tWeber, Albert, '99, Minneapolis 
Weil, Jonas, '98, 724 New York Life Bldg, Minneapolis 


tWeiss, Harry, '95, 56 E. Summit Av., St. Paul 

Lawyer. 809 New York Life Bldg. 
Wergedahl. Edward O., '99, St. Paul 

Lawver, 205 Newspaper Row. 
Werner, Carl A., '98, Minneapolis 

Secretary and Treasurer of the Minnesota Grain Company. 
fWerring, James H., '98, 1088 14th Av. S. E., Minneapolis 

Clerk Evans, Munzer, Pickering & Co. 
Westphal, Gustavus A., 330 Temple Court, Minneapolis 


Wheaton, J Frank, '94, 2835 Chicago Av., Minneapolis. 


Wheeler. Howard, '95, 10, 11 & 12 Nat'l Ger. Am. Bank, St. Paul 

Attorney-at-Law — Member of Upper House of City Council. 
tWheeler. J., '91. 516 Cedar Av., St. Paul. 

Lawver — 214 N. Y. Life Bldg. 
Whitcomb, Carlos F., '00, Alexandria, Minn. 

Law and Real Estate — Tollef, Jacobson & Co. 
Whitcomb, Walter B.. New Whatcom, Wash. 


White Frank T.. 'y4, Elk River, Minn. 

Lawyer — County Attorney. 
White, J C, '98, Chatfield, Minn. 

White. MacLaughlin, '98, (B. S., '95). 

1316 5th St. S. E., Minneapolis 


tWhite, Robert C. '06, 154 Western Av. N., St. Paul. 

Whiting, cxias. S., '89, De Smet, S. D. 

Attorney-at-Law — States Attorney. 
Whittemore, Guy T., '00, Hannah, N. D. 


Whitten. John A., '96, The Willistou, Minneapolis. 

Proprietor The Williston. 
tWill, Gustav A., '96. 2801 19th Av. N., Minneapolis. 

Lawyer — 330 Temnle Court. 
Wickersham. Price, '00, 43 Buckingham, St. Paul. 

Wickwire, Arthur M., '93, 

42 Nat'l German American Bank Bldg., St. Pftul. 


tWilliams. Henry W., '95, 412 Curvier Bldg.. Los Angeles, Cal. 
Williamson, Alonzo P., '94. (M. D.) 602 Nicollet Av., Minneapolis. 

Physician — Dean of College of Homeopathic Medicine and 
Surgery — University of Minnesota. 
Wilson, Luwin C, '96, Worthington. Minn. 

Attorney-at-Law — Geo. W. Wilson & Son. 
tWilson, Mark E., '95. 

Wilson, Ole K.. '92. Veblen, S. D. 

Farming and Stock Raising. 

Ahimivi Record 101 

Wilson, Samuel B., '96, Mankato, Minn. 

Liawyer — County Attorney. 
Wilson, Wirt, '99, 1729 Park Av., Minneapolis. 


Wingate, Wm. S., '94, West Superior, Wis. 

Ass't. Mgr. S. W. Lightbody & Co., Dry Goods. 
Winterer, Edward, '90, (B. L., '87) Valley City, N. D. 


Wolff, Otto. '00, National German American Bank, St. Paul. 


Wood, Daniel B., '98, 209 E. 27tli St., Minneapolis. 


tWright, Edward Stephens, '99, New York. 

tWright, Edwin Stanton, '98, Lodi, La. 

Wulling, Frederick J., '96, (LL. M., '98, Phm. D.) 

College of Pharmacy, State University, Minneapolis. 
Dean and Professor of Pharmacology, Col. Pharm., Uniy. Minn. 
Wyvell, Henry G., '91, Breckenridge, Minn. 

Lawyer — County Attorney. 
Yale, Washington, Jr., '98, 317 Andrus Bldg., Minneapolis. 


Young, Albert L., '95, Gibbon, Minn. 

Attorney and Counsellor at Law. 
Young, Eugene, '00, 500 Central Av., Minneapolis. 

Lawyer — ^^0 N. Y. Life. 
Young, Geo. E., '91, 808 E, 33rd St., Minneapolis. 

Lawyer — 530 Temule Court. 
Young, George M.. '94, Valley City, N. D. 

Lawyer— Member of State House of Representatives. 
Zennder. John C, '00, 277 Louis St., St. Paul. 

Practicing Law, 904 Globe Bldg. 
i-Zuckerman. Samuel, '94, Minneapolis. 
Zuger, Alfred, '94, Valley City, N. D. 

Attornev-at-Law — Zuger & Pa.ulson. 

College of iledicine and Surgery. 

Adams, Rollin T., '93, Hudson, Wis. 

tAgnew, Anna Marie, '99. 

Ahlstrom. Alf. E., '00, Bethesda Hospital, St. Paul. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Aitkins. Herbert B., '93, LeSueur Center, Minn. 

Practicing Physician. 
-Alexander, Frank H., '97, Barnesville, Minn. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Allen, H,arry W., '00, RedWing, Minn. 


Allen, Mason, '97, 284 Endicott Arcade, St. Paul, Minn. 

Phvsician and Surgeon, 
-Anderson. Aug., '91, 627 4th St., Sioux City, Iowa. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Anderson,' Christopher A., '92, Rush City, Minn. 


Anderson, Edwin Clark, '97, Fertile, Minn. 


-Angell, Wm. G., '95, Canby, Minn. 


-Appleby. E. Villiers, '94, Dowry Arcade, St. Paul 


*Arslanides, Michael Theologos, '94, (B. A. Anatolia College) 

Supposed to have been killed. 
-Arzt, Carl P., "95, Wabasha and 9th St., St. Paul. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Aubin, Louise M., '93, (Mrs. Wm. E. Aubin), Racine, Wis. 

Phvsician and Surgeon, 
j^-urness. Peter A.. '92, Syndicate Arcade, Minneapolis. 

Physician and Surgeon. 

102 University of Minnesota 

Avery. J. Fowler. ' Virginia, Minn. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Bacon, Harry P., '97, Milaca, Minn. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Bacon. Knox, '94, Lowry Arcade, St. Paul. 

Physician and Surgeon — Chief Surgeon C, St. P., M. & 
O. Ry. 

tBailey, John William, "94, 

Baker, Mary K., '00, (Mrs. Dan. Baker), 

579 Cromwell Av., St. Anthony Park, Minn. 

Physician — 706-707-708 Germania Life Bldg. 
Bakke. Peter, "92. Grantsburg, Wis. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
*Bakke. Peter Halstensen, "91, Deceased.. 
Baldwin. Louis B., '97, Jamestown, N. D. 

First Ass t Physician, N. D., Hospital for Insane. 
Pall. Charles R.. "94, (B. A., Ohio Wesleyan, "91) 

583 Endicott Arcade, St. PauL 
tBarre de la. William, "95, Soudan, Minn, 

lassett. Mary. '95, (Mrs. Chas. W. Bray) Biwabik, Minn. 


Batchelder, Edwin J., "93, New Richland, Minn.- 


Batcheler, Oliver T.. '99, Brainerd, Minn. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Beaudoux," Henry A., "95, Fargo, N. D. 

Oculist and Aurist. 
Bebb, Rose A.. 97. 124 W. 12th St.. New York City. 

Physician — Instructor in Bacteriology in The University and 
Bellevue Hospital, Medical College. New York City. 
vBeebe. Dan Goodwin, "96, U. S. Navy., f. S. S. Newark- 

Beek, R. Hudson. "94. Lakota, N. D. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Benham, Edward W., "95, Madison Lake, Minn. 

Physician and SurgeoH. 
Benjamin, Arthur E., "92, Dayton Block. Minneapolis. 

Phvsician and Surgeon. 
Bennett, Charles E., "95, Aneta, N. D. 


Bennett, C)scar E., 00, Sanborn, Minn. 


Benson. Geo. E., "01. 2427 23rd Av. S.. Minneapolis. 

I'hysician. 415 Guaranty Loa,n. 
tBergan, Ole Kittleson, "91, Sacred Heart, Minn. 

Bernard. John A., "89. 2925 Stevens Av.. Minneapolis.. 

I'hvsician and Surgeon. 
Best, Robt., 99, Ada. Minn. 


Binder. George A., •92, 832 E. 7th St.. St. Paul. 


Bjelland. Adolnh O.. "90, Mankato, Minn. 

I'hysician and Surgeon. 
Biornstad, G.sle. '93, Cannon Falls, Minn. 

Phvsician and Surgeon. 
Birdcall, Albert Thornton. 96. (B. S., '93) 

285 Wash. Av., Brooklyn. New York City. 
Blancnard. Henry G.. "97, Waseca, Minn. 

I'livsicinn and Surgeon. 
Boehm. J(.lin ('.. "93. St. Cloud. Minn 

I'hysician and Surgeon — Pres. B'd. of Ed. and Pres. B'd. of 
Health of Lity of St. Cloud; Examining Surgeon of I'en- 
sions— U. S. 

Bohland. Fred J., '91. Belle I'laine, Minn. 


Boleyn. E. Sydney. '94. Stillwater, Minn. 

I'hysician and Surgeon. 
Bolkcom. (Jeo. W., "94.. Clear Lake. Wis. 


Alumni Record 

W. Granger) Rochester, 
705 E. 4th St., St. 






Booker. Gertrude, "97, (Mrs. Geo. 

Practice of Medicine. 
Borchardt. Edward A., '93, . 

Bouman, Herman, "97, 

tBrabee. Frank Joseph, '93, (B. S., 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Bratrud, Theodor, "99, (B. A., '91) 

Physician — Coroner. 
Bray, Chas. W.. '95, (B. A., '91), 

Brooks, George F., "00, 

Physician — Rood Hospital. 
tBrown, Harrv. "96. 
Brunelle. Adelard M., '86, 

Buck, Carl D.. *97. 

Acting Ass"t. Surgeon, U. S. A. 
Buckley, Daniel "98 (B. S., '95) 614 Pacific Block, Seattle, Wash. 

Buell, Mary Catherine, '97, 

Physician- — No. 8 Lamson Block 
Burch. Frank E., "97, 

Burgan. James Homer, "99, 

Burnes. Catherine Amelia, '87, (B. S., 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Burns, M. Alpheus '96, 

Butler, David R., "94 

Caine, Chas. E.. '96, 


Galey, G Ross. '00. - St. _ 

I'hysician and Surgeon — Interne St. Joseph's Hospital. 
tCahoon. Grace Wilson, '97, 13 and 14 Bee Hive Block, Butte, Mont. 


Campbell, Charlotte. '00, Room 8, Morris Block, Fargo, X. D. 

I'hysician and Surgeon. 
Campbell.' George E.. "95 Wykoff, Minn. 

Physician and Surgeon, 
Campbell. Robt. A.. '96. 1 Syndicate Block, Minneapolis. 

Physician and Surgeon — Ass't. City Physician. 
Carman. Charles L., "97, 130 College Av.. St. Paul. 


Carpenter. Carrol Clinton, '97, Dwight, 111. 

Examining Physician and Microscopist, Leslie E. Keeley Co. 
tCastle. Karl Henry E., '85. 
Cavanaugh. James O., '97, 

Chappie, Charles Loran, "98, (B. S. 
Physician — Ass't. Physician 
the Insane 

Biwabik, Minn. 

Biwabik, Minn. 

Hibbing, Minn. 

Rolling Stone, Minn. 
Cloquet, Minn. 

Manila, P. I. 

Waterloo, Iowa. 
Glencoe, Minn. 

Tracy, Minn. 
Hopkins, Minn. 

Milan, Minn. 
Wilmont, Minn. 
Morris, Minn. 
Joseph's Hospital, St. Paul 


299 Endicott Arcade, St. Paul. 



Rochester. Minn. 
State Hospital for 

Eau Claire. Wis. 
Sauk Rapids, Minn. 

tChase. Ralph Rollin, '89, 
Chilgren. G. Arthur. '92, 

I'hysician and Surgeon. 
Christenson. Charles R., '96, Starbuck, Minn 


Clark, lIov.'ard Shoemaker, '97, (B. S., '95), Glencoe, Minn. 


Claydon. Leonard 1%., "95, Mazeppa, Minn. 


Coleman. Harry M., "97, Hankinson. N. D. 

Medicine and Surgery. 
TConant, Harriet Beecher, "91, Jamestown. N. D. 


University of Miimesota 

Condit, William Henry, '99 (B. S., '96) 

1010 4th St. S. E., Minneapolis. 
Physician — 520 Bank of Minneaj)olis Bldg. 

Cook, Paul Burns, '00, 
•Corbett, J Frank, '96, 

Corse, Charles A., '97, 

€otton, Henry, '94, (B. S., '90) 
Corwin, Guy Philander, '89, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
tCoynghame, E. F., (B. M., '87) 
Crewe, John E., '96, 

Crommett, Herbert B., '96, 

tCuff, William Sherman, '97, 
Culver, Charles F., '99, 

Practicing Physician. 
Cutts, George A. Custer, '00, 

Phvsician and Surgeon. 
Cutts, Rollin E., '93, (B. S., '90) 

St. Paul City Hospital, St. Paul. 
2019 Chicago av, Minneapolis. 

Bertha, Minn. 

Died Jan. 22, 1901 
Pomona, Calif. 

Zumbrota, Minn 

Amery, Minn 

Hancock. Minn. 
Chetek, Wis. 

2713 Blaisdell av, Minneapolis 

2713 Blaisdell av, Minneapolis 
Physician and Surgeon — 802 Dayton Building. 
Dahlquist, Gustaf W., '9ii, Cokato, Minn. 

Phvsician and Surgeon. 
Dahlstedt, Nils G.. '89, Elliott, 111 

Practicing Physician. 
Danner, Edgar W., '95, 28 E. 47th st, New York City 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Darling, Walter H., '95, St. Peter, Minn. 

Physician — Assistant Superintendent of the St. Peter State 
tDarms, Harry Lee, '92, 
Davidson. James, '92, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
tDean, Frank W., '90, 

*Dean. Sidney Walter, '00, 
Dennis, Warren A., '96 

Dodge, Albert A., '94, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Dodge, Warren M.. '93, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Dohm, Charles L., 95, 

I'hysician and Surgeon. 
Drake, Fred A., '96, 

Drew, George F., '00, 

Dugan, Rollo C, '90, 

Dutton, Charles E.. '89, Suite 213 Dayton Building. Minneapolis 
Physician and Surgeon. 

Eveleth, Minn. 
Lakeview P. O., Duluth, Minn. 

Omaha, Neb 

Died February. 1901 
Dowry Arcade, St. Paul 

Faribault, Minn 

Farmington, Minn 

7th and Sibley sts, St. Paul 

Lauesboro. Minn 

Frazee, Minn 

Eyota, Minn. 

Earl, Robert ()., '96, 

Eby, Cyriis B., '9o. 

Eby, Robert. '93, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Edgerton. William M., '96, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
tEdholm. Edward Anton, '89, 
Edlen. Emil A., '92. 

881 Payne av, St. Paul 

Mount Iron, Minn. 

Virginia, Minn. 

Faulkton, Faulk Co., S. D. 

Stillwater, Minn 
Moline. HI 

I'hysiciau — Chief Medioal Director of North Star Beneilt 

Edsall, Joseph L., '92, Bradley. S. D. 


Alumni Record 


Lake Preston, S. D. 

Edward, George, '97, 

Egge, Tlirond S„ '93, 

Physician and Surgeon, 
Ellis, Benjamin James, '00, 

tEndress, John Karl, '99, 


Erdmann, Charles A,, '93, 612 9th av se, Minneapolis 

Professor Anatomy — University of Minnesota — Physician 
and Surgeon. 

Moorhead, Minn. 
Reardon, Wash. 
192 Concord st, St. Paul 

Ericson, John G., '92, 

tFanset, John Jay, '96, 
Farmer. John C, '95, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
tFarrand, Corydon, '93, 
Ferguson, William J., '99, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Finstad, Gustav Jens, '93, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Fischer, Otto F., '97, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Fjelstad, Carl A., '92, 

tFjelde, Herman Olaus, '95, 
tFord, Carydon Lovine, '90, 
Forrest, Charles G. 

Winthrop, Minn 

Milbank, S. D. 
McKinley, Minn 

Red Wing, Minn 
Milbank, S. D. 

Menomonie, Wis 

Houston, Minn. 

Glenwood, Minn 

Abercrombie, N. D. 

Physician — County Physician, Deputy Coroner. 

Bagley, Minn 

Franchere, Frederick E., '90, 

Physician and Surgeon — Surgeon to C 
and to M. & St. L. R. R. Co. 
French, Edwin J., '00, 

fFrench, Leigh Hill, '94, 
tGanney, Thomas J., '97, 

Western av 9 W. of Halifax av, Minneapoli 

St. James, Minn. 
St. P., M. & O. Co. 

Plainview, Minn 

Washington, D. C. 

Gaines, Everett C, '99, 

tGarber,, Lou Marie, '93, 
tGarrison, J. Frank, '00, 

Gates, Joseph A., '95, 

*Geiger. John, '96. 
Geist, Emil S., '00, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Germo, Charles, '95, 

- jysician. 
Gerrish, W. Albert. '96, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Geyermann. Peter T., '99 

tGibbon, Luther Llewellyn, '97, 
*Gibbs, Thomas C, '91, 
Giere, Eric O., '92, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
*Gilbertson. Julius C. '91. 
Gilfillan, James Stirling, '97, 

*Glenn, William. 93, 
Gilkinson, Andrew J., '93, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
tGoddard, Nathan Andrews, '97, 
tGoldsworthv. Will, '97, 
tGrafton, Guv Abbott. '99, 
Goodrich, Judd N., '95, 


Buffalo Lake, Minn. 

Ada, Minn 
Wabasha, Minn 

Kenyon, Minn 

Died June, 1897 
Cor. Summit & 6th st, St. Paul 

Balaton, Minn 

Enderlin, N. D. 

Worthington, Minn 

Lowry, Minn 
Died July, 1892 
Madison, Minn 

Died in 1898 
287 Exchange st. S., St. Paul 

Died February 26, 1901 
Osakis, Minn. 

Reardon. Wash 
Two Harbors, Minn 
Winona, Minn 
Lowry Arcade, St. Paul 

106 University of Minnesota 

Gray, George A., '98, 220 Hyde Block, Spokane, Wash 


Greeley, Liston, Q., '96 1932 W. Superior st, Duluth, Mian 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Greene. Charles Lyman, '90, St. Paul 

Phvsician — Clin. Professor of Medicine and Physical Diag- 
nosis : Author of "Medical Examination for Life Insur- 

Grrswold, Frank E., '97, Hoffman, Minn. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Grout, Sam E., '99, Soudan Hospital, Soudan, Minn. 

Phvsician and Surgeon. 
Guilford, Harry M., '98. (B. S., '95) 1820 Hawthorn av, Minneapolis 


tGunn, Frank H., '95, Eau Claire, Wis. 


Guthrie. John DeMott, '97, (B. E. E., '93) Luverne, Minn 


jHaas, Charles Andrew, '94, 798 E. 7th st, St. Paul 

Physician — 211 Washburn Building. 
tHack, Charles Wesley, '97, Ft. Meade, S. D. 

Acting Assistant Surgeon TJ. S. A. 
Hagard. George D., '93, 1809 15th av S, Minneapolis 


Hall, Charlotte, "99, (Mrs. James O. Hall) 218 Virginia av, St. Paul 

Practicin-' Physician. 
Hanscom, William H., '89, 283 Cedar av, Minneapolis 

Physician and Surgeon. 
tHalgren Harry Alfred, '97, Watertown, Minn 


Hansen. Marius, '94, Hendrum, Minn. 


Hare. Earle R.. '00, 403 14th av se, Minneapolis 


Harrington. Charles D., '95, 69 11th st S, Minneapolis 


Harrison. Elmer E., '97, West Concord, Minn 


Hart. Milan J., '95, LeRoy, Minn 

Hartshorn, Willis E., '98, 

The Roosevelt Hospital, New ork City, N. Y. 
House Staff Roosevelt Hospital. 
Hartzell, Thomas B., '94, (D. D. S., '93). 

Syndicate Arcade, Minneapolis. 


Haskell, A. Dair, '99 Hopkins. Minn 


Haverfield, Addie R., '95, 400 20th av N. Minneapolis 


Haynes. Frederick E., '99, Minneapolis 

Physician — Minnehaha 1 ark. 
Hazeltine, Harry H.. '00, Ashland, Wis 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Head, George D., '95, (B. S., '92), 300 Walnut st se, Minneapolis 

I'hysician and Surgeon. 
Heath, Albert C, '94, Lowry Arcade, St. Paul 


Hedback, Axel E.. '97. Kohl's Block, Barron, Wis. 

Physician and Surgeon — ^City Physician and Secretary of 
the Barron County Medical Society. 
tHeinze. Charles Frederick, '96, 304 E 7th st. St. Paul 

Hendriokson. Hans W., '93, Montevideo, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Hennemuth, John L., '90, Waterford, Cal 


Henry. Anna Mae, '99, 2203 Brooklyn av, Kansas City, Mo 


Alumni Record 


Henry, Fannie Jae. "99, 

Hesselgrave, Sherman S., '94, 

Physician — Corner 7th and Jackson sts 
Hielscher. Julian A., '91 

Physician and Surgeon. 
tHiggins. John Turner, '94, (B. C. E., '90), 

Hilbert, Ferdinand, '92, 

Practicing Physician. 
Hilbert, Pierre A., '93 

Hirschfield, Adolph, '93, 

Physician and Surgeon 
Hoff, Peder A., '00, 

Holbrook, John S., '96, 

Physician — Health Officer for Citv 
Holmes. Walter B., '94, (B. S., '88), 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Hoist, John Burton, '95, 
Holte, Halyor, '93, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Hotyedt. Ingyald M. J., '99, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Howard, Seth E., '93, 

Practicing Physician. 
Hubert, R. Ignatius. '98, 

Physician and Surgeon 
tHughes. Helen. '96, 

2203 Brooklyn av, Kansas City, Mo 

St. Paul 
Mankato, Minn 
Morgan Hill, Calif. 
Albany, Minn. 
Melrose, Minn 

1226 Washington av N, Minneapolis 
City and County Hospital, St. Paul 
Mankato, Minn 

Ada, Minn. 

Lake Benton, Minn 
Crookston, Minn 

Fancheng, China 

01 E. 5th st, Rochester, Minn 

St. Cloud, Minn 

*Huhn, Carl. '98, (B. S., '95) 
Huxley, Fred, '00, 

Hyslin, Ey^n, '00, 

tllstrup, Francis, '94. 
tllstrup, Orlando, '99, 
Irish, Palmer H., '00, 

Physician and Surgeon, 
flverson, Lewis U., '97, 
Janson, Eiliy, '92, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Janson. Ivar, '92, 

Jennison, John Egbert, '94, 

Blue Earth City, Minn. 

Died March 7, 1898 
Faribault, Minn 

Kindred, N. D. 

Cokato, Minn 
Buffalo, Minn 
Akeley, Minn 

Masonic Temple, Minneapolis. 
Masonic Temple, Minneapolis 
Delamar, Nevada 

Physician — Surgeon-in-charge of De la Mar Miners' Hos- 

Cloquet, Minn 

Johnson, Andrew E., '91, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Johnson, Asa M., '96, 

Physician and Sui'geon. 
tJohnson. Edwin M., '98, (B. L., '95) 
tJones, Charles Henry, '90, 
Justice, Oswald M., '97, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Kankel, Otto William, 

Keene, Ralph K., '97, 

Kennedy, Jane F., 


tKirk, George C, '96, 
Kirkwood, Samuel Markle, '92, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
fKistler, Charles Milton, '93, 


176 Concord st, St. Paul 

Tempe, Ariz 
Elysian, LeSueur Co., Minn. 

Ely, Minn. 

Bellingham, Minn 

(Mrs. John F. Kennedy) 

13 Syndicate Block, Minenapolis 

St. Paul 

1615 Wesley av, St. Paul 
637% 6th av N, Minneapolis 


Universiti/ of Minnesota 

tKjos,. Knute Andreas, '89, 
tKnauff, Muhlenburg Kellar, '95. 

Park City, Utah 
Ft. Kehoe, Wash 
Died 1898 

'Koch, John Coenrad Theodore, *93, 
Kohler, Christian H., '98, 

Koivupalo, Edward H., '95, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Krueger, Louis W., '96, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Landeen, Frank G., '94, 

Physician and Surgeon, 
Larson, Anders D., '93, 

Physician and Surgeon, 
Law, Arthur A,, '94. 

Physician and Surgeon, 
Leavitt, Frederick, '94, Moore Building, Seven Corners, St. Paul 
Physician and Surgeon — Clinical Instructor in Obstetrics — 
Universit-t^ of Minnesota. 
Lee, William P., '94, 

612 Dayton Block, Minneapolis 
Laurium, Mich 
Mapleton, Minn 
Stillwater, Mina 
Herman, Minn 
1912 Hennepin av, Minneapolis 

Phvsician and Surgeon. 
Lenont. Charles B., '99, 

Fairfax, Minn 

Virginia, Minn 
for Columbia and Auburn Mines at 

17 John St, Quebec, Can 

Physician — Surgeon 
Virginia. Minn, 
Le Vasseur, Irma. '00 

Asisstant Physician. 
tLiland. Ragnvald, '95, Menomonee, Wis 

Lind, Alfred, "91, (B. S„ '89), 1503 Washington av S, Minneapolis 


Linjer, Ole E., '89, Corner Cedar and Washnigton avs, Minneapolis 

Linton, Laura A., "90, (B, S,, '79), State Hospital, Rochester, Minn. 

Litzenberg. Jennings C, '99, 2955 Chicago Av.. Minneapolis 

Physician and Surgeon — Suite, 802 Dayton Bldg. 
Loe, Adolph O., "97, Seattle, Wash 

Physician and Surgeon, 
tLommen. Andreas Pederson, '! 
Ludtke. Gustav H., '99, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
tLyng. John. "90. 
McCarthy. William F., '89, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
tMcClung. Alberta Virginia, '97 
tMackel, Bertha K., '99, 
.>j.cLaughlin. William E., '96, 
Physician and Surgeon. 
tMcKinnon. John Joseph, '93, 
McNerthney, John B., '99, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Manson, Frank Melville, "99, (B. S„ '94; M. S„ '95) 

Worthington, Minn 

Mabel, Minn 
Fairmont, Minn 

Jordan, Minn 

Chicago. Ill 
Ada, Minn 
Willmar. Minn 

Wadena, Minn 
Delevan, Minn, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Marshall, Nelson H.. '92, 

I'hysician and Surgeon, 
Mayer, Lawrence P.. '00, 

Physician and Surgeon, 
Mayland, Lewis 1^., '96, 

rhvsician and Surgeon, 
Mayland, Martin L.. '92, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Meckstroth. Charles W., '95, 


Meckstroth, Louis W., '93, (D. D, S., '91), 

I'hysician and Surgeon. 
tMeighfen, Jacob Wells, '96, 
Merrill, James E„ '96, 

I'hysician and Surgeon. 

Chaska, Minn 

Farmington. Minn 

Red Wing, Minn 

Faribault, Minn 

Evansville, Minn 

Wahpeton, N. i). 

Twin Valley. Minn 

Amboy, Minn 

Alumni Record 109 

Merrill, Rose Marie, "96, St. Peter, Minn 

Assistant Physician, St. Peter State Hospital. 
Mesker, George H., "96, Olivia, Minn. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Miller, Arthur W., '97, 7th and Sibley sts, St. Paul 

Physician — ^Coroner Ramsey County. 
Millet, Melvin C, '95, Rochester, Minn 

House Physician St. Mary's Hospital. 
Miner, Clarence J., '91, Fresno, Cal 

Physician — Eye, ear, nose and throat. 
Moen, Johannes K., '93, Windom. Minn 

Physician and Sureeon. 
Mohn, Frederick Voss, '92, Minot, N. D. 

Physician — Founder and Medical Director of the Sana- 
torium for Consumptives in the 1st and 2d Stages, Minot, 
N. D. 

tMoore, Albert Hall. '97, (B. S. '95), Roxbury, Mass. 

Physician — Osteopathic. 
Moore, George W.. '92. Hopkins, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Muir, Edward S., '94, 58 W. 3rd st, Winona, Minn, 


Munro, Alonzo T., '97, Wood Lake, Minn 


Nelson, Heary S., '93, Minneapolis; 

Physician — Andrus Building. 
Nelson, Kent R. S., '00, City and County Hospital, St. Paul 


Nelson, Louis Allan, '96, Lowry Arcade, St. Paul' 

Oculist and Aurist. 
fNevitt, Orme Richardson, '00, Eveleth, Minn.. 


Newman, Gustavus Adolphus, '95, New London, Mina 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Nicholson, Daniel A., '97, State Hospital, St. Peter, Minn. 


Norton, Harvey G., '00, St. Luke's Hospital, St. Paul 


tNuzum, Helen B., '95, Mrs. Nuzum), St. Louis. Mo. 

O'Connor, Dennis F., '90, St. James, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
O'Connor. John V., '95, Waverly, Minn 


O'Connor, Timothy. '90, Maple Lake, Minn. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Olson, John W.. '00, City Hospital, St. Paul 

tOppliger. Gottlieb, '95. 
tO'Reilley, James J., '86. 

Osborn. A. Lida, '00, Mankato, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
tOwen, George Bernard, 1900, Livingstone, Mont. 


tPalmquist, John Emil, '96, Kolb City, la 

Parker Owen W., '00, St. Luke's Hospital, St. Paul 


Parrdtt, Byron W., '97, Long Prairie, Minn 


Parsons. Joseph G., '98, Brookings, S. D. 

Physician and Surgeon — Medical Director Gymnasium S. D. 
Agricultural College. 
Patton, Frederic J., '98, Duluth, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Perkins. George A., '97, Dickinson, N. D. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Perry, Gentz. '97, Amery, Wig 

PhysiciaB and Surgeon. 

110 University of Minnesota 

Peterson, John R., '97, Renville, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Pettit, Loretta J., '94, (Mrs. James Baird) Rushmore, Minn 

tPhillips, George W.. '89. 

tPhillips, William Henry, '94, Jordan, Minn 

Pineo, William B., '85, St. Joseph, Minn. 


tPitblado, John David, '96, 603 Monroe st ne, Minneapolis 


Piatt, John J., '95, 490 Endicott Arcade, St. Paul 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Poehler, Franklin T.. '96 (B. S. '93), Minneapolis 

Physician, 410 Syndicate Arcade. 
Powell, Charles B., '94, Monticello, Minn 


Pretlow, Clotilde L., '95, Fairmount ,Ind 


Prim, Joseph A.,, "99, Comfrey, Minn 


Quain, Eric P., '98. Bismarck, N. D. 


Ramsey, Walter R., '96, The Albion Hotel, St. Paul 

Physician — Official Physician of Postoffice Department. 

Hamstad, N. Oliver, '99, Bismarck, N. D. 


Rankin. Arthur. A.. '00. Clara City, Minn 

Physician — Health Officer of Village. 
Ronson, Mjary, '98. (Mrs. Frank Stricklerj New Ulm, Minn. 


tRanson, George, "95, St. Peter, Minn 

Read, Harry K.. '99, 804 Pillsbury Building, Minneapolis 

Physician — Demonstrator of Anatomy — University of Min- 

Reed, Charles A., '95, Kalispell, Mont 

Surgeon Grea,t Northern Railway. 
Rees, Soren P.. '97. ( B. S., '95), Audrus Building, Minneapolis 

I'hysician and Surgeon. 
Regner, John A., '89, Wheaton. Minn 


Reimestad, Christian S., '96, Brainerd. Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Reimestad, Sven S., '95, Madelia. Minn 

I'hysician and Surgeon. 
Reiter, Henry W.. '93. Shakopee, Minn 

Phvsician and Surgeon. 
Richard. Henry R.. '00, Little Falls, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Ridgway, Alfred M., '90, Annandale, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Ringnell, Carl J., '91. 1412 Park av, Minneapolis 

Physician and Surgeon — Secretary of State Board of 
Medical Examiners. 
Ringnell. Frank O., '95, (^rion, HI 


Ritchie, Harry Parks, '96, 105 Lowry Arcade, St. Paul 

I'hysician and Surgeon — McLaren and Ritchie. 

tRoadman, H-a M., '98, 835 Holly av, St. Paul. 

(Merk— R. M. S. 

Rogers, John T., '91, Lowry Arcade, St. Paul 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Rothwell, William P., '92, 26 High st, Pawtucket,R. L 

I'hysician and Sui'geon. 
tRuIien, Frank William, '97, Harris, Minn 

tRyley, Marie Jean, '95, Syndicate Arcade, Minneapolis 

Sawyer. Herbet P., '95, Goodhue, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 

Alumni Record 


Schoonmaker, Edward C, '99, 

Physician and Surgeon 
Senliler, George E., '92, 

tSerkland, John Christian, '00, 
SetQan, John M., '96, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Sewall, Kalph J.. "95, 

Shaw, Albert W., "99, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Sheppard, Fred, "95, 

1 uvsician and Surgeon. 
Sheppard, Prosper E., '91, 

Sherwood, George E., '94, 

Pliysici,an and Surgeon. 
Siemans, Abr., "90. 

Practice of Medicine and Pharmacy. 
tSimpson, James Kidd, '84. 
tSlippern, Halfdan, '95, 
Smith, H. William, "97, 

Smith, Martha, '91, (Mr 

Perham, Minn. 
491 Endicott Arcade, St. Paul 

St. James, Minn 
Fergus Falls, Minn 

Two Harbors, Mina 

Eveleth, Minn. 

Hutchinson, Minn 

Hutchinson, Minn 

Kimball, Minn. 

Butterfield, Minn 

Seattle, Wash 
Crookston, Minn 

*Smit]i, William Sidney, 
Soderlind, Andrew, '90, 

Physician and Surgeon 
Soper, John Elford, '96, 

Physician and Surgeon 
Sorenson, Anthony N., '99, 

*Sorg, John Andrew, '96, 
Sorkness, Paul, '95, 

Rollin E. Cutts) 

2713 Blaisdell av, Minneapolis 
Died, 1901 
Marine Mills, Minn 

Norwood, Carve-r Co., Minn 
Oldham, S. D. 

Died May, 1898 
Fargo, N. D. 

Physician and Surgeon — Present Secretary N. D. State Med- 
ical Society. 

Ouray, Coi 

South, John. '89, 

Speier, Hugo, '84, 

Spottswood, Edward W., '93, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
tStahl, Harriet Sherman, '97, 
Stack, George F., '96, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
*Stebbins, Albert Madison, '94 
Steel, Edwin D., '89, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Stephan, Ernest L., '93, 

Physici^in and Surgeon. 
Stephenson. John L., '95, 

Stevens, John. Jr., '97, 

Stewart. Allan B., '91, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Stockmian. Bert George, '96, 

Stowell. Joab, Jr., '90, 

Strathern, Fred Paul, '99, 

Stuhr, Henry C, '00, 

Swartz, West J.. '00. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Swenson. George B., *00, 


Rochester, Mina. 

N, P. Hospital, Missoulia, Mont 

Winona, Minn 
Independence, Wis 

Died June,' 1897 
Mankato, Minn 

Hinckley, Minn 

Ellendale, N. D. 

Belfast, Maine 

Owatonna, Minn 

Woodville, Wis 

North Amhurst, Mass. 

St. Peter, Minn 

City Hospital, St. Paul 

2604 Bloomington av, Minneapolis 

Martell, Wis 


University of Minnesota 

Taylor, William W., '00, Minneapolis 

Physician — Asbury Hospital. 
Tennant, Russell W,, '99, Brooten, Minn 

I'hysictan and Surgeon. 
Tenney. Jacob S., '95, Alma, Wis 

Physician and Surgeon. 
tTennyson, A. F,alk., "93, 1804% Lyndale av N, Minneapolis 

Physician — 1921 Washington av N. 
Thabes. John Alvis, '96, Brainerd, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon — Health Ofllcer and City Physician. 
Thorpe. Arthur Clyde, '97, 904 W. 7th st, Los Angeles, Cal 

Physician and Surgeon — Nose, throat and chest 

Thrane, Marcus, '94, 
tThyng, Date Kimball, '96, 
Tirrell, John M., '00, (B. S., '97) 

Todd, Frank C, '92 

Oculist and Aurist. 
Towers, Mary E., "98, (Mrs. Frank E 

(Mrs. E. R. Grant), 

Tripp, George A., 

True, Augusta, '94 

Tupper, Eugene Larrie, '97, 

Physician and Surgeon 
* Turner, Arthur Lorenzo, '94, 
Turner, Frances Eastman, '94 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Valentine.* Walter H., '00, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Van Damme. William C, '86, 305 Nicollet av 

I'hvsirian and Surgeon. 
Van Slyke, Charles A., "91, 

Van Valkenburg, Byron F., '93, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Vigen, Jorgen G.. '94. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Waear William Desmond. '98, 

Practicing Physician. 
tWalters. Eugene E., '95, 
Wangelin, Hugh E., '91, 

Wanous. Ernest Z., '97, 

Assistant Medical 
Ward, Austin Leroy '00, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Warren. Frank S., "96 

I'hysician and Surgeon. 
Watkins. Frank A., "89, 

Watson. Thomas R., "95, 

tWells. Horace Renselaer 
Westeen, Anders A.. '92, 

Physician and Surgeon 
tWevrens. I'eter James, '00 
Wheelon. Frank E., '00, 

White. James B., '91, 

Physician and Surgeon 
Wilcox. M Russell, '97, 

Williams. A. Elton, '00 

Physician and Surgeon — House Surgeon 
pit«l. 1901 

Madison, Minn 
Willow City, N. D. 
Portal, N. D. 

304 Dayton Building, Minneapolis 

72 12th St N, Minneapoli 

Tower, Minn 
Blue Earth, Minn. 
Ottawa, Ohio 

Died in 1896 
(Mrs. J. B. Lockhart ) Fargo, N. D. 

Tracy, Minn 

Room 2. Minneapolis 

Baltimore Block. St. Paul 

Dong Prairie. Minn. 

Fergus Falls, Minn. 

Crary, N. D. 

Bakewell. Eng 
Belleville. Ill 

Rochester, Minn 
Superintendent State Hospital. 

Asbury Hospital, Minneapolis 

Faribault, Minn 
Ricketts, Penn 

Zumbro Falls, Minn 


Grand Forks, 

N. D. 

St. Nicholas 
Fingal. N. D. 

Montgomery, Minn 

Dayton Block. Minneapolis 

1301 5th St. se. Minneapolis 
St. Barnabas Hos- 

Alumni Record 


54 3d St S, Minneapolis 

William, Ulysses G.. '89, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Wilson, Louis B., '96, 624 4tli st se, Minneapolis 

Physician — First Assistant Bacteriologist Minnesota State 
Board of Health — Senior Demonstrator Pathology and 
Bacteriology, University of Minnesota. 

Winberg. Osten K., '92, 

Wiseman, Robert L., '97, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
tWoods, Ernest Arthur, '99, 
Wright, Charles O., '90, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Wright, Franklin R., '94, 

Wunder. Henry E., '92, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
tYoseph,David Yoseph, '94, 

Lake Park, Becker Co., Minn 

Pine City, Minn 

Chicago, 111 
Luverne, Minn 

Dayto nBuilding, Minneapolis 

Two Harbors, Minn 


College of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. 

Balcom. George G., '96. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
fBallaru, Charles A.. '97, 

Beach, William A., '93, (B. S., ' 

Beaty, James H., '95, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Beck, James F., '96, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Beckley, Frederick L., '97, 

iBelt, Wallace E., '89, 

Bertelson. Oskar L., '00 

Bingham, Hiram H., '96, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Booth, Albert Edwin, '99 

Brauti, Andrea E., '97, 

tCaine, Arthur T., '99, 

tCarlson, Benedicta L., '89, 

Carrell, Fred A., '90, 

Cooper, Charles M., '92, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
De Coster, William T., '97, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Dight, Mary A. G., '92. 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Drought. Warren W.. '91, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Frost, Bertha L., '94, 

Gilman. Addle F. G., '94, (Mri 

Gramenz. Ferdinand. '00, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Hamlin. George B., '96. 

Ph'-sician and Surgeon. 

Slayton, Minn 

Klondike, Alaska 

90) Mankato, Minn 

St. Cloud, Minn 

1551 E. Franklin av, Minneapolis 

394 Prior av N, St. Paul 

Richland Center, Wis 

Beltrami, Minn 

Herman, Minn 

320 6th av se, Minneapolis 

Hudson, Wis 

Lake Preston, S. D. 

Chicago, 111. 

Rushmore, Minn 

Chatfield, Minn 

Windom, Minn 

10 Bull st, Newport, R. I. 

Fergus Falls, Minn. 

Fergus Falls, Minn. 

>. W. D. Kirkpatrick) 

Whatcom, Wash. 

Bryant. S. D. 
Granada, Minn. 

114 University of Minnesota 

Hammond. Asa J., "90. (B. A., '91) Winnebago City, Minn 

Plivsician and Surgeon. 
Hartune. Herman A., '00 , Tracy, Minn 


Hedlund. Jolin. "93, 460 N. Claris st. Cliicago, 111. 


Hurd. Annah. 00. ( Phm. D. '96.) 2217 Aldrich av S. Minneapolis 

Physician — Spending one rear in Philadelphia in Hospital. 
Hurd, Ethel Edserton, '97, (Mrs. Tyrus I. Hurdj. 

716 Dayton Building, Minneapolis 


Keeney. Adaline, "97, Albert Lea, Minn 


■^King. Elsworth E.. "91, Alexandria, X. D. 


tKirkpatrick. William D., "95, Mazeppa. Minn 


tKleine. James F., "93, Anoka, Minn 


Koch. Margaret. "95, 608 Masonic Temple. Minneapolis 


Lares, Bert Y.. "00 Maple Plain, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Leek. Clifford C. '00, City Hospital, St. Paul 


Matchan. Wesley G.. '09, Bismarck, X. D. 


Matchan. Glenn R.. "99, Xorthfield, Minn 


Moffatt. Albert G., '95. Howard Lake, Minn 


tMorrison. Alma E.. "92, Denver. Col 

I'helps. Alyah G.. '96, 3016 Garfield ay S. Minneapolis 

I'hysician and Surgeon. 
Pollock. Harry M., "97, Fergus Falls. Minn. 

I'hysician — Assistant Medical Superintendent Fergus Falls 
State HosDital. 

Reineke. George F., "96, Xew L'lm. Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Richardson Oscar K., "93, (B. S.. '90) 

305 Masonic Temple. Minneapolis 

Physician and Surgeon. 
•^Roberts. Adelbert A.. '91. 

Rome. Robert R.. '92, 900 22d ay S. Minneapolis 

Physician and Surgeon — President of Alumni Association of 
College of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. 
tShipman. Louis D.. "90. I'reston. Minn 

tSmith. Edwin Harwood. '00, City Hospital. Minneapolis 

TSmith. Wade W.. 'UH. Columbia. Wis 

Spurr. Stephen II.. •!>0. Morris. Minn 


tStephens. Edna A., "93. Merriam Park. Minn 


*Terwilliger. Innis Lucetta, "95, Died Xoy. 17, 1897 

Torgerson. AVilliam P... "97. Clarkfield, Minn 

Physician and Surgeon. 
T'rie. Fredei ick W.. "89. 2518 Lyndale ay X. Minneapolis 

Christian Science Physician — 820 Xicollet ay. 
•fWait. Leon A.. '9L Died 1897 

Wedelstaedt. George S. yon, '97, Deadwood. S. 1). 

Physician and Surgeon. 
tWhite, Arthur E.. '90. Rawlings. Wyo 

Williams. Leon Arlington. '97. lona I^ke. Minn 

I'hysician and Surgeon. 
Woutat. Henry G.. -97, Grand Forks. X. D. 


Wright. Edwin Adams. 03. Colfax. Wis 

Physician and Surgeon. 

Alumni Record 

Young. ... Weldon, "89, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Young, Esther Hayes, "93, (Mrf 



Seattle, Wash 

Robert B. Young) 

2213 Central av, Minneapolis 

College of Dentistry. 

Adams. Eugene F., '00, 

Anderson, Frederick E., '00, 

Annis, Elwin R., '97, 

Argue, John E., "99, 

Atwood, Almon G., '98, 

Babcock, Henry C, "95, 

Baker, Will W., *9T, 

Beise, Henry C, "OG 

Benjamin, Winfred G., '96, 

Bennion, Sydney E., '98, 

Benton. Clarence D., "99, 

Bertram, Harry W., "00, 

tBirch, Frank W., '96, 
Breck, Henrv T., '91, 

Buell, E. Eugene, '97, 

Busse, Theodore C. '00, 

Campbell. Alexander S., '99 

Card, Wiliam H., "98, 

Dentist — 401 Dayton Building, 
tCarlson, Hanphen H., '00, 

tChandler. Mrs Ella Z., '91, 
tClarke, Joseph. '00, 

Dentist— 54 S 3d st. 
Cobb, Frederick E., "95, 

Cooke, Thomas F., "97, 

tCooper. Herbert Charles, '00 

Costain. Elbert P., "00 

Couplin. Charles Allan, '98, 

tCovey, Martha G.. "97, 
Day, George R., "96, 

Demo, William A., "95, 

Denton. Herbert B., '97, 

Dietz, Clinton S., 

Dentist and Optician. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 

Red Wing, Minu 

Winnebago City, Minn 

Red Lake Falls, Minn 

Box 364, Eugene, Lane Co., Ore 

215 Lowry Arcade, St. Paul 

Slayton, Minn 

Windom, Minn 

--o27 Franklin av, Minneapolis 

Hutchinson, Minn 

213 Dayton Building, Minneapolis 

Eveleth, Minn 

Redwood Falls, Minn 
481 Main st, Springfield, Mass. 

Alexandria, Minn. 

Mapleton, Minn. 

Ortonville, Minn 

2401 Aldrich av S, Minneapolis 

Grove City, Minn 

St. Paul 

Flat 1, 569 8th av N, Minneapolis 

Masonic Temple, Minneapolis 

Dickinson, N. D- 

McCauleyville, Minn 

Staples, Minn 

Waterville, Minn 

Slayton, Minn 
Farmington, Minn 

Blue Earth City, Minn. 

Duluth, Minn 

Ironwood, Mich 


University of Minnesota 

Dunn. William H., '90, Rice Lake, Wis 


Edgar, Caroline, '93, (Mrs. Charles Erdmann) 

612 9th av se, Minneapolis 

Eldred, Bert H., '96, 

Evans, Warren T., 

tFoote, Charles P.. '99. 
Force, Frank W., '92, 
Frederick, John L., '97, 

Gallagher, John W., '97, 

Gallagher, Ray H., '99, 

Oloyd, William, '00, 

Godfrey. Harvey B., '97, 

Godfrey. Henry S., '97, 

Goodnow, Merton S., '97, 

tGorgen, Edward, '99, 

tHaas, Edward H.. '93, 

Dentist — 209 Baltimore Block 
Hagaman, i:dwin A., '99, 

Hagerty. Terry P., '97, 

Hall. George Everett, '99, 

Hall. Jay Mason, '97, 


Lanesboro, Minn 
Canby, Minn 

Windom, Minn 
Brainerd, Minn 

202 Choate Block, Winona, Minn 
Plainview, Neb. 
522 12th av se, Minneapolis 
69 Syndicate Block, Minneapolis 
69 Syndicate Block, Minneapolis 
Hutchinson, Minn. 
New Richland, Minn 
340 Grove st, St. Paul 
Madelia, Minn 
Fairmont, Minn 
Wadena, Minn. 
Austin, Minn 
Long Prairie, Minn 

Handy. John P., '94, 

Hartzeli. Mary V., '93, 9 Syndicate Block, Minneapolis 


Hartzeli. Thomas B., '93, (M. D. '94), 9 Syndicate Blk, Minneapolis 


tHawkinson. E., '97, Litchfield, Minn. 

tHendersou. Hugh Saunderson, '99, Spicer, Minn. 

Herrick. Clayton C, '96, Box 444, Fargo, N. D. 


Herrick, Benjamin A., '97, 403 3rd St., Red Wing, Minn. 


Hertz, E. Franklyn. '99, 801 Andrus Bldg, Minneapolis 

Dentist and Instructor in College of Dentistry. 

Hintz. Charles A., '00, Springfield, Minn. 


Hollister.- John R., '98, Sleepy Eye, Minn. 


tHolmes. Eugene P.. '93. Flatl, 722 S. 5th St.. Minneapolis 

Dentist. 235 Nicollet Av. 
Hoorn. Karl H., '00, 222 Bush st, Red Wing, Minn. 


Hurd, Herbert B., "95, Madison, Minn. 


Hutchin. Robert C, '00, 976 Sherburn Av., St. Paul 


Jeffers, John, Jr.. '98, Gleuwood. Minn. 


Jewett. William F„ '93, 310 Dayton Block, Minneapolis 


Kelly, James L., '99, 706-7-8 Germania Life Bldg.. St. Paul 


Kelsey, Raymond D., '96, 

Kerstiaw, Albert L., "00, 

King, Nelson M., '89, 

Knapp, Miland A., '92, 

Knudson, John F., '00, 

Kroehler, Benjamin G., '00, 

Practicing Dentistry. 
Kyle, Frank 11., '95. 

Dentist. 417 Germania Life Bldg 
Lamphere, Ralph L., '00, 

tLawton, John Reynolds, '98 

Alumni Record 117 
Northfield, Minn. 
Bismarck, N. D. 
603 Masonic Temple, Minnesapolis 
2529 Polk St. N. E., Minneapolis 
Pelican Rapids, Minn. 
Spring Valley, Minn. 
775 Rondo St., St. Paul 
Moorhead, Minn. 

489 Grand Av., St. Paul 

Dentist — Lawton & Son- 
Lenox, Fred A., '91, 

tLeonard, Claude A., '97, 
Lockhart, Harvey J., '00, 

Lowe, Martin Franklin, '94, 

tMcCadden. William A., '97, 

Dentist — 13 Syndicate Block. 
jVIaguire, James O., '96, Cor. 8th and Main, Dubuque, Iowa 


-27 E. 7th St. 

Stillwater, Minn. 

Menomonie, Wis. 
318 Torrey Bldg, Duluth, Minn. 

Buffalo, Minn. 

Holmes Hotel, Minneapolis 

Marshall, Edgar H., '91, 

tMarston, Harold Foster, '99, 

Means, George Emery, '93, 

tMedary, Mrs. Edna P., '97, 

Meckstroth, Louis W.. '91, 

Physician and Surgeon. 
Mero, Frank H., '94, 

Monson. Geo. S., '93, 

Montgomery, Charles P., '96, 

Moody, Frank Emil, '96, 

Dentist — Suite 26-7-8-9 Syndicate Block 
Moore, William A., '97, 619 Pioneer Press Bldg., St. Paul 

Munns, E. Ernest, '00, 

Dentist— 329 Av 
3Iunro, Robert A., '96, 

^'eisoh, Harold J.. '00, 

Kenyon, Minn. 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Howard Lake, Minn. 

Wahpeton, N. D. 
Little Falls, Minn. 
304 Baltimore Bldg., St. Paul 
138 E. 6th St., St. Paul 
1408 Park Av., Minneapolis 

INelson, Louis, '00, 

Nelson, Mark O., '95, 

^ewhouse. Christopher I. 

-Norris, Frank M., '96, 

Norris, George W., '00, 

Olsen. Rolf J., "98, 

Dentist. * 

519 11th Av. S. E., Minneapolis 
Chatfield, Minn. 
Glencoe, Minn. 
221 Simonson Blk., Minneapolis 
Baltimore Bldg., St. Paul 
98, 2410 Central Av N. E., Minneapolis 
Slade Block, Winona, Minn. 

Tracy, Minn. 
St. James, Minn. 

118 V nicer sity of Minnesota 

Olson, Carl Gustaf, '00, Cedar Av.. Minneapolis 


Owre, Alfred, '94. 401 Masonic Temple. Minneapolis 

Dentist — Lecturer on Dental Metallurgy and Demonstrator 
of Operative Dentistry — University of Minnesota. 
Owre. Aneas K.. 00, Minneapolis 

Dentist — 501 Davton Bldg. 
tPatterson, John Fayette, "00, St. Paul 

Dentist — Ryan Bldg. 
Pattison, Thomas A., "97, St. Cloud, Minn. 


Paul, James W., "02, 223 Cedar Av.. Minneapolis 


Peck, Arthur P:., "90, 608 Nicollet Av.. Minneapolis 


Phelps, laton H., "99, 546 Mississippi St. Pan! 

D. M. D. 

fPrpL.. I'rederick William. "98, Waseca, Minn. 


Pullen, Herbert A., "97, 504 Mooney Bldg.. Buffalo. N. Y. 

Dentist — Specialist in Orthodontia. 
Revell, Aris L., '00. 406 13th Av. S. E.. Minneapolis 


Riddell. Edwin G., "91, Xorthfield. Minn. 

Dentist — First National Bank Bldg. 
*Ridgeway, Gainsford. "89, Deceased 
Riley, Frank F.. "00, Worthington, Minn. 


Roberts, Oscar E.. "00, Jackson. Minn. 


Robinson, Frank S.. '95, 206 Bridge St., Chippewa Falls. Wis. 


Rose, William J.^ "OJ, Melrose, Minn. 


tSaunderson, Smith A., "97, Appleton, Minn. 


Sauer, Arthur J.. "95, 146 E. School St., Owatonna, Minn. 


Shankland. James W., "97. Pella. Iowa 

Dentist — Member of Faculty of Des Moines College of Den- 
tal Suigery — Chair — Dental Anatomy. Dental Materia 
Medica and Metallurgv. 
Shibley. Fdw. H., '98, ' 908 Pioneer Press Bldg., St. Paul 


Shumpik. Edward, "97, 804 Davton Bldg.. Minneapolis 


Sinclair. Erwin E., "95, Rochester, Minn. 

1 )cntist. 

Sommermerver, Edward F.. "00, Eau Claire, Wis 


Spence, 'i'homas, "97. Crookston. Minn. 


Sprague. Daniel i:.. "00, 124 E. 13th St.. Minneapolis 

I )entist. 

tSpencer. William 1-^leazer. '98, 1333 E. Franklin Av., Minneapolis 

Dentist — 1551 E. Franklin Av. 
Stephan. Frank !>.. "97. Mankato, Minn. 

Dentist — 401 Front St. S. 
Stevens, I^ertam T., '97, 405 Syndicate Arcade. Minneapolis 


Stone, Gilbert F., "99, 31 Oilman Terrace. St. I'aul 


Store, Arthur O., '93. Winthrop, Minn. 


Swanson. Anton W.. '00, Zumbrota, Minn. 


Talyor. Henry II., '93, 75 Syndicate Blk., Minneapolis 


Alumni Record 

Thomas. Harry E,, '00, 

Thorson. Axel A., "00, 

Tifft, Wallace L., "96, 


Todd, Frank C. "Ol, (M. D.. '92), 

Oculist and Aurist — 304 Dayton Bldg 
Todd, George S.; "95, 

tTorrance. Miirt, "99, 

Tyler, Homer A., '00, 

tUpdyke. Robert Patton, '99, 
Van Bronkliorst, Eyerard J., '98, 

Van Duzee. Charles A., '90 

Ellendale, N. D. 

Le Sueur, Minn. 

Glencoe, Minn. 


Lake City, Minn. 


Spring Valley, Minn. 

Waseca, Minn. 
Austin, Minn. 

51 Germania Bank, St. Paul 
Doctor of Dental Surgery — Instructor — University of Minne- 
sota, Dental Department. 
Wagner. Frank J., '95, New Richland, Minn. 


Walls, J. Milton, "94, 594 Endicott Bldg., St. Paul 


Watson. Nathan L., "95, 1767 Dayton Av., St. Paul 

Dental Surgeon. 

tWeible Fred Keller. "98, Weible, N. D. 

tWeiss. Oscar A., '93. 1602 Fremont Av. N., Minneapolis 

Dentist — 506 Masonic Temple. 
tWells. James Osborn, '99, Newberry, S. C. 


White, Mrs. Edna HewEtt, '90, Chicago, HI 


Whitting. Arthur D., "94, St. Cloud, Minn.. 

Specialist in Diseases of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. 
Whitmore. Saniord E., "99, 

Whittaker. Frank N., "93, 



Whittemore. ^Slorse K., 

AVilliams. Thomas F., "92 

Wilson. Robert B., *00, 

Wood. Geo. W., "93. 
Wright. Ernest A.. "98, 


Wright. Franklin R.. "90, (M. D., '94) 

Zieger, Otto C. E., '00, 


Marshall, Minn. 
Fergus Falls, Wis.. 
Cloquet, Minn. 
St. Peter, Minn. 
647 St. Anthony Av., St. Paul 

Faribault, Minn. 
401 14th Av. S. E., Minneapolis 

Dayton Blk., Minneapolis 
Owatonna, Minn. 

College of Pharmacy. 

Arbes. .Tose^-* . M., "96, 

Bachman. Gustav, "00, 

Blanchard Lucy H. A. 

Worthington. Minn.. 

Avoca, Minn. 

■95, (Mrs. Lefleldt O. Jorgenson). 

Chatfield. Minn. 
Fergus. Falls, Minn 

Beise. John Henry. "98, 

vBell. John Michael. "00, Glencoe. Minn. 

TBiscoe. Thomas, "OO. St. Paul 

Blackman. George Harvey, '98, 426 N. American St., Stockton. Cal.. 


University of Minnesota 

Bolton, Miller T., '94, Plainview, Miun. 

tBowe, John William, '97, 

Clerk — California Moline Plow Co. 
Brede, William George, '98, :i512 Pierce St. 

Drug Clerk at Ranck's Pharmacy. 
Burke, Richard T., '95, 

Drug Business. 
Buttz, Wm. Lloyd, '99, 

Cady, Frank E., '96, 


tCahill, James Lawrence, '96, Thompson, Iowa 

Carpenter, Dwight J., '99, 416 14th Av. S. E., Minneapolis 

Medical Student — University of Minnesota. 
Carter, J. Roy, '00, 

Clark, Charles H., '97, 

Congdon. John C, Jr., '00, 

R. R. Brakeman., N. P. R. R. 

Medicine Lake, Minn. 
N. E., Minneapolis 
Langdon, N. D. 
Tower City, N. D. 
Winnebago City, Minn. 

T. Hall. 



362 St. 

Cool, Geo. H., '99, 

Pharmacist — . 
Cornwell. Charles B 

Cowin, George A., '00, 

tDanielson, Charles Olaf 
Day, Perry R., '99, 
Demars, Gustave J., '98, 

Pharmaceutical Chemist. 
Dinner. Emmanuel T., '00, 

Proprietor of Drug Store. 
tDorr, Gertrude Nell, '99, 
Drechsler. Frank X.. '99, 

Dreis, Henr- J., '00, 

Evans. David L., '99 

Drug Business. 
Fairbank, Cora M., '99, 
tFarmer. Dan E., '96, 
Fitzgerald. Julian L., '98, 

Fjeldstad. Alex H., '95, 

Pharmacist — Olson & Fjeldstad. 
Gunz, Abe X., '09, 

Medical Student — University of Minnesota 
, '96, 

Norfolk, Neb. 
St. Peter, Minn. 
Brainerd, Minn. 
Peter St., St. Paul 
Chatfield, Minn. 

707 3rd St. S., Minneapolis 

Bagley, Minn. 

Hallock, Minn. 

Henning, Minn. 

Simpson, Minn. 
Corner Western and Selby, St. Paul 

465 St. Peter St.. St. Paul 

Ceylon. Minn. 

Lanesboro, Minn. 
Des Moines, Iowa 
St. James, Minn. 


Prairie, Minn. 

Henderson, Minn. 

13th St. 

Astoria, Oregon 

Falrplay, Col. 

Oldham, S. D. 

tHaney. William Carlton 
Hart, Alfred B., '94, 

Uarfs I'harmacy. 1229 Nicollet Av., Co 
tHart. Frank. '99, 

Proprietor Drug Store— 600 Com. St. 
Haskell. Edward E., "00, 

Haugen. Johu E., '06, 

Haugseth, Enoch. '94, 810 22nd Av. S. 

Medical Student — University of Minnesota 
Hays, Robert B., '99, Hotel Vendome, Minneapolis 

Traveling Drug Salesman. 
Hillard Archie Ilarwood, '95, Crookstou, Minn. 


*Hong. Adolph. '96, Died Jan. 28, 1901 

Hoschpid. William, '96, Estelline, S. D. 

Proprietor of Drug Store. 
Hovorka. Thomas W., '94, • Silver Lake, Minn. 



Alumni Record 


tHoulton. Alice. "95, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Hind, Annah, '96, (M. D., '00), 2217 Aldrich Av. S., Minneapolis 

Hynes, John E., '00. Winnebago City, Minn. 

Medical Student — University of Minnesota, 
litis, Geo. W., '95, U. S. Marine Hospital, San Francisco, CaL 

Pharmacist and Hospital Steward. 
fJacobson, David Lorenz, '99, Decorah, Iowa 



Johnson, Flavins I 
tKehoe, Thomas Madigan, 
Kirwin. Luke i^., '97, 

Korizek, Albert, '98, 

Leubner, Bernhard O. 

Instructor and 
tLarson. Theodore Lewis 
Lyon, Chas. G., *00, 

McCloud, Charles Kaumann, '95, 534 Selby Av. 

Medical Student — University of Minnesota. 
tMcCulloch, Earl, '96, ' WykofiE, Minn. 

tMcKnight. George Williams, '97, Buffalo, Minn. 

tMeisen. John Anton, '96, 71 11th St., St. Paul 

Clerk — W. A. Frost & Co. 

Bathgate, N. D. 

St. Paul 
Franklin, Minn. 

Cloquet, Minn. 

'94, 63 11th St. N., Minneapolis 

Demonstrator, College of Pharmacy. 

'96, St. Croix Falls, Wis. 

Conrad, Iowa 

St. Paul, Minn. 

Moffit, Isaac E., '98, 

tMoen, Matiiias, '96, 
Molstad, Emil C, '99, 

Moran, Martin T., '00, 

Moskop, Albert, '00, 

Drug Clerk. 
Munch, Graham W., '95, 

tNagel, Frank Julius, '98, 
Nelson. John. '95, 

Nichols. B. Heber, '96, 

Nisbit, Mae, '00, 
Olsen, Isaac C, '95, 

Onstad, John, '99, 

Pepple. Ransom F., '95, 

Peterson, Chas. E., '00. . 

Prescription Clerk. 
Rohr, Arthur von, '94, 

Sanderson. Stephen F., '95, 

Schmidt. Emil T., '00, 

Drug Clerk. 
Scholten. John P., '99, 

Spicer, Lester, W.. '97, 

Spielmann, Alois J., '00, 

Stock, William J., '97, 

Stoutemyer William B., '99, 

Drugs and Jewelry. 

Bathgate, N. D. 

Starbuck, Minn. 
Spring Valley, Minn. 

2401 Central Av., Minneapolis 

Arlington, Minn. 

Sheldon, HI. 

Lake Park, 



Faribault, Minn. 

Iglehart St., Merriam Park. 
St. Croix Falls, Wis. 

Clinton, Minn. 

Wilmont, Minn. 

Ortonville, Minn. 

Winona, Minn. 

528 Nicollet Av., Minneapolis 

Buffalo, Minn. 

Winnebago City, Minn. 

Albert Lea, Minn. 

Shakopee, Minn. • 

Melrose, Minn. 

Luverne, Minn. 


University of Minnesota 


Wulling. Charles William, 
Stultz. Edna B., "QQ. 

Clerk in Drug Store. 
Swanson. Ciaus Augrusr. '99, 

Druggist — 364 Wabasha St 
•^Theimer. Emii Wencl, '98, 
Tallencev. Eldred P., '99, 

Williams. Fred Horace, "96, 

Wolner. Oscar H.. "98, 

Junior 51edic — TTniversity of Minnesota. 
Yarnev. Herbert C. "98. 74.3 Iglehart St.. St 

Medical Student — Statistical Clerk. P. R. D., G. N. Ry 

Little Falls, Minn. 
Box 358 Cloquet, Minn. 

St. Paul 

Owatonna, Minn. 
Graceville. Minu 

Lansing, Mich. 

30 Langford At.. St. Paul 



A year's experience has demonstrated that for a students' pa- 
per the Daily is an un Qualified success. Yet as an alumni organ 
the result is different. Over half of the Daily is filled each day 
with items that are of no interest to alumni. Consequently the 
subscrintion list from the alumni has fallen off in as large a pro- 
portion as the student subscription list has increased. As a result 
of this failure of the Daily to fill the needs of the alumni, the 
Daily management has in view the establishment of a separate pa- 
per to be devoted exclusively to alumni interests. The plan of get- 
ting out such a paper, to start with would be to save out of each 
Daily during the week such articles as would be of interest to 
alumni and print the matter in a special weekly issue, which would 
also include other suitable news gathered by an alumni editor. The 
subscription price of such a paper, if started, will be SI per year 
and in size would be eight pages of three columns each, the col- 
umns each being ten inches long. Of course this would only be 
the size to start with and then as interest grew the size would ex- 
pand accordingly. 

In time the paper could be edited entirely separate from the 
Daily, but to start with the expense of getting out a special alumni 
paper would be too great as compared with the support which can 
be relied upon to warrant its establishment. As before stated, the 
management of the Daily has in contemplation the starting of such 
a paper, but it can be said with certainty that it will not be started 
until the alumni have shown a willingness to support it. It is 
hoped that every alumnus who is interested in such a project will 
write a card or letter to the Manager of the Minnesota Daily, stat- 
ing that he would be willing to pay $1 if such a paper is started. 
If a sufficient number of responses are had the paper will be start- 
ed at the re-opening of school year in September. 

J. A. Burger, Manager. 

(Drawn for the "02 Gopher by Bert Knight. "98.) Alumni 
may send their subscriptions to Chas. J. Brand. Business Manager, 
University of Minnesota, Minnneanolis. Minn.